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50 Cool Gifts to Get Your 8 Year Old Girl

From majestic unicorn kits to awesome gaming consoles, arts, and crafts, or even ooey gooey slime making sets, you’re bound to find the perfect gift for 8 year old girls in this snazzy list. These wonderful gifts are great for birthdays, Christmas, or ‘just because’…because, well, why not?

Spoil your budding artists, film directors, dog groomers, or whatever they may be, with these fabulous gifts for 8 year old girls.

Pomsies Pinky Plush Interactive Toys

Aren’t Pomsies just the cutest? Girls will go crazy for these as they’re just like having little pets – Pomsies eyes light up when they’re happy though they also let you know when they’re sad, tired and hungry by purring and making other adorable sounds. With touch sensors, you can pet and love them, too.


Mermaid Duvet and Pillowcase Set

If she, like most other 8 year olds, is obsessed with mermaids, then you just know she has to have this ‘fairy-tail’ themed Mermaid Duvet and Pillowcase set. With this bedding, she’ll quickly dive into a deep sleep with dreams full of undersea fun and adventures.


Nintendo Switch

Who said gaming was just for boys? Girls can get in on the fun too and they’re sure to love it with the awesome Nintendo Switch Console. This nifty console can be used either on the TV or with the touchscreen tablet, so you can also take it everywhere, perfect for long journeys.


Fur Real Friends StarLily My Magical Unicorn

This FurReal My Magical Unicorn, Starlily,k is the ultimate toy of dreams for young girls! Starlily looks enticingly enchanting, especially for those who love everything fairytale – her horn lights up, she can spread and flutter her wings AND also responds to actions on the downloadable app with lifelike movements and sounds.


The Complete Ramona Collection

Need a new series to entertain your little bookworm? Well, The Complete Ramona Collection is sure to do just that. With 8 books all about Ramona and her life, readers are sure to enjoy finding out about her funny, awkward and embarrassing moments (like accidentally making egg yolk shampoo…).


L.O.L. Surprise! Pearl

You’re sure to have a ‘splashing’ time with the L.O.L Surprise! Pearl. Inside this huge purse-shaped gift are awesome shimmering pearl surprises in the form of rare and exclusive dolls and accessories. You also get a HUGE rainbow shell fizzer that once in water, reveals limited-edition Tot and Lil Sister.


Large Deluxe Easel

Let the creativity commence with the Large Deluxe Easel. Kids will happily draw, paint, cut, stick and more for hours on end with this awesome easel – it’s also double sided, handy for siblings or when she has her friends over to play. The easel comes with a 35ft roll of paper, too.


National Geographic PRO Series Metal Detector

Can you imagine the excitement they’ll have when they discover all sorts of quirky findings with this National Geographic PRO Series Metal Detector? Parents could bury treasure and have their pirates set off on a journey to track it down by following a map, or just let the metal detector find it out for them.


Fashion Angels Fashion Design Sketch Portfolio Artist Set

This is the perfect gift for your little fashionista – with premade sketch pages, stickers, stencils and Chroma Styx Color Crayons, she will have everything she needs to get designing clothes that are fit for the runway, or maybe her own future clothing line; the sky’s the limit, after all!


Little Live Scruff-A-Luvs

Just look at that scrumptious pink puppy, how could you resist? This gift for 8 year old girls is the ‘furr-pect’ choice, especially for those who are ‘barking’ mad. Scruff-A-Love needs rescuing, as she’s just a poor little matted ball of fur, though with your help, a bath and a good brush she’ll be A-OK.


furReal Shaggy Shawn

We hope you’re ready to play pet parlor because Shaggy Shawn needs a good trim! This FurReal pups’ fur has gotten far too long and he needs you to give him a fresh new cut with the realistic buzzer (makes noises and vibrates) – once you’re done, you can then brush and style him.


National Geographic Dual Microscope Complete Science Kit

Get your lab coat on because it’s time to become scientists for the day with the National Geographic Dual Microscope Kit. This huge, exciting, bundle comes with 50 accessories, so your mini cleverclogs can get to learning and discovering cool 3D objects and slides, right away.


