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62 Must-Have Gifts for 10 Year Old Boys (They’ll Love These)

You’ll find the perfect gifts for 10 year old boys within this list. Whether you’re buying for their milestone birthday or for another reason, we’ve gathered together the best age appropriate gifts for them. From subscription boxes to gaming accessories, we’re confident you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

From a motorized scooter to LEGO sets, you’ll find the perfect gifts for 10 year old boys within this list.

Mizuno Youth Prospect Ball Glove

Introduce them to baseball with this Mizuno glove. With over 100 years of glove craftsmanship, it has loads of cool features, such as helping young players to learn to catch the correct way. It’ll make them fall so much in love with the game, they’ll want to play every weekend.


NERF Fortnite Dart Blaster

Inspired by the phenomenal game of Fortnite, this NERF AR-L Elite Dart Blaster comes with 20 darts, flip up sights, and an acceleration button for their most powerful battle yet.


The Atlas Obscura Explorer’s Guide for Kids

If weird and wonderful is this thing, this book will make the perfect gift as it is full of obscure facts about places around the world, such as the bioluminescent beasts of Tennessee.


RipStik Ripster Caster Board

Gifts for 10 year old boys should be exciting, and the RipStik Ripster Caster Board, with its scaled down size, is certainly that as it helps kids perform stunts much more easily.


Big Art Set

Give him the tools to explore art with this neat carrying case which contains watercolors, markers, crayons, pastels, pencils and more, and comes with a customizable brown paper exterior.


Untamed Dragon

If you thought baby dragons belonged in fairy tales and fantasy movies, meet Shockwave, the untamed dragon who has moods just like everyone else, and reacts to things around him accordingly.


Stranger Things Roleplaying Game Starter Set

Delve deep into the Upside Down as one of the Stranger Things characters with this Dungeons and Dragons starter kit, which will take him places he might not want to go!


Sky Viper Dash Nano Drone

If he’s not ready to spread his wings outdoors, let him practice with this small but mighty drone indoors as he masters the stunts, stationary hover, and landing skills it’s capable of.


Azul Board Game

Visually stunning, Azul is a strategy game in which players must win tiles and compete to place them on the board in the corresponding places whilst thwarting their competitors.


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Illustrated Edition

If he hearts Hogwarts, this beautifully illustrated hard cover volume of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire will take him on a visual literary journey through the young wizard’s fourth adventure.


Terrasect Remote Control Transforming Vehicle

There’s remote control cars, and then there’s the Terrasect, the vibrant green vehicle which transforms into a ball – yes, you heard us right – and back again at the touch of a button.


My Book of Rocks and Minerals

Many 10 year old boys have a keen interest in rocks, so let him learn all about them with an illustrated guide to the hows and whys of rock formation.


Brainbolt Brain Teaser Memory Game

Give his brain a workout with Brainbolt, the educational brain teaser which shows him a sequence of lights which he must follow accurately to stay in the game.


Under Armour Assert 8 Sneaker

Available in a range of different color combinations, these Under Armor sneakers will not only raise his street cred, but will also keep his feet cushioned, fresh, and comfortable, too.

Prices Vary

DMXSLOTS Slot Car Racing Set

With 18 feet of track, 4 remote controls, and 4 cars included, this slot car racing set will enable 10 year old boys to push their need for speed to the limits.


Blank Comic Book

Let him channel his drawing into one project with a blank comic book, which includes more than 100 pages divided into sections with speech bubbles already drawn in.


Tiny Pong Solo Table Tennis Kids Electronic Handheld Game

This table tennis set makes a fab gift for 10 year old boys to develop concentration and dexterity as they maneuver the hand-held table to bounce the ball from one side to the other.


Bloxels Star Wars Build Your Own Video Game

Totally awesome, Bloxels lets him create his own Star Wars video game using the colorful blocks included, before publishing it to the free included app so it’s ready to play.


Nighthawk Electric Ride-On Toy

More exciting than skateboarding, Nighthawk is the battery powered ride-on that allows users to steer with their body by leaning to the left or the right, at speeds of up to 6MPH.

