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50 Must-Have Gifts All Parents with an 8 Year Old Boy Should Know About

Is your old 8 year old boy one of the main men in your life? If so, you want to give him the very best gifts you can, right? Head over to the following compilation and discover over 50 different gifts for 8 year old boys that they would absolutely love to receive.

gifts for 8 year old boys

Nintendo Labo Robot Kit

Children everywhere dream of what it would be like to be able to control their very own robot. Thanks to the Nintendo LABO robot kit, kids can put on the robot suit and be transformed into a virtual universe where they control the robots every move. See it in all its glory right here.


Callaway Golf 2018 Junior Set

Unlike a lot of other junior golfing sets, this one has been created by one of the most popular names in the sport. Produced by Callaway, this 2018 set contains 4 different clubs (a fairway wood, 7 iron, sand wedge and putter); everything that your child could need to begin a brilliant golfing career.


Skywalker Trampolines Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline

Jump N’ Dunk like never before with this epic and exciting trampoline. 15 ft in size, the trampoline itself comes with a fully enclosed net for added safety and security. Watch as your children jump, spin and sink basketballs in the ingeniously attached net. A great way to keep them active and having fun.


LEGO Jurassic World Indoraptor Rampage Kit

Have you seen the new Jurassic World movie? If so, you will know just how terrifying the Indoraptor actually is! With this LEGO set, children can build the infamous Lockwood Estate, which features a ton of interactive parts, awesome mini figures and loads of accessories. Cool huh?


National Geographic PRO Series Metal Detector

Help them begin a lifelong hobby that they will treasure forever. Perfect for kids, this PRO series metal detector comes to us from National Geographic and is the ultimate way for anyone and everyone to get into metal detecting thanks to its lightweight, compact design and brilliant features.


GamePoint Tables Indoor Ping Pong Table

Ping Pong; what a great sport! If you think that the child in your life would love nothing more than taking up this great hobby you can help them to do so by gifting them one of these GamePoint playing tables that comes with everything you could need to grab a paddle and start playing.

Prices Vary

Snap Circuits Jr. Electronics Discovery Kit

Gifts for 8 year old boys don’t get much better than this. The Snap Circuits Jr set is such a cool way to get children interested in electronics and circuits. Children will learn through play as they experiment and design their own working circuits thanks to this award winning play set.


Nerf Official: Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger Set

Are you looking for a new way to battle it out with your friends? Brought to us by Nerf, this 2 pack of laser pistols will introduce you to a new style of warfare that doesn’t involve foam darts! Find friends with the same set and connect your pistols to battle with more people.

Prices Vary

Nintendo Switch

Does your child like video games? Who doesn’t? Give them the video games console that can be played at home on the TV, with friends and family, or even on the move; that’s right, the Nintendo Switch is the ultimate gaming experience that will get everyone involved at some point. Definitely worth a look.

Prices Vary

Big Joe XL Fuf Foam Filled Bean Bag Chair

Kids like comfort…especially when they are doing homework, playing games or even napping! With this enormous and cozy Big Joe XL Fuf foam filled beanbag, your child will have somewhere to melt away and de stress whenever they so desire! Available in a range of colors, the choice is yours.

Prices Vary

Transformers 5-Movie Collection

Are you ready for some family movie time? You will definitely get a lot of it if you treat your kid to this ultimate Transformers movie collection. With all 5 Transformer movies included, you can have hours and hours worth of alien robot, high action fun!


Gel and Slime Science Kit

The gel and slime science kit is exactly what you would think it is…awesome! With tons of different activities included, children can complete simple yet extremely exciting experiments as they learn and play. Even adults will be amazed and surprised at some of the included projects. Check it out.


Huffy Ignyte Kids Single Speed Bike

Are you familiar with the brand: Huffy? Of course you are, who isn’t? The Huffy Ignyte is the bicycle that you should be looking at if you are shopping for the 8 year old boy in your life. Cool looking in design, the high quality, single speed will introduce your child to speed and the freedom to explore.


Build Your Own Robot Kit

Open up the box to find the parts and instructions needed to build 3 miniature and adorable robots. Once they have been assembled, children can use their own creativity to design and build a robot of their own using materials and parts that can be found within the home.


Transformers: RID Combiner Force Power Surge Bumblebee

If your little one is a fan of Transformers, they would love to own this epic Bumblebee figurine. In just a matter of 3 steps, you can transform Bumblebee from robot mode to sports car mode. Thanks to his Power Surge abilities, he can destroy just about anyone or anything that stands in his way.


Roblox Mystery Polybag of Action Figures

Roblox are awesome. Does your kiddo love to collect them? If that is the case, invest in one of these mystery bags that contains an assortment of 6 random figures from series 1. They will love the suspense as they empty the bag and find out who they can add to their collection.

Prices Vary

Nintendo Labo Variety Kit

Are you a fan of the Nintendo LABO collection? If you are trying to find gifts for 8 year old boys, this LABO variety kit consists of 5 separate projects that children can build. Once complete, they can use their Nintendo Switch to bring the projects to life – how cool!


