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50 SCREECH-worthy Gifts for 11 Year Old Girls (These are Awesome!)

Choose perfect gifts for 11 year old girls by using this list as your own personal gift guide. We’ve hunted high and low for amazing presents for the 11 year old you know. Whether it’s a birthday or another special occasion, she’s bound to love whichever item you choose for her.

Use our guide to gifts for 11 year old girls and you’ll soon become her best friend.

Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

Our kids love playing outside with their friends in the neighborhood on their bikes and scooters, so give your daughter something a bit different to everyone else with this vintage inspired electronic scooter. It can reach speeds of 15mph and the fully charged battery will run for 10 miles.


Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet

Love it or hate it, technology is here to stay. Instead of fighting it, embrace it and use it to help your children learn to read, count, and even to give you some peace once in a while. This Fire HD tablet is perfect for small hands and has everything they could need in a tablet.


Nachosaurus Snack and Dip Set

Nachos and dips are delicious, you can have them with a full Mexican feast or just as an after school snack. This cute Nachosaurus set will turn ordinary nachos into a fun dinosaur snack. The chips make spikes on his back and the dips look as though they’re the dino’s dinner!


Women in Science Book

Inspire an 11 year old girl to be whatever she wants to be with this book which will show her that some of the most brilliant scientists in the world were, in fact, women.


Apple AirPods

Keep her connected with these Apple AirPods which offer instant access to Siri, and come with their own case which charges them automatically and can be charged wirelessly or with lightning connector.


How to Be a Math Genius

If she finds math a little bit daunting, this book will help her to see that it’s really not that scary and that math is something she uses all the time without realizing.


Chroma Blends Watercolor Brush Markers

Drawing and writing will take on a whole new appearance thanks to this set of incredible watercolor markers, which produce different stunning effects depending on where she adds the water.


Ultimate Crafting Kit

The American Girl Ultimate Crafting Kit will keep her occupied for hours as it’s jam-packed with all the beads, buttons, bottles and more she’ll need for loads of gorgeous craft projects.



Great fun for a sleepover, this table top board game features shuffleboard on one side and curling on the other, complete with all the pieces she’ll need for hours of fun.


Sculptapalooza Sculpting Party Game

Teams compete against each other in this fun game which asks players to sculpt a shape from the squishy squashy play foam before their time has run out.


Thames & Kosmos Sensors Alive

Let her take on the role of the brilliant (or mad) scientist with Sensors Alive, the science experiment kit which uses sound, light, and temperature to create weird and wonderful creatures.


Encore Board Game

So she thinks she knows her music? Put her to the test with this fab game in which the players must sing songs with the given word or words in.


LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall Building Kit

Give a young wizard her own Hogwarts with this LEGO kit which builds brick by brick into the setting for the incredible Harry Potter series, with 10 minifigures to re-enact all her favorite scenes.


Money Puzzle

If you like to see someone working for their gifts, this puzzle maze will be right up your street, as she’ll need to navigate the ball through the pathways to release her prize.


National Geographic Geode Kit

This National Geographic set will make a smashing birthday gift for an 11 year old who loves to discover cool things, as each rock contains a beautiful crystal for her to find and keep.


Perplexus Epic Interactive Maze Game

She’ll have hours of fun (and a little frustration) as she tries to steer the ball through the 22 feet of track and 125 obstacles within the transparent sphere.



Kids and slime go together like bread and butter, and this set contains 4 types of it, as well as an additional 4 varieties of putty, which glow, fluff, and attract metal objects.



Totally waterproof, the GoPro HERO7 is the ideal companion to take on all her adventures as it’s primed for taking action shots on both wet and dry land.


My First Coding & Computer Science Kit

We all need a little computer knowhow these days, but this fab kit will allow learning about quantum computers, algorithms, and binary coding to take place away from the screen.


Instax Mini 9 Camera

She will LOVE this Fujifilm Instant Mini 9 Camera bundle, which includes a plethora of accessories such as filters, frames, lens, 40 sheets of instant film, and loads more besides.


The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

Inspired by the world of Harry Potter, this unofficial cookbook features more than 40 recipes for delights such as Butterbrew, Liquid Luck, Amortentia, and many more powerful potions.


Dual LED Student Microscope

With both pre-prepared and blank slides included, this 50+ piece dual microscope science kit will allow her to see things from a different perspective, and includes a complete brine shrimp experiment.


ThinkFun Gravity Maze

Not only is this marble run game fun, but it’s incredibly educational too, as it builds spatial awareness, incorporates engineering skills, and encourages critical thinking with 60 increasingly difficult challenges.


