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37 Trendy Gifts for Fashionable 10 Year Olds

Whether it’s super-cool and groovy headbands, BFF pendant necklaces, or fashionista-in-training design books, gifts for 10 year old girls are meant to be inspiring, creative, and focused on self-expression and self-identification. So, when pondering gift options, please select delicately, wisely, and with love and their precious future at the forefront.

Gifts for Fashionable 10 Years Old

Melissa & Doug Fashion Design Art Activity Kit

Foster the designer in your pre-adolescent with this ultra-cool fashion plate rubbing kit. This 16-piece assortment, produced by Melissa & Doug, includes nine double-sided, textured fashion plates, four pencils, one crayon and a holder, and a super cool storage case. Take a front-row seat and nod and clap with approval at your son’s/daughter’s haute couture.


Fashion Angels Style Labs Magic Sequin Pouch

Searching for perfect gifts for 10 year olds? Look no further than shimmering sequins, fun phrases, and an amazingly practical clutch. This Fashion Angels sequined pouch dazzles, sparkles, and includes storage for phones and lip gloss, and, with a simple swipe of your gal’s hands, the purse responds with giggle-worthy remarks, images, and show-stopping grins.


Mandala Personalized Fleece Blanket

When searching for memorable gifts for 10 year olds, these Mandala lush fleece blankets are of the Must Keep variety. Incredibly soft to the touch, replete with plush luxury, and with three color options, the fourth benefit is the ability to personalize this super-warm coverlet. Love warms our bodies, our hearts, and our souls.


Fashion Angels Fashion Design Mini Sketch Book

Designed for the designer-on-the-go, this Fashion Angels mini-format sketchbook and marker lets your own fashion angel draw their latest top-of-mind idea for new fashion trends. Complete with 25 formatted sketch sheets, 10 markers, and a design guide to cultivate concepts, the sketchbook fits easily into a tote or backpack, allowing ample access for your future designer.

Prices Vary

ALEX Spa Glow Sketch It Nail Pens

Is your tween wanting to express her personality? Honor her, gift her, and watch her gleam as she explores the ALEX Spa Glow Sketch It Nail Pens. Complete with a two-tip nail polish pen, five nail colors – including three glow-in-the-dark tints – and a precision tip for sketching designs, admire the artist within your beautiful girl.

Prices Vary

Lucky Clover Necklace

Long esteemed as a symbol of good fortune, the four leaf clover represents hope, faith, love, and luck, while for others, fame, wealth, love, and health. This iteration, handmade by Michale Dancer, brings all these wonderful spirits to you, in the form of actual clovers hand-plated in 24-carat gold. One-of-a-kind, blessed/lucky to the core.


Unicorn Plush Toy Sewing Kit for Girls

Yes! Perfect gifts for 10 year olds! This Learn-to-Sew kit guarantees delight for young and productive artists and those who believe in unicorns. Have them craft their own unicorn plush toy and pet carrier with this all-in-one sewing kit which includes detailed instructions, easy stitching, ultra-safe plastic needles, and hours of joy and good fortune.

Prices Vary

ALEX Toys Diy Paint and Wear Enamel Pins

Embolden the fashion designer within your lad, lady, or both with ALEX Toys Paint and Wear Enamel Pins. With a dozen trendy metal pins waiting for blasts of dramatic, imaginative expression – supplied by air-dry enamel paint pens, glitter, and gems – beautify lapels, hats, bags, and more. Exceptional party gifts or young fashionistas!

Prices Vary

Cartoon Animal Over Calf Knee High Socks

When the need for warmth beckons, stock up on these fashionable, super-cute, cartoon-patterned socks, designed for ultra-hip tweens. Made of cotton and spandex, these warm, flexible socks can be worn over-calf or over-knee, depending on your sweet lady’s height, and with six pairs, your gal can rock a different look to suit a different mood.


Script Personalized Name Necklace

Seeking perfect gifts for those pre-teeners? Look no further than a sterling silver or 10-carat gold necklace accented with the name of your beloved recipient. Presented in a silver box, ready for gift giving, and bursting with timeless design, this memorable piece will be forever treasured, loved, and cherished.


Creativity for Kids Flower Crowns

Transform colorful paper blossoms into beautiful Flower Crowns from Creativity for Kids. The hot fashion accessory – flower crowns – awakens the bohemian in every young girl’s heart and soul and this craft kit makes it easy: paper flowers, berry bunches, gold glitter accent, charming ribbon ivy, instructions, and more. Love, peace, and harmony rule the earth.


Under Armour® Embroidered Drawstring Bag

The Under Armour® Embroidered Drawstring Bag encourages exploring, storing, and adoring for people of all ages, including travelers, athletes, and youngsters starting at a new school. With custom embroidery of a name or monogram, this backpack becomes a precious, personal gift and memory worth saving and keeping, both physically and inwardly.