Creative Roots Create Your Own Unicorn Garden

Enter a land of fantasy with this sweet Creative Roots Create Your Own Unicorn Garden. This enchanting kit is great for a rainy day activity. Included are 5 figures – 2 unicorns, a mystical castle, butterfly, and toadstool – all she needs are her fairy wings and wand!


Walkie Chalk

Keep those hands and knees off the grubby floor with Walkie Chalk. This cool contraption enables kids (and parents) to draw on the sidewalk with chalk, while standing. So whether they’re drawing up a new game of hopscotch or just feel like doodling outside, they can now get arty without having to bath afterward, woohoo.


Hair Chalk

Upcoming school disco or birthday party perhaps? If she’s looking to jazz up her look, then try these funky Hair Chalks. These hair chalks are brilliant for bringing a touch of color to her hair, or why not use all of them and go for a crazy rainbow! A multi-colored braid would look so cool.


Financial Learning Ledger for Kids

Teach them the value of money and saving early on with this Financial Learning Ledger For Kids. Inside, she can write the date, description, and transaction, so whether she’s had her allowance or bought a much-wanted toy, she can write it down and calculate how much she’s left with.


Mattel Games UNO Card Game

Uno is brilliant for family fun time, or even for when her friends come over to play. Uno is a card game that’s all about matching colors and numbers, though you never know which way the game is going to go, especially with Wild cards, and players can even make up their own wacky rules!


Color Your Own Map Pillowcase

If you’re a family that loves to travel, have her color every country you’ve been to (or those she still wants to see) on this fab pillowcase. This is a great calming activity before bedtime and what’s even better is once it’s washed, all the ink washes out ready to start again.


My Miniature Library

Welcome to The Miniature Library, where special little fairies come to read and enjoy some peace and quiet from pesky elves and wizards (though child-sized fairies may need a magnifying glass). This tiny bookcase holds 30 books that you really can read, with classics such as The Frog Prince and The Owl & the Pussycat.


Princess Duvet and Pillowcase Set

Hurry, for your chariot to dreamland leaves in 3…2…1…zzzzz. This Princess Duvet and Pillowcase Set is a great gift for 8 year olds who adore playing princess because now, the fun doesn’t have to end just because it’s struck midnight – even if it means wearing the tiara in their dreams.


Flashy Flowers Kit

Treat your precious petal to this fancy Flashy Flowers Kit. Using STEAM-focused learning, she can create a real-working current that lights up her set of pretty flowers, and with 42 petal shapes, she can get to planting her ‘de-lightful’ flower bed for hours and hours.


Color Your Own Water Bottle Kit

Channel your inner designer with this Your Decor Color Your Own Water Bottle Kit. Included is the snazzy water bottle, 5 ultra bright coloring pens, and 20 super sparkly gemstones – so you can make your water bottle just as unique and cool as you! Once you’re done you can also clip it to your bag.


Bunch O Balloons Instant Water Balloons

Oh boy, water fights will be brought to a whole new level with Bunch O Balloons. No longer will you have to stand at the sink waiting for all your balloons to fill up, with Bunch O Balloons you simply fill up a whole bunch at once AND they even tie themselves.


Monster Slime Kit

Chances are, you’ve seen the viral slime videos and so has your child – so what better gift than this ooey gooey Monster Slime Kit? This kit is only for the brave though as you won’t be making any ordinary slime, you’ll be making your very own sticky, slimy monster!


Wham-o Slip N Slide Wave Rider

So it’s summer break, you’re at home bored and oh so hot, what could you possibly do to cool down and have some fun? The answer to your frustrating situation is the Wham-O Slip N’ Slide Wave Rider. Plus, with 2 lanes, you can even have friends over and race against each other.


Stop Motion Claymation Kit

Budding movie producers will LOVE this unique, super fun Claymation (animation) gift. Start off by creating and sculpting your very own characters out of clay and then set up your stage using your chosen backdrop and props, prep your camera (mobile and phone stand) and then you’re ready…set…action!


