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30 Noteworthy Gifts for 10 Year Olds Who Love to Read

If you’re looking for gifts for ten year old bookworms, look no further. We’ve searched high and low to compile our list of recommendations of 30 of the best gifts for ten year olds who love to read, so you don’t have to.

Gifts for 10 Year Old Book Lovers

Bookmarks Coloring Book

Nothing ruins a good book more than losing your place, or having to fold the corners of the page just to remember where you were. With this bookmark coloring book, there’s a choice of 120 bookmarks that can be customized to any color of the rainbow, to combine saving your place with inspiring your creativity.


Energizer Clip Book Light for Reading

When it’s past their bedtime but they just have to find out what happens, this light is perfect. Its size makes it great for travelling and the narrow but powerful beam of light is enough to read but not so much that it wakes siblings – plus it clips onto the book for hands free use.


Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark and Reading Timer

Running a competition between children to see who spends the most time reading? Or does your ten year old just want to log their hours? This digital bookmark and reading timer is the bookworm’s equivalent to a step counter, so they can beat their PB in no time.

Prices Vary

Sofa Sack Bean Bag Chair

Getting lost in make-believe worlds of wizards, vampires, and more, can be difficult if constantly fidgeting and trying to get comfortable. This will never be an issue again with the Sofa Sack Bean Bag Chair – filled with comfortable foam and covered with soft fabric, they’ll feel like they’re reading amongst the clouds.


Library Card Tote Bag

Constantly find that you can’t check as many books out of the library as you’d like because you can’t carry them all? This tote bag is the answer to your prayers; not only is the 100% cotton material strong and reusable, but the library card design makes it the perfect accessory for any book lover.


ECR4Kids SoftZone Kids Gaming Rocker

This stylish update to the classic rocking chair is perfect for spending hours reading. The lightweight and free-standing design makes it easy to move and place anywhere around the home, plus the soft padded seat and rocking function makes it a comfortable, relaxing chair for reading, watching TV or gaming.

Prices Vary

Skater Boy’s Personalized Lap Desk

Prevent the frustration of wasted bursts of creativity with this portable desk. Ideal for use on the road or anywhere else they choose, the soft plush pillow bottom means kids can set it up on their laps without any discomfort. It can also be personalized so they won’t have to argue over it!


Saucer Chair

This Saucer Chair makes a great addition to any home; the faux fur material and saucer design makes it soft and comfortable – the perfect gift for ten year olds to snuggle up with their favorite book! And if that wasn’t enough it opens and folds in seconds for easy transportation and storage.

Prices Vary

Learning Crates Subscription Boxes

This subscription box is the perfect gift for ten year olds who love reading – a monthly dose of books and activities will put an end to them begging you to take them to the library or bookstore! Plus, with each order a book is donated toward children’s literacy – it’s a win-win!

Price varies

LINENSPA Shredded Foam Reading Pillow

Create a cozy reading space anywhere they want with the Linenspa Shredded Foam Reading Pillow. The foam filling makes it amazingly comfortable and moldable for unique, personalized comfort, and the top carry handle makes it easy to transport to the next reading destination of their choosing!


Fire Tablet

Every bookworm’s worst nightmare is being stranded on holiday, in the car, or at a relative’s house without a choice of good books to hand. That’s why the Fire 7 is a dream come true, with storage space for countless books and a Prime membership giving unlimited access to over a thousand more.


Elephant Family Bookends

If their books are your child’s pride and joy, they should be displayed in style. These adorable Elephant Family bookends feature a beautiful black silhouette of a parent and child elephant – and like the elephants they’ll never again forget where they’ve stored their favorite books!


Plush Dog Bookmarks

These bookmarks not only prevent the frustration of forgetting what page you’re on but also provide an adorable plush dog companion for any reading adventure. With twelve pieces, they can all be used at once just in case you’re too excited about starting a new book to finish the last one!


Silicone Finger Point Bookmarks

Prevent bookmarks falling from the pages with these innovative silicone stretchable bookmarks that can be wrapped around the book. Plus the ‘finger point’ design points at the exact last work you were on, so you’ll never have to reread the entire page to find your place again.


Sofia + Sam Memory Foam Lap Desk with USB Light

For a sophisticated and stylish reading station on the go, the Sofia + Sam Lap Desk is the perfect choice. The memory foam cushion provides endless comfort and support, and the adjustable LED lamp can be aimed anywhere on the page for reading in the dark.


