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23 Appropriate Gifts for Your Boss (Don’t Get Yourself Fired)

Gifts for your boss can be tricky because you don’t want to misgauge their personality or sense of humor with an offensive or puzzling gift. These gifts are appropriate for any boss, and will definitely put you in their good graces on Boss’s Day.

23 Appropriate Gifts for Your Boss- so you can suck up to them without getting yourself fired.

Luggage Locator

If your boss travels a lot, get them this luggage locator so they’ll know exactly where their luggage is once they arrive at their destination. It turns off when they’re on the flight so it’s TSA friendly, and has an app that syncs up with their smartphone.


Ballpark Blueprints

Get them blueprints to their favorite ballpark. For this gift to work you need to be located in a major market and know their favorite baseball team. If this applies to you this is a no-brainer gift that they’re sure to hang in their office and think of how indispensable you are.


Tickets to a Game

You can buy them tickets to a major sporting event in your area and they’re sure to thank you for them. Events like these can leave a long-lasting impression, and are often better than getting them something tangible that could break or wear out.


Cheese & Crackers Serving Board

This serving board is very elegant, with a big ampersand showing the connection between the cheese and crackers. It’s great for a boss that likes to entertain, or simply enjoys the finer things in life like an afternoon glass of wine with some cheese and crackers.


Jumbo Popcorn Sampler

Just about everyone enjoys popcorn, and when you get them this giant-sized popcorn sampler you’re making sure they’re all set for many movie nights at home. It’s a thoughtful gift and great for when you’re stumped on what to get the boss.


Scratch Map Deluxe

If you know your boss has been to a lot of places, get them this scratch map which shows all of the countries of the world and lets them scratch off the places they’ve been. It leaves the rest of the map covered up, spurring on more travel to try and uncover even more.


City Tour

Get them a guided city tour either of your city or a city they frequently go to on business. It’s a way to educate and entertain them while they’re away, or local. If you have a new boss that is from out of town, a guided city tour of your city is a good gift.


Deep Sea Sand Art

Decorate their office with this deep sea sand art piece. They can flip it upside down again and again, creating a new design every time. It’s mesmerizing watching the sand gently fall into place and watching it create a piece of art right before your eyes.


Premium Snack Gift Basket

Going premium is the way to go when it comes to getting gifts for your boss. Don’t settle for regular snacks when you can get them this premium snack gift basket and be all set. The perfect gift for a boss that’s a foodie and loves delectable snacks.


Gourmet Sugar Set

If your boss is a big coffee drinker you can get them this gourmet sugar set which will allow them to sweeten up their coffee with flavored sugars. All sugar is not created equally, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you got them the good stuff.


LCD eWriter

This ewriter can help your boss jot down notes wherever they may be. This would be a good gift if you’ve noticed that they keep a lot of notes and have them all over their desk. It would be a way to keep the notes organized better and to easily delete them when necessary.


Deco Desktop Clock

This clock is art deco style, and is sure to be a welcome addition to any boss’s desk that likes to keep things a little retro. Make sure that you line this up with their current style, because you don’t want to give them a clock that clashes with the current decor.


Wireless Eye Massager

One gift that is sure to please any boss is the gift of relaxation. It would be inappropriate to massage your boss’s eyes, but totally appropriate to buy them this wireless eye massager that does the job instead. They get relief from stressed out eyes, and you get the kudos.


Parlor Ice Cream Making Set

They’ll be able to make their own ice cream parlor style desserts at home with this set. It’s like a Cold Stone where they can add in mix-ins without having the ice cream melt. Provide family fun for your boss and watch the raises and promotions come in.


Aromatherapy Diffuser

Help them relax in a very subtle way with this aromatherapy diffuser they can put in their office. It can be used with all sorts of different scents, many of which will help ease stress. They can use it as often or as little as needed.


Embroidered Travel Case

For a male boss that travels on business, this embroidered travel case is a way to make sure that he never gets it mixed up with anyone else’s. It can hold the typical things found in a travel case, like shampoo and other toiletries that you wouldn’t want to leave home without.


Side Loading Desktop Shredder

This desktop shredder doesn’t take up as much space as a floor model, and it still does a good job of shredding the paper. It loads from the side rather than from the top, and makes it very good at shredding sensitive documents.


Written Reminder Alarm Clock

This alarm clock will let your boss write down important reminders and have them light up when the alarm goes off. They’ll never forget a date or a meeting this this clock making sure that they are alerted at just the right time with the right message.


Electronic Wine Chiller

When you get this wine chiller you don’t have to get them a bottle of wine to go in it, but you’ll want to make sure that they’re wine drinkers. It keeps the wine chilled without the use of ice, so it stays at the right temperature and ready to enjoy.


Skyline Multi Hook

This hook resembles a city skyline and has multiple hooks so they can hang up their jacket or purse. It looks great in an office, especially one in a big city. It’s a thoughtful gift if you’ve noticed they don’t have a good place to hang their stuff.


Pen-Sized Scanner

This scanner is easy to take with them because it’s just the size of a pen. When they see a piece of text in a magazine or newspaper, or even a photo, they can scan it for later viewing without having to carry around the newspaper or magazine.


Virtual Keyboard

Here’s a way for them to have a keyboard wherever they need one. If the keyboard on a smartphone or tablet just isn’t cutting it, this virtual keyboard shoots out a laser to form the keyboard and keeps track of where the fingers are in relation to the keys.


Best Voice Recorder

Help them take voice memos, one of the easiest and fastest ways to remember important things that pop into your head. This is the best voice recorder out there, and has undergone a lot of testing to make sure it has all the right features it needs.


7 DIY Gifts for Your Boss

DIY Chalkboard Clipboard

This is a simple way to turn a clipboard into a chalkboard, so your boss will be able to write down notes and to-do lists quickly and easily. The clipboard also holds paper like it was designed to do, so it has multiple functions.

DIY Diamond Pin Board

This diamond pin board looks sharp in the office, and is best suited for female bosses, since after all diamonds are a girl’s best friend. It would be most appropriate for a woman to give to a woman, because she might read into getting a diamond from a male employee.

Wire Star Wall Art

These wire stars will look great in the boss’s office, and they are a nice way to show that you care enough to make something handmade. You’ll have to assess whether their office has room for these and whether they’ll go with the existing decor.

Watercolor Paper Wine Bag

Be sure to put a bottle of wine in this watercolor wine bag. They’ll appreciate the extra thoughtfulness of the bag. You’ll want to make sure that they enjoy drinking wine, but even if they don’t a bottle of wine is pretty much a standard gift that you can’t go wrong with.

Styled Office Accessories

Take their plain office accessories and glamorize them with a little DIY craftiness. One of the more striking items is the stapler, which takes an ordinary and drab item and makes it look a lot better by giving it a gold sheen.

DIY Two-Tone Clock

This clock is very simple, but at the same time very elegant. You can make it rather quickly because it doesn’t involve building the clock from scratch, but instead it gussies up an existing clock so you know it will work properly and be something they like.

DIY Wooden Paper Tray

If your boss has a rustic theme going on, this paper tray will fit right in. This makes the most sense if you are personally responsible for adding to or taking away from the paperwork on their desk, that way it’s more apt.


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