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31 Good Gifts for Coworkers You Actually Like

You can’t pick your coworkers, but sometimes you get lucky and there are some you actually want to be friends with. These gifts for coworkers will allow you to show your fondness and create an even more amicable working relationship.

Here are some unique gifts for the coworkers you actually like! No more lame fruit baskets and fancy staplers.


These cards will help your coworker tell you how they’re feeling. They’re fun to use and can actually be helpful when the information is pertinent. You have to use your own judgement to see if these would be a good fit in your office and for the right person.


The Cubicle unBasket Gift Basket

Here’s a great gift basket that will let them know you care. It’s full of all sorts of different office goodies that they’re sure to enjoy. When you don’t know exactly what to get them, but you want to show them they’re appreciated, this is the way to go.

Prices Vary

Desk Accessory Holder

This desk accessory holds a lot of stuff, and features someone that’s doing the best that they can at multitasking. He’s got a roll of tape in his hands, a pen in his mouth, more pens behind him, and paper clips underneath. An irreverent piece, so make sure it’s office appropriate.


Mist Screen Cleaners

Help them keep their smartphone and computer monitor squeaky clean with these misting screening cleaners. There are plenty of different screens these days, and with all the tapping and dust it’s hard to keep them streak free and totally clean, but these sprayers help.


Countdown to Retirement Clock

This is a fun gift the longer they have to go to retirement. It can be a fun reminder that the two of you have a lot more time to hang out together. It can also be a thoughtful gift if their retirement is really right around the corner and they’re getting excited about it.

Prices Vary

Executive Decision Maker

Here’s a fun gift that shows the sort of decision making that takes place at the higher levels of the organization. Spin it around and see where it lands. There are decisions such as Pass the Buck, Maybe, and Sit On It. That’s pretty much what seems to go on with the big wigs.


Modular Magnetic Pen

This magnetic pen will provide them hours of downtime and works too so it’s not just a toy it’s a useful item that makes it look like they’re being productive. The pen is completely made out of magnets, so there are any combination of ways to move it and reshape it.


Cubicle Guest Book

If they’re never at their cubicle when you stop by for a visit, give them this guest book so you can start signing in to let them know that you were there when they weren’t. It includes prompts for all of the information that they’ll need upon their return.

Prices Vary

Walkie Talkies

What’s your 20 good buddy? When cell phones won’t get reception you’ve got to go old school. These walkie talkies let you stay in touch within a pretty large radius. It will remind you of the time you use to play with your best friend as a kid. Breaker breaker. Over and out.


Perpetual Calendars

These calendars look great, and serve a purpose at the same time. They are definitely a conversation starter within the office. They can either mount them on the wall, or have them on their desk. You simply move the magnet to point to the right month and day.


The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace

Nothing says I appreciate you better than a book about appreciation in the workplace. Why bother having a mushy moment with them when you can simply give them a book and have that do the talking for you. They’ll definitely feel appreciated just by the gesture.


Blah! Button

For those times when they need to deal with that annoying person in the office, you can give them this Blah! button which lets out an annoyed blah blah blah so that you can make fun of them after they leave, or give them a hard time when they’re standing right there.


Super Magnetic Putty

Here’s a really cool desk topper, it’s putty that they can play with, but it’s also magnetic, so it’s great for sticking paper clips to. It’s also good for cleaning up messes like when you drop a bunch of staples or paper clips.


Office Jargon Stamp

Help them keep up with all of the office jargon that needs to be written down with this office jargon stamp. It includes such sayings as I’m in the Loop, Paradigm Shift!, and What is it this time? The sort of phrases that you commonly hear being tossed around an office.

Prices Vary

Business Etiquette for Dummies

Here’s a sort of gag gift for your office buddy. It shows them the proper etiquette to have while at a business, and is great for the coworker that is totally irreverent and always pushing the boundaries. The two of you can have fun going through it and making fun of the advice.


Desktop Golf

If they’d rather be on the links than in the office, you should get them this desktop golf game. When the boss isn’t watching that can practice their miniature sized putting and at least be able to immerse themselves in some sort of golf game.


Ninja Stars Push Pins

The perfect gift for the office ninja. Let them decorate their office space with these ninja star push pins. They do the job of a regular push pin, but they give the appearance that a ninja has been there, with a star stuck right into the wall.