Printable Reading Punch Card

Encourage an excitement for reading with this brilliantly fun Punch Card. Available to download and print as many copies as you want, just pick a prize and as your child finishes each book they get to punch the card; once they’ve reached ten they win!


All Mine! Personalized Bookmark Set

Make sure they never lose their bookmark again with this personalized version. Choose two colors for the letters of their name in big, bold style across the bookmark, and the durable metal material will last book after book while the flap design secures it to the page.


3D Paper-cut Little Girl Metal Bookends

For colorful and relatable gifts for ten year old girls who love to read, these lovely bookends feature a girl with her head deep in a book. An image you’ll definitely recognize! Black pads on the bottom also prevent scratches and slipping, keeping the books secure.

Prices Vary

Reading Log with Incentive Page

Keep track of all of the books your little bookworm has read, and the hours they’ve logged expanding their imagination horizons with these printable reading logs. The set includes a log to keep track of the books read, minutes spent reading, and incentive sheets to encourage them to read for a reward!


Ocoopa LED Desk Lamp

This LED desk lamp is an accessory that will excite any book lover. The whimsical plant design brings the outdoors in and disguises its true functions, its bendy design aims the light where you choose, and the brightness can be adjusted. The plant pot also doubles as a pen pot for easy reach when taking notes.

Prices Vary

Adeco Decorative Wood Bookends

Combine a love of sneakers and fashion with their love of books with these bookends for children and teenagers. Designed with trendy colors and a sneaker illustration, they will blend right in to any kid’s bedroom, whilst keeping their books on display.

Prices Vary

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

The Kindle Paperwhite is designed specifically for reading anywhere and everywhere. The built-in light makes it readable in the dark and the ‘paperwhite’ screen prevents glare when reading outdoors. And with a battery that lasts for weeks before needing to be charged there’s no need to panic if you’ve left your charger behind!


iPad Tablet Stand Pillow Holder

For prolonged periods of reading on tablet devices, this tablet holder prevents the pain and discomfort of constantly holding it up. The plush lightweight design makes it comfortable to rest on your lap for extended periods of time, and it’s sturdy enough to prevent the tablet falling.


Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Bookmark Pack

These scratch art bookmarks are great for creative book lovers to take quick artistic breaks from reading their favourite book. As the black top layer is scratched off in whatever design the book has inspired them to create, the multi colored bottom layer is revealed, creating one-of-a-kind bookmark designs.


Kids Folding Lap Desk with Storage

This practical folding desk provides great support for reading, writing or using a laptop wherever they are – and it doubles as a secret storage space for notes, pens and homework. The folding legs make it easy to use with or without, and mean it can be easily folded up and transported.


Apple iPad

Read books, write notes, do homework, watch movies, play games – there’s almost nothing the Apple iPad can’t do! With 32GB it will store more books than they can possibly imagine, leaving them spoilt for choice, and the Retina display means they won’t have to strain their eyes.

Prices Vary

Book Light for Reading in Bed

These colorful book lights make great gifts for ten year old bookworms who love reading. The LED light is perfect for staying up and reading in bed, preventing eye strain or waking others. It clips onto the book for hands-free use and doubles as a bookmark for when they’re just too tired to keep going.

Prices Vary

Carson LumiFlex LED Reading Light

With the Carson LumiFlex LED reading light, the beam of light can be adjusted to any angle to direct the light where it’s needed most. Clip it onto the book to keep reading through the night to make sure no adventure goes unfinished due to a lack of light.


Creativity for Kids Creature Origami Bookmarks

Combine a love of crafts and passion for reading with this set of ten adorable corner creature ‘create your own’ bookmarks. You and your children will have loads of fun making the cute and colorful animals – including a koala, lizard, shark, owl, lion and fox.


That’s My Name Personalized Bookmark Set

Save your place and make your mark with these colorful, stylish personalized bookmarks. The quirky print can be customized with the owner’s name in loads of fonts to prevent anyone else wandering off with the book they’d put down just for a second!


2 Cool Diy Corner Bookmarks for Kids

Diy Frog Corner Bookmarks

A craft activity to do with your kids and a brilliantly whimsical design, you’ll be excited to try out this frog corner bookmark tutorial. Check out the Easy Peasy and Fun blog to find out how you can make these fun bookmarks, they’re so easy you’ll want to make them for every book you own!

How to Make a Batman Bookmark

Give Batman a break from protecting Gotham and let him supervise your kids’ reading time with these Batman bookmarks. Find out how to quickly and easily make them out of paper and brush up your origami skills on the Books for Children blog.

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