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29 Good Gift Ideas for 2 Year Old Boys Who Have Everything

No one remembers being a two year old boy, and no parent forgets having a two year old boy. Between the “whys” and “I love yous” little boys are filled with energy and fearlessness. This list has some amazing gifts for 2 year old boys that are perfect for all their curiosity and budding independence.

The only thing more fun than getting a present, is shopping for gifts for 2 year old boys. Balls, trucks, and building blocks are just the tip of the gift-giving idea iceberg.

Melissa & Doug Seaside Sidekicks Sand-and-Water Sifting Funnel

Melissa & Doug toys are designed to fascinate kids with high-quality items. The Seaside Sidekicks Sand-and-Water Sifting Funnel will keep your tots engaged as they scoop sand or pour water into the top and watch as it spins and spills to the next level. Funnel, sift, repeat for hours of fun.


Astronaut Duvet and Pillowcase Set

It’s bedtime, but it doesn’t mean playtime is over, especially if you’re a kid with astronomical dreams. For the youngster who dreams of traveling to the stars, choose this duvet set that will send him over the moon. Who would argue with going to bed if they could be an astronaut all night?


TOMY John Deere Big Scoop Dump Truck with Sand Tools

If there’s one thing that’s universal with little boys, it’s dirt. This John Deere dump truck and tools make playing in the sand downright heavenly. Powered by imagination, this toy could be the beginning of a huge construction empire, at least in the mind of a boy playing in dirt.


Play and Go Storage Mat

Two year old boys don’t stay still! They have energy and imagination for miles and want to get every single second of playtime in. This clever playmat converts to a storage unit with a couple of drawstrings, so no time wasted putting toys up when playtime is over. Perfect for tots on the go.


LeapFrog Scout’s Learning Lights Remote

Sometimes you need your active toddler to focus on something a little less energetic than playing Tarzan. The LeapFrog Scout’s Learning Lights Remote will fascinate with lights, sounds, and buttons to push. Just like the remote for your electronics, only this one won’t change the language on your TV or order pay-per-view!


WolVol Friction Powered Oil Tanker Truck

Are you having a hard time finding gifts for 2-year-old boys? You can’t go wrong if you choose something shiny, with cool sounds, flashing lights, and wheels. Lots of wheels! That’s always a recipe for delight for little boys who love trucks. This friction-powered oil tanker toy truck fits the bill perfectly.


WolVol Transport Car Carrier Truck Toy

WolVol knows this super truck car carrier is perfect for the boy who loves trucks and cars. Not only does it look cool with flame decals on the truck, but it has six cars in the 28-slot carrier. Your favorite trucker can set up exciting pretend scenarios with this heavy-duty set.

Prices Vary

Personalized Pirate Adventure Book

Personalized gifts are one way to make sure you’re not giving a duplicate gift. Books are fun to personalize, and they’re sure to become treasured keepsakes. This adorable pirate adventure will have your favorite little boy cast as the main character with personalization including appearance, hometown, and birthday.


GBSELL Animal Hand Puppet Plush Toy

Playing pretend is fun, and props enhance the adventure. These animal hand puppets are fun for educational play as you and your tots learn about the different creatures. They’re also comforting confidants for all secrets big and small. Most of all, they’re a fun way to spend time with your favorite little.


SGILE Remote Control Truck Toy

Kids learn so much by emulating adults. From wearing Dad’s work boots to pretend driving from their car seat, now your favorite little boy can operate a fun RC tractor/bulldozer just like the big kids do, with a remote perfect for smaller hands. Lights and music add to the playtime fun.


Breyer Stablemates Red Stable and Horse Set

So your little boy likes horses. This fun Breyer Stablemates Red Stable and Horse playset includes two Stablemates horses and accessories. Whether your future equestrian wants to ride for pleasure or competitively, this is a great toy for practicing fancy show jumping or fixin’ to head to the imagination rodeo.


Pacific Play Tents Kids Club House

Parents are reluctant to allow kids to place themselves in harm’s way, whether it’s actual danger or just parents imagining the worst, so treehouse clubhouses are a thing of the past. This tent playhouse is ideal for indoor or outdoor adventure, is roomy enough for an actual “club,” is parent-approved, and looks cool!


Tot Tutors LEGO-Compatible Activity Table Set

The ubiquitous LEGO building sets can be seen in their natural habitat in any young boy’s play area. Choosing this fabulous table, which provides a nesting area as well as a playing surface for building, helps keep blocks from going astray. Available in bright or primary colors to complement any decor.


Slide and Find Trucks

Are you looking for the perfect gifts for 2-year-old boys? Look no further! This board book is a treasure trove of interactive fun and every treasure uncovered is a truck. Boys and trucks go together like peanut butter and jelly. The only thing better would be a truck full of PB&J.

Prices Vary

LEGO DUPLO Town Truck & Tracked Excavator

LEGO DUPLO blocks are just the right size for little hands to snap together, so they’re the perfect first building sets for tots as young as two. The Town Truck and Tracked Excavator set includes two little construction workers so your youngster will have a great time at their pretend construction site.


