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23 Appropriate Gifts for Your Boss (Don’t Get Yourself Fired)

Gifts for your boss can be tricky because you don’t want to misgauge their personality or sense of humor with an offensive or puzzling gift. These gifts are appropriate for any boss, and will definitely put you in their good graces on Boss’s Day.

23 Appropriate Gifts for Your Boss- so you can suck up to them without getting yourself fired.

Ballpark Blueprints

Get them blueprints to their favorite ballpark. For this gift to work you need to be located in a major market and know their favorite baseball team. If this applies to you this is a no-brainer gift that they’re sure to hang in their office and think of how indispensable you are.


Tickets to a Game

You can buy them tickets to a major sporting event in your area and they’re sure to thank you for them. Events like these can leave a long-lasting impression, and are often better than getting them something tangible that could break or wear out.


Cheese & Crackers Serving Board

This serving board is very elegant, with a big ampersand showing the connection between the cheese and crackers. It’s great for a boss that likes to entertain, or simply enjoys the finer things in life like an afternoon glass of wine with some cheese and crackers.


Jumbo Popcorn Sampler

Just about everyone enjoys popcorn, and when you get them this giant-sized popcorn sampler you’re making sure they’re all set for many movie nights at home. It’s a thoughtful gift and great for when you’re stumped on what to get the boss.


Scratch Map Deluxe

If you know your boss has been to a lot of places, get them this scratch map which shows all of the countries of the world and lets them scratch off the places they’ve been. It leaves the rest of the map covered up, spurring on more travel to try and uncover even more.


City Tour

Get them a guided city tour either of your city or a city they frequently go to on business. It’s a way to educate and entertain them while they’re away, or local. If you have a new boss that is from out of town, a guided city tour of your city is a good gift.


Otter Tape Dispenser

If you’re looking for an otterly adorable gift for your boss, take a look at this oh-so-cute tape dispenser which can sit (or lie) on their desk to make them smile.


Paper Weight Decision Maker

You’ve got to feel for the boss – every decision comes down to him. Take some of the weight off his shoulders with this decision maker which will tell him what to do.


I Am Very Busy Travel Mug

You’ll know straightaway whether to disturb your manager or come back later when you give her this pretty insulated travel mug – her current work status is written right across the front.


Mini Tabletop Pool

Let the bigwig relax in the office by giving him one of these table top pool sets, which comes with billiards balls, cues, chalk, and miniature triangle rack for setting up.


Songbird Eyeglass Holder

Save them the embarrassment of not being able to find their glasses (which are usually on top of their head) by perching this little song bird spectacles holder on their desk.


Desktop Golf

If the boss likes to play a round or two but is always pushed for time, treat him to a game of golf in his own office with this miniature set.


Zen Garden

Zen gardens not only look gorgeous, but they are great stress relievers too. Help them unwind at work by raking and smoothing the sand around the 5 polished stones included.


Ultra-Strong Reinforced Key Cable

This key fob will keep them fully charged at all times, by providing a 6 x stronger lightning USB to device charger which is compatible with most Apple devices.

Prices Vary

Classic Eddie Bauer Fuzzy Throw

This Fair Isle throw just screams comfort, from its classic wintry pattern to the thick, luxurious fleece lining. Perfect for those cold winter nights at home or spent working late in the office.

Prices Vary

Pinata Planter

Definitely not for smashing, this piñata planter will add a real touch of fun and color to even the most minimalist of offices, and is perfect for a small succulent or air plant.


The Brilliant Ideas Launch Pad

This notepad is genius and will help anyone develop the germ of an idea into a full-blown plan, complete with all the necessary steps in-between, with mind maps, diagrams, and more.


Funny Glass

Whether she’s a glass half full or half empty kind of person, this glass tumbler will suit as it comes with a midway marker to show her where the cut-off point should be.


Casper Nap Pillow

Sometimes we have to take our naps where we can, and this travel pillow makes catching 40 winks a lot more comfortable, thanks to its silky texture and plump filling.



The perfect gift for bosses who love sarcastic comebacks, this flip pad comes with some hilarious retorts, as well as a wipe-clean blank page for their own brand of humor.


Magnetic Desk Blocks

Far more therapeutic than doodling on a pad, this set of magnetic blocks can be put together and taken apart as many times as they like, relieving stress at the same time.

Prices Vary

Felt Letter Board

Much more fun than a Post It Note, this felt letter board comes in a range of gorgeous colors and includes 300 plastic letters, numbers, and characters for them to have fun with.


Shoulder Massager

While giving your boss a massage might be frowned upon, giving them a Shiatsu massager will not! Designed to simulate hand kneading, it also features adjustable heat and intensity settings for added oomph.


Fuzzy Pink Llama Duster

Dusting has never been much fun…until now. Come on, how can this cute llama duster NOT put a smile on your face as you’re whipping out those cobwebs?


Girl Boss Mug

You all know exactly who’s boss, but a gentle reminder never goes amiss. This 11oz ceramic mug will spell it out for anyone as they make her her morning coffee.

Prices Vary

Acrylic and Gold Stapler

Staplers are, well, an office staple, and they don’t come much more elegant than this one, which is made from clear acrylic and shiny golden workings.


