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47 Tweet-worthy Gifts for Bird Lovers (Cool Bird Feeders and Houses)

Don’t go hoot-en and hollerin’ trying to find the perfect gifts for bird lovers. These incomparable gift ideas will have them tweeting your praises!

Unique and fun gifts for bird lovers.

Otto Ostrich Portrait

This picture of Otto the Ostrich will round out your Benevolent Bird collection.He will brighten anyone’s nest with his playful expression. It is certain to strich a grin from ear to ear to those who gaze upon it. It is the perfect gift for every bird lover.

Prices vary

Humphrey the Hovering Hummingbird Stake

An ideal gift for every gardener and bird lover is Humphrey the Hovering Hummingbird Stake. This exquisite design is handmade from copper and colored glass and is the actual size of a hummingbird. This one of a kind gift is sure to make the receiver’s heart beat 1200 times per minute.


Guide Bird Mug

Don’t bird-en yourself finding the perfect gift for your favorite early bird. The mugs not only make your coffee taste better, but they will encourage you to be a better person. Choose one or all for a different inspirational word each day of the week. These Guide Bird Mugs are sure to please!


Recycled Glass Birds Nightlight

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind gift for your eco-conscious bird lover? Recycled Glass Birds Nightlight is the answer. Each is hand painted, crafted with reclaimed glass, and formed by a kiln to create a mosaic look. These charming pieces are a beautiful way to light up the night.


Bird Art Portrait

Beautiful birds on pure birchwood canvases will make any nature lover flock to these paintings. These adorable portraits will brighten any nest. Buy one or collect all thirty-two different portraits. There is no doubt that these will make great gifts for bird lovers!


Red-Tailed Hawk Audubon Plush Bird

Look no further for the “hawk-est” gift on the market. This authentic Audobon Society Red-Tailed Hawk plush is sure to please adult and child, alike. You’ll love to watch when your birder’s eyes light up as he squeezes its belly to hear its genuine call.

Prices Vary

Field Guide to North American Bird Feathers

This alluring painting shows feathers from twenty-five different North American bird breeds. The artist brilliantly details the complexity of each feather. You can choose to have it already framed in an eco-friendly Walnut Bonanzawood frame. It will make a great addition to any office or home wall.

Prices vary

Pottery Birdhouse

These ceramic birdhouses will have your small avian friends, like finches and wrens, flocking to your yard. Handmade from twigs and clay, they make a great protect from weather and large predators. Each is gorgeously and uniquely painted with colorful glazes that you will enjoy looking at.


Home Again

A bird has arrived and patiently awaits for the full return of spring in Home Again from artist Travis Bruce Black.The lustrous crest of the bird against the opalescent background is captivating in an eye-catching print. Makes a perfect housewarming gift or for the empty-nester who waits for the return of her brood.

Prices vary

Modern Origami Hanging Bird Feeder

Though small and light, these hanging bird feeders are tough and endures the tough weather. With an open concept, it allows for small and medium size birds to feed with easy visibility. It will make a great craft for daycares and schools while learning about our feathered friends


Bird Eyeglasses Holder

Made of stone, this adorable bird head is the perfect, permanent, storage for your glasses (or sunglasses).Buy one for your nightstand and for your end table. They’ll keep your second pair of eyes safe.


Mini Parrot 3D Model

Everyone will love this challenging, yet fun, 3-D puzzle. It comes with everything needed, including the glue. Follow the numbers in order and voila’, in no time, you’ll have made a model of a parrot to display in your home. Made with eco friendly rice ink, this is the perfect gift for old birds and young chicks.


Birds and Blooms Individual States

These prints will be the center of conversation in every family. Learn your family history with these lovely prints of your home state’s bird and flower. The make sentimental gifts for grandparents, especially those who travel to warmer climates in the winter months. Comes already framed – you just need the wall.


Naturals Coco Hideaway

Do you know why your pet bird sings? It’s because he loves his all natural 100% sustainable coconut hideaway with ladder gift. It attaches directly to the cage and provides hours of play and exercise. Your birds and bird lovers will sing praises over and over about this thoughtful present.


Tealight Holder

This sought after two-piece candleholder will make an ideal gift for any adult on your Secret Santa list. The outer, frosted glass is engraved along the upper edge with a quote by Rumi or Walt Whitman. The inner votive is printed with a nature scene. Choose from either Mountain Sunset or Birds on a Wire.


