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21 Creative Gift Ideas for Engineers

When looking for the right gifts for engineers, you’ll need to appeal to their left-brained nature. Find a gift that challenges them and puts their particular brand of smarts to use and you’ve got a winner.

21 Creative Gift Ideas for Engineers

Great Minds Games

These games might not keep them busy for too long, but they’re meant to be challenging and test out their smarts. Most engineers pride themselves on solving puzzles like these, so it will be fun to watch them go to work on them.


Robotic Arm

Most engineers would love a robotic arm to help them with their work. This one might not be able to do too many sophisticated things, but it’s still fun to build and to play with once it’s done, like shaking hands and getting it to pick up items.


Perpetual Calendar

This calendar will look absolutely great in their office, and tells the month and day no matter which day of the year it is. It has a post-modern look to it that will accentuate any office space and is in line with an engineer’s decor.


I’m An Engineer Mug

Alright, so the engineer in your life may have to rely on the spellcheck, but they don’t need much assistance when it comes to math problems. It shows that engineers can have a sense of humor, even if they’re paid to be very pragmatic.


Math Formulas Tie

This tie is loaded up with math formulas, letting everyone know that there’s an engineering brain at work. Just when you think ties are a passe gift, you find one that suits them to a tee and is something they’ll really enjoy wearing.


Picasso Tiles

The number of shapes and structures they can make with this is limited only by their imagination. This is the sort of gift that can be played by the whole family, but engineers will enjoy trying to make more sophisticated things with it.


Cubebot Puzzle

Cubebot can turn into a wooden cube, and if you’re smart enough he can transform into his robot shape complete with a head, arms, and legs. When he’s not in use he looks like a decorative cube that can be placed on a desk.


Cams & Cranks Set

For the future engineer, help them learn all about cams and cranks and how they work together to convert energy. This line of toys is particularly made for those looking to help kickstart a child’s imagination and scientific reasoning.

Prices Vary

Amaze ‘N’ Marbles

These wooden blocks are fun to set up in many different ways, sending a marble through the path and out the other side. Engineers will have a lot of fun coming up with different ideas on how to move the marble from one place to another.

Prices Vary

Imagination Paperweight

It never hurt to have a bit of inspiration in your workplace, and if you’re an engineer you will value the opinion of one Albert Einstein who said “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”


Rocket Launch Set

It’s not exactly rocket science, but they’ll have a lot of fun getting this rocket off the ground. Understanding the physics behind why it works will only add to the enjoyment for an engineer. Check what type of engineer they are to see if this is a good gift.

Prices Vary

Zen Ball

Using the left side of the brain all day can be stressful, and this Zen ball can help them clear their conscious mind and find a little harmony in their day. These are handmade in northern Thailand, and are sure to be a unique gift they won’t expect.


Remote Control Machines

These machines will do their bidding once they’re built and programmed to do so. Half the fun is making them and the other half is getting them to do what you want them to do. They’ll have fun tinkering with them and figuring out how they work.


Zipboard Retractable Whiteboard

You never know when you’ll need a whiteboard to jot down an equation to see if it works, and this retractable whiteboard is just the thing. It retracts for easy storage, is totally portable, and works just like a regular whiteboard.


Engineers Field Bag

This bag holds all of the things that an engineer would need, and looks good while doing so. They’ll be able to store their laptop in there, as well as plenty of pens and pencils, and even their smartphone so they can work from anywhere.

Prices Vary

Hanz Inventor’s Kit

A smartphone holder is just one of the things that you can put together with this kit, it’s the sort of thing that an engineer can spend a lot of time with, trying to figure out new things to make with it or going from the instructions.


Binary Clock

For the computer engineer this binary clock will be a little secret that only they can decode. It lights up different lights representing the time, but in a way that only someone that can read binary code can figure out.

Prices Vary

Modular Pen

Every engineer has some downtime during the day, or needs some time to think, and this pen acts as both a pen and a toy because it breaks apart and is magnetized so it can be put back together in a number of ways.


Aviator Safety Glasses

Just because they’re an engineer doesn’t mean they can’t at least look cool when they’re at work. These safety glasses are like aviator sunglasses, but without the tint and with extra protection on the sides.

Prices Vary

Tabletop Scentilizer

Engineering requires a lot of sitting behind a desk, so make it a more inviting place by getting them this tabletop scentilizer. It diffuses different mists into the air, and one of them is designed to improve concentration so they can do better work.


Graphing Calculator

Chances are they probably have a graphing calculator, so you may want to check before you get this for them. Texas Instruments is pretty much the go-to when it comes to graphing calculators, and you should see the things engineers can do with these.

Prices Vary

8 DIY Gifts for Engineers

DIY Metallic Desk Tidy

This desk tidy will instantly make heads or tails out of their desk, and is perfect for engineers that tend to get a bit messy during the middle of a big project. Because it’s metallic it looks good on their desk and they’re sure to love it.

Copper Pipe Desk

Surprise them with an entire desk made out of copper pipe and other materials. You can help expand their workspace, or create a home office for them to work on after-hours projects. It looks a bit rustic, but still modern.

Office Supply Artwork

This piece of artwork will look great on their wall and is made up of things they might use regularly if they do any drafting, including a compass and a ruler. The final product comes out looking good when you follow the instructions exactly.

Marble Paper Filing Cabinet

Chances are they’ve got paperwork that needs filing, and you can help spruce up their office by giving them a nice-looking filing cabinet by using marble paper to cover up what is typically a very bland color, either gray or beige.

DIY Memo Board

They’ll always have a place to stick a memo when you make them this awesome memo board. Not only does it serve a useful function, but it also looks good on the wall and doesn’t take up any precious desktop space.

Watercolor Desk Calendar

Brighten up a drab office space with this watercolor desk calendar. Each month has a different splash of color, so the big picture is an assortment of different colors throughout the year. It’s easier to make than you’d think.

Magnetic Desktop Set

This set of desktop holders is magnetic so metal office supplies stick to it and are ready at a moment’s notice. See how well it keep paper clips where they need to be? Plus they look good so it will add to their decor.

DIY Modern Mousepad

Give them this modern-looking mousepad and they’re sure to thank you. It reads “Make it work.” which is pretty much what engineers do all day long. Of course you could also customize it how you see fit.

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