Bedside Smartphone Vase

This smartphone vase will make a fabulous gift for any boss who loves their aesthetics, as not only does it hold office-brightening flowers, but it provides a stand for their mobile, too.


Fish Mug

If you happen to know someone who loves to fish when they’re away from work, this enamel mug will make a great gift as it features a colorful all-over fishy print.


Hydro Flask Tumbler Cup

As soon as the coffee is made, the phone rings and boom…their drink is cold. This insulated keeps drinks warm for up to 6 hours, or cold for up to 24.


Tea Forte Sampler

Any tea lover will really appreciate receiving this bleu box of herbal teas, which comes with 20 assorted pyramid tea bag infusers in flavors such as bleu blush, and bleu hibiscus.

Prices Vary

I’m Kind of a Big Deal Office Nameplate

There’s nothing like having confidence to let people know who’s boss, and this fun (if slightly narcissistic) desk sign spells out their place in the company loud and clear.

Prices Vary

Pocket Notebooks

Notebooks – this set makes a much needed but often overlooked gift idea for anyone who makes lists, jots down thoughts, or even just likes to doodle to while away the time.

Prices Vary

Bubble Wrap Calendar

Bubble wrap is THE most effective stress reliever, and it’s so much fun! This calendar features a single bubble for every day of the year, just waiting to be loudly popped.


Echo Dot

If you have a boss who nobody listens to, treat him to this Echo Dot smart speaker, which comes with the ever-obedient Alexa who will do just what she’s told (within reason).


Deep Sea Sand Art

Decorate their office with this deep sea sand art piece. They can flip it upside down again and again, creating a new design every time. It’s mesmerizing watching the sand gently fall into place and watching it create a piece of art right before your eyes.


Premium Snack Gift Basket

Going premium is the way to go when it comes to getting gifts for your boss. Don’t settle for regular snacks when you can get them this premium snack gift basket and be all set. The perfect gift for a boss that’s a foodie and loves delectable snacks.


22 DIY Gifts for Your Boss

DIY Chalkboard Clipboard

This is a simple way to turn a clipboard into a chalkboard, so your boss will be able to write down notes and to-do lists quickly and easily. The clipboard also holds paper like it was designed to do, so it has multiple functions.

Watercolor Paper Wine Bag

Be sure to put a bottle of wine in this watercolor wine bag. They’ll appreciate the extra thoughtfulness of the bag. You’ll want to make sure that they enjoy drinking wine, but even if they don’t a bottle of wine is pretty much a standard gift that you can’t go wrong with.

Styled Office Accessories

Take their plain office accessories and glamorize them with a little DIY craftiness. One of the more striking items is the stapler, which takes an ordinary and drab item and makes it look a lot better by giving it a gold sheen.

DIY Two-Tone Clock

This clock is very simple, but at the same time very elegant. You can make it rather quickly because it doesn’t involve building the clock from scratch, but instead it gussies up an existing clock so you know it will work properly and be something they like.

DIY Wooden Paper Tray

If your boss has a rustic theme going on, this paper tray will fit right in. This makes the most sense if you are personally responsible for adding to or taking away from the paperwork on their desk, that way it’s more apt.

Diy Iron Transfer Tote

If you can find an iron on transfer pen, you’ll be able to make one of these tote bags for, well, for anyone as you’re only limited by what you can print out.

Diy Desk Organizer

A tidy desk is a tidy mind as they say, so help declutter their brain by making one of these super handy desk organizers which will take pride of place in their workspace.

Diy Candy Bar Bouquet

If your boss has a sweet tooth, chances are you want to buy them candy as a gift. Make it much more impressive by turning it into a candy bouquet, just like this.

Diy Cheery Kit

Yellow is the cheeriest color ever, and by making this ‘brighten your day’ gift you will be making them feel a lot better about life. Just add whatever yellow goodies you can find.

Diy Terrarium Gift

Planting in a glass jar might seem like an odd idea, but by following the steps in this simple guide you can create a gift that’s visually stunning. It comes with printable tags, too.

Diy Crystal Knob Boxes

Whether it’s for holding jewelry or paperclips, everyone needs a decorative box on their desk or nightstand. Why not have a go at making these simple but stunning crystal knob ones?

Diy Scrabble Coasters

You can customize these scrabble tile coasters to whoever you’re giving them to by gluing four appropriate (or not) 4 letter words on top of a cork backing.

Diy Cord Roll

It seems like everything needs a power cord these days, so make sure theirs are kept neat and tidy by making one of these leather cord roll-ups that will keep them tangle-free.

Diy Pom Bookmarks

These pompom bookmarks are incredibly sweet, and they’re easy to make, too. Just follow the photo guide to find out how to make your own.

Diy Camera Strap

With just a few supplies, you can create one of these DIY camera straps which will make a wonderful gift for the photographer in your life, in any color or pattern they like.

Diy Dip Mix Ornaments

The perfect Christmas gift for the boss, these dip mix ornaments can be filled with the different blends listed here, and then labelled with what they need to add.

Diy Gold Stamped Mousepad

This DIY project is SO simple, and it can be completed in a matter of moments using liquid gold, a pencil, and a mousepad, but once done it will make an incredible gift.

Diy Gold Foil Painted Pots

These gold foil painted pots are really easy to make and will add a touch of rustic glamor to any home, especially if you make a set which complements their color scheme.

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