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35 Innovative Gifts for the Accident Prone 1 Year Old

Here you’ll find a list of gifts for 1 year old children that are practical and functional as well as fun. If your child is easily hurt or very active, these gifts will delight you as well as your little one. You’ll find items from non-slip bath mats to colorful foam play mats.

You’ll be excited to find this list of children’s products that include safe and practical gifts for 1 year old children who are accident-prone.

Salinka Ocean Anti Slip Baby Bath Mat

This antislip baby bath mat is a fun accessory for the bathroom if you’re looking for gifts for 1 year old children. Place the mat into the bathtub and your child will enjoy bath time without the risk of slipping. This attractive bath mat is filled with colorful images. Washable and mould/mildew resistant.

Prices Vary

Kidzone Baby Playpen Safety Play Center

If you need to create a kid zone in your home, this play center with interchangeable panels is the perfect solution. You can use all eight panels, or less to make the area smaller. One of the panels serves as a locking gate for easy walk-in access. Perfect for any surface.


Piddle Pad Car Seat Saver-Crash

Here is one of the most useful gifts for 1 year old children. The Piddle Car Seat Saver fits securely over car seats to keep them clean. No longer waste time washing soiled car seats, this seat saver is waterproof and washable. Perfect for kids who are potty training. High quality and meets safety standards.


GuardedBaby Furniture Anchor Child Proof Safety Straps

Daredevil kids run wild, pets jump up and down on furniture, earthquakes shake the ground, but you’ll feel secure with this product. Make your flat screen TV child proof with these safety straps. Made with heavy-duty, durable materials and constructions including bolts, washers, and screws for proper fitting. It’s the right choice for peace of mind.

Prices Vary

Nifty Kids Play Mat Set Extra Cushion

If your kids love to play on the floor, this reversible waterproof play mat is an excellent choice. The 1-inch thick cushion is the perfect surface for lying on the tummy, crawling, and rolling around for hours. The mat comes in vibrant colors and themes that stimulate learning and creativity in children during play time.

Prices Vary

Matney Foam Mat Puzzle Piece Play Mat Set

This foam mat makes one of the best gifts for 1 year old toddlers who keep busy while playing on the floor for hours. The puzzle pieces come in bright colors and connect to create a vivid environment for your child. Soft and durable, your kids will be safe while active and jumping around.

Prices Vary

Trimfit Boys Robot Boot Slippers Moccasin

Interactive gifts for 1 year olds teach them to use their imaginations and motor skills. The Trimfit® robot boots are flexible and are designed with fun prints. They are great for make believe, dress up, and costume wear. Your child will improve his motor skills while pretending to be a robot.

Prices Vary

KF Non-Skid Slipper Socks

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for awesome gifts for 1 year old toddlers. These non-skid slipper socks have bright, imaginative designs and are so much fun to wear. Made from high quality cotton blend with non-skid rubber soles and leather linings. Great for wearing on hardwood floors.


NoBob Child Car Seat Head Support

The no bob car seat head support is one of the best gifts for little travellers. With a cute design, it will gently hold your child’s head while napping in the car. The support is made with soft, breathable material and top strap to keep from slipping. Tested to meet safety standards.

Prices Vary

Baby Knee Pads for Crawling

From crawling to standing, these baby knee pads are indispensable, helping your toddler learn proper motor skills. Instead of asking to be picked up, your child will remain independent for longer. Great for hardwood or ceramic floors, it comes in bright colors and supports your baby’s knees, keeping them safe from wounds, scrapes, and bruises.


Best Portable Toddler Toilet Training Seat for Kids

If you’re looking for practical gifts for 1 year old children, this potty training seat that fits on a regular toilet is a great choice. Non-toxic and durable, your little one will feel like a grown up, and confident about sitting on the non-skid brightly colored seat. Light, portable, easy to clean; great for traveling.

Prices Vary

Toddler Car Seat Neck Relief and Head Support

This 2-pack car seat neck relief is great for long road trips. The head band installs easily, fits on your little one’s forehead, and provides support while sleeping. No more sore necks and grouchy toddlers. Provides ventilation and comfort. Made with cotton, includes adjustable strap, and fits safely round the top of the carrier.


Extra-Protective Silicone Gel Corner Guards

This set of extra-protection silicone gel corner guards is one of the best functional gifts for 1 year old toddlers. Avoiding corner bumps, bruises, and knocks gives you peace of mind when your toddler is running about the house. Made with clear silicone blending naturally with furniture. Eco-friendly materials provide a safe environment for everyone.