Imhotep Builder of Egypt Board Game

The award winning game of ‘Imhotep, Builder of Egypt’ sees players compete to move stone blocks to crucial positions on construction sites while trying to stop their opponents from doing the same.


Color Your Own Water Bottle

Good hydration is essential, and this color your own kit makes an ideal gift for 11 year old girls as they can design and decorate their own so it never gets lost.


Just Between Us

It can be difficult for young girls to talk to their moms, but this journal will allow her to write down her thoughts and feelings before letting Mom read it, and vice versa.


Nail Style Studio Book Kit

Nail art is big business, so give her a head start with this kit which includes a 60 page booklet and some polishes, tools, and stickers to get her started.


Katamino Game

Anyone who hates geometry has never played Katamino! With a wooden frame and brightly colored shapes, the aim of the game is to fit them together in one of 500 challenges.


Paper Microscope Kit

Is there nothing a cellphone can’t do? This paper kit builds into a sturdy microscope which can be attached to a mobile phone and includes pipettes, slides, and sample labels, too.


Ticket to Ride Board Game

Ticket to Ride is an award winning board game in which players must build train routes to gather points, and features challenge cards to help them chug their way to victory.


Spontuneous Song Game

Even the most tone deaf of the group can play Spontuneous, the loud and crazy party game which asks players to sing or shout a song snippet which contains the given word.


littleBits Rule Your Room Kit

Everything is a learning opportunity as far as 11 year olds are concerned, which makes this science kit perfect as it allows them to turn household objects into the coolest of inventions.



Far from being the fluffy horned horse of fairy tales, this unicorn is a functioning robot which can be built and then programmed using the unique color sensor cards included.


Plant Maze

Not only does this plant maze look awesome, but it’s also a pretty cool science experiment which uses a growing plant navigating a maze to explain the effects of gravity and light.


DIY Bubble Gum Kit

Bubbles and candy? It doesn’t matter how old she is, she won’t be able to resist this kit which contains everything needed to make her own bubble gum before practicing her bubble-blowing skills.

Sphero BOLT

The fun way to learn coding, Sphero BOLT is a little ball of fun which can be programmed via the Sphero Edu app to follow the commands she gives it.


Chemistry Station Science Experiment Kit

Ticket to Ride is an award winning board game in which players must build train routes to gather points, and features challenge cards to help them chug their way to victory.


Hair Chalk

Dark-haired girls often miss out on rainbow-haired fun because colors don’t show up very well. These hair chalks are safe, temporary, and designed to be vibrant on even the darkest of tresses.

Prices Vary

Casio Watch

Water resistant up to 330 feet, this Casio watch makes a useful gift for any girl who would love a bright white timepiece which will really stand out.


Foosball Table

Full size and with little assembly needed, this awesome game of foosball can be played almost straight out of the box, and will add a new level of fun to family game nights.


Edible Candy Food Science Chemistry Kit

With over 40 delicious experiments, including a sugar rainbow and a sweet sugar volcano, this chemistry set will add to her STEM skills without her even noticing. Science has never been so satisfying!

Prices Vary

Trampoline with Enclosure

Exercise is boring. But bouncing definitely isn’t! Combine the two with an outdoor trampoline which comes with a large bouncing surface and safety net to keep her where she’s supposed to be.


Votes for Women Puzzle

All girls should grow up knowing how hard women fought to get their sisters a vote, and this 500 piece puzzle will be the perfect springboard for learning about the suffragettes.


Illuminated Tees

These tees are SO awesome. Any concentrated light source (enter the phone torch) will act as a pen to draw on the surface before it fades, leaving it blank to start again.


DIY Card Crafter

Handmade cards have always made touching gifts, but this kit will make them so much more beautiful thanks to the stickers, gems, stamps, washi tape and more included in the box.


Prismacolor Double-Ended Art Markers

If she’s into art, make sure she has the right tools for the job with this set of double ended markers which feature a fine tip and a chisel tip for totally different effects.


Color-Changing Alarm Clock Radio

She may not like getting up in the mornings, but at least she can do it to a backdrop of beautiful mood lighting with this color-changing alarm clock which also streams audio and calls.


Thames & Kosmos Drop It

This clever game will really encourage critical thinking as players need to decide where to drop their shapes without them coming to rest on a matching shape or color.


Gold Cuff Bracelet

This personalized gold bracelet would make a great present for a birthday. Made from 14k gold, you can have your special princess’ name engraved on it. She’ll love wearing it and will be able to keep it for years to come, reminding her of this particular birthday.


Name Rubber Stamp

Perfect for crafts or even for marking her school books, this rubber stamp can be personalized with her name so she can claim anything and everything. It’s also super glittery which is ideal for an 11 year old girl who loves anything sparkly.


