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37 Christmas Gifts for Curious Dads (Makers, Techies and Tinkerers)

A lot of fathers are good with crafts or mechanical systems, and buying them mugs with their name on it will just seem frivolous. This list is for dads like this who require more involved gifts which push their intellect and handyman skills and present challenges to be overcome.

gifts for curious dads

Build Your Own Marble Coaster

For a dad who has creative hands and fun heart, this self build marble rollercoaster will be ideal. Using just household glue, assemble more than 30 Baltic birch pieces to form a mini marble coaster full of dips, turns and daredevil physics which is powered by a hand crank, so no batteries required.


Arccos Golf 360 Golf Performance Tracking System

Allow your father to fully understand how his golf game is developing with this handy device that knows the exact distance to any point on the golf course. Capable of analyzing every shot that is taken, and not just his own but from every Arccos user, he’ll know the perfect line to every green.


Rotape Tape Compass

Sometimes a handy man can have too many tools, but this simplest of those available is also one of the most useful. Comprising a tape measure, it makes a fixed point that will allow the device to trace a circle of any radius, making large hole marking and sector cuts an easy task.

Prices Vary


Prevent nasty and cumbersome accidents when Dad cuts into walls, with this superb app that allows your mobile to pick up pipes, wires and other household services that you don’t want to make a break in when conducting DIY. Make his life simpler with this ingenious use of technology.

Prices vary

Beevivo Magnetic Wristband

You’ve seen your father scrabbling about trying to find that screw or washer when engaged in DIY. Give him a simpler life with these magnetic wristbands that allow him to keep errant metal items at hand while working on other items. With 5 magnetic areas and a 1 size fits all band.

Prices Vary

Garden Gears Outdoor Clock & Thermometer

This delightful melding of the old and new will make a gorgeous Christmas present for Dad or any male member of the family. Made from rustic, hand finished steel, the accompanying hardware lets you hang the item on a wall or post, needing just a rain-protective coat to finish.


Build Your Own Pinball Game

Get rid of the electronics for an hour by building this fun pinball machine that requires no power to run. Customizable, the kit comes with everything you need to create your own game, but has scope for adding additions as you see fit to make this a one-of-a-kind invention.


Holy Stone RC Quadcopter Drone

Let his passions loose as he takes to the air with this highly controllable and easy to maintain quadcopter. Equipped with a one key return feature, so that if Dad loses his mastery of the craft it will return to home, the copter also has a quality camera for taking top notch photographs.

Prices Vary

Bicycle Repair Kit

Packed with top quality tools for getting your bike back on the road after a puncture, this is a welcome pack for any cyclist. Complete with a six sided, dog bone style hex wrench, ideal for adjusting the most common of bike screws, there’s also glue and pads to seal up any puncture.


Xacto Deluxe Woodcarving Set

If your father dabbles in wood carving then this set will cover off almost every wood working requirement he can have. Featuring high quality tools, including a no. 5 knife handle, 6 assorted blades, 5 gouges and 4 routers, this item comes in an attractive wooden chest for easy storage.

Prices Vary

SmartDry Wireless Laundry Sensor

For those on the go, keep track of your tumble dryer with this handy device and accompanying app. Whether your delicates are overheating or you just want to know when your clothes are ready, SmartDry lets you know wirelessly and is easy to set up and run.

Prices Vary

Pick Punch

Every guitarist needs a great pick with him, one that is unique and sets him apart from other six stringers. With this clever punch, you can make your own picks from old credit cards, gym memberships or any other slim plastic piece. Own your look with this handy cutter.


Smartphone Photography Lens Set

The battle rages over whether modern phones can replace SLR cameras but you can make your mobile feel and act like an SLR. Use the snap case which has a fitting for a tripod, a hand grip for steadier handling and compatible lenses which enhance the mobile lens, taking macro and increased landscape shots.

Prices vary

Smartphone-Controlled Paper Airplane

Paper airplanes just became hi tech with this smartphone controlled airplane that is made from crash proof carbon fiber. By folding the plane and then attaching the Bluetooth device, you’ll be able to make it perform barrel rolls, stall turns, and get the plane to fly where you want it to.


Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

If your father is abhorred by waste then get him this clever notebook. Usable up to 5 times by simply microwaving it, he can send his thoughts in the notebook from the acid free fine grain paper to the free android or iOS app when he has used up space in the polypropylene bound book.


Kinetic Gear Key Holder

This clever key holder has a mechanic’s mind at heart as its gears move to allow the key to drop into the palm of your hand. A decorative masterpiece, this simple key holder will be a talking point on your wall every time your neighbor sees you pick up your keys.


Moving Mechanical Safe Kit

This fun safe is made completely from wood and is fully working, built from 179 laser cut Baltic birch parts and features a fully customizable combination. Capable of holding small essentials or diminutive dossiers, this fun safe will challenge any would-be thief or someone with a building heart.


Mechanical Music Box Set

We have all been amazed at little music boxes sounding out basic tunes, but now you can build one of your own and design the tunes you want for it. Complete with 3 blank paper strips, a hole puncher, and instruction manual and a pre-punched song, this set will inspire any musician.

Prices vary

LEGO Architecture Chicago Skyline Building Set

There’s a young boy inside every dad and now they can let that childhood desire to build Lego out without fear with this premier set of the Chicago skyline. Including a booklet about the architecture, design and history of the buildings, this is a fun but classical set to build.


