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87 Unique Gift Ideas for 9 Year Old Girls She’ll Love and Use

Whether your little girl is into squishies, or she’s an utter science genius; no matter what she may be obsessed with, there are plenty of incredibly unique gifts for 9 year old girls to choose from right here in this great list.

Looking for impressive gifts for 9 year old girls? Then you’re in the right place, so grab a drink, take a seat and have a look.

Stop Motion Claymation Kit

Girls interested in movie making can get a head start with Claymation, the kit which uses Stop Motion technology to turn little clay figures into an animated story using her chosen app.


9 Years Shirt

Nine short years suddenly seem so much longer when they’re broken down into months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds, as this ultra-cool t-shirt, which is available in 5 primary colors, clearly shows.


Kiwi Co Doodle Crate

Keep her inspired every month with the Doodle Crate, which delivers all the materials she’ll need to create beautiful DIY crafts, from color blocked candles to a stunning wooden clock.

Prices vary

Exploding Kittens Party Pack Game

Up to 10 players can join in with this crazy card game which sees cards being drawn in a family friendly version of Russian roulette, except an exploding kitten is the thing to avoid.


Mobi Math Game

So she hates math but loves games? Perfect, Mobi is here to help! With number instead of letter tiles, she’ll be improving on her numerals without even realizing it.


Secret Decoder Ring

Wannabe spies and undercover agents can get ahead of the competition with this stainless steel decoder ring, which spins to decipher alpha-numeric codes and secret messages.


Nine and Killin It Shirt

She’ll slay in this t-shirt which comes in 9 different colors and will not only make the perfect gift for a 9th birthday, but can be worn for the next 364 days, too.


The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs

Tested by more than 750 kids, the recipes in this award winning book will equip young chefs with the knowledge to create delicious dishes for breakfast, dinner, dessert, and beyond.


MEL Kids Science Kits

Augmented reality brings science to life in this monthly subscription box, which contains an exciting science project that is enhanced by using the included app on their tablet or device.

Prices vary

Level 9 Unlocked Shirt

Age is so much cooler when it’s quantified in levels and not years, and this tee celebrates kids who have reached level 9 with a gaming-themed graphic which can also be personalized.


The Hidden Kingdom

If she likes the Wings of Fire series, introduce her to The Hidden Kingdom, the third graphic novel adaptation which absorbs readers into the world of dragonets, RainWings, and the Distant Kingdoms of Pyrrhia.


Fairy Kit

Every child needs a little fairy magic in their life, and with this kit they can create eight magical projects, from fairy doors to flower crowns, and an amazing fairy dust necklace.


Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

Inspire 9 year old girls with Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls, a collection of real stories about 100 incredible women who have changed the course of history in their own inimitable ways.


Colorful Shirt for 9 Year Olds

Simple but effective, this tee comes in 5 distinctive colors, such as heather gray, charcoal, and white, and features the word ‘nine’ across the front in colorful letters.


Bombas Kids Socks

You can choose the color, quantity, and occasion for these socks which come in packs of between 3 and 12 pairs and feature bright and cheerful designs in a variety of different themes.

Prices vary

Imhotep Builder of Egypt Game

Imhotep is a brilliant board game for all the family, which transports players to ancient Egypt as they strategize and plan to transport stone blocks in order to secure the most valuable sites.


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Illustrated Edition

Harry Potter needs no introduction, and if she’s a fan of the wizarding world of Hogwarts she will love this beautifully illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.


Robot Domino Building Set

Setting up dominoes only to knock them down is a fun activity, but this kit adds ramps, ball track, and tipper to the excitement in a crazy, robot-themed kinetic set.


Mindfulness Adventure Maze Books

Guide your 9 year old girl gently along the path of emotions with these books, which explore the themes of anxiety and self-esteem in a sensitive, but entertaining way.


Leesa Memory Foam Pillow

Lumpy pillows can play havoc with sleep, so make sure she has the most refreshing slumber ever with the Leesa memory foam pillow, which promises outstanding neck support and cooling ventilation.


Geode Kit

Curious kids will love breaking these rocks open to discover the beautiful crystals inside. With 10 genuine geodes in each set, there is also a 16 page learning guide to help her understand.


Make Your Own Nature Pals

These colorful animal forms are handmade in Thailand from reclaimed wood, and encourage imagination as kids use twigs, leaves, and flowers to add details to the prettily colored creatures.


Do Good Cotopaxi Shirt

Not only does this tee sport a massively important reminder to everyone to Do Good, but 1% of all sales will go towards helping to relieve poverty in the poorest places on earth.


