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88 Fun (And Cool) Gift Ideas for 4 Year Old Girls

Great gifts for 4 year old girls run the gamut from fun and adventurous to creative and playful. Whether she loves baby dolls, playhouses, building sets, or dress-up, there is something here to spark every little princess/mermaid/astronaut/explorer/girl’s imagination. From playing doctor to being a medieval knight, you will find it all here.

Great gifts for 4 year old girls include toys for young bakers, doctors, medieval knights, builders, astronauts, and mermaids, among other things. The sky is the limit with a little girl’s imagination.

Little Passports Early Explorers Subscription Box

Every month, pre-schoolers can receive a collection of learning resources which are designed to help them learn about the world in a fun and exciting way, including a letter from their new pen pals.

Prices vary

Four Ever Wild Shirt

She’ll love to wear this casual but chic tee on her birthday; with ‘Four Ever Wild’ on the front, it’s a fun play on words that will make everybody smile.


Kid's Magic Bath Fizzies

Bath bombs add fizzy fun to bath time, but these ones are even more special, because they each contain a brilliant toy animal from the world of farms, safaris, or the ocean.


Allbirds Smallbirds Wool Runners

Merino wool is light as a feather and fully breathable, which means these runners are ideal for 4 year old girls who are always on the go and want to stay comfortable.


Plugocount Math Game

Plugo Count uses numbers and arithmetic to solve the challenges which take the form of stories, in this augmented reality gaming kit which uses your child’s device to bring it to life.


Paw Patrol Rocky’s Total Team Rescue Recycling Truck

No pup will be left out when it comes to adventures in this amazing Paw Patrol recycling truck, as it comes with all 6 pups and features a movable crane, too.


Four-ever Young Shirt

Passers-by will be in no doubt as to how old your little girl is when she’s wearing this cool top which comes in a choice of colors, with optional personalization on the back.


Peaceable Kingdom Dinosaur Escape

There are no losers in this game, only winners who must all work together to help save the dinosaurs to escape from the volcano which is just about to blow.


Disney Pixar Toy Story Rex Figure

Rex will become her new favorite as he can be posed in a myriad of ways to enrich your child’s role playing and recreation of her favorite scenes in Toy Story 4.


Hackin’ Packin’ Alpaca Game

It’s a race against time with Mac the alpaca! Can they load him up before time runs out, or will Mac get impatient and spit water at the one who’s being too slow?


Little Dentist Set

Teach her that dentists aren’t so scary with a set of dental toys which mimic the real thing, and allow her to play at being a tooth doctor while learning all about dental hygiene.


ThinkFun Zingo

Children learn through play, as ably demonstrated by ZIngo, the kids’ bingo game which teaches them simple counting and addition, as well as word recognition as some of the numbers are in letter form.



Sulwe is a stunningly touching story in which one little girl tries to be like everybody else, until she realizes that she’s unique and beautiful exactly as she is.


Play-Doh Variety 6 Pack

No longer just a squishy, stretchy slime, now Playdoh comes in a variety of exciting textures that crackle and pop, ooze, and even take on the feel of a super soft cloud.


Ginny Goblin Cannot Have a Monster for a Pet

Young readers will laugh out loud at the adventures of Ginny Goblin as she makes her way through a menagerie of animals to find her perfect pet, with plenty of silliness along the way.



All kids love monkeying around, and now they can do it with friends when they play Orangutwang, the game in which players load their goods into the monkey’s arms before he goes POP!


Glowing Bath Time Buddies

Light up bath time for your 4 year old girl with her very own Bath Time Buddy, the little figure with bendable arms and legs which literally glows in the water.


Kiwi Co Koala Crate

With at least 2 great activities in each box, the Koala Crate will give her the materials she will need to create exciting projects, along with a fun magazine and parent guide.

Prices vary

Scary Bingo

Bingo is a guaranteed hit with kids, but Scary Bingo adds a kid-friendly creepiness to the game, as it uses monsters, creatures, and creepy crawlies instead of the usual numbers.


The Pout-Pout Fish

The Pout Pout Fish is a fun rhyming book which tells the story of a sad looking fish whose friends just want to see him with a smile on his face.