Prices Vary

Monopoly Fortnite Edition Board Game

Monopoly may have been around since 1935, but it’s been given a brand new update which will thrill fans of Fortnite as they compete to earn health chips in the fight for survival.


Ronan Boyle and the Bridge of Riddles

Young adventurers will adore this book by Thomas Lennon, all about 14 year old Ronan Boyle who joins the secret Garda which deals with magical creatures and their many wrongdoings.


Solar Vehicle Robot Kit

This kit is both educational and fun and will delight 10 year olds as they use all the parts to create one of 14 different vehicles which can be powered using solar energy.

Prices Vary

Choose Your Own Adventure Book Set

Kids can fully immerse themselves in these adventure books which are written in the second person, and which include a decision to be made (which steers the story), on every single page.


Treasure X Aliens

This alien dissection kit is gross and oozy, which means it’ll be a guaranteed hit with 10 year old boys as they rescue the human from within the slimy alien’s belly.


Table Tennis to-Go

The only things they’ll need to add to this portable table tennis kit is a table and a couple of players, as it includes all the other components they will require.


KNEX Thrill Rides

Thrill seekers will shriek for this K’Nex set which builds into an awesome roller coaster, which can then be uploaded onto the free app so they can ride it in virtual reality.


ZURU X-Shot Rapid Fire Bug Attack

Blast those bugs away with the ZURU X-Shot Rapid Fire Bug Attack, which includes a Rapid Fire blaster, 8 darts, and 2 moving targets in the shape of wall-climbing bugs.

Prices Vary

Pop-A-Shot Basketball Arcade Game

Bring all the fun of the fair home with the dual shot arcade game from Pop-A-Shot, which boasts 2 baskets, 16 game options, 7 balls, and almost 100% scoring accuracy.


MERGE Cube Augmented Reality STEM Tool

The Merge Cube and platform creates an amazing opportunity for kids to experience math, science, engineering, art, and many more subjects in augmented reality, as if they’re holding it in their hands.


Nerf Elite Precision Target Set

Help him get his NERF skills down to a fine art with the Elite Precision Target Set which can be used standing or hanging, and provides precision practice for N’Strike games.


BONES Science Kit

As gross as it sounds, dissecting owl pellets can reveal a lot about wildlife, and this kit comes with 10 educational activities through which your child can study the natural world.


Jurassic World T-Rex Inflatable Costume

Any 10 year old will have people in stitches with this prehysterical T-Rex costume, complete with battle scars, which inflates via the included fan that clips onto the wearer’s clothing.



Escape into the decadent world of gem trading with Splendor, the board game in which players aged 10+ compete to become the richest gem trader in the market.


Construction Engineering Kit

This kit may look like ‘just’ a toy, but it actually incorporates an extensive amount of STEM learning as they use the 361 pieces included to design and build different creations.


How to Code Book

If he’s interested in the world of computing, this book will give him a head start in coding as he learns the basics and develops skills in game building and web development.


Zing Air Hunterz Z-Curve Bow

Make the most of the great outdoors with this superb bow and arrow set, which includes foam and suction arrows for the safest and most accurate experience he can have in the wild.


Chrono Bomb Night Vision Secret Agent Maze Game

A great gift for 10 year old secret agents, this set allows them to set up a ‘laser maze’ using string and a timer, which also glows in the dark for night-time missions.


5,000 Awesome Facts About Everything

Knowing random facts makes people interesting, so make sure his head is full of them with this incredible book which is filled with 5000 facts about almost everything he could think of.


Arcade Machine with 3,016 Games

He’ll never get the chance to get bored when he has this amazing arcade machine, which is preloaded with 3016 classic games, and comes with the option of custom artwork, too.


Bogs Waterproof Insulated Rubber Rain Boots for Boys

Sometimes the wetter it is, the better they enjoy it, so make sure they are covered with a pair of insulated rubber boots which are made to take on rain and snow.


Wings of Fire Books Boxset

This boxset contains the first five books in the Wings of Fire series, the best-selling books which follow the adventures of the dragonets as they fight to save their world.


Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit

If he thought becoming a wizard was outside the realm of possibilities, he can think again because this coding kit lets him build his own Harry Potter wand, and code it to make magic!


Evo App-Connected Coding Robot

Evo is a little robot with a big personality, and can be programmed using the online ozoblockly editor, or offline with the color code marker – either way, it’s brilliant fun.


Jumbo Wooden Table

This work surface can accommodate most 1500 piece jigsaw puzzles, and comes with four integrated drawers so he can sort and keep the yet-to-be-fitted pieces safe until he completes it.


Nerf Rival Phantom Corps Helios XVIII-700

Go up against your friends and family with this Nerf Rival Phantom Corps. It comes with 7 high impact rounds and can fire them at a velocity of over 100 feet per second. This Nerf gun has easy loading, trigger lock and a tactical rail to make play combat a lot easier.


WowWee COJI The Coding Robot Toy

Buying them an educational toy as a gift seems a bit mean doesn’t it? Well it won’t when you meet COJI. This robot toy develops their STEM skills by allowing them to program COJI via emoji language. There’s a downloadable app too which will enable them to control the robot from their smart device.


LEGO Superheroes Rhino Face-Off Building Kit

Recreate epic moments from the hit Marvel movie, Black Panther. This 229 piece LEGO set features 10 minifigures, including Black Panther, Okoye and Killmonger. Place one of the minifigures on the rhino and ride him into battle. Kids will have so much fun copying the scenes from the movie or coming up with their own.


ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Logic Game

Do you remember making marble runs? Gravity Maze is a bit like that but it requires logic and spatial reasoning to complete the challenges. There are 60 included, ranging from beginner to expert, and all you have to do is get the marble from the start position to the Target Tower. Simple right?


Bloxels Build Your Own Video Game

Improve his STEM skills by allowing him to design and code his own video game. He’ll have hours of fun building his own game using this kit, creating new characters and rooms. There’s also a compatible app which is free to download, allowing him to create and play on the go.


Fingerlings Baby Sloth

Meet Kingsley, the super cute sloth Fingerling. These were the must have toy of 2017 and looking at Kingsley, it’s not hard to see why. As well as being utterly adorable, he’ll respond to sound and motion, blink his eyes at you and even blow kisses.


UNO Super Mario Game

UNO has had a takeover…by Mario and his friends. This classic card game now has a Super Mario Bros. theme, making your son more likely to participate in family game night. The rules are still the same so what are you waiting for? Get the whole family involved and let’s play!


Makey Makey An Invention Kit for Everyone

Great for developing their STEM skills, Makey Makey will allow your child to turn anything they want to into a keyboard. For example, attach some bananas to it using the alligator clips and you can play the piano using banana keys! Yes, it is as crazy as it sounds but it’s guaranteed fun.


Nintendo Switch

Play at home and on the go. The Nintendo Switch allows you to carry on the game wherever you are, taking the fun of the games console with you. During the summer, family picnics can take on a competitive edge if you take the Switch along.


Mystic Emoji Ball

The Magic 8 ball we all know has been given a modern twist. The Mystic Emoji ball has the crying laughter face on the back and you know that when you see that face, there’s going to be fun. Ask it a question, shake it and see what lies ahead for you.


Pokemon TCG

Pokémon have made a comeback, especially with the release of Pokémon Go. Take it back to the old school game we loved as children and introduce your son to the classic cards. This lot of 100 assorted cards will contain many Pokémon, maybe even some you haven’t heard of.


LEGO Star Wars Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike Battle Pack

Use the 125 pieces inside this LEGO kit and you’ll be able to make a Bounty Hunter Speeder bike. Once you’ve built the epic vehicle, you can put one of the three included minifigs into the cockpit and use any of the weapons to blast your way out of battle.


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Choose your favorite Mario character and get racing against your friends and family. With the Nintendo Switch, you can race on the go. Whether you’re in the park, on the beach or maybe just in the supermarket, you can keep your children amused and have fun while doing it.