Pocket DJ Mixer

Let Dad spin the tunes with this clever mixer set, that blows away the larger mixers of yesteryear. Simply plug the device in to his mp3 player, laptop, or phone and he is ready to mix without having to take any cumbersome gear around with him.


West Coast Style IPA Beer Brewing Kit

With the rise in craft beers, it must be time to dabble in your own home brew and this simple kit will let you do just that. Containing everything you need, 100% malt extract, specialty grains, high quality yeast and hops, this kit will give you a gallon of finest IPA.

Prices vary

Can-Do Clamp

For a dad that’s hands on, this clamp will prove to be the versatile partner that he’s been looking for. Not only does the clamp set up quickly and secure instantly but it is also perfect for framing, drilling, doweling and a whole lot more, making it a great DIY friend.


Houdini’s Trick Lock Puzzle

This clever trick lock will have people guessing for hours how to complete the puzzle and free the lock. Turn the key as much as you like but without solving the puzzle it won’t do anything. A great gift for Dad to put his mind to, and challenge the old gray matter.


DIY Bottling Kit

For the beer crafter in your family, drop the hint and get them sharing their skill with this terrific bottling set. Complete with an Italian capper, it becomes a cinch to pinch the caps off on the 10 included bottles, with additional caps available for the next supply once the bottles are returned.

Universal Socket

This universal socket is capable of gripping the head of any screw eye, hex nut or bolt head due to its 54 individual hardened steel spring pins. Automatically adjusting to any shape or size, the device is easy to carry and can be attached to a power drill for hard to move items.



For the practicing guitar player, this cleverly small guitar is a boon to rehearsing on the road. The 6 fret acoustic model is built with a raised strum pad to simulate real strumming and has a real fretboard for practicing those awkward chord shapes and progressions.


Premium Tool Pen by Mininch

This strong pen set redefines the screwdriver by providing different heads which, unlike other combo tools, has all of its items within the pen. With an aluminum housing, the pen is suitably strong whilst its magnetic cap keeps everything in good order. Available in 3 different colors.

Prices Vary

Moving Locomotive Kit

Get Dad’s designer eye to the fore with this exciting train model that actually moves. With pop out pieces from pre cut plywood, the design is assembled without the need for nails or glue, and includes a rubber band engine for power to drive the creation forward.


Public Radio Single Station Tuner

As parents are accustomed to listening to the same station since time immemorial, this single station radio is an ideal gift. Set up for that one station it provides over 30 hours of listening on just 2 batteries, and is easily portable, useable indoors or out, and even at work.


Pressurized Craft Beer Growler

Take your home brew to its next level with this craft beer pressurized portable tap system which allows you to take your favorite craft beer along without sacrificing any quality. Providing a draft beer in its natural state you’ll taste the difference from other less efficient systems.

Prices vary

Rotary Tool Driller Grinder

If you’re looking for tools for a crafting father then check out this handheld rotary die and mechanical collet lock chuck. Ideal for cutting, drilling, grinding and a host of other applications, the device has a high speed of 30,000 RPM which allows for precision in all applications.

Prices Vary

Frankenstein Switch Plate

Change the light switch in his work room to one of fun with this gothic style Frankenstein switch. The plywood switch plate is laser engraved with coils around the terminals and connect / disconnect features, making this a hilarious item your father will love for his special room.


LEGO Architecture New York City Skyline Collection

Bring New York into your living room with this great skyline build which contains over 598 pieces and measures 10x9x1 inches. Featuring the Statue of Liberty and a host of other buildings, the set contains a booklet detailing the design, history and architecture of the real life buildings.


Genius Dice

These clever dice have done away with crude markings to indicate a side’s value, but rather use a shading scheme which means they remain attractive enough to be shown off when not in use. Made from walnut, maple, and cherry wood, these will be loved by fans of wood working.


Woodstock Professional Woodworking Kit

For those that like working with their hands, these crafting tools make an ideal starter gift. Featuring a 9 inch smoothing plane, 6 inch block plane, 9 inch try square, 9 inch marking gauge and a 9 inch bevel gauge, you get the basis of all you need to get into wood working.


Artiphon Multi-Instrument

One of the most awkward things about instruments is the sheer size of many of them when you want to go travelling. With this incredible music maker, you can strum, drum, tap and slide your way, due to its MIDI interface, and produce professional quality, on the move or sat at home.


KittenBot Basic Robot Kit

Take your father into the future with this fun programming kit that’s suitable for adults and kids alike. Featuring graphical programming, electronics, and robotics combined into one project, this 52 piece creation, that can be assembled in just 20 minutes, uses a Wi-Fi connection and has a number of designs.

Prices Vary

3 Diy Tech Projects to Do With Dad

Diy Simple Running/hopping Robot

Build yourself a simple running robot with this stylish video blog that contains all the details and advice you need for this basic robot. Carefully presented so that you’ll pick up on all the necessary info, you’ll benefit from a vclose up video demonstration as you create your masterpiece.

How to Make a Simple Arduino Robot

Create an Arduino robot from scratch with this clever blog post that details all the necessary actions and also advises you beforehand if this project is for you. Moderately difficult and taking 1-3 hours to create, you end up with a fully working piece of tech to call your own.

Diy Hybrid Sonoff Smart Switch

Produce a smart switch system in your house without the need to purchase lots of expensive shop bought items by following this hi tech blog that is strictly for adults. If you’re comfortable working on your house electricity supply then this blog can up your switch usefulness at minimal cost.

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