9th BIRTHDAY GIRL Charm Bracelet

This pretty bracelet comes with 6 adorable charms, including a 9th birthday one, a pearl which is available in 18 different colors, and a personalized initial to make it her own.


Double Ditto Family Party Board Game

Find out which family members think along the same lines with Double Ditto, the game in which one player must try and match their answer to someone else on the team.


Illuminated Tees

Kids can wear their artwork every day with this awesome t-shirt by simply ‘drawing’ on the panel with a laser pen or phone torch for a glowing design which will slowly fade away.


Root Beer Science Kit

The best experiments are the ones that turn out tasting really good, and this chemistry set will let them brew a delicious batch of fresh rootbeer with a little STEM learning along the way.


Away Travel Carry-On

By nine, most girls are starting to embrace independence, so help her on her way with this carry-on case which incorporates an ejectable battery that can charge her phone up to four times.

Prices vary

The Atlas Obscura Explorer’s Guide

Atlas Obscura will take adventurous kids on a journey around the world, but this is no ordinary journey…each weird and wonderful place visited has an unexpected connection to the next.


142-Piece Wood Art Set

If she’s serious about art, make sure she has all the tools she needs. This wooden case holds colored pencils, pastel crayons, and a rainbow of watercolor paints, along with brushes, eraser, and sharpener.


Mahabis Wool Kids Slippers

Kids spend a lot of time at home, so make sure her feet are protected indoors with these super-comfy slippers which feature a collapsible heel so she can slide them on and off with ease.


9 Year Old Math Shirt

Nerds and number crunchers will love wearing this t-shirt for their 9th birthday and beyond, as it displays their age on the front as a simple math equation.


Magic Tree House Boxed Set

Reading is a wonderful pastime, and what could encourage a young reader more than a boxset of Magic Treehouse books (1-4) which feature dinosaurs, knights, mummies, and pirates?


Epoca: The Tree of Ecrof

Kobe Bryant brings his love of sport to life in Epoca: The Tree of Ecrof. Kids can follow Rovi and Princess Pretia as they battle evil against the backdrop of their land’s most prestigious sports academy.


Kiwi Co Tinker Crate

Combine STEM learning with fun with Kiwi Co, who will deliver a box full of materials every month which can be used to build and explore a fun science experiment.

Prices vary

Gumball Machine Maker Lab

The gumball machine is an old favorite, but this one combines physics and engineering with fun and flavor as they build one which incorporates twists, turns, pulleys, pendulums, and other exciting stunts.


ThinkFun Laser Maze

Kids will need planning and reasoning skills to play Laser Maze as they must work their way through 60 increasingly difficult challenges to ‘bend’ the laser and hit the targets.


My Comic Book Kit

Imagine her delight when she opens a package and sees her very own professionally printed comic book which has been created using her own illustrations and ideas, complete with an ‘About the Author’ page.


Happy Birthday Mug

This mug will make her smile on her birthday and every day thereafter, thanks to its cheerful zebra design and happy 9th birthday message in a striking black, white, and turquoise blue design.


Parachute Linen Sheet Set

With all the excitement of her 9th birthday, she’ll need a really good night’s sleep and this set, which comprises of a linen bed sheet and matching pillowcase, will help her reach her goal.

Prices vary

Nintendo Switch

Her game need never be interrupted again with Nintendo Switch, the console which can be undocked from the home base and carried around with her wherever she goes.


Klutz Lego Make Your Own Movie Activity Kit

Using whichever stop motion app she wants, your 9 year old girl can create her own mini movies with this LEGO set which includes scenery, figures, and even interchangeable faces.


Rescue Runts

Teach your kids all about the love and care dogs need with their very own Rescue Runt Husky. These runts arrive all matted/dirty and need lots of love and care to bring them back to full health – use the grooming kit to brush their fur, wipe tears, clean dirty paws and tweeze out fleas.


Monster High Student Disembody Council Doll Set

Have yourself a huge fan of Monster High? Then this Doll Set will make the ultimate gift, for sure. This 5 pack brings you the 5 different monster members of the Monster High Disembody Council: Lagoona Blue, President Sloman Mortavitch, Scarah Screams, Gilda Goldstag and Cleo De Nile.


Wonder Workshop Dash Robot

With Dash, kids can learn all about code while having tons of amazing fun programming (using apps like Blockly and Wonder) and watching it dance, race around and divert obstacles, light up, make sounds and even react to voice. There are no instructions as they’ll learn everything they need to know through cool challenge tutorials.


Childrens Reborn Starter Baby Box

Many young girls are baby doll obsessed so what better gift than their very own SERIOUSLY realistic baby to play with and care for. You have probably seen reborn dolls, so say hello to Niall – he’s from CherisDollsLtd and can’t wait to meet his new mommy. He also comes with everything he needs.


