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33 Ridiculously Useful Gifts for Bakers

We’ve located the best gifts for bakers that will make them even happier as they bake up their masterpieces. From digital measuring cups to silicone bakeware you just can’t miss with these awesome baking gifts.

33 Ridiculously Useful Gifts for Bakers- your baker friends and family will love these gifts! Just make sure you try to get some chocolate chip cookies out of the deal.

Marble Rolling Pin

This rolling pin is the kind that every baker needs. Made of marble, it helps keep the dough cold as they’re rolling it out, and the extra weight helps flatten out dough more easily. It’s pretty much an essential addition to any baking tool arsenal.


Cheat Sheet Apron

Here’s an apron with a cheat sheet that is specifically designed for bakers, showing them the different measuring conversions so they never get stuck wondering how much to add in. They simply lift up on the apron and have the answer they need.


Frosting Deco Pen

Don’t make them use a plastic bag with the corner cut off any longer. This frosting deco pen makes it so they can decorate cakes and other pastries easily, with professional looking results. It’s the same sort of tool pro cake makers use.

Prices Vary

3-Speed Hand Mixer

This is another essential item to a baker’s kitchen, a 3-speed hand mixer that will likely be used in most every baking recipe out there. There’s no need to get carried away with a bunch of extra speeds and features, stick with a classic and you’ve got all you need.


Stoneware Apple Baker

This apple baker is the perfect way to bake up an apple, and is sure to come in handy when they want to bake an apple but don’t want to use one of their baking pans. Don’t be surprised to find baked apples on the menu more often when they get this.


Silicone Spatula Set

This spatula set is made from silicone, so they can be used on just about any surface, and are really good at getting under baked goods like cookies and brownies without turning them into crumbly messes. They’re also easy to wash, and are dishwasher safe to make it even easier.


Convection Oven

Once they go convection oven they’ll start coming up with new recipes in order to use it more often. There’s just something about the way it bakes foods that makes it fun to use, and makes things more efficient in the kitchen.

Prices Vary0

Steel Crank Flour Sifter

You’re not really a baker until you’ve sifted your first flour, and this steel crank flour sifter is an old school way to do it. This works best as a gift for a baker that has a more rustic style kitchen, as it will go nicely with the rest of the decor.


Artisan Stand Mixer

This stand mixer is pretty much the default standby for bakers all across the country. They’ll be able to mix up all kinds of batters with no lumps so that their baked goods come out just right. It’s the mixer that they’ll go gaga over.

Prices Vary

Dessert and Baking Salts

When you’re making desserts and other baked yummies, it’s important to use the right type of salt to have them come out perfect. These salts are premium quality, and are sure to add that extra something special to the foods they make.


Digital Measuring Cup

This measuring cup gives them a digital reading so they won’t have to eyeball to see how much they have in the cup. It provides that extra bit of accuracy that can often mean the difference between success and a flop in the baking department.

Prices Vary

101-Piece Cookie Cutter Set

They’ll never be lost for a cookie cutter with this 101 piece cookie cutter set. There are all sorts of shapes to choose from, their only decision will be which one to go with, which can be just as challenging as not having enough options.


Cakesicle Pan

Check out these cakesicles! They’ll be able to make chocolate chip cookie cakesicles with this pan that is formed just right for them to come out like popsicles, only cake. Way better than cake pops because you end up getting more of the good stuff.


Good Grips Cookie Scoop

Here’s an offering from the line of Good Grips kitchen utensils that is sure to improve their experience when making cookies. It gives them a secure grip when they’re scooping out cookie dough, so they can make dozens of cookies without tiring.


Macaron Kit

Give them the ability to make macarons and as a side benefit they’ll probably end up giving you a macaron or two. This is a win-win scenario that you just can’t beat, and that provides both parties something to smile about.


Lego Cake Molds

Add a bit of fun to their baking with this Lego cake mold set. It features a not so mini minifigure which can be decorated in any number of ways to appeal to the special birthday cake recipient. There’s also a brick mold and a mold that makes a bunch of smaller minifigures.

Prices Vary

Rotating Cake Stand

This rotating cake stand makes cakes a whole lot easier to decorate. Rather than the cake sitting still and the baker going around and around it as they frost it, they simply spin the cake to get the best angle while they remain stationary.

Prices Vary

Baking Scale

With baking, precision matters, and you can’t go wrong by getting them this baking scale. It provides an accurate readout quickly so that they know without a doubt that they’ve got the right mix of ingredients and that everything will come out perfect.


Stoneware Bread Baker

This bread baker is stoneware, so it’s durable and will be able to take the heat from the baking process, while also giving the bread a nice thick crust. Comes with its own bag of flour so they can make their first loaf of bread right away.


Black Marble Pastry Board

This pastry board is made of marble, so it provides a cool surface that is just what is needed for baking. Add a bit of flour to it and dough just won’t stick or get heated up at all. Combine this with the marble rolling pin found above and it’s a great set.

Prices Vary

Nesting Prep Bowls

These prep bowls nest into one another, so they only take up as much space as the biggest bowl, and they’ll always be ready for use whenever they’re needed. Prep bowls are one of the most used items for bakers, so this is a great gift idea.