Bug Catcher and Viewer

The more kids know, the less they fear. This one-piece bug catcher and microscope is a fabulous way for tots to get acquainted with the insect world, and learn about the ecological benefits of our six-legged friends. The hands-free catcher is less icky for kids (and parents) and doesn’t harm the insect.

Prices Vary

Sound-Activated Light Blocks

Blocks that light up are awesome. Blocks that light up in response to sound are super cool. The base is the power source that lights up the unique structure built with the blocks included in the kit, which are compatible with popular interconnecting block sets. Operating modes include flashing, faded, or sound-activated.

Price varies

Tent Camping Set

Camping is serious business, so kids need to acquire camping skills early. This set is ideal for the junior camper, and includes a kid-sized tent, two walkie-talkies, binoculars, and a multifunction whistle/flashlight/compass/thermometer doohickey! Even if the wild outdoors is no further than the backyard, your youngsters will be prepared.


Acelane Foldable Playhouse Play Tent

In the process of turning into confident, productive members of society, kids learn independence. This is a huge step, and a fun clubhouse tent is a great way to give a youngster an independent space of his own without having to take out a preschool mortgage or sever ties with caring parents.

Prices Vary

Rocket Duvet & Pillowcase Set

Your little boy will glady blast off to sleep when his bed looks like an awesome space rocket. The cleverly printed duvet and pillowcase set puts your youngster in place for the next launch to dreamland. He’ll know the sky’s the limit when he’s in the pilot’s seat: Destination slumber.


Jetpack Backpack

When is a backpack more than just a mundane backpack? When it looks like a jetpack, complete with jet flames of course. Designed with utility in mind, this rad-looking backpack has room for anything and everything a kid needs to get through the adventure of an ordinary day. Rocket fuel not required.



Eco-Dough is a fun modeling clay made with natural and organic ingredients. It’s reassuring to know if kids swallowed a bit of this playing dough, it wouldn’t be harmful. The dough comes in six brilliant colors from Mother Nature that will give little hands lots of exercise as their imaginations go to work.


Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Dilly Dally Turtle Target Action Game

Melissa & Doug toys are created thoughtfully and designed to provide more than idle entertainment. This adorable turtle bean bag game is fun, to be sure! Tots don’t realize that as they play they develop hand-eye coordination, learn to judge distance, and discover the pleasure of cooperating as a team and taking turns.


Construction Toy Vehicles Playset

This set of three trucks is so darn cute, with fun details to transform any little boy’s play area into a heavy equipment construction zone. When these trucks roll out, you know serious work is about to begin. No paperwork or bids to submit, and hard hats are optional.


Walkie Chalk

It’s like a selfie stick for chalk. Designed to give a helping hand to sidewalk artists, it allows the chalk master to keep a standing perspective for drawing hopscotch boards, play roads for pedal cars, or a fabulous self-portrait. We encourage kids to express themselves, and now it’s even easier.


Hero Dress Up Satin Capes with Felt Masks

Do you want to be a superhero? This awesome costume set is the mother of super gifts for 2 year old boys, and when you choose this set your favorite little can dress up and pretend play as his favorite superhero! Times four, actually. Masks, stickers, and temporary tattoos are just gravy.


iPlay, iLearn Golf Toys Set

Tiger Woods started golfing at age two, so it’s not too early for your little linksman to work on his swing. This golf set is just right for sending a few dimpled balls onto the green and letting your junior pro develop his game. It’s a great activity you can do together.


Electronic Backseat Driver

Make your daily commute more fun with a cool steering wheel in the backseat for your little backseat driver. Lights and sounds accompany the cool buttons for turn signals or hazard lights, for a more entertaining drive. Kids love to imitate their parents, so there are many lessons to be taught here.


Mr. Food Face Plate

Mr. Food Face Plate may look familiar to you. He has that kind of a face, just begging for enhancement! You’ll have fun creating a dinner presentation that gives him a “fuller” profile, and kids will be tickled to see their supper adorning his smooth chin and bald pate.


3 Awesome Diy Gifts for Toddler Boys

Diy 20 Minute Toddler Backpack

This great tutorial for a DIY backpack is a resourceful repurposing of those fabulous cloth bags that nice sheets come in. Instead of throwing it out, this clever crafter added a couple of straps and some elastic for an adorable backpack that’s ready for any little boy’s adventure, in about twenty minutes.

Diy Little Guy Ties

Part of the reason boys (and men) don’t care to wear ties is because they can be uncomfortable. Here’s a DIY for making really great-looking ties that are easy to wear and look smart, too. Perfect to wear with a church shirt or your little guy’s favorite tee.

Diy Make a Lego Travel Activity Case

Road trips are super great for busy families to get away, but the actual driving between destinations can be tedious for tots that are used to activity. This DIY idea takes a few simple supplies and transforms a pencil box into a portable building base with storage for blocks and figures.

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