ALEX Toys Craft Rock Pets Turtle

This quirky gift is sure to ‘rock’ her socks off. Paint your new turtle pet however you like, patterns, spots, stripes, you name it – talking of names, maybe “shelly” is an idea? You can keep your rock pet anywhere you like, your garden, bedroom or anywhere you fancy.

Prices Vary

Cupcake Surprise Scented Princess Doll

What’s that smell? No, it’s not what Grandma is baking up in the kitchen, it’s these utterly lovely Cupcake Surprise Princess Dolls, of course. You never know which of the 6 sweet smelling princess dolls you’re going to get when you order one of these; will it be Strawberry, Chocolate or Caramel?


Jewelry Box Personalized Name

If she enjoys wearing and collecting jewelry, you probably want to ‘think outside the box’ this time around and go for something different – what better way to do that than with this gorgeous personalised jewelry box? On the lid are pretty flowers alongside her own name – making it the perfect gift.



Put their brains to the test with Colorku – a wooden game that puts a fun, colorful twist on the Japanese puzzles. Colorku uses colored marbles making it not only easier but more fun than the traditional puzzle. Using the puzzle cards, they copy them onto the board and then get to work on solving it.


Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit

Don’t ‘geek’ out, but this super cool My First Mind Blowing Science Kit will make an explosive gift for 8 year old girls. With 20 pieces and 11 awesome activities, this sensational kit will keep even the most reluctant science fanatic enthralled and excited, for sure.


Klutz My Pom-Pom Pet Shop Craft Kit

Bored? Why not pass some time making yourself a few friendly new pom pom pals with this neat kit from Klutz. It comes with everything you need to make 10 Pom-Pom Pets, including 3 sizes of pom-poms, glue, pairs of eyes, pre-cut feet and ears and also a punch-out carrier and food bowl.


Design Your Own Slime Kit

Get in on the current trend with this slimy-cool Design Your Own Slime Kit. With 3 color concentrated putties and 3 that have special effects, you know you’re in for a ‘gooo-d’ time mixing them up and creating your own crazy slime. You can even make glow in the dark slime for night time fun!


Snug Play Headphones

Headphones are great, whether it’s for listening to your top tunes or watching shows and fav movies. This lovely purple pair’s volume levels are automatically limited to help protect their ears and are specially built to withstand the rough and tumble they’re sure to get from kids.



Chances are Matilda was probably one of your favorite reads when you were younger (we know it was definitely one of ours!). This interesting story based upon, well, Matilda will have any reader gripped from the beginning to the very end as they watch her mysterious life and powers unfold.

Prices Vary

Yarn Unicorn Kit

Annnddd that’s a wrap! Well, maybe not yet, but once you get your hooves, sorry, hands on this Yarn Unicorn Kit, it will be. This kit contains 2 unicorn cardboard forms for kids to wrap up using yarn, and there are even other colors so you can make their hooves, manes, and tails look like rainbows.


Melissa & Doug Butterfly Bug House

From Melissa & Doug comes this Cutie Pie Butterfly Bug House. This is perfect for kids who adore the outdoors and love seeing which creepy crawlies they can find, as it gives them a home for the bugs while they observe and watch them, plus the sliding door makes it easy let them free after.


Don’t Step In It

No, it’s not the challenge of playing in the yard after Fido’s been out, it’s a super hilarious game of dodging the (thankfully) fake poop – while blindfolded! Eek. The (rather lucky) player to step in the least amount of stinky poop is the winner – ‘woo-poo!’ A disgustingly good gift for 8 year old girls.


L.O.L. Surprise! Confetti Pop-Series

Collectors are going to enjoy opening up the L.O.L Surprise! Confetti Pop (series 3). Inside the exciting ball are 9 surprises: 1 exclusive new doll and lots of other accessories, will it be a pair of stylish shoes, a snazzy new outfit or maybe even neat stickers? Who knows?


Tulip One Step Tie-Dye Kit

Tie-dying is SO much fun, even more so when it’s with Mom, siblings or friends, so get everyone together – we have an ‘inkling’ that you’re all going to love it. Plus, at the end of it you get a really cool shirt, or why not try dying some snazzy socks or even leggings, instead.