Cutetitos Mystery Stuffed Animals

Utterly adorable, these Cutetitos are sweet cuddly animals which arrive wrapped in a soft tortilla blanket and come with a collector’s card which tells their new owner all about them.


Lady Legends Alphabet Book

Instead of ‘ball’, in this book B stands for Beyonce, and every other letter is represented by another strong and influential woman to inspire the girls of tomorrow, today.


Bob Books Set 1: Beginning Readers

The perfect companion to learning to read, this little box set will help pre-schoolers master the art by introducing only 4 letters in the first story, before gradually adding more letters and sounds.

Prices Vary

Orboot Interactive Globe

This app based teaching aid will take kids on a journey around the world, using augmented reality to bring each part of the included globe to life with animals, weather, cultures and more.


Personalized M Is for Me Book

This ABC book does more than just teach the alphabet, as each letter represents a positive trait to inspire a healthy attitude, with one letter reserved for their very own name.


Kids Bombas Socks

In a variety of themes, colors, and occasions, Bombas socks will liven up every outfit, from a smart ‘Sunday best’ to the prettiest party dress, and they’re super cheerful and bright, too.

Prices vary

Don't Break the Ice Game

Concentration and forward thinking will be needed when she plays Don’t Break the Ice, the game in which players must knock out blocks of ice without letting Phillip the penguin fall.


TINKERTOY Super Building Set

There are 200 pieces in this TinkerToy set, which means the building opportunities are endless. With 30 building ideas to get her started, there's no end to what she can build.


This Girl is Officially 4 Year Old Shirt

She’ll give this t-shirt the thumbs up because it lets the world know that she’s 4 years old, and as it comes in a brilliant white, it’ll go with absolutely anything.


Level 4 Unclocked Shirt

Think of age in terms of levels and not years, and suddenly every birthday seems even cooler! This t-shirt makes a fun gift for 4 year olds who’ve reached this magical milestone.


Meerkat Bowling

Made from sustainable, non-toxic wood, these five sweet and colorful meerkats take the place of ordinary pins for a game of bowling she will play over and over again.


VTech Myla The Magical Unicorn

The magic brush included in this enchanting set will add beautiful light-up colors to Myla the unicorn’s horn, eyes, and wings, while the microphone encourages her to sing a duet with your child.


Peaceable Kingdom Hoot Owl Hoot

Instead of competing, children must play together to help all the owls to get back home before the sun comes up, in this game which encourages sharing, cooperation, and healthy self-esteem.


Mahabi Kids Slippers

Keep her feet nice and warm with Mahabis slippers. Made from the softest felt, these indoor shoes come in both summer and classic versions and feature collapsible heels for ease of wearing.

Prices vary

Color Your Own Super Hero Cape

Every superhero needs a cape, and this one is super awesome as it comes ready printed and waiting to be colored in in her own unique style, before she slips it on.


Solar System Sidewalk Chalk

These sidewalk chalks are incredible. Made to represent 9 planets, each one changes color as it’s used to reflect the planet’s crust, core, and layers, with $2 from each sale going to charity.


Un-four-gettable Shirt

Little girls can never have too many tees, and this one will be perfect for her 4th birthday as it features a fun play on words about her age, in gorgeously bright colors.



Translucent and colorful, these 100 Magna Tiles come in the shape of squares and equilateral, isosceles, and right angle triangles, and stick together with magnets so her designs never fall apart.


Personalized I Can Change the World Book

Empowering and positive, this sweet book will encourage little girls to make the world a better place by simply spreading a little kindness, and will be personalized with her own first name.


You Are Not Small Boxed Set

Sharing valuable life lessons in an age appropriate and very sweet way, this boxset of books explores differences, sharing, friendships, and fear, arming her with the tools to navigate these sometimes difficult hurdles.


Personalized Monster Town Adventure Book

This beautiful book makes a gorgeous gift for 4 year olds because they appear as the main character (complete with hair color and skin tone), as they learn to process a myriad of emotions.


Boggle Junior

Players as young as 3 can join in with Junior Boggle as they match the letters to the picture or word cards, which encourages memory, matching, spelling, and word recognition skills.


