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35 Gifts for Good Employees

When you’re buying gifts for your employees, it’s hard to decide what to get. Whether your budget is large or small, you’re sure to have all kinds of personalities to think of. This list gives you plenty of options, and we’ve avoided cash and gift cards entirely.

A happy employee is a productive employee! My dad got the perfect gift for two of his employees that went above and beyond using this list of gifts for employees.

As Good As Gold Gift Basket

If your employees are as good as gold, treat them to this incredible hamper which contains a smorgasbord of sweet treats for them to feast on while they work.

Prices vary

Thank You Candy Bar Wrappers

If you fancy giving your staff a last minute bonus, stock up on their favorite chocolate bars and then download this wrapper which can be printed and then wrapped around the individual bars.


CraveBox Care Package

There’ll be no tricks but lots of treats when you choose this as a gift for employees as a sweet thank you – it’s chock full of candies, cookies, crackers, and chips.


Echo Dot

If you’re always barking orders at your long suffering employee, put her in charge for once with the Echo Dot, which will allow Alexa to follow instructions for a change.


Funny Employee Mug

Everyone appreciates a straight talking boss, so carry that theme on for employee gifts. This mug will let them know just how much you appreciate them in your own NSFW way.


Biscotti Gift Basket

Oh my, just look at how delicious these biscotti look! With 18 individual pieces, they won’t be around for long, so make sure you grab one while you can.


Employee Appreciation Spa Box

Give a special employee a well-deserved spa day (on her day off, of course) with this set which includes soap, balm, butter and an aromatic candle in the scent of your choice.


Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Headphones

Compatible with Apple devices, this set of noise-cancelling headphones will make the perfect employee gift for the worker who likes to switch off after work and drown out all the noise.


Barnetts Chocolate Cookies Gift Basket

Say a little thank you to your team with this box of cookies which are anything but mundane. With 12 decadent varieties included, there’ll be one to suit every palate.


Funny Desk Accessory Holder

Does someone in your office spend a lot of time in the loo? If so, bring the loo to them with this desk accessory kit which holds tape, pens, memo pad, and paper clips.


Pico Ballpoint Pen

The German made Pico pen is the perfect size to fit in any pocket, and with a one-click operation, this sleek ballpoint is ready to work whenever they are.


Employee Appreciation Coins

There are so many ways to give these appreciation tokens to your staff, but whichever way you choose, they will become a treasured memento of the best boss they ever had.


California Wine Gift Basket

Whether you gift this hamper to one special employee, or let them all share in it, it will be very well received thanks to the wine, nuts, candies and more to be found inside.

Prices vary

Sterling Silver Money Clip

You want your employees to feel important. Taking out a money clip is one thing—taking out a sterling silver money clip is another. Get this gift so your employees can feel like the boss, even though you know you’re the boss. But make sure they have money to put inside!


Mini Sandbox

Keep it lighthearted, playful, and Zen with this desktop sandbox. Your employees can relieve stress, have fun, and imagine they’re at the beach, all without getting up from the desk. With the umbrella, lounge chair, and pail, they’re really think they’re in the tropics. It’s inexpensive enough to buy for everyone—we’ll call it a team gift.


Mug Warmer

We’ll call this team gift number two: anyone who’s ever worked at a desk knows how easy it is to get distracted and lose yourself in the computer screen. Then your perfectly proportioned coffee gets cold and you have to get up and start all over again. Get this little electric warmer pad for your employees, and they’ll never have that problem again.

Prices Vary

RFID Passport Case

This is a great employee gift to give for the holidays, or to one of your people right before they head out on vacation. It’s a leather passport case/wallet made from calfskin, lined with carbon to keep sneaky thieves from snatching credit card data and personal information.


Magnetic Decision Maker

You know and love your employees, but sometimes you wonder about their decision-making process. It’s natural. When you give this gift, you don’t have to wonder about their process anymore. You know exactly where the ideas are coming from. Brings new meaning to “the buck stops here.”


Grass Blade Pen

Got an eco-friendly, nature loving, chunky granola type around the office? Or maybe your whole staff is that way. This pen will make them feel like they’re out in nature with their toes in the dirt every time they pick it up to write. The price is low enough to buy several—for everyone—which makes it team gift number three.


Desktop Tool Box

Busted Knuckles to the rescue with the perfect gift for the office manager of a construction company or an auto parts store. Its solid steel, designed to look just like the full sized rolling toolboxes used by the pros. It’s big enough to store an entire desktop full of office supplies.


Office Yoga

Time to implement that company-wide policy on health, wellness, and mindfulness, aka team gift four. Studies prove that sitting still all day has negative effects—so be a good boss and get your employees this office yoga kit. It’s filled with quick ways to get your team healthier, happier, and more productive.


Cashmere Scarf

Your employees deserve a stylish, soft, and warm scarf around their neck. This cashmere piece from Scotland is warm enough to wear all winter and light enough for fall and spring. It comes in a gift box, which makes the presentation easy—because how do you wrap a scarf, anyway?


Mini Punching Bag

Your employees can take this fun gift home or leave it on the desktop in the office. Any time they have any frustration—with family or clients of course, not you or their co-workers—they can give this punching bag a love tap. Consider it part of your company’s unified stress management strategy.

Prices Vary

Cell Phone Holder

This funny cell phone holder catches the hand in action, in mid-text. It’s a perfect addition to any desktop. It displays the phone so you can see the screen without having to pick the phone up. Employees can turn off the screen lock, put it on voice-to-text, and text without missing a beat.


Coffee Sampler

There are coffee lovers and then there are coffee aficionados. The former make a pot of coffee, the latter brew the latest trendy bean. This gift is for the latter. It’s a blind taste box of four coffee samples shipped fresh, within a week of roasting. Put the aficionado to the test!