Ozobot Evo App-Connected Coding Robot

Do you want to introduce your child to the wonderful world of coding? You can do so easily with this app connected award winning robot that is suitable for beginners, right through to expert coders. The robot contains too many features to list, so check it out in all of its glory right here.

Prices Vary

POOF Strato Slam Rocket Battle Blast

From POOF comes the Strato Slam Rocket Battle Blast play set. This set enables children to battle each other as they compete to see who can launch their rocket to the highest heights; they can travel up to 200 feet! Simply stamp on the launch pad and up they go.

Prices Vary

Hot Wheels Super 6-Lane Raceway

Hot Wheels have released some of the best toy sets around in recent years. From the same epic company comes the Super 6 Lane Raceway. Send up to 6 cars down the track and watch on as the slowest cars get flung from the track; a fun way to race with your friends.


LEGO Technic Stunt Truck Vehicle Set

The LEGO Technic Stunt Truck is the gift that your 8 year old boy would love to have. Construct the epic looking truck and get it ready for race time. Once complete, you can make use of the truck’s powerful pull back motor and launch it towards the included stunt ramp at high speeds.


LEGO Minecraft the Nether Portal Building Kit

Build your very own version of the Nether Portal from Minecraft thanks to this cool toy set from LEGO. Amongst the included mini figures you will find a Minecraft Ghast figurine that even shoots fireball discs at whoever you point it at. The perfect play set for any and every Minecraft fan.


Backyard Safari Survival Knots

The art of knot tying has been somewhat lost in recent years; it used to be a skill that would be taught to most children, however now most children do not know how to tie any! Use this awesome set to give your kids a hands on knot tying experience as they learn 12 different variations.

Prices Vary

Rocket Duvet & Pillowcase Set

Give the child in your life a way to reach the stars every single night when you get them this beautifully cool duvet set. Tuck them in and they will look just like a spaceman looking out of the space shuttle window. An out of this world sleeping experience.


LEGO City Monster Truck Building Kit

Monster trucks are rad, period. If you know that the child in your life also appreciates these mega machines, get them the LEGO set that will allow them to create their very own. With a stunt driver mini figurine included, you can have a ton of fun driving around the included ramp and other accessories.


Stop Motion Claymation Kit

Not so long ago, a lot of animation was done using stop motion clay techniques. Your kid can make a movie of their own with this fun set that includes everything you could need to create a stop motion piece from the clay to the backdrop. Your child can design and create whatever they desire.


Bunch O Balloons Water Balloons ZURU Launcher Pack

If someone told you that you could fill and tie up to 100 water balloons in 60 seconds, you wouldn’t believe them, would you? With Bunch O Balloons, you actually can! The fun water balloon set allows you to fill, tie and then launch balloons to distances of up to 70 feet. Wow.


Personalized Solar System Wall Art

Help your little one become familiar with the planets and layout of our solar system with this personalized wall chart. Nestled amongst the starry sky and planets, you can add their name and astrological constellation to make the gift a truly personal one. They will want to keep it forever.


Elenco Edu-Toys Brachiosaurus Skeleton Model Kit

Standing at 23 inches in length, this Brachiosaurus model is a great gift for any child. With a display base included, children can piece together the Brachiosaurus skeleton, learning as they do so. Once complete, they can proudly display it in their bedroom for years and years to come.

Prices Vary

Mars Exploration Sand Kit

With this exceptionally awesome science kit, children can learn all about the workings of the hydroponic sand on Mars with a cool science experiment. With fun accessories included in the box, kids can play and have fun; there is even a book filled to the brim with facts about the planet Mars.


Klutz Lego Gadgets Activity Kit

Klutz and LEGO have put their heads together and decided to make this exciting ‘Gadgets’ activity set. With 58 different construction pieces, kids can build 11 different machines that will actually move and work. Use the included book to learn just how to create them all.


SwimWays COOP Hydro Lacrosse

Lacrosse is one of those games that is not as widely played as it used to be, however is still a truly exciting team sport. This Hydro Lacrosse set is a perfect mini version of this game that can be played in the pool, in your yard or just about anywhere; it is a lot of fun!

Prices Vary

Nerf Official N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster

From the Nerf N Strike series comes the Elite Strongarm Blaster. This 6 shot revolver has a spinning barrel, and benefits from a slam fire slide that allows you to release more darts in a smaller space of time. If you are looking for gifts for 8 year old boys, this is a definite contender.


Intex Surf ’N Slide Inflatable Play Center

Imagine slipping, sliding, and surfing in your very own back yard. Well now you don’t have to imagine as this inflatable play center from Intex is the perfect way to do so. Decorated with a shark design, you can use the included surf riders to launch yourself down the wet and wonderful slide.


CamelBak Kids Mini M.U.L.E. Hydration Pack

Is the child in your life active? Do they love to go on long nature hikes, fun family cycle rides, or anything similar? Then you definitely should consider investing in one of these hydration packs. With a high quality design and added features, it’s a great way to keep them safe in the great outdoors.

Prices Vary

Big Time Toys Socker Bopper

Food fights are fun, pillow fights are fun, and water balloon fights are fun, but with Socker Boppers, you will have the most fun! Once the gloves are inflated, it will be safe to start swinging. Thanks to their double cavity design, both hands, wrists and of course faces are protected from injury.