Prices Vary

HAN-MM Kids Foam Mat Non Toxic Crawl Mat

This foam puzzle mat set with fence is a practical way to create a playpen. It keeps your little one safe and playing for hours in one area. The walls aren’t too high and they won’t feel separated from you. The bright colors stimulate your child’s creative imagination. An excellent tool for learning motor skills.

Prices Vary

Interlocking Foam Baby Play Mat Tiles

This stylish interlocking play mat can be laid flat or used as an enclosed area. Designed with gender neutral colors, blending with the decor of your home or nursery, it can be used as a play pen or a toy box. Washable, and made with hypoallergenic materials for sensitive skins. Easy assembly and storage.


Baby HighChair Harness

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for awesome gifts for 1 year old kids. The 2-in-1 travel pouch and baby high chair harness is comfortable, safe, and portable, and fits most chairs from dining to car seat. Saves time on clean up because it’s machine washable. Roll it up and take it anywhere.

Prices Vary

TRMB Handheld Baby Walker Toddler Safety Harness

This hand-held baby walker is a great way to give your toddler independence while learning to walk on his or her own. Your baby learns quickly to balance with the use of both arms. Practical and easy to put on or take off, the soft mesh, breathable material, and secure strap buckles provide safety and comfort.

Prices Vary

BSLINO Toddler Socks Non-Skid Anti Slip

These cute toddler socks with non-skid soles are colorful and fun – your little ones will love them. Entertaining gifts for 1 year old children make learning fun. Stretchable and perfect to wear around the house, especially hardwood floors, your child will feel confident about learning to walk. Pack comes with six pairs and assorted colors.

Prices Vary

iPad Mini Case Kids Proof Shockproof Drop Proof Protective Case

Does your little one like to play with your ipad mini? Now you can insert your ipad into this shockproof drop-proof case while in their hands. Cases come in multiple colors, and can stand. Easy to snap in and out of case, they’re portable and perfect for travel. Extra padding adds durability and shock absorption.

Prices Vary

Wrapables Peek A Boo Animal Non-Skid Toddler Socks

These wrapable® peek-a-boo animal prints non-skid socks come in packs of six. Your toddler will love the different animal designs, and the soles are beaded with non-skid material to prevent slipping. Your child will develop confidence and stability while learning to walk. Safe to use on hardwood or ceramic floors, giving parents peace of mind.


Non-slip Baby Bath Mat

Interactive gifts for 1 year old kids teach them to use their imaginations. This whimsical underwater marine life bath mat is colorful and entertaining. Your little ones will love bathing and the mat reduces the risks of slipping or injury. Made with mildew/mold resistant PVC, it’s anti-bacterial, durable, and machine washable.

Prices Vary

Extra long Anti Slip Bath & Shower Mat

This extra long, white, anti-slip bath mat provides safety for everyone in the family from toddlers to the elderly. Anti-bacterial, durable, and mold/mildew resistant, the mat is made with 100% non-toxic materials. It’s extra long to cover more space in the bath or shower. Easy to clean and machine washable.

Prices Vary

Toddler Non Skid Cotton Socks with Grip by Flanhiri

If you’re looking for gifts for 1 year old children and their parents, this set of 12 pairs of non-skid socks is a great choice. High quality workmanship including 95% cotton and good elasticity, these anti-slip socks are beaded on the soles with non-skid material. Come in cute, assorted designs, and are soft and warm.

Prices Vary

Toddler Activity Tray for Car Seat by Nytelse

Are you off on a long, driving holiday and need to find activities to keep the kids busy? Entertaining gifts for 1 year old children make learning fun. This activity tray is a unique product providing educational and fun things to do. The ultra-strong surface withstands heavy-duty impact. Includes snacks, games, crayons, and coloring books.

Prices Vary

Soft Rubber Bathroom Bathmat with Strong Suction Cups

This aqua-blue or bluish-white non-slip mat helps ensure safety and confidence in the bath or shower stall. Anti-slip, super long, and soft to make your bath or shower enjoyable and stress-free. Made with BPA/PVC free rubber. Non-toxic, mold resistant, and easy to clean. The cobblestones surface stimulate your feet, giving them a gentle massage.