Glencairn 4 Glass Set

Got a whiskey lover on your team? They can drink their hooch in style from these specially crafted whiskey-sipping glasses. This elegant and classy design won the 2006 Queen’s Award for Innovation. These crystal beauties have a full bowl, a stylish base, and a tapered top to bring out the nuances if the whiskey.


Desk Vacuum

It’s a real, functioning appliance, no lie. Tailor-made for the employee who loves to keep their workspace nice and tidy. It comes with two attachments so they can get to all the tight spots around the knick-knacks, behind the monitors, and down between the keys on the keyboard.


Wine Gift Box

Here’s a gift for the wine lover in your bunch. This basket comes with two bottle of classic California wine as well as gourmet chocolates and assorted snacks. The handwoven basket is designed to be reused and makes a display for fruit or vegetable at home.


Hump Day Bracelet

Who knows more about hump day than a camel? No one does. This funny rhodium plated multi-chain bracelet makes a great gift for female employees. They can wear it on Wednesday to celebrate the coming weekend, or any day of the week that feels like hump day to them.


The Joy Of Cooking

The modern classic that cooking icon Julia Child swears by make the perfect employee gift. The seventy-fifth edition resurrects recipes that were dropped over the years, keeps contemporary health conscious dishes added over the past few years, and of course include the fundamental cooking tips that make this the reference for any kitchen.


Executive iPad Folio

Get the ultimate iPad cover for your most organized employee. This tablet folio is more like a travelling desk. It’s got stand, a pad, and special places for pens, credit cards, a driver’s license, and a cell phone. It’s made from leather, zips closed, and has a little hole for the earphone cord and charger.


Drop A Bomb

It’s just the coolest paperweight in America, that’s all—the F-bomb. Give this to that employee that cusses like a sailor all day long. But you don’t care, as long as clients aren’t in the office and the work gets done. You probably drop a few yourself when things get busy.


Roku Media Player

For the employee who’s always up on the latest hip shows on television, the Roku player is the right choice. They’ll be able to pick and choose what they want and get it delivered right to their TV via their internet router. Roku has access to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime—all the best new video apps.


Skydiving Adventure

Give your resident thrill-seeker the adrenaline rush of a lifetime—a skydiving adventure from Cloud9 living. Or you can issue it as a friendly challenge to the one who needs to push themselves outside their comfort zone. The choice is yours, boss. We just know that an adventure experience is one of the best gifts you can give anyone.

Prices Vary

18 DIY Gifts for Employees

iPhone Wallet

This DIY tutorial shows you how to make a beautiful, colorful iPhone wallet using a couple of store bought items, glue, and a needle and thread. Your lucky employee will be touched you took the time to make this with your own two hands. The design includes credit card slots and a window for the camera.

Cozy Mug Wraps

If you’ve got a small office crew, you can spend an afternoon on this DIY and you’ll have friendly gifts for everyone. These mug wraps will keep everyone’s hands safe when they’re drinking hot coffee in the morning. You’ll need a little bit of sewing skill to follow her five-step process.

Note Pads

Believe it or not, there are people out in the world who still write things down. On paper, with pens and pencils and other antiquated tools. This tutorial shows you how to DIY a set of notepads using paper, a little bit of fabric, and a few easy passes under a sewing machine needle.

Desk Tidy

DIY art at its finest—a copper pipe desk organizer. All you need is about three feet of copper pipe, a pipre cutter, steel wool, a cork coaster, a marker, and a hot glue gun. You cut, buff, and glue according to the directions, and the final product is a beautiful piece of fully functional desk art.

Coffee Scrub

Is there a doctor in the house? One who knows how to sew? This DIY is for you, doc, to make for your favorite nurse or nurses. You know they make every day possible, and you know you want to thank them for all their hard work. It’s not neurosurgery, so you should be able to pull this one off with ease.

Diy Spa Gift Basket

This fabulous gift basket will make a thoughtful gift for any employee who deserves a bit of pampering, and as it’s homemade you can customize it using the ideas in this blog.

Diy Sangria Basket

Instead of buying their gifts, why not treat your staff to one of these homemade sangria kits which contain everything needed for this fruity drink in a handy glass dispenser?

Diy Ice Cream Gift Basket

Move over water cooler, this ice cream gift basket is the new place to meet. Filled with delicious adornments and utensils, all they’ll need to bring is their favorite ice cream.

Diy Coffee Gift Basket

This coffee gift basket could be given to one employee for Christmas morning at home, or adapted to be enjoyed by all your employees as they start their last day before Christmas arrives.

Diy Hot Chocolate Gift Baskets

If you’re looking for sweet gifts for your employees, you can’t go wrong with these hot chocolate gift baskets which will give them a decadent drink on a cold winter’s night.

Diy Lemonade Gift Basket

When life gives her lemons, she’ll make delicious lemonade. This DIY gift will supply her with all the ingredients needed, including the pitcher, to make thirst-quenching summer in a glass.

Box Of Sunshine

Whether it’s summer, or you want to bring a little sunshine into winter, this gift basket is sure to have them smiling, as it contains a heap of gifts all wrapped in cheerful yellow.

Diy Breakfast Gift Basket

This gift hamper would make an awesome gift for anyone who appreciates a really good breakfast, as it contains homemade buttermilk pancake mix, cake, coffee, bread, and luxurious maple syrup.

Diy Banana Bread GIft Basket

Breakfast is often overlooked, especially when we’re busy. Make sure there’s no excuse with this basket which contains banana bread, butter, honey and more for a deliciously rustic morning meal.

Christmas Breakfast Basket

Take inspiration from this blog post which fills a crate or box with everything needed for a Christmas Breakfast – you can even add a pretty frying pan so they really do have everything.

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