Parker the Interactive Bear Patient

Meet Parker, he’s a poorly bear but a bear with a difference, as users can interact with him through his app. Using the downloadable app, you can check his temperature and heart rate, give him an x-ray and more, plus there are even games and puzzles about science that help to develop problem-solving skills.


Osmo Genius Kit

Need something new to inspire your little clever-clogs? Then there’s nothing better than the brilliant Osmo Genius Kit. Simply plug the award-winning Osmo in to your iPad and it’ll instantly transform it into an amazing learning tool – don’t grunt or groan, learning with Osmo is some seriously good fun, honest!


L.O.L. Surprise! Pearl Unwrapping Toy

Imagine her face light up with this awesome L.O.L Surprise! Pearl Surprise – it’s definitely one impressive gift for 9 year old girls. Inside is Lil Sister as well as a doll exclusive to this set – you will also find 6 surprise balls full of neat accessories such as shoes, bags, outfits and more.


Little Live Bizzy Bubs Single Pack

Coochie-cooo, Primmy is here to play, and gosh, isn’t she just the cutest thing? Baby-mad kids will adore her. Primmy can crawl, talk, interact with her bottle and pacifier, and bounce, and she simply cannot wait to play the day away with a lovely new friend.


Crayola Scribble Scrubbies

“And they called it puppy loooveeeee”, and it sure will be between your child and these super adorable pups. With this Crayola Scribble Scrubbies set you can color the dogs any color you like, play with them, and come bath time, the colors all wash away, ready to start all over again! How fun.


Twisty Petz Babies Set

Twisty Petz are cute little animals that in just a twist can turn into stylish blinging bracelets. This pack contains 4 Twisty Petz: Marley Unicorn, Harley Unicorn, Ruffles Panda and Truffles Panda. It also comes with a bottle pendant, and you can even connect two of the Petz together.


Rescue Runts Spotty Plush Dog

Poor ol’ Spotty here just wants someone to love and care for him, are you up for the challenge? With matted fur, dirty paws and tears that need wiping, it is a big task but he comes with everything needed in a whole grooming kit ready for you to get started the moment he arrives.


Disney Descendants Signature Mal Isle of the Lost Doll

If she loves to watch Disney Descendants, then she will already know who this cool gal is. Mal, Isle of The Lost, is the daughter of the mysterious Maleficent. This doll comes with her signature outfit, a pair of cool boots, stylish earrings and collar as well as a wonderful locket with a sticker inside.


L.O.L. Surprise!!! Biggie Pet-Dollmation

L.O.L Surprise! Collectors are going to go barking mad for the Biggie Pet – Dollmation Set. inside this awesome gift are 2 exclusive pet babies as well as 1 food baby OR pet baby charm, not forgetting all those cool accessories, too. Dollmation can also be used as a piggy bank AND backpack – neat!


Anki Cozmo

Have a coding fanatic on your hands? Then stop right here because Cozmo couldn’t be more perfect. Cozmo is a cool robot that has his very own personality, which develops the more you play together, plus he’s always up for playing games with you, such as Keepaway and Quick Tap – he couldn’t be more fun.


Mattel Bloxels Build Your Own Video Game

Many kids says how they’d like to make their own video game, well, now they can with Mattel Bloxels. Using both physical and digital tools, kids can learn to build and make their own gaming creations, such as game rooms, their own characters, and art. Each different color block represents different things from terrain to danger.


Disney Descendants 2 Headphones

There’s no nicer way to spend your free time than chilling out and listening to your favorite Disney movie soundtrack, and what better way to do that than with these awesome Disney Descendants 2 Headphones – get ready to ‘tune’ it up. With these, you can also respond and answer incoming calls using the In-Line Microphone.

Prices Vary

Shopkins Lil’ Secrets Shoppies

Say hello to Peppa-Mint, she’s one of the Shopkins Lil Secrets Shoppies. Peppa-Mint comes with a purse that opens up to reveal a super sweet tiny ice-cream shop, a place for Teeny Shoppie to play and explore!. The bag also comes with a lanyard so you can wear it as a funky necklace.


Disney Descendants Signature Evie Isle of the Lost Doll

This bedazzling Disney Descendants Evie Doll would make a brilliant gift for 9 year old girls, especially those who are obsessed with the movies. Evie is the daughter of the Evil Queen, not that you can’t tell with that hair and those accessories. She comes with lots of extras as well as a locket for you.