Style Me Up! Sketchbook-to-Go Famous

Every up-and-coming-designer has sudden moments of inspiration and when these happen, a notebook is needed NOW, and within reach. So, when travels or commutes beckon, treat your Designer-To-Be with this charming, smaller version, 25-page Sketchbook-to-Go. Add 16 coloring pencils, one stencil sheet, a design guide, and over 50 stickers, and pensive artistry is assured.

Prices Vary

Style Me Up! Braidy Bunch Kids Art Craft

Perfect party pleasures are bound to please your sweet tween when she invites her friends over for a Style Me Up Braidy Bunch crafting event. The cool kit includes seven colors of fabric strips, braiding tool, 10 crafty techniques, and vibrant instructions. Creativity, camaraderie, and chuckles on a lifelong and loving agenda.

Prices Vary

ALEX Toys Craft Color A Glambrella

Rainy days can be weary or optimistic. In any event, this kit provides decoration for an umbrella, which provides shelter to those who walk, run, and dance in the rain. This great kit allows your Glamour Girl to express her artistry with six weather-proof markers on her own 28-inch diameter, preprinted Glambrella.


Project Runway Designer Tote & Compact Portfolio

Heading off to NYC to present your designs to Fashion Icons? You want/need this Project Runway Designer Tote and Compact Portfolio! It’s perfect for travel, easy-to-use, easy-to-clean, and it comes with 10 colored markers that allow you to get really creative. Share your designs online and celebrate your upward trends!

Prices Vary

Creativity for Kids Designed by You Fashion Studio

The ultimately incredible fashion design kit is HERE! The perfect gift for designers-in-training, designer-wanna-be’s, and more, this 50+ piece kit includes a lace-covered dress mannequin, sewing essentials, sketch book, multiple fabrics, swatch booklet, trims, ribbons, myriad accessories, and step-by-step instructions. Never-ending imagination, boundless inspiration, and delightful ingenuity are included.


Umiwe Union Hooded Hat, Scarf Shawl

Savor your sweet one’s rapture as you wrap her in the super-soft, super-warm, super-comfy hoodie scarf. Made of 100% acrylic, comfortable to the touch, and hand-washable, the unique design makes this hooded treasure a great hat, beautiful scarf, or soft pair of mittens. Add some fringe, and you have yourself a unicorn.

Prices Vary

ALEX Spa Deluxe Hair Chalk Salon

Invitation accepted for the Spa Deluxe Hair Chalk Salon party! With glittery metallic strands, shimmering beads, and 12 washable hair chalk pens, a Hair Coloring Event takes on a completely different meaning. And, with a storage case, 30 beads, a beading tool, 30 hair elastics, and easy instructions, let the Salon festivities begin!


Style Me Up! Regular Sketchbook

There is nothing regular about The Style Me Up! Regular Sketchbook. With 36 sketch pages, 110+ stickers, four silhouettes and 12 hairstyles, four stencil sheets, and eight illustrated inspiration sheets, what is regular about this, pray tell? Oh, and this also comes with sample patterns and instructions. Please carry on – you were saying?

Prices Vary

Your Decor Color Your Own Doodle Lap Desk Kit

With the well-outfitted Your Decor Color Your Own Doodle Lap Desk, your tween can express their quest for personality. Encourage their zeal for self-identification by having them sort through 50 gemstones, two sheets of glitter stickers, and five designer markers designed to highlight their pieces and projects. Instructions included, and brilliant whether solo or group.

Prices Vary

ALEX Toys Craft Color A Fashion Bag

A chic way to tote crafts is with a customizable and Begging-for-Color fashion bag. Great graphics include fashionable clothes – naturally – fashion accessories, and nature’s many bounties, printed on a black and white purse, and awaiting the decorative design and input of six, brightly-colored permanent markers. Hint: highlight trim in hot colors. Enjoy imagination!

Prices Vary

Fashion Angels Project Runway Portfolio

This time, your Project Runway project includes the ultra-gorgeous, super-stylish fashion Angels. And, no pressure on your Designer-Tween to produce over 100 fashion shapes on 40 fashion and accessory design drawing pages, with five plastic stencils and an inspirational and instructional design guide! With this ultra-cool kit, your girl is always ready for a challenge.

Prices Vary

ALEX Toys Craft Color a Bag Color A Pony Purse

The love of ponies seems to live on in our memories and gifting this craft color fashion bag to a sweet child creates opportunities to make this adorable purse a lifelong treasure. Gorgeous graphics include ponies, medals, and riding gear, and six brightly colored permanent markers will make these dear sweet mustangs come alive.

Prices Vary

Bohemian Chic Personalized Round Beach Towel

Round and trendy, chic and Bohemian, warm yet breathable. Find all of the above – and more – in a luxuriously soft beach towel that is custom printed with your special one’s name. With a choice of three designs, measuring 60-inches in diameter – yes, that’s five feet of comfy bliss – and machine washable, this towel is friendship.