The Ove Glove

Here’s an example of a Made for TV product that actually works. The Ove Glove has been peer tested for years now and it provides the dexterity of a glove with the safety of an oven mitt. It even has textured pads that give them an even better grip.


Cook’s Corner Apron

Give them this apron and they’re sure to thank you. It is designed out of a classic kitchen, and uses up most of the apron for the design. This is going to quickly become their new apron while they’re doing all of their baking.


Measuring Matroyshkas

These are simply classic, but they serve a basic purpose for bakers. They’re measuring cups, but they disappear into each other, so all that’s left to store is the largest matryoshka, which will look absolutely cute on the countertop.


Ultimate Silicone Bakeware Set

This set includes everything they’ll need to bake a ton of stuff, all made out of silicone. Silicone has enjoyed a lot of popularity in the baking world lately, thanks to its nonstick ability. They get baking mats and a full set of utensils to make baking easier.

Prices Vary

Clip Timer

This clip timer makes sure that no matter where they roam about in the kitchen, they’ll always know how much time is left until things are done. It’s a great way to make sure they don’t overdo anything, and always have excellent results.


Natural Aluminum 3-Piece Baker’s Set

Here’s a nice gift set that gives them a baking sheet as well as a cake pan so they can make a large number of different items. They likely already have baking gear like this, but a natural aluminum set will always be a welcome addition.


Bamboo Recipe Book Stand

This recipe book stand makes sure they always have the recipe at an angle that is easy to read for a quick consultation. It’s made of bamboo, so it complements the decor with a sleek and elegant look. It’s a very thoughtful gift for any baker.

Prices Vary

Cake Tester

You know you’ve made it as a baker when someone buys you a cake tester. Sure, there are other ways to test a cake to make sure that it’s done, but when you have a dedicated kitchen tool for the task, you know for sure that it’s ready.


Ceramic Oval Baking Set

There are a ton of different things they can bake up in this oval baking set, from pot pies to cakes, there’s just no telling what they’ll come up with. These are the sort of dishes that end up lasting for years and years and become part of the kitchen itself.

Prices Vary

Pie and Cake Server

Help them serve up the cakes and pies they make in style. This pie and cake server not only looks great, it does a great job of getting out that first slice, the one that always causes the most trouble with a spatula or knife.


The Baking Bible

They’ll swear by this bible when they see how much better their baking turns out when following its commands. This is the book that they’ll learn something from no matter how much baking they’ve done in the past. They’re sure to learn more and increase their skills.


Pie Weights

Here’s a handy way to make sure that your pie crust doesn’t ride up in the pan, and fills the pie pan perfectly. By inserting the weighted beads the crust forms all around the pan, creating those nice pockets for the pie filling to go in.

Prices Vary

12 DIY Gifts for Bakers

Build Them a Wood Fired Earth Oven

If you want to go all out you can make them a wood-fired earth oven to bake in when the weather permits. From pizza to cookies they’ll be able to take their baking outdoors and add a new dimension to what they thought baking was.

DIY Oven Mitt

You can’t go wrong with an oven mitt when you are looking for gifts for bakers. By following these directions and using your own selection of fabric, you’ll come up with a custom oven mitt they’ll use all the time.

Recipe Inspired Apron

Put their favorite baking recipe on this apron and they’ll have a gift they’ll cherish for life. This is what makes handmade gifts so special, you can personalize it and come up with something you just won’t find in stores.

Made with Love Sign

You won’t believe how easy it is to make this great looking Made with Love sign for their kitchen. Bakers always put that extra bit of love, that missing ingredient, into everything they bake. Ask any baker and they say their baking represent love.

DIY Painted Wooden Utensils

These painted utensils are sure to take a special place in their kitchen. This is the sort of gift that you just can’t go wrong with, even if they already have a set of kitchen utensils. But just to be sure you should check that their current utensils look worn out.

Kitchen Chalkboard

This chalkboard clipboard will help them remember what they need to buy when they go to the store next. Whether it’s butter, milk, flour, sugar, or some other baking necessity, they’ll be able to quickly jot it down so they won’t forget it while they’re out.

DIY Canister Labels

These canister labels will help them clearly identify which jar is the sugar, and which is the salt. Many a baking disaster has been caused by getting the two confused, so the more clear you can make it the less likely they’ll be to confuse the two.

Recipe Box

Make them this cute recipe box and they’ll have a place to store all of their favorite recipes for easy viewing. Chances are they already have a collection of recipes, so you’re just giving them a better place to put them all.

Love Kitchen Towel

Take the popular LOVE icon and stick it on a kitchen towel for them. They’ll be able to feel the love you have for them each time they go to use it. Kitchen towels get used often by bakers, especially when they can’t find an oven mitt.

DIY Apron

This apron will have them looking cute in the kitchen, and is easy to make although it produces great results every time. Aprons help keep baker’s shirts nice and flour free so they can take it off and go on with their day.

Polka Dot Potholder Set

These pot holders have a classic look to them, and when it comes time to take something out of the oven, they’ll be thinking of you. You can of course change the pattern if you want, just by choosing your own fabric and tailoring it to their tastes.

Vintage Kitchen Sign

When you make this sign for them they’re sure to give it a prominent place in the kitchen. You can also use these same instructions to make a similar looking sign but change the word from delish to something else like yum or bake.


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