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35 Creative Gifts for Dancers

Here are our favorite gifts of all time for all the dancers in the world. If they love to dance for fun or are an avid dancer, they will love these unique gift ideas…

Whether they are pros or beginners, they will be sure to love these creative dance related gifts.

Dancers Among Us

You might not think a book is a great gift for a dancer but this one is a little bit different because it has some wonderful pictures of dancers in it doing lifts, spins, and kicks in different scenes like parks and restaurants. They will enjoy the pictures and the text.

Prices Vary

Duffel Bag for Dancers

This is one thing that you can buy for a dancer and know that they will use it all the time. This bag comes in two colors, blue and pink, and is big enough to fit all of her equipment in it with ease. And the dancer and ribbon that spells dance on it will remind her of the person who got it for her every time she goes to class.

Prices Vary

Dance Clock

Another great dancer clock is this one that is accented with a dancer and hearts on the face. And this one can also be personalized with the dancer’s name. It is simple and doesn’t cost a lot of money, which is great if you are unsure of what to get them.


Tank Top: Dancers Turn Out Better

Dancers take pride in their art form and this shirt will put a smile on their face. This tank top comes in various colors and sizes so you can find the right one for the dancer you are buying for.


Hand Stamped Dance Necklace

With two colored beads, a ballerina, and a disc with their name and dance on it, the dancer you are shopping will fall head over heels for this necklace. It’s the perfect gift for a dance recital, dancer’s birthday, or just because you are proud of them.


Dance Definition Wall Picture

This wall frame really gives you the definition for dance and is a great addition to a dancer’s room or studio. There are four definitions to the word and dancers will like the literal meaning of this gift as well as thinking to themselves about what dance means to them.


Dance Art For Teenagers Room Sign

This gift is a two-in-one gift. The wooden block letters D A N C E hang from black ribbons on knobs that can also be used to hang things like hats, coats, and more. Every teenage dancer would love to have this in their room.


Personalized Flip Straw Water Bottle

What is one thing that a dancer never leaves home without? A water bottle of course. They need to stay hydrated as they work on all of their dance moves. This water bottle has a dancer and their name on it and with the easy flip straw the bottle is spill-proof.


Dance and Embrace Spirit Candles

When they first open this gift, they will probably think that it is just a candle but there is more to it. These candles reveal dancers as they are melted. It will be hard for the dancer to not burn this candle nonstop to reveal the sculptures inside of them.


Clear Crystal Heart Sliver Bracelet

Silver is a great color for any girl to wear because it matches just about anything and this bracelet is simple and looks great. With the simplistic heart and DANCE ribbon, every dancer would enjoy getting this gift for a special occasion.


Weekly Devotional for Dancers

While other people will be giving the dancer jewelry, dance clothes, etc., you will give them something that they can use every week. This weekly devotional is for Christian dancers to use to help them connect their dancing to God. While this might not be the gift for every dancer, it is for the Christian ones.


Jewelry Rose Crystal Dance Pendant

The silver ballerina necklace comes in different colors and is a great accent for any dancer no matter the age. The great thing about this necklace is that it isn’t very long so it will look good on younger and older girls. And for the price you could get them one of every color.

Prices Vary

Keep Calm and Dance On Mirror

This gift is perfect for all dancers because it is small and something that they can use. It can be thrown in their purse or their dance bag to be used at their leisure. This gift is a great thing to have if you need to touch up your stage makeup fast.


Coordinating Ballet Dancers Pillow

If you are looking for a gift that you can add on to with every special occasion for your dancer then this might be the gift for you. This throw pillow comes with two dancers on it and can be added to her room already or can just be a starter to getting all of the other pillows and bedding.

Prices Vary

Writing the Dance Journal

This book was inspired by the National Writing Project and should be in any serious dancer’s collection. This book allows them to immerse themselves in dance and to think outside of the box. With the activities and more, this book will push them farther.

Prices Vary

Girls Live, Love, Dance Tee

One of the greatest things about this gift is that it can be worn anywhere, school, class, and so on. The hot pink zebra graphics will get her attention and tell everyone that she has a wild side. This stylish t-shirt will become her new favorite go-to shirt for wherever she goes.


Ballerina Watercolor Poster

This poster is a little different than most posters because it looks like a work of art in watercolors. You can see the work that went into creating the dancer in this poster and if you put an extra $20 to it and get a frame, it’s a great picture for a dancer’s wall for around $30.

Prices Vary

Insulated Travel Mug

Most dancers know about early mornings and late nights, so a travel mug that can hold tea or coffee can help on the days they are on the go and need a boost. And it is also cute and it is a great gift for a dancer or a gymnast.


If Dance Were Any Easier T Shirt

This shirt is a little different than most dance t-shirts because it has humor in it. Most might think that dancing is easy but it is hard work and this shirt tells everyone this in just a few simple words.


Kikkerland Ballerina Jewelry Stand

With one leg in the air and arms up and out, this gives you more places to hang jewelry from the dancer’s body. Since jewelry can’t be worn by dancers this is a great way for them to keep their jewelry safe and easy to find.