Prices Vary

Alphabet & Numbers Interlocking Puzzly Play Mats

The Ottomanson Alphabet & Numbers puzzle play mat, is bright, colorful, and easy to set up. Educational gifts for 1 year old children are a great way to introduce new things. With these mats, you’ll be able to introduce the alphabet to your little one, while they are active and rolling about the floor.

Prices Vary

Lidiano Nubuck Upper Non Slip Rubber Sole Sneakers

These are the cutest non-slip rubber sole sneakers if your little one is ready to wear shoes. A mix of cotton blend with soft rubber soles and man made patent leather. They look like running shoes, and are anti-skid to lessen slipping and accidents on slippery floors. Easy to put on and take off.

Prices Vary

Wee Giggles Extra Large Play Mat

Interactive gifts for 1 year old children stimulate their creative imaginations, and this gender-and color-neutral extra large baby mat is perfect for creating a play area. Thick interlocking puzzle squares make crawling and rolling on the floor a safe experience. These puzzle pieces include animal and nature silhouettes to entertain.

Prices Vary

Monster Cartoon Warm Soft Bedroom Slippers

Growl, giggle, squeak. These monster-shaped bedroom slippers will brighten up your child’s day. Made with leather and slip resistant rubber soles, brightly-colored, and designed with a playful monster in mind. Your kids will want to wear these all day long. This interactive wear will stimulate your child’s imagination and creativity.

Prices Vary

Gorilla Grip Bath, Shower, and Tub Mat

This clear, large, non-slip mat helps ensure safety and confidence in the bath or shower stall. Anti-slip, extra long, and including holes to allow circulation, your bath or shower becomes an enjoyable experience. Made with non-toxic, mold resistant materials, and easy to clean. Anti-bacterial and machine washable.


SoftTiles Children’s Playmat

If you’re looking for unique gifts for 1 year old children, these soft neutral-colored animal silhouette tiles have a calming effect. They’ll fit stylishly into any decor or nursery. The soft colors stimulate the mind gently and the rubber tiles turn hard floors into fun play areas.

Prices Vary

WARRAH Non-Slip Tub Kids Bath Mat

This colorful and whimsical underwater marine life bath mat will stimulate kids to use their imaginations. Your little ones will love bathing and the mat reduces the risks of slipping or injury. It’s anti-bacterial and made with mildew/mold resistant PVC. Durable and machine washable.

Prices Vary

Road Rally Play Foam Floor Tiles For Kids

Rev your engines, rally your cars, and go! This road rally foam-tiled play mat will keep your little ones busy. The puzzle pieces are printed with a road and town map on which kids can roll their cars for hours – it’s the perfect entertainment center for kids using their imaginations to pretend and role play.

Prices Vary

2 Step Stool for Kids

If your little ones are toilet training, you’ve come to the right place for practical gifts for 1 year old children. These safe and sturdy step stools have a soft grip rubber surface providing safety, comfort, and secure footing. Your child will feel confident as they climb to reach their potty.


Eocom Moccasins Non-Skid Indoor Slipper Shoes Socks

For folks who live in colder climates, these non-skid moccasins are a great gift for young children. They look like moccasins but are socks with anti-skid soles. Soft, comfy, and flexible, your little ones can wear them all day around the house to keep their feet warm and secure them from falling on slippery floors.

Prices Vary

4 Essential Diy Safety Hacks

Diy A Simple Diy Crib Rail Cover

Can’t find enough unique gifts for 1 year old children? Follow this simple DIY project to design a crib rail cover. Little ones love to bite down on bed rails, but this is dangerous and toxic. This lovely crib rail cover will prevent your child from swallowing a sliver or paint chip.

How to Baby Proof Your Fireplace

If you’re in the process of baby proofing your home, whether you’re a parent or a grandparent, this DIY fireplace or hearth guard is one of the best ideas to keep your children from getting hurt. Find the materials you need, follow the instructions, and your home will become a safe place for little ones.

Diy Creative Fireplace Childproof Using Magnetic Chalkboard

If you’re not using your fireplace, this DIY project will show you how to hide it by creating a childproof magnetic chalk board. With a magnet board and a magnetic set of alphabet and numbers, your fireplace will turn into a creative center. Follow the instructions on the blog.

How to Baby-Proof Sharp Corners on the Cheap!

Looking to make inexpensive gifts for 1 year old children? This plumbing foam pipe will baby proof your home for cheap. In fact, you can baby proof the entire table, not just the corners. Get the supplies listed in the blog, follow the instructions, and you’ll baby proof your home without buying expensive kits.

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