Best Friends Resin Pendant Necklace

What better gifts for 10 year olds than BFF pendants? Each packet includes two 13.5-inch adjustable chains and two pendants, with pendant options that include unicorns, ladybugs, dolphins, sweet treats, and more. Collect them all, or start with a three or four pack and share friendship, love, and affection with few or many!

Prices Vary

Gumball District Subscription Box

Well, while some may frequent The Arts District, The Warehouse District, and yes – the Meatpacking District – there is a hidden gem (invitation only) – called the Gumball District. Busting with fashion, fun, and frivolity, games is a way of life and ordering customized T-shirts is a must-have for your super-hip tweens.

Price varies

Paper FX

Envision and celebrate artistry with Paper FX. The easy-to-use Weave Machine transforms magazines, posters, and decorative papers into fashionable bags, boxes, placemats, and more, both saving the planet and creating art. Complete with several accessories, detailed instructions, and a 15-page guide book with ideas and tips, the possibilities for creativity are endless.


Monogrammed Robe

Indulge your sweet child with a super comfortable, cotton-waffle, and ultra-warm robe. A perfect gift for a number of celebrations, including birthday, spa, or just plain I Love You occasions, this adorable child size robe is soft and plush, gorgeously outfitted with two deep pockets, and has ample space for a monogram.


Fashion Angels Pet Lovers Fashion Portfolio

Puppy-lovers will want, desire, and need this Fashion Angels sketch pad to portray and document their undying love of All-Furry-Doggies-Allowed-In-My-Room. Complete with removable stencil cards with 100+ fashion and accessory shapes – caps, bones, stars, hearts –and a spiral bound book which easily fits in a tote or backpack, hours of creativity and fun are guaranteed.


Girl-a-Tude Subscription Box

Encourage self-confidence, emotional fortitude, and a positive outlook when you gift your awesome tween with a Girl-a-Tude subscription. Highly personalized, highly affordable, and highly empowering, this monthly experience is about personalization, peer-to-peer inspiration, and a sense of reassurance, optimism, and happiness for your beloved daughter, friend, niece, or granddaughter.

Price varies

Best Friends Forever Colorful Unicorn Set

Complete with its own sweet gift box, this delightful cupcake BFF novelty charm pendant comes in a set of two: one for your little one and the other for her best and sweetest friend! At 16-inches in length, the necklace sparkles with gold-plated whimsy and joy, and is quite simply, an enchanting little gift.

Prices Vary

Style Me Up! Disney Famous VS Infamous

Good triumphs over evil, and this sketchbook inspires young girls to discover themselves within the 48 sketch pages. Includes 24 silhouettes and 24 hairstyles, 12 each of princess- and villain-inspired looks, 24 illustrated inspiration sheets, 200+ stickers, bountiful instructions, and more. It’s just one of those perfect gifts for 10 year old girls.

Prices Vary

Creativity for Kids Fashion Headbands Craft Kit

How cool! The ultimate headband set: excellent for parties, stoking creative juices in your kids, and just plain fun. Included: 10 awesome headbands, loads of fashion decorations – rhinestones, flowers, feathers, and a butterfly – and yards and yards of ribbon. Easy to make, delightful to watch, wallet-friendly, smiles and giggles guaranteed. Order now. Please and thank you.


Pink Polka Dot Embroidered Girls Duffel Bag

Fond memories will always be with your sweet one when they carry this ultra-sweet pink polka dot embroidered duffel bag. As the perfect fashion accessory for school, sports, a sleepover, or a weekend getaway, this pretty tote is easy-to-carry and is beautifully enhanced with the name or initials of your Special Person. Definitely a keeper.


Crayola Fashion Superstar, Coloring Book and App

This, dear fashionistas, is the ultimate Fashion Design Kit. Ready? This kit includes a 62-page fashion design book, 24 colored pencils, 18 SuperTip markers and their own art supply case. Download a free fashion app, with fun challenges and rewards, that’s compatible with Apple iOS and Android devices, and keep coloring, designing, creating, and expanding your mind.


3 Diy Scarves Kids Can Make

Diy Infinity Scarf

This mother’s blog is incredible. As one of her many arts is sewing and creating beautiful things, in this instance, she is instructing us on the simple process of creating an infinity scarf. The process is easy to follow, materials are easy to find, and personal satisfaction presumably is extremely high. Please check it out.

Easy Diy Fleece Scarf Kids Can Make

Moms are amazing! And, the ones who have time to make scarves AND show their darlings how to make their own deserve even more kudos! Where super-cozy, ultra-warm, and amazingly colorful fleece is involved, coupled with an easy-to-follow process and lots of online smiles, it’s hard to resist making one of your own.

Easy Rainbow No Sew Fleece Scarf Tutorial

The magnetism of “no sew” will likely grab your attention. All that’s needed is colorful fleece, a pair of scissors, and many giggles from the Co-Creator and Recipient of a new colorful fleece scarf. It’s so easy for your little one to make that you will want to help them make more. Just because.

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