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23 Incredible Gifts for Drummers

Show the drummer in your life how much you love and support their talent with one of these cool gifts. From clothing and accessories to furniture, drum kit tools, and more, every gift on this list is handpicked to help bring more percussive passion into any drummer’s life

These are some incredible gifts for drummers! I didn’t even know half of these gifts existed.

Timber Drum

Most drummers are passionate about finding new and interesting ways to practice their craft. This cool timber drum is made of oak, ash, and birch and includes rubber mallets that can create six distinct tones. It harkens back to the days where hollow logs acted as instruments.


Drum Necklace

Some of the best and coolest drummers are girls, and they’re proud of it! This cool drum necklace features a full drum kit charm. The pendant can be customized by adding a colored jewel, to represent a birthstone, and a letter, as the first initial of the recipient’s name.


The Drummer’s Bible

You won’t believe how many ways there are to hit a drum! If the drummer in your life is fascinated by drumming techniques around the world, this book is the perfect gift. It includes directions on how to play every drum style from Afro-Cuban to Zydeco.


Jazz Adjustable Table

When you’re passionate about drumming, it seeps into every area of your life. Provide a friend or loved one with a way to decorate their home with this cool adjustable table. Although it contains a glass tabletop, the legs of the table resemble the legs of a snare drum.


Laser Engraved Oak Drum Sticks

A drummer’s most important tool is his set of sticks. Why not make those sticks extra special by customizing them? Made from solid Shira Kashi oak, these high-quality drumsticks are perfect as-is, but the finishing touch is having them engraved with a band name, signature, or any other text of your choice.


Drumstick Pencils

Drummers drum all the time, even when they are away from their drum sets. Instead of drumming with pencils, turn any tabletop into the perfect drum set with these cool drumstick pencils. The pencils don’t have erasers because the tip looks just like the end of a drumstick.


Men’s Weapons of Mass Percussion T-Shirt

Clever T-shirts always make a great gift, and T-shirts don’t get any more clever than this one! It makes the perfect gift for a drummer because instead of saying “Weapons of Mass Destruction” it depicts two crossed drumsticks and the shirt says “Weapons of Mass Percussion.”

Prices Vary

Rock N Roll Electronic Drum Mat

You don’t have to be old to enjoy everything that drumming has to offer! Get a young one started early with this cool electronic drum mat. It features eight authentic drum sounds, a headphone jack, and it can even be plugged into an external music device.


Drumstick Mixing Spoons

From the drum set to the table to the kitchen, drumming follows a drummer everywhere. Encourage a friend or family member to play with their food with these drumstick mixing spoons. They are completely functional, both as mixing spoons and as drum sticks.


Drummer Cufflinks

Most drummers are looking to stand out. Unfortunately, most formal wear attire and accessories look the same. Personalize a friend or family member’s look with these cool cymbal cufflinks. Because they are covered with glass, they are classy enough for even the most formal occasion.


Drum Kit for iPad & Galaxy Tablets

Gone are the days of bulky folders full of sheet music. Today, sheet music can easily be stored and viewed on a tablet device. This drum kit music stand attaches directly to the drum set and securely holds iPads and Galaxy tablets.

Prices Vary

Beatles Signature Drum Fridge Magnet

Every rock and roll drummer pays tribute to the talented artists that have come before, and there is arguably no more talented a rock group than the Beatles. This magnet features the Beatles bass drum that is surrounded by all four signatures of the band members.


Little Drummer Boy Pillow

Decorating a space for a drummer can be a real challenge. If you’re looking for the perfect decorative pillow, look no further than this little drummer boy pillow. It makes a great holiday pillow, but it’s simple and silly rendition of the song makes it a fun pillow for a drummer’s room too.


Ultimate Drummer’s Tool

Unlike most of the other instruments in the band, playing a drum also means working with tools. Drum heads need to be tightened and pedals adjusted. This drummer’s tool comes with over 12 tools in one, so your loved one will never have to go looking for the right tool again.


Little Drummer Toy

Drumming doesn’t always take place on a drum set. Bring life to a friend or family member’s air drumming antics with this little drummer toy. Using handheld air drumming sticks, you can control the movements of a little drummer, creating your very own air drum song!


Drummer Street Sign

Make sure everyone in the house knows exactly where the drummer lives with this drummer street sign. It is made with exterior grade PVC plastic so it can easily be hung both indoors and out. It looks great hung on a bedroom or garage door.


Drum Seat Cover

Adding some style to your friend or loved one’s drum set is as easy as gifting this drum seat cover! Although this one comes in a funky purple leopard print, there are other colors and patterns to choose from. You can even choose between two different sizes.


Zildjian Drummer’s Gift Pack

Struggling to find the perfect gift for the drummer who has it all? This pack is the perfect gift because it contains quality Zildjian drum sticks, a portable three-inch practice pad, and a pint glass with the Zildjian logo and slogan.

Prices Vary

Drumstick Bag

Every drummer has an arsenal of sticks. Unfortunately, carrying all those sticks can be a nightmare. This cool roll-up drumstick bag will keep all of the drumsticks in one place. The colors and logo can be customized, making it the perfect gift for a high school musician.


Drummer Degree

There’s no reason why every drummer’s gift has to be so serious! Skip the drumsticks and accessories and gift a laugh instead. This gag diploma can be customized with the recipient’s name. Because it looks so professional, it’ll look great hung up on any wall.

Prices Vary

Animal Drummer iPhone Case

When it comes to the very best drummers in history, nobody beats Animal from the Muppets! This hilarious drummer iPhone case is sure to get attention for all the right reasons. Plus, it makes a perfect gift for the goofy drummer in your life.

Prices Vary

Drumstick Chopsticks

Why eat Chinese with disposable chopsticks when you can eat your meal in style! These cool chopsticks make eating sushi easy, but because they are shaped like drumsticks, the drummer in your life can entertain you at the table while you wait for your meal!


Drum Storage Ottoman

High-quality, drummer-themed furniture can be hard to come by, but unique pieces can greatly enhance any drummer’s room. This drum storage ottoman is a real floor tom drum that has been repurposed into the perfect ottoman. It even provides storage!


DIY Gifts for Drummers


Being a drummer also means you’re likely to spend time playing other percussion equipment as well. If you’re looking for a unique way to decorate a party, if you want to make fun party favors, or you’re just looking for a fun drummer gift, give these DIY tambourines a try.

Cardboard Tube Chili Pepper Maracas

Although these cute chili pepper maracas are perfect for kids, they are likely to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Although they are geared toward Cinco de Mayo, they can be decorated or used as party favors at any drummer’s party.

Drum Ornaments

Using a plain old tube of toilet paper and a little construction paper, you can create classic drum ornaments for the drummer in your life. Although they are made to hang on a Christmas tree, you could string multiple drums together to add a little flair to a drummer’s bedroom.

Gourd Drum

Gourds can be used to make a wide variety of amazing crafts. If you’ve got a large dried gourd left over after your crafting endeavors, give this gourd drum a try. Not only is it completely functional, its unique look would make it the perfect decorative item to put on a shelf.

Duct Tape Drum

There isn’t anything you can’t make with a little duct tape! Whether you’ve got a little drummer boy at home, or you want to surprise an older drummer with a one-of-a-kind gift, this duct tape drum is sure to do the trick. Plus, you can alter the drum’s size to create different sounds.


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