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30 Gifts for Car Lovers and Enthusiasts

There are few things better than cruising down the road or working on a classic car. Unfortunately, buying gifts for the car lover in your life can be difficult. No matter what your budget, this list of gifts will make finding the right item a breeze.

Give your car lover and enthusiast one of these great car gifts and gear. They are worthy for any motorhead, no matter your budget.

Auto Timing Chain and Gears Wall Clock

Have a loved one that loves working on cars? Help him decorate his interior space with this cool gears and wall clock. It is made out of an engine timing gear and chains, making it the perfect accessory for a garage, but its design makes it classy enough to hang in a living room.


Car Seat Gap Filler

If you know someone that spends a lot of time in their car, they likely spend a lot of time doing other things in their car too. Help keep their car clean with these seat gap fillers. They squeeze in between the seat and the center console to keep out fries, change, and more.

Prices Vary

Car Charger

No arsenal of cool car gear is complete without a car charger. Unfortunately, most car chargers only accommodate one device at a time. This car charger makes the perfect gift because it has three separate ports that allow you to charge multiple devices at the same time.

Prices Vary

Kick Mats

Preserving a car’s interior is about more than just protecting the floors. Encourage a friend or loved one to take the kids for spin with these kick mats. They fit snugly over the back of the driver and passenger seats so busy, muddy feet can’t damage the car’s interior.

Prices Vary

Hail Protector

Keeping classic cars can be challenging if you don’t have enough garage space. Purchase some peace of mind for the car lover in your life by gifting this hail protector. It is completely inflatable, so it keeps any car safe from severe weather without the need for a garage.

Prices Vary

The No Blind Spot Rear View Mirror

Have a friend who’s an amateur racer? Or maybe a family member loves unique car accessories? This no blind spot rear view mirror is a cool and functional gift. Used by police officers and racecar drivers, it offers a field view of 180 degrees, which greatly reduces blind spots.


Racing Car Hard Stand Case For iPhone

Cool car accessories don’t just go in the car! If you know someone with a passion for automobiles, they are sure to love this racing car hard stand case. It comes in multiple color choices and even has a trunk that opens and acts as a kickstand to prop up the phone.

Prices Vary

Model A Fords Fine Art Print

Appreciating the beauty and craftsmanship of modern cars means remembering where it all started. This high-quality fine art print features a row of antique Model A Fords that harken back to another time. It makes the perfect gift for any man or woman who appreciates classic cars.


Illuminated Ford Mustang Christmas Tree

Celebrate the holidays in a unique way with this Ford Mustang Christmas tree! It is small enough to fit on a table and sports a variety of ornaments that include Ford Mustang pony-coups, hubcaps, and a hood ornament tree topper. It even makes engine revving noises!


Volkswagen Seat Buckle Belt

Give the gift of style to the car lover in your life with this Volkswagen seat belt buckle. It is completely functional, but it is made with an authentic replica of a metal seatbelt buckle with classic VW logo and reclaimed webbing.


Nascar Lovers Gift Chest

Get ready for racing season with this Nascar themed gift. A variety of tasty and fun goodies come packed in an ice chest and include longhorn cheese, crackers, a cooler cup, and Hot Tamales racing themed candies. It even includes a book about the history of stock car racing.

Prices Vary

Vintage Ah-ooo-Gah Car Horn

Just imagine walking down the road and listening to the ah-ooo-gah of vintage vehicles driving by. This vintage car horn can make that dream a reality. It can easily be placed on a shelf and displayed as a decorative item, or it can be installed with three connecting bolts.


Authentic Morgan Three-Wheeler

Having a passion for cars is all about having fun, and there isn’t anything more fun than this authentic Morgan three-wheeler! Although its price point may make it unattainable for some, it meets U.S. motortricycle classification so it can be driven on the road.


LED Interior Underdash Lighting Kit

Tricking out the exterior of the car is only half of the total project. Help a friend or loved one finish the interior with these cool LED interior underdash lights. They have seven color brightness levels, three strobing modes, three fading modes, and a sound activation mode.

Prices Vary

Funny Men’s T-Shirt

Know a man who prefers to spend Sunday afternoons in the garage? This hilarious T-shirt makes the perfect gift for any husband who loves cars. The text is misleading because of the differences in font size, but that’s what makes this T-shirt so hilarious!


The iPhone Remote Controlled Enzo Ferrari

You may not be able to afford a real Ferrari, but this remote controlled Enzo Ferrari is the next best thing! Instead of using a remote control that requires batteries and can be easily lost, this toy car uses an iPhone to control the Ferrari’s headlights, horn, and speed.


Custom Made Camaro SS Pillow Set

Decorating a man cave with classy, functional items can be a challenge, especially if you’re looking for manly pillows. However, you aren’t likely to find a more manly set of pillows than these custom made marine naugahyde pillows with a Camaro inscription.


Car Speedometer Cuff Links

Have a special occasion coming up? Or maybe you’re just looking for a one-of-a-kind gift? Skip the boring gold cufflinks and gift these car speedometer cuff links instead! They are a great functional keepsake and make the perfect graduation, wedding, birthday, or Father’s Day gift.


Personalized Garage Sign

If the man in your life loves working on cars in the garage, then this personalized garage sign will be the perfect gift. This metal sign can be completely customized. From choosing the recipient’s name, font, and car model, this is truly a one-of-a-kind gift you won’t find anywhere else.


Automatic Cordless Tire Inflator

Properly filled tires can make a big difference when it comes to fuel efficiency and the smoothness of your ride. Unfortunately, filling car tires can be a real pain. Give the gift of perfectly inflated tires with this cordless tire inflator that automatically shuts off when the proper PSI is reached.


One Gallon Car Mats

If you know a car lover, you know how important it is for them to keep their cars spotless. Help them do just that with these special one-gallon car mats. They can soak up to a gallon of liquid, which means there isn’t any mess these mats can’t handle.


1959 Corvette Billiards Table

Looking for an unexpected gift that is sure to knock a car enthusiast off his feet? If you’ve got some money to burn, nothing beats this 1959 Corvette billiards table. Not only is it actually finished in an auto body shop, but also the headlights can even be turned off and on with a remote control!


DIY Gifts for Car Lovers

Road Runner Trapunto Quilt Pattern

Not all car lovers are adults! If you know a little one who loves vehicles, this quilt pattern is great ways to hand make the perfect gift. It features fun vehicles like cars and trucks, as well road signs and accessories, like stoplights and traffic cones.

Funky Hood Ornaments

Want to play a funny prank on the car lover in your life? Or maybe you just want to jazz up a friend’s beloved vehicle? Simply choose a funny weather-safe item and attach a magnet. From plastic pineapples to disco balls, there’s no limit to the funky hood ornaments you could make!

Car Dice

No car is complete without car dice. Unfortunately, standard car dice can be so boring. Jazz up a friend or family member’s favorite ride with these striped dice that are made out of felt. You can even choose different colors to match the car’s interior and exterior.

Key Fob

True car lovers have multiple vehicles. However, keeping track of all those keys can be a nightmare. Make organizing car keys easy with these homemade key fobs. They can be made in a wide variety of colors and the length can be extended or shortened.

Car Wheel Doorstop

Although this doorstop would look great in a little boy’s room, it also makes a great cushion accessory for a man cave. All you need is a little fabric, a little sewing knowhow, and a big bag of rice. It’s a great gift for all ages!


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