Nintendo Switch

If you’re after gifts for 11 year old girls, a games console might be the perfect present. The Nintendo Switch is a great one to have at the moment as they can carry on their game play after they leave the house. It’s also great for family game night, too!


4M Crystal Growing Experiment

Growing crystals not only creates great house decorations, but it’s a great science lesson, too. This kit has everything needed to grow seven unique crystals and includes a special display case for when they’re fully formed. It’s a perfect introduction to geology for young science enthusiasts.


Hasbro Yahtzee Game

Yahtzee is a great game for your young children – it’s been around for years. This classic game is so simple; simply roll the dice to get winning combinations, but don’t forget to shout your numbers! Ideal for game night, it’s perfect for bringing the whole family together.

Prices Vary

Aristotle’s Number Puzzle

Encouraging your children to practice their math skills isn’t easy, especially when it’s the weekend or the holidays. This number puzzle game will make math fun; not only does it help with their numbers but it keeps their minds and hands busy, too.


Natural Face Paint Kit

All kids love having their faces painted – being able to become a unicorn or dragon is so much fun to them. These non-toxic face paints are a brilliant alternative to the normal ones you get as they’re made from organic ingredients which will be kind to your children’s skin.


USA Scratch Map

America is a lovely place to visit and if you’re lucky enough to live there, you’ll want to explore everything this beautiful country has to offer. Put this poster up on your children’s wall and they’ll be able to scratch off every state they’ve been to, revealing the color which is beneath.


Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Rainbow Mini Notes

Adding rainbows to everything instantly makes it more fun. These scratch art notes come with a wooden stylus so you can write anything to whomever you want. The pop of color will catch their eye, and your special messages will never go unread.


Financial Learning Ledger for Kids

Something they don’t teach in school is how to manage money, and it’s a vital life skill. This easy to read financial ledger will show your children how to keep track of their money when they earn it through chores, how to add it up, and also keep an eye on their total amount.


USAopoly Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle

Even though the Harry Potter books and movies were finished a while ago, everyone still goes Potty for Potter. This is an expansion pack for the Hogwarts Battle deck building game, this collection has four more boxes, plus the ability to play as Luna Lovegood, too.


Creativity for Kids Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium

Choosing the right gift for a pre-teen girl isn’t a task for the faint hearted. Go for something different and get her this terrarium kit. Not only will she learn how to grow the plants inside but it also makes a great nightlight for her room as it glows in the dark!


SmartLab Toys All-Natural Lip Balm Boutique

Learning about makeup and beauty products is a part of growing up when you’re female. Whether you’re into it or not, taking care of your skin is important, and this kit will allow your daughter to make her very own all -atural balms which will keep her lips in good condition and won’t be harmful.



This is a super fun and incredibly silly game for you to play with your whole family – it’s guaranteed to get some laughs. Take a card from the deck and draw exactly what it says before the timer runs out, but they won’t be ordinary pictures, so expect the unexpected.


Xbox One Console

Perfect for your little gamer girl, the Xbox One is a great console to own. It comes with 1TB storage so she’ll be able to keep all of her game saves in one place. This bundle also comes with a digital download of a new game, plus one Xbox One wireless controller.


ALEX Spa Hair Chalk Salon

Playing around with your hair color is part of life, we all do it at some point in our lives, but at 11, you might feel that your daughter is too young for dye. Why not let her experiment with these hair chalks? They’ll easily wash out with shampoo so you won’t need to worry.


L.O.L. Surprise! Pets Series 4

If you haven’t heard about LOL Surprise dolls, where have you been? The chances are that your daughter has, though, and probably wants every one there is. These surprise balls contain a mystery pet, and each of the 7 layers contains a clue as to which one your child will get.


Build Your Own Animal Kit

This is the perfect gift for 11 year old girls with creative minds and imaginations. They’ll be able to turn ordinary household items into animals with this kit – the possibilities are endless! Before long your home will be filled with little junk creatures which you have to admit are really quite cute.

Prices vary

Mini Unicorn 3D Model Kit

Unicorns are everywhere – it seems like these mythical creatures have taken over everything and are there, wherever you look. If your daughter has been gripped by this craze, she’ll love this kit which will allow her to build a beautiful 3D unicorn model for her room.



Perfect for keeping their minds (and hands) busy, this brain-teasing puzzle is great for both adults and kids. You have to group the colored buttons together, without getting the cords inside all tangled up. It’s a lot harder than it sounds, why not give it a go?