Really Rad Robots

She’ll be able to send messages or, even more excitingly, listen in to other people’s ‘secret’ conversations with Mibro Gold, the rad robot who comes with 50+ functions and sound effects.

Prices Vary

4th Birthday Shirt

126,230,400 seconds is a lot of time to be spent being awesome, but that’s what this 4th birthday t-shirt says, along with the equivalent in years, months, days, and hours too.


Kid's Classic Drum Set

This gift for 4 year olds will take some beating – literally! Made from rubber wood, this drum set includes two drums, a cymbal, two drumsticks, and a cool-sounding Spanish guiro.


How to Catch a Unicorn

Rhyming books are always popular, and this one is filled with beautiful colored illustrations as young readers are taken on a magical journey to catch a mythical unicorn.


LOL Surprise Winter Disco Bigger Surprise

This L.O.L. gift will keep her going for some time as it includes a whopping SIXTY-plus surprises, including an exclusive family as seen on Amazon Prime’s Winter Disco Movie.


Personalized Storybook Pillow Adventure

Give your young one a precious, personalized gift they will love forever. This “storybook” pillow is designed to look like the front and back covers of a children’s book. You can personalize the main character’s gender, skin tone, and hair color, plus personalized text to make it extra special.


Personalized Constellation Growth Chart

This clever growth chart will mark your child’s height as they rocket skyward toward the stars. This canvas keepsake features a navy blue sky with an array of creative constellations and comes with out-of-this-world options like personalizing with your child’s name, and the text “love you more than all the stars.”


Parker The Interactive Bear Patient

“Parker” isn’t just any old teddy bear. He is the perfectly adorable patient that will allow your child to learn about science, problem-solving, and empathy. Use the app to activate augmented reality where real world images viewed through your device’s camera are combined with charming illustrations. He comes with lots of adorable accessories.


Little Patient

Unzip this clever doll to find six removable, plush organs: lungs, heart, intestines, liver, spleen, and kidneys. It comes with a guide book that teaches what each organ does as your child rearranges them back inside. It also features a graphic skeleton print underneath the organs so that kids can learn all about bones, too.


Princess Duvet And Pillowcase Set

If you need suggestions for epic gifts for 4 year old girls who just happen to be princesses, you need to get this absolutely magical duvet and pillowcase set. Once her highness is tucked in at night, her comforter turns into a dazzling, royal ball gown, while her head rests softly on her pillowcase crown.


Schwinn Girls’ Petunia Bike

This sweet girl’s bike is named “Petunia” and is the perfect first-bike for those just learning to ride. It features training wheels and a push handle for parents that can be removed as the child grows in skills. It also has festive details like handle bar streamers, a storage bag, bell, and water bottle.


Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin’ Luke

This little fellow is named “Snackin’ Luke” because he loves snacks. This Baby Alive doll comes with a bowl and airplane-shaped spoon, plus two containers of pretend baby food with a mold to create a variety of snacks. Luke is wearing an adorable outfit and comes with a diaper because he really “poops” after eating!


Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table

This waterpark play table is the perfect antidote to a lazy summer afternoon. Send the kids out to play with fun water features like a Ferris wheel, spiral tube, and funnel. It also comes with a cup and five cute characters that squirt water. Kids can have a ton of splashy fun with this toy.


My Little Pony Rainbow Princess Twilight Sparkle Figure

This is the ultimate gift for a “My Little Pony” fan. Rainbow Princess Twilight Sparkle is a riot of beautiful colors from her shiny rainbow cape to her festive wings, and her colorful locks to her mismatched shoes. She comes wearing a crown and has a comb and barrette for hair styling.


American Girl WellieWishers Ashlyn Doll

WellieWishers is the American Girl doll sized for younger girls. This is “Ashlyn”, and she is a princess-in-training just like your little girl. She comes wearing a beautiful pink and gold dress with a tulle skirt, matching pink and gold “Wellies”, and a jeweled crown. Your girl will love this doll for years to come.


Aurora World Morgana Mermaid Plush

Great gifts for 4 year old girls have to include mermaids, and this 18” mermaid plush doll is sure to become your girl’s favorite toy. This fantastical creature comes wearing a sea green top with jewel and a sparkly multi-colored tail. Her long dark hair is made from black yarn with bright blue accents.