Little Live Scruff-A-Luvs

When your new Scruff-A-Luv arrives, they are all matted, sad and lonely, though with a good brush, and lots of care and attention, they will soon look all adorable and happy. Blue comes with a brush, a cute yellow bow, and a collar with name tag so you can name it whatever you like.


Shopkins Lil’ Secrets Pretty Petals Flower Shop

To unlock Pretty Petals Flower Shop, you have to crack the code – are you up for the challenge? How? You have to carefully look at the map, find the Shopkins and scratch them off to reveal 3 symbols. This pack not only includes the flower shop but 1 tiny Shopkin AND 1 Teeny Shoppie, too.


Krosmaster Arena: Brotherhood of the Tofu

Does she already have Krosmaster: Arena? Then spice it up with this Brotherhood of the Tofu Expansion Pack. This pack contains SIX new figures, yes 6, so she will be completely spoilt for choice. It also contains 2 minimaps, character cards, token sheets and a code to play online characters.


Funko Deluxe Action Figure Jim from TrollHunters

Here we have the brave Jim from Trollhunters Tales of Arcadia, but this time he’s a fully-posable Funko Deluxe Action Figure, cool hey? He’ll definitely make any Trollhunters fan VERY happy. He comes in an open-window, collectible-worthy box and has 2 accessories: sword and armor shield.

Prices Vary

Monster High Monster Family Vampire Kitchen Playset

Fancy some i-scream and ghoulicious snacks? Then take a look at this Monster High Family Vampire Kitchen Playset. This playset comes with everything you need to help Dracula and his daughter, Draculaura, whip up a few yummy batches of c-ooo-kies and a p-eye or two.


My Miniature Library

There’s no better way to tackle your boredom than creating this uber cute Miniature Library. Any little bookworm is going to love this as they put all 30 tiny books together themselves, and afterward, they can actually read them (magnifying glass may be needed!)


Ozobot Evo App-Connected Coding Robot

With two ways to code and an abundance of awesome games, there are hours upon hours of fun to be had with Ozobot. As you level up in the games you can unlock upgrades such as new games and cool Evo avatars. Ozobot can even follow paths you’ve drawn for it and so much more.

Prices Vary

Fur Real Friends StarLily Magical Unicorn

Meet Starlily, a magical unicorn from FurReal. Starlily is the most realistic unicorn toy you will ever find; with over 100 sound and motion combinations, it really will be like owning your very own pet. Interact with Starlily on the app and watch her horn light up and her wings move realistically.


L.O.L. Surprise Secret Message Jewelry

Add stickers to charms and make your own jewelry with secret messages with this L.O.L Surprise! Kit. To find out what the stickers and messages mean you can use the included decoder – how mysterious and fun!. The kit comes with plenty of tips and instructions to help you make many types of bracelets.


Krosmaster Arena Frigost Board Game

Things are about to get a bit chilly in here – this is the Krosmaster Arena Frigost Board Game. This ‘cool’ game is for 2-4 players and lasts around an hour, making it the perfect family after-dinner activity. This Frigost board is the first extension to the original Krosmaster Arena.


Monster High Ghoul-to-Bat Transformation Draculaura Doll

For the Monster High fan, this neat Draculaura doll will make the perfect gift for 9 year old girls. Draculaura transforms from ghoul to bat over and over again and best of all, it literally takes a couple of seconds – to have her transform you simply just pull the lever.


Little Live Pets Lil’ Turtle Tank

She’s bound to go ‘turtle-y’ crazy for this adorable Little Live Pets Lil’ Turtle Tank. Just like a real turtle would, these little guys can swim in water and walk on land. The baby turtle loves to ride on its grown-up’s back and you can take them anywhere with the tank’s carry handle.

Prices Vary

ORWINE Jumbo Squishies

Squishies are all the rage right now, so you can just about imagine how much she’s going to enjoy these neat JUMBO squishies! You don’t just receive one squishie, you get a whopping 5 to play with: a lemon, peach, ice cream cone, fries, and a bun with a funny smiley face.


Fur Real Friends Pax My Poopin’ Pup

Teach kids all about what it really means to look after a pet, yep, that even means the gross smelly stuff, with this FurReal Friends Pax, My Poopin’ Pup. Don’t worry though, there’s definitely a plus side, all the fuzzy warm cuddles! You can also take Pax for walks, and feed him, too.


Monster High Ghoul’s Night Out Beauty Set

Join the Monster High Ghouls on a night out with this amazing makeup set. Included in this fab set is a lipgloss, 2 eyeshadows (with applicator), lip gloss palette, adhesive fake lashes, 10 press-on nails with nail varnishes, stick on jewels and more – plenty of products to pretty herself up with whenever she likes.