Unicorn Pinata

If your daughter is having a birthday party this year, it won’t be complete without a unicorn piñata! With a rainbow mane and tail, golden horn, and a pink heart detail, all you have to do is fill it with her favorite candy then stand back and wait for her to bust it open.


Watch Ya Mouth Family Edition

If you haven’t played this game yet, you need to try it out. It’s guaranteed to get a lot of laughs and because this is the family version, the kids can get involved, too. Sure, you’ll get a sore mouth but is that from the mouthpiece or from all the laughing you’re going to be doing?


Crayola Inspiration Art Case

Art is something which needs to be practised, and if it’s something your daughter is interested in, encourage it from an early age. This Crayola set has 140 pieces including crayons, pencils, markers, and even 15 sheets of paper, which can all be stored neatly inside the carry case when not in use.


Gummy Bear Lights

Here is a nightlight with a difference, you might even say it looks rather “sweet”. Choose from 5 different colors, like red or purple, and your daughter will have a cute accessory for her bedroom. All she needs to do is squeeze its tummy to turn the light on and off.


Magnetic Putty Unicorn Poop Stress Relief Kit

Being 11 is a difficult time. You’re trying to figure out the person you want to be and you’re in that awkward stage between being a child and becoming a teenager. Help her with those built up emotions with this adorable unicorn stress relief kit.


PlayStation 4 Pro Console

The PlayStation 4 Pro is the next version of the popular PS4.  It has a Boost Mode, meaning you can get more from your gameplay, and because of the HDR technology, games will look sharper and more vibrant. If your child likes gaming, this is the console for them.


Yarn Unicorn Kit

This is the perfect way to get your child interested in something creative. With this kit, she’ll be able to make two magical and mystical yarn unicorns which are super easy to do. Complete with rainbow manes and glittery horns, she’ll display her masterpieces with pride.


Tulip One Step Tie-Dye Kit

At 11, your daughter is trying to work out her identity and who she’s growing up to be. Help her express herself with this set of 18 bottles of dye. Tie dye is a great way to bring new life to old clothes and it’s so much fun to do – watching the patterns emerge is so exciting.


The Mug with a Hoop

We’re always told not to play with our food, but it makes it more fun when we’re allowed to, and if kids find food fun, they’re more likely to eat it. This mug with a hoop is guaranteed to make mealtimes more fun, even if it’s just a simple cup of soup.


Educational Insights Kanoodle

Educational gifts for 11 year old girls are always a winner. Kanoodle is filled with brain teasing puzzles which will test all areas of her brain as well as making her better at problem solving and thinking logically. There’s over 200 puzzles inside here, so why not see what the fuss is about?



We’ve all heard of Sudoku, where you have to fit numbers into the rows without there being a repeated one. Colorku simply replaces the numbers with colors, making it simpler for children. There’s five levels of difficulty so your child can play at whichever level they want to.


Razor Party Pop Kick Scooter

No one will be able to miss your daughter as she whizzes around the streets on this super cool scooter. As well as being super bright and colorful, it also has 12 LED lights on the base so she’ll even be able to scoot around when it’s getting dark.


Exploding Kittens Card Game

If you’re looking for a board game with a difference, Exploding Kittens is the one you want. It’s the most backed Kickstarter project ever and it’s a great game to play with your kids on family game night. It certainly won’t be boring, and it’ll get plenty of laughs from everyone.


5 Awesome Diy Gifts

Diy Science Kit for Kids

The school holidays feel as though they stretch on forever, and we want our children to carry on learning while they’re not at school. Make learning fun with this DIY science kit which they can do at home. Everything inside can be bought cheaply at the store but it’ll buy you hours of fun.

How to Make Safe Fairy Floam Slime

Slime is a craze which has developed among our children for an unknown reason, but they all seem to love it! Why not try making some at home using this tutorial from Tatertots and Jello? It’s pretty and pink as well as completely safe…what’s not to love?

Diy Tackle Box Craft Kit

Keep this craft box around the home and your kids will be able to make different pictures and projects whenever they want. It’s such a simple idea, using a tackle box as storage for their craft materials, but you’ll never go back to using drawers again.

Diy Bath Bombs (That are almost too cute to use!)

This tutorial will show you how to make cute bath bombs with your children for a fraction of the cost of store bought ones. There’s so many adorable ideas inside this blog, from Mickey Mouse ones to unicorn ones. And after all your hard work, you can relax in a hot bubble bath.

Diy Fleece Unicorn Pillow

If you’re looking for homemade gifts for 11 year old girls who love unicorns, you’ll be able to make this mystical fleece pillow using the free pattern included in the blog post. She could put them on the sofa or on her bed; there’s nowhere this cute unicorn wouldn’t look at home.

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