Prices Vary

Smart Gear Pony Cycle White Unicorn Ride On

As a parent, you can fulfill your child’s wish for a pony with something that is a little easier to care for – this cute ride-on pony is kid powered and works indoors or out for all day fun. Best of all, this horse doesn’t need hay or a barn to be your child’s best friend.


VTech Doc McStuffins Talk and Trace Clipboard

This Doc McStuffins Talk and Trace Clipboard has four learning activities and over 30 playful melodies and sounds. It comes with three detachable stencils that pair with learning recognition technology, which teaches letters, numbers, writing skills, and health topics. This is a perfect gift for Doc McStuffins’ fans.


Little Tikes Trampoline

Now your little kangaroo can bounce, bounce, bounce all day long on this 3’ Little Tikes trampoline. Made for indoor use only, this jumper has a safety handle bar for support and rubber stoppers on the feet to protect floors. Let your little hopper burn off all that excess energy with this fun toy.


Intex Dinoland Play Center

Less scary and a whole lot more fun than Jurassic Park, this blow-up water play center features friendly dinosaurs that won’t eat you. Zip down the water slide beneath the Brontosaurus water spray, play ring toss with the Pterodactyl or basketball with T-Rex who is conveniently holding the goal for you.


My Little Pony Necklace Activity Set

Whether her favorite is Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, or Twilight Sparkle, she will love this beaded necklace kit with five My Little Pony charms. Mix and match the colorful beads for different looks as the necklaces can be restrung over and over again. She might even want to give these to her friends as gifts.


Melissa & Doug Dress-Up Tiaras

A princess can never have too many crowns and with this delightful Melissa and Doug dress-up tiara set, you can make sure that your little royal highness always has suitable head gear for the occasion. It’s nice to have several available for playdates and these would make fantastic party favors for a princess-themed birthday party!


Mermaid Duvet And Pillowcase Set

Your little mermaid will be enchanted with this bedding. She will drift off on the waves of a gentle sleep nestled under the duvet which features a sparkling bodice and shimmery tail, as her head rests on her pillow crown. There is no need to count sheep when you can count seahorses instead.


Little Mommy Goodnight Snuggles Baby Doll

This sweet baby is just waiting for your little mommy to tuck her in and read a bedtime story. With her colorful onesie, this little snuggle-bunny is all ready to sleep holding her precious giraffe. Your girl will also appreciate having the blanket, bottle, and pacifier as she takes care of all her baby’s needs.


Barbie Baby Doctor Playset

Calling Dr. Barbie for a Code Pink. Stat. Your young physician will love taking care of these two tiny patients with all of her medical equipment. No pediatrician’s office would be complete without a stethoscope, chart, baby bottles, blankets, and a baby care station. And all doctors should have such stylish scrubs and crisp white shoes.


Girls Cherries Retro Apron

This charming child’s apron recalls the stylish dresses of the 1950’s. With the cheerful cherry print, full skirt, and clever details like a pretty neckline and two-toned pockets, this sweet apron is sure to be a big hit with your little baker. Get ready for your little one to bake up some tasty treats.

Price varies

Mermaid Print Set

Delight your little mermaid with this beautiful three-print set that comes as a digital download. This gives you the opportunity to customize the display with any frames you like. Each mermaid sports a different pose and hair color as they appear to be swimming playfully under the sea.


LEGO DUPLO Disney Sofia the First Magical Carriage

Does your little one love Sofia the First? Then she will love this LEGO DUPLO building toy with a Sophia figurine, horse and carriage, squirrel, revolving tree, and additional accessories. This series is designed with bigger bricks for smaller hands. It includes 30 pieces and is recommended for ages 2-5.


Little Kids Shimmer & Shine Bubble Machine

“Go play outside” means a new level of fun with this bubble blowing machine. It comes with 4 oz of bubble solution and blows tons of bubbles. Easy-to-use, you will have a bubble-bursting good time right out of the box. Be sure to stock up on more bubble mix. You’re going to need it.

Prices Vary

Folkmanis Small Peacock Hand Puppet

One of the most beautiful birds on earth is now a gorgeous hand puppet. This delightful creature is made of high quality materials that simulates the beautiful tail feathers and other features of a real peacock. Your little puppeteer will love strutting their stuff with this fun toy.