Little Live Pets Wrapples

With movement sensors, Wrapples light-up, talk back, and even sing to you. These adorable little furry creatures snap-on to your wrists, so you can take them wherever you go. Wrapples are great for keeping kids happy and entertained throughout long journeys or in waiting rooms, etc.


Funko Plush: Troll Hunters Blinky

Funko POPS! are seriously cool but they’re not too great to cuddle with, though this plush version is! Here we have Blinky from Trollhunters as an ever so soft and squishy plush, perfect for cuddles wherever you are as at 8” you can take him anywhere with you.


Stop Motion Claymation Kit

For budding filmmakers, this Stop Motion Claymation Kit will make an awesome gift for 9 year old girls. This kit includes everything they’ll need to create their own little animation using clay creatures that they can design and make themselves, and there are various different backdrops to make lots of fun scenes and stories.


furReal Shaggy Shawn

Kids will love styling and grooming this furry pup – with so much fur there are many different do’s to be had, for sure. Shaggy Shawn comes with a realistic buzzer that makes sounds and vibrates, so she’s bound to feel like a real-life dog groomer and happily role-play for hours.


Monster High Great Scarrier Reef Peri & Pearl Serpintine Doll

Who could say no to this funky doll? With 2 heads, that means 2 lots of hair to style, so twice the fun! Any Monster High fan will, of course, know who we are describing: Peri and Pearl Serpentine, of course. This fabulous doll is part of the majestic Great Scarrier Reef Collection.


Shopkins Lil’ Secrets Shoppies

Ooh, isn’t Marsha Mello just the sweetest little thing you’ve ever seen? She is definitely a must-have for any Shopkins Collector. This doll comes with her very own marshmallow-shaped bag which opens up to reveal a tiny donut shop, giving the exclusive Teeny Shoppie a neat place to hang out.

Prices Vary

Cardboard Tool Kit

If she loves to craft, then she will be able to create magnificent structures and creations with this unique Cardboard Tool Kit. After birthdays and Christmas there are always far too many cardboard boxes left without a purpose but now, instead of throwing them in the bin, she can build with them using this kit.


L.O.L. Surprise Glow-In-The-Dark Scrapbook

Stuck for things to do on rainy days this summer break? Well, why not spend your free time scrapbooking all the awesome adventures you’re getting up to with your family and friends in this L.O.L Surprise! Glow-in-the-dark Scrapbook Set. It includes everything you’ll need to get to documenting all your awesome moments.


Disney Descendants Mal Isle of the Lost and Ben Auradon Prep Dolls

Meet the new loved-up couple on the block: Ben of Auradon Prep (son of Belle and Beast) and Mal of The Isle of The Lost (daughter of Maleficent). This cool pair are wearing the same stylish outfits they wore to Ben’s coronation, in the Disney Descendants movie.


Mattel Monster High Bus and Mobile Salon Toy Playset

There’s nothing spooky about this Monster High Transforming School Bus – this 2-in-1 toy transforms from the ‘c-ooo-lest’ ride to school to an ‘a-wooo-some’ two-story spa and salon. This bus is the perfect hangout area for all your 12″ Monster High dolls and at the same time they can relax and be pampered-up.


5 Unique Diy Gift Ideas for 9 Year Old Girls

Diy Outdoor Chalkboard

Need a way to coax your little T.V addict into playing outside? Then take a look at this Outdoor Chalkboard. It’s great for getting them into the fresh air and they’re going to have lots of fun drawing until their heart’s content as they can easily erase it and start all over again.

Diy Rainbow Ribbon Wands

From Twig & Toadstool are these nifty DIY Ribbon Wands. Your little twinkle toes is going to love dancing, prancing and leaping about with these gorgeous colorful ribbons. This make is simple and easy, so she can even help you out – what a great opportunity to chat and bond.

How to make an Adorable Diy Princess Crown

No princess can make-do without a crown now, can she? These are great for costumes, dress-up, carnivals or just to look pretty, no matter the occasion or even lack of. These lovely crowns are so easy to make, you’ll even want to surprise her friends with one, too.

Diy Hopscotch Mat

On those wet/windy days, it can be pretty hard to keep the kids happy, but this Hopscotch Mat is sure to do the trick. This blogger uses canvas, felt and a hot glue gun, though you can use paints or sew, instead. She also adds a couple of extra games to make at the end.

Diy Simple Modern Toy Box with Lid

So many toys they’re coming out of your ears? Then this Simple Modern Toy Box is probably going to do you many favors, plus it even has a lid, so you don’t even have to look at the mountain of toys if you don’t want to.

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