Prices Vary

Best Coffee Cup Holder

This is a great gift for the coworker that always seems to be spilling their coffee or other beverage at their workstation. It’s a very thoughtful gift that will help reduce the number of spills and keep them more productive and happy throughout the day.


Playable Art Cube

This art cube not only looks great on their desk, but it allows them to shape and shift the pieces around when they’re looking for something to keep their hands busy. Bright and colorful it looks a like a piece of art when in a cube form, as well as in other forms.


Milton’s Stapler

They’ve moved my desk four times already this year, and I used to be over by the window, and I could see the squirrels, and they were married, but then, they switched from the Swingline to the Boston stapler, but I kept my Swingline stapler because it didn’t bind up as much, and I kept the staples for the Swingline stapler.


Complaint Department Mug

When they’re the type of coworker that doesn’t handle complaints too well, it’s time to get them this complaint department grenade coffee mug. It definitely sends the message to unsuspecting complainers, and has a very unique look when it comes to coffee mugs.


Desktop Dogs

These desktop dogs are as cute as can be, and each of them as their own purpose. One has a magnetic nose that keeps paper clips easily at hand. Another holds a pack of sticky notes as if he’s fetched the morning paper. They’re great for dog-loving coworkers.


Mini Buddha Board

These boards allow the user to write messages on them that fade away, only to be written again. They are addictively fun, and you simply can’t help writing on them once you see how they work. They can be big stress reducers too, and help you find that inner calm.


Grumpy Cat Plush

If they’re a fan of Grumpy Cat you can’t go wrong by getting them this plush toy. It’s great for keeping around the office and role playing with it, or helping to cheer someone up that’s in a grumpy mood. It’s hard to look at this plush without smiling, even if you’re feeling grumpy.


Desktop Basketball

This basketball game is great for office breaks. If you can’t get outside and play the real game the next best thing is to play this in the office. It’s fun to have around March Madness and during the NBA Finals when basketball is at its most popular during the year.


High Five Notes

Show them how highly you think of them with this set of high five notes. It allows you to details some of their accomplishments, and you can either use it as a way to validate their actual jobs well done, or to exaggerate the little things they do in a satirical way.


Encouragement Sculpture

Push them on to bigger and better things with this encouraging sculpture that fits right on their desk. It reads “I may not be there yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday.”. It’s a great addition to most any desk, and will keep them in good spirits knowing they’re making progress.

Prices Vary

Imagination Paperweight

This paperweight has a famous Einstein quote about imagination, and adds in some graphic representations about linear thinking versus imagination. It’s great for someone that is very imaginative, because it will give them confidence that their imagination matters more.


Employee of the Month Parking Sign

Here’s a fun gift to use in an office that doesn’t have an Employee of the Month program. It’s a great way to show that they’re appreciated in the office, and after the first month passes it will become clear that they are the perpetual employee of the month.


Personalized Bobblehead

Here’s a powerful way to show them how much you think of them. Every major athlete has their own bobblehead, and a lot of other famous people have theirs too. But bobbleheads just don’t make it into the office, but you can fix that problem with this gift.


Cubicle Space Heater

For the coworker that is always complaining that they’re cold, you can help them warm up with this cubicle space heater. It’s big enough to provide personalized heat for roughly the size of a cubicle, so they’ll be nice and warm while the rest of the office is ice cold.


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4 DIY Coworker Gifts

DIY Sugar Cubes

These sugar cubes are a very nice gift for the coffee loving coworker in your life. They are easy to make, but taste great and are a very convenient way to add sugar to coffee or tea. Put them in a decorative jar and it will make a nice gift since it is handmade.

Spa Scrubbie and Bath Tea Soak

Help them unwind after work with this spa scrubbie that comes with a bath tea soak. They can turn ordinary bath time into a spa experience, and it’s a great way to show them that you care. Be sure to make extras so that you can do the same at home.

Cowgirl Cookies

Everyone loves cookies, and these jars contain everything they’ll need to mix up a batch of cowgirl cookies. These cookie in jar gifts always go over well because they look great, and take out all the measuring and guesswork and let them focus on the eating of the cookies.

Water Balloon Luminaries

These luminaries look absolutely amazing, and they’ll be shocked that you were able to make them yourself, since they look like something you’d buy in the store. You should make more than one because chances are you’re going to want one too when you see how cool they are.

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