Fairy Kit

Turn your room from a mundane retreat to a land of magic and wonder with this wicked Fairy Kit. Inside the kit is everything your little princess will need to get to crafting some bunting, her own fairy wand, a welcoming banner for the fluttering friends or even a pretty, floral crown.


Bears vs Babies: A Card Game From the Creators of Exploding Kittens

From the creators of Exploding Kittens is an exciting new game: Bears vs Babies. With seriously hilarious characters such as Bumble Baby, Big Ol’ Diaper Baby, Great White Baby and even a Jabberwocky, it’s no wonder this game is so popular amongst kids (and even adults) – so what’re you waiting for? Grab your…Sushi?!


Doggy Croquet

Best to keep Fido away from this tail-wagging-worthy game of Doggy Croquet. Have Mom or Dad place the croquet doggo pieces into the yard and you little pups can get to chasing…aka wacking…the colorful balls with the mallets, in a ‘dig’ to win!


Kid’s Edible Chemistry Kit

Hungry for some sciency fun? If your tummy is rumbling, instead of whipping yourself a snack, why not get experimenting with this crazy Edible Chemistry Set, instead? Through learning about acids, formulas, pigments, reactions and more, they can create carbonated concoctions and even turn green jelly to blue – and then eat it, yum!


Singing Machine

Got a little superstar on your hands? Instead of boring, expensive singing lessons, just have her sing her heart out with this Kids’ Singing Machine instead. That way, you parents then get the joy of hearing all those teeny-bopping songs, too…yay. (at least there’s a volume button, right?).


Crayola Light-up Tracing Pad

Spoil your budding artist with this pink Crayola Light-up Tracing Pad. You don’t just get the nifty tracing tablet, you also receive 10 tracing sheets, 10 blank sheets, 12 coloring pencils, a graphite pencil and more. Plus it’s ultra-thin and portable, perfect for taking anywhere you like.


Lowercase Cursive Script Name Necklace

If your daughter’s name is unusual or has a different spelling to the norm, you’ll totally appreciate how difficult it can be finding a personalized gift for her, so you can imagine just how much she’s going to love having her name on her very own silver, gold or rose necklace! Aren’t they just beautiful?

Price varies

Gummy Bear Lights

With just a squeeze of these Gummy Bear Light’s tummies, you can turn them on and off – or if you plan on using it as a nightlight, you can make use of the 1-hour automatic turn off feature. These bears do look totally scrumptious, though it’s probably best you try not to take a bite!


5 Diy Gifts and Activities for Girls

Diy Sidewalk Chalk Paint

From The TipToe Fairy is a fab tutorial on how your little darling can make fun DIY Sidewalk Foam Paint. With kids, chances are that you have all the supplies dotted around your home already, so go take a look and find out how you can make this great gift for 8 year old girls.

Diy Bath Boms (Lush Inspired)

EVERYONE knows that Lush are the supreme bath bomb makers, though that doesn’t mean you can’t try making some yourself (by following this awesome tutorial). These colorful bombs are not only as good, but better since you get the satisfaction of making them yourself AND watching them go fizzing crazy.

Diy Word Rocks

Have you heard of Word Rocks? If not, do a quick search on social media because these aren’t your usual rocks – these are hand-painted with bright colors and sweet, heartwarming words by children who just want to put a smile on someone’s face by hiding them in public paths, etc – isn’t that lovely?

Diy Floam Using Styrofoam Cups

Struggling to find something exciting to do with your kids on a rainy afternoon? Then your prayers have been answered because this DIY Floam using Styrofoam cups requires supplies that you probably already have, and if not, a trip to the craft store will soon sort that out, plus, who doesn’t like playing with floam?

Diy Knotted Fleece Pillow

This make takes an hour or two, perfect for those days when you want bonding time with your daughter, because there’s nothing better than making together – at the end of it, she’ll be a basic sewing pro – isn’t it nice that you get to give her skills she’ll keep for the rest of her life?

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