Snoozies Slipper Socks

Every woman on your holiday gift list deserves a pair of these soft, warm, fuzzy slipper socks. Choose from a variety of art appliques such as wine, birds and other animals, to match the personality of the receiver. These will not disappoint!

Prices Vary

Birds of North America

Look no feather for a gift for the bird lover that has everything. Categorized by size, this print of over 740 species of North American birds will help you identify all your aviary friends. It comes rolled in a tube and ready to take on any bird watching adventure. It will delight your favorite birder.


Powerful Full-size Binoculars

What one piece of equipment is needed by every bird watcher? Binoculars! These are adjustable, easy to use, comfortable, and has a large range of viewing of up to 1,000 feet. They are powerful, even at dawn or dusk. Complete with lens caps and a carrying case strap!


Modern Origami Window Bird Feeder

Light up the night with these adorable bird solar stakes. Made with 100% recycled glass, let these hand blown bird globes softly illuminate along your walkway, garden, or wherever a little extra light is needed. These make a great year-round gift for bird lovers.


Solar Light Garden Stake Bird Globe

You will not be able to get enough of this origami window bird feeder. This durable, state-of-the-art design will be a perfect addition to your home or apartment. It can easily be placed on an upstairs window to watch your feather friends feed. It makes a great gift for children.


Quail Set Garden Sculpture

You’ll have a quail of a time with this mother and her four baby quail figures. From garden to window box, the arrangements on this five piece family is endless. Each sculpture is handmade and individually staked. A bird lover will enjoy this matchless gift.


Pwl Mug

Owl you need for the ideal gift for bird lovers is this adorable mug. They are handpainted, have an extra large drinking space, and made from stoneware. Choose from three different colors or buy them all. They’ll be appreciated so much, receivers will be talon everyone about your gift.


Egg Tanagram Set

Beautifully made, this engaging Egg Tangram Set is a cutting edge piece. With forty-plus possible solutions, it challenges and sharpens your mind. Made from wood and comes in it’s own wooden case, it is easy to take on short or long trips. This is an excellent gift for bird lovers and puzzlers.


Nature’s Hangout Window Bird Feeder with Removable Tray

Bird lovers enjoy watching wild birds up close and Nature’s Hangout Window Bird Feeder allows it from the comfort of your own home. It’s durable, lightweight, and with a pull out tray, it’s easy to clean. Add this to your gift list for your favorite birder.


Barn Owls Pillow

This Barn Owl Pillow makes a favorite gift for bird lovers. Adding a pop of color to any room, these accent pieces are great for your bed, couch, or porch swing. Not only is it beautifully crafted, it is made from cotton faux with a faux down insert making it machine washable, too!


Brome Squirrel Buster

Attract a large variety of birds to your yard with the Squirrel Buster Wild Bird Feeder without worrying about squirrels raiding their seed. At the weight of an adult squirrel, it automatically closes its shroud disallowing access to the feed. It’s simple to fill and clean. It’s a gift that birders can enjoy year round.

Prices Vary

Cuckoo Clock Bookend

It’s a book. It’s a clock. It’s a clock bookend! Your bird lover will go cuckoo for a Cuckoo Clock Bookend gift. At 7.5”W, it takes very little space and blends right in on your mantle or bookshelf, but it will not go unnoticed. A light sensor stops the bird calls at dark.


Women Winter Knit Infinity Scarf

This Knit Winter Infinity Scarf will delight any fashionista on your gift-giving list. This versatile piece can be worn as a single or double loop, for casual or dress up, and for both men and women Choose from five colors to warm up those cold days and nights.

Prices Vary

Momma Bird Cuff

Mothers love to talk about their children and jewelry and this Momma Bird Cuff makes both possible at the same time. This handmade, brushed metal cuff shows a momma bird followed by her flock. Choose from one, two, three, or four baby birds. It will be the envy of your Mother’s Group.

Prices vary

Nest Egg Necklace

This one-of-a-kind locket is just what Mom or Grandma wants to keep their flock close to her heart. The outer shell is hand-stamped with a bird silhouette, while the inner nest is made of copper, opens up to a nest of Amazonite. Choose from one to four eggs. A copper cleaning pad is included.