Wicked Big Sports Supersized Kickball

Wicked Big Sports are the company that bring enormous amounts of fun to the summer months. With this super sized kickball game, the entire family can come together to play, laugh and simply just enjoy themselves. It is over 3 times the size of a standard kickball!


POOF Outdoor Games Jarts Lawn Darts

With a similar premise to the classic game: Horseshoes, this lawn dart game is one to be enjoyed by the whole family. With aerodynamically designed soft grip darts included, you must launch the dart into the air and aim for it to land in one of the included rings.

Prices Vary

Cordoba Guitars Coco x Cordoba Mini Guitar

Inspired by and created in partnership with Disney Pixar’s Coco, this acoustic Cordoba guitar is a brilliant first guitar for any child. Smaller than a traditional guitar, it is the perfect size for children to hold and is strung with nylon strings allowing for a beautifully classical tone. Check it out.

Prices Vary

Franklin Sports MLB Electronic Baseball Pitching Machine

Do you have a budding batsman in your household? Do they aspire to play in the MLB when they grow up? Give them the best chance possible and grab them one of these baseball pitching machines from Franklin Sports. Adjustable and complete with plastic baseballs, it is ready to play.


Meeper Roving Robot

The Meeper Roving Robot is the robot that you can control completely from your smartphone. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can pair it with your phone and dictate its every movement, just like a space rover! You can even customize it with the included accessory parts.


Magic Show Kit

Learn more than just magic tricks with this exceptionally awesome magic show kit for kids. With the history of magic included with the set along with tons of other accessories, your little one will be able to competently host a magic show for the entire family and maybe even start a lifelong hobby.


Exploding Kittens Card Game

The Exploding Kittens card game is nowhere near as messy as it sounds. According to the box, if you like any of the following things you will love the game: kittens, explosions, laser beams and even, on occasion, goats. A funny family game that everyone will enjoy to play. Take a look here.


Sound-Activated Light Blocks

Children’s creativity will be unleashed like never before when they are introduced to sound activated light blocks. Kids will be able to build a sculpture of their choosing with the colorful blocks onto the power base. With sound activation, the blocks will light up and glow, making the sculpture even cooler.

Price varies

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Nintendo Switch

Do you have fond memories of playing Mario Kart? Most people do too! Give your child the tools to create memories of their own with the deluxe edition of Mario Kart 8 for the Nintendo Switch. With all of the same lovable characters included, the race is on!

Prices Vary

App Store & iTunes Gift Cards

If your kid has access to an Apple product, then you will know just how much the App Store has to offer. By getting them one of the following App Store gift cards, they will be able to browse the store and grab themselves the games, movies or even music that they desire.

Prices Vary

Collapsible Children’s Bike Helmet

Does your child hate taking their bicycle helmet with them for fear of storage space? Who can blame them, helmets are big and bulky. Switch things up and grab them one of these collapsible children’s bike helmets that are strong, sturdy but also extremely space efficient when needed to be.


Dinosaur Duvet and Pillowcase Set

Hilariously awesome, this duvet set for kids is terrifically toothy. When your child goes to bed, instead of looking comfy and cozy they will look as they are being swallowed whole by an enormous t rex! Fun for any and every dinosaur loving child (or parent).

Price varies

Dinosaur Nightlight

Dinosaurs are awesome, yet terrifying. Let this Spinosaurus protect your child from the danger of the dark every single night by plugging it in and letting it illuminate their bedroom. One of the coolest nightlights around, it will provide comfort when they need it the most.


The Mug with a Hoop

The mug with a hoop is just that, a mug with a hoop. Absolutely ingenious, it is one of the best gifts for 8 year old boys that you could ever discover as it allows them to score 3 pointers using their cereal! The best part is it was invented by a kid, for kids.


5 Fun Diy Gifts for Boys

Diy Tetris Pieces Magnet

Tetris magnets, what an awesome and incredible idea! Play Tetris in the real world thanks to this cool DIY project that is fun to make, and also fun to play with. No matter the recipient, they would love to receive this cool gift whatever the occasion. Find out how to make it right here.

Diy BB Gun Target

Does your child love to play with their BB guns? Give them something safe, sturdy and cheap to shoot at and your plant pots will thank you. With all of the instructions and information included right here, you can make them something they can truly get a lot of use out of.

Diy Minifigure Soap

If your little one needs a little bit of persuasion every time you want them to have a bath, you may need to switch up your tactics. Thanks to the following article, you will be able to create homemade soap in the shape of LEGO mini figures that will give them a reason to get sudsy.

Diy Snorlax Latern

Extremely fun to make, this DIY Pokemon craft would make an excellent gift for the kid that you know and love. Follow the link and you will find a step by step guide on making an adorable Snorlax lantern that will look great wherever it ends up being displayed!

Diy Lego Minifig Carrier Tutorial

Are you getting a little sick and tired of treading on LEGO mini figures whenever you walk around your house? Or does your little one simply need a way of transporting their figures with them wherever they go? Either way this fun tutorial will show you exactly how to remedy these issues.

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