Melissa & Doug Wooden Make-a-Cake Mixer Set

The perfect gift for 4 year old girls, this delightful wooden hand-crank mixer set comes with a “sliceable” egg and pat of butter, a cake pan, a box of pretend cake mix, a cake, knife, and recipe card. The crank actually spins the bowl and the dial turns to the setting you need.


Fisher-Price Nickelodeon Shimmer & Shine Microphone

Give your little fan of the Nickelodeon characters, Shimmer and Shine, this ice-blue and teal microphone that plays songs from the show. The top lights up and flashes to the music for the ultimate sing-along and dance party. Your little one will have hours of playtime fun with this toy.

Prices Vary

Personalized My Alphabet Pillow

This pillow makes a beautiful birthday gift or even a personalized baby shower gift. This cozy cushion is designed with classic illustrations to resemble a building block that features the letter and an object of your child’s name. On the back side you can add a sweet message or birth details for a unique announcement.


Musical Pat Bells

This inventive set of eight bells is the perfect first instrument for any child. The patented “tap” system means that a gentle push on top is all that is needed to create a beautiful sustained tone. It comes with music cards that contain color-coded instructions that match the bells for creative learning.


Disney Moana’s Magical Seashell Necklace

Your little Moana will go wild over her beautiful shell necklace that lights up with a pale green glow. This lovely piece of jewelry would make a great gift paired with a Moana dress-up costume or a DVD of the movie. It would also make the perfect take-home favor for a themed birthday party.


Shimmer and Shine Wish Come True Shine Purse Set

Fans of the Nickelodeon show, Shimmer and Shine, will be enchanted by the magic of this purse designed to look like their pet tiger, Nahal. It comes with a genie bottle necklace, a mirror, and bejeweled bracelet cuffs. The sculpted clutch has a cute pearl handle that makes it the perfect accessory for any outfit.

Prices Vary

Snazaroo Face Paint Ultimate Party Pack

Be ready for a rockin’ good time at your child’s next birthday party with this fabulous face painting kit. Face painting lends itself to so many party themes: animals, fairies, princesses, superheroes, you name it and you can face paint it. It comes with a face-painting guide to get you started.


Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk

Nothing says “great gifts for 4 year old girls” like a dress-up trunk full of princess costumes. With pieces to dress up as Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, and Aurora, your royal highness and her friends will have fun all day long. The decorated cardboard trunk does double duty as storage.


Fisher-Price Shimmer & Shine Float & Sing Palace Friends

Fans of the show Shimmer and Shine will be enthralled by the magic of this playset. Place one of the figures on the couch and press the gem to see them magically “float” in the air. Press another jewel to hear phrases and songs. The set comes with figures of their pet monkey and tiger.


5 Diy Gifts That Will Make Your Little Girl Smile

Diy Flower Letter Decor

Check out this tutorial for making unique, personalized floral wall décor using your child’s name. Cut out Styrofoam blocks in large letters that spell your little one’s name, then decorate with flowers and ribbon for a sweet way to decorate their room. This would also be a lovely gift idea for a friend.

Diy Hopscotch Mat

Looking for some inexpensive indoor DIY games? Follow this tutorial for making simple games on canvas using felt. Whether you choose Tic Tac Toe, Hopscotch, Bullseye, or all three, your kids will leave you alone for hours. You only need a few simple items – and a hot glue gun – to create hours of fun.

Diy Cupcake Play Dough Kit

Have a fun afternoon with your kids by making these DIY play-dough cupcakes — choose from vanilla, almond or chocolate scented “dough” and a variety of fun decorations.

How to Build a Dollhouse

Give your little one a gift she will truly love with a dollhouse you made yourself. All the more special because you built it, you can follow this tutorial for the basic instructions and some creative embellishments, but also feel free to improvise with items you have on hand to decorate one-of-a-kind interiors.

Diy Doctors Play Kit

Create a DIY doctor’s kit that your child will love. Use this guide to jump start your imagination on how to make this idea your own. From cotton balls and band aids to medicine bottles and syringes (no needles), your tiny physician will enjoy hours of imaginative play.

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