Prices vary

Custom Wedding Bowl

Lovebirds everywhere will appreciate this handmade gift. Choose the colors and dd their names and wedding date for a personal and memorable touch. This five inch dish can serve in a variety of way from holding trinkets to candy. This gift will be a centerpiece of the home. It can even be an anniversary gift.


Mocking Bird Garden Stake

This jovial Mockingbird Garden Stake will keep your garden happy to support and encourage growth of its plants and vines. Made with recycled metal, this bird is sure to bring a smile to any gardener while keeping away the pesky intruders with his wing-waving stance.


Guide Birds

Allow these seven colorful Guide Birds to inspire your daily thought. Daily, choose a bird, perch it on its leaf-shaped plate, and meditate on its meaning. Comes in a protective storage box with a key for reference. These ceramic, hand painted birds will make a thoughtful, uplifting gift to those who need it.


Birds and Blooms Art Map

From the comfort of your own home, travel across the United States and see each state’s bird and flower through this colorful print. The key at the bottom reveals the name of each state’s pair. Order it already framed or just the print. It’s perfect for homeschoolers to teach US History.

Prices vary

Wagner’s Deluxe Wild Bird Food

Instead of hauling heavy bags of bulk bird food from store to car then into the house, Wagner’s Deluxe Wild Bird Food is delivered directly to your door. The high quality general purpose seeds blended with sunflower seeds attract a variety of birds. It will keep the backyard birds coming back for more.


Nesting Birds Necklace

A unique gift for bird lovers is this Nesting Bird Necklace. The sturdy pendant is handcrafted from recycled sterling silver. This Momma bird watching her chicks is guaranteed to lighten up the holidays. It’s an excellent gift choice for mothers, grandmothers, and anyone who watches children.

Prices vary

People Feeder

Amuse your favorite birder with a whimsical gift of a People Feeder. This bird feeder inspired design dispenses candy, nuts, or anything you put into it. Made from glass and stoneware makes cleaning easy in the dishwasher. The hardest decision about this gift is to pick red or warm white.


Circle Bird Feeder

The simplistic construction of the Circle Bird Feeder makes this piece ideal for porches and decks. It makes perfect housewarming gift for your favorite birder. Each stoneware piece is handmade and glazed in a brilliant blue to resemble the sky. It holds one cup of birdseed.


Gosky Titan 12X50

The Gosky Titan 12×50 is a high power prism monocular that has an adapter that fits most smartphones. Its slim design and rubber grips make it easy to hold. It’s able to withstand any type of weather. It’s the ideal gift for bird lovers or nature buff.


Prairie Bird Feeder

The Wright gift for bird lovers has arrived! The Prairie Bird Feeder’s glass art features a pattern by American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. Its prairie design, inspired by Wright, is made with stained cedar. A removable roof makes it easy to fill the feeder for your feathered friends.


Stackable Birdhouse and Feeder

The Stackable Birdhouse and Feeder offers a pleasant enclosure for nesting and a lower (or upper) opening for nearby feeding. It is an idea gift for bird lovers who are short on space. It comes with a tension hanging ribbon for hanging two or more.


Eastern Bluebird Stuffed Animal

Start or add to your Audubon plush collection with the Eastern Bluebird Stuffed Animal. With an accurate look and sound, it makes a delightful gift for bird lovers young and old. It’s soft, filled with beans, and comes with an informational hang tag. It is licensed by Audubon in the Backyard Birds Series.

Prices Vary

Friendship Pendant

The Friendship Inspirational Pendant makes a meaningful gift for your friend and bird lover. The reversible sterling silver necklace has a pair of birds on one side while the other is inscribed with devout sayings on friendship. It comes with a silver eighteen inch chain


Spiky Owl Bird Feeder

Your bird friends will hoot and holler over the Spiky Own Bird Feeder. The deep dish, made of iron, holds more food requiring less refilling. This colorful owl attracts many backyard birds and makes a unique gift for the person who seems to have everything.


Small Compact Lightweight Binoculars

Whether you are attending a concert or going out to bird watch, these portable, lightweight binoculars are a must. They are compact and fit in small places making it easy for small children to hold and carry. It comes with a carrying case and neck strap.


There is a Bird on Your Head

From American children’s author, Mo Willems, comes a delightful book called “There’s A Bird On Your Head!”. It is the perfect gift for a beginner reader. It is funny and easy to read as you . discover what can be worse than a bird on your head. It’s part of the delightful An Elephant and Piggie series.


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