Dance Like No One Is Looking Charm

“Dance Like No One Is Looking” is a great motto for any dancer and this necklace will remind your dancer that every time they wear it. With the motto and the charms this is something that will go with anything and the dancer will love it.

Prices Vary

Crescent Moon Pendant Necklace

This pendant necklace is well crafted and is different than most necklaces for dancers. The crescent moon and pendant fit perfectly together and come in different lengths so you can find the perfect size for your dancer. Also it comes with a gift box for free, which makes giving it as a gift easier.


Ballerina Treasure Music Box

This gift is for the younger dancer. The top, sides, and bottom all open up for more space for your little dancer to put treasures. And with the dancing ballerina on the top, your dancer will spend hours spinning to the music like the ballerina inside.


Ballet Dancer Beaded Bracelets

A charm bracelet is one of the best gifts that you can buy any girl and this one comes with different charms including a dancer and heart. And the best thing about this kind of gift is that you can add to it, so if your dancer becomes interested in something else, you can get different charms.

Prices Vary

The Dancer’s Way

If you have a serious dancer you are buying for then this is the gift for you. This book goes over all of the things that New York City Ballet does to stay on top of their game. Any dancer who wants to become a professional will read this book from cover to cover.

Prices Vary

Ballerina Dancer Stud Earrings

If the dancer that you are buying for has pierced ears then this might be the gift to buy them. The ballerinas look like they are twirling in their ears and they are small enough for any size ears. This is a safe bet gift for any dancer if you are unsure of what to buy.

Prices Vary

Juniors Dance Capri Sweats

This gift is a safe buy if you don’t know what to get your dancer but you do have to know the right size to buy. These can be worn at dance class or at home. The dance design and dancer on the top will really grab their attention.

Prices Vary

Ballerina Slipper Night Light

This is the perfect gift for a dancer or a young girl who one day hopes to be a dancer. It runs on batteries and has an easy-to-access on/off switch on the bottom. This night light will help any dancer get a good night’s sleep.

Prices Vary

Trinket Box with Accessories

Another great gift for a younger dancer or girl is this trinket box. It comes decorated in ballerina slippers and inside you will find sticker, color pencils, paper, and other accessories that any girl would love playing with.

Prices Vary

Ballerina Dream Dancer Trinket Box

This wind-up music box plays Dance Ballerina, Dance as a pair of ballerina slippers twirls around. This is one of the more expensive gifts on this list but it is one that older dancers would enjoy in their room, listening to the music and spinning around.

Prices Vary

Jumble Exclusive Makeup Gift Set

What is one thing that a dancer needs but no one thinks about giving them? Makeup. This gift set is perfect for dance recitals and other performances. The dancer will have all of the makeup they need all in one box, which makes packing easier.


Modern Dancer Tank Top

This tank top is a great gift because it can be worn at home or at dance and it is easy to move in. And it also comes in black and pink. The 5678 is a little different than most dancers’ shirts because these numbers are very important to a dancer.

Prices Vary

Ballerina Necklace Charm Set

Why only give your dancer one necklace, when you can give them two or even three? These necklaces come in three different colors, pink, clear, and multicolored. And you can get all three of them for your dancer for under $10 apiece.


Dancer Leap Medal Hanger Rack

If your dancer is like any other girl, they can always use hangers in their room. Why not hit two birds with one stone and get them this dancer hanger that they can display in their room? They can also hang bags, clothes, and much more and it comes in black and pink.

Prices Vary

Dancer’s Way Custom Street Sign

Novelty signs are a fun gift for anyone and this one is perfect for your dancer. This Dancer’s Way sign can be hung in their room or on their door to let everyone know that a dancer lives in this room. They will love it and it comes in different colors to match their style.


6 DIY Gifts for Dancers

DIY Tulle Skirt

They’ll show up looking like the belle of the ball when you make them this tulle skirt that is fashioned after a ballerina outfit. The best part is you don’t have to spend a lot to make a great and thoughtful gift. It boasts just a $10 price tag for all of the supplies.

Embroidered Dancing Girls Emoji

Here’s a fun gift that takes the famous dancing girls emoji and turns it into an embroidered masterpiece. You can give this as a small gift all by itself or use it as a sort of gift tag for a larger gift. It will show them that you took the time to make them something nice.

Bunhead Bobby Pins

Dancers love their bobby pins since they help keep their hair in place during a routine, and they’re always adding to them to make them unique. Here’s a fun project that produces bunhead bobby pins that will definitely set them apart from the other dancers.

Crocheted Ballet Slippers Ornament

These cute little slippers are miniature sized and look great on the tree. Ornaments are the perfect DIY gift because they’ll remember it year after year and you become part of their holiday tradition.

Dancing Girls Emoji Pinata

The famous dancing girls emoji gets made into a pinata so they can have fun at their next dancing themed party, or just anytime they want to have a good time. This tutorial shows you how to make two happily dancing girls and it looks just like the emoji.

Belly Dancer Coined Braid

Whether or not they’re into belly dancing they’ll love this coined braid which jingles and looks great. They take you through the process step by step so that it’s sure to turn out just like they show, and they’re sure to love your handmade gift.


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