Klutz LEGO Crazy Action Contraptions Craft Kit

Get their engineering minds whirring with this LEGO contraptions craft kit. Inside, you’ll find enough parts to create 16 projects, including brakes, gears and axles. It also comes with 105 LEGO bricks to finish off the projects and a 50 page instructions booklet.


I Paused My Game To Be Here Shirt

Let this t-shirt do the talking. If your son is a gamer, and one who doesn’t want to leave his video games behind, this t-shirt will be perfect. With “I Paused My Game To Be Here” written across the t-shirt, everyone will know where he really wants to be.


Spy Guy Secret Mission Set

 Do you need gifts for 10-year-old boys? You won’t go wrong with this awesome spy kit. Complete with 10 pieces, him and his friends will be transformed into a secret spy agent in a flash. These cool gadgets will make his imaginative spy games come to life.


LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox Building and Coding Kit

Combine their love of LEGO and robots with this amazing kit. It allows them to not only build a super cool robot but it also has the ability to be programmed too using a tablet or smart device. It’s also great for building his STEM skills as well.


HEXBUG Nano Nitro Pack

Hexbugs are great for whiling away a rainy afternoon. This pack has 5 included, all in multiple colors. These bugs are different from the classic ones because they’ve been given a boost of nitro speed, and they will provide hours of entertainment for your children.


Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Discovery Kit

The perfect gift for the 10-year-old you know who’s interested in all things science, this kit will show him how to design and build working electrical circuits. The snap together parts mean they’ll need minimal adult supervision, making it a super hands on experience for them.


LEGO Technic Whack Building Kit

Building their own car from LEGO will be a great rainy day activity. This kit has 135 pieces, including a pull back motor and an engine pop out function which activates on impact. They’ll have so much fun with this around the house or in the backyard.


LEGO Minecraft the Zombie Cave Building Kit

Minecraft is a popular game among children because it allows them to design and create their own worlds. Now they can bring a piece of the game into the real world with this LEGO Minecraft Zombie cave, complete with a Steve, mommy and baby zombies, and bat figures.


Razor Electric Rechargeable Motorized Ride On Scooter

Getting kids outside in the fresh air is important, especially nowadays with all the technology. They won’t want to come back inside with this motorized scooter, and they’ll be the envy of their friends when they see your son zooming up and down the sidewalk.


Under Armour® Personalized Duffel Bag

Perfect for their school gym equipment, this duffel bag can be personalized with any name, monogram or initial of your choice which can be embroided in a multitude of colors. They’ll never lose their gym bag again, and no one else will mistake it for their own.


Funko Mystery Mini: Best of Anime Mystery Figure

Buying gifts for 10-year-old boys isn’t easy but blind boxes are always a winner. If they’re a fan of anime, they’ll love these surprise boxes. They contain one Funko anime character which they’ll recognize from their favorite anime shows. They could get lucky and get their favorite character,or they might end up finding a whole new favorite, instead.


The Original Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow

The perfect toy for those late summer nights, Stomp Rocket is literally what it sounds like. Stamp on the pump and the rocket will whoosh off into the sky. These rockets are different though, they glow in the dark which will make a great light show too.


Roadmaster Granite Peak Boys Mountain Bike

A grown up bike is a must for an outdoorsy child, and this 24”Roadmaster mountain bike is perfect. In a great black and orange style, it will suit almost any child and their likes and interests. They’ll be ready for weekend family bike rides in no time.


Creation Crate Subscription Box

If you’re looking for alternative gifts for pre-teen boys, a subscription box is ideal. It’s like a gift that keeps on giving, because they’ll get something new every month. This one is ideal if the boy you know is into his coding and electronics. Great for improving their STEM and problem solving skills too.

Price varies

Capture the Flag REDUX

A totally different game for you to play with your family this summer. Any age can play this game and the more people who join in, the better! Capture the Flag has been given a glow in the dark makeover, making it more exciting and interesting.


Engino Discovering Stem Building Kit

He won’t even realize that this is an educational toy because he’ll be having that much fun with it. This mechanics kit will teach him about levers and how they can be used with large structures. Build 16 different models with this kit, each one teaching something new.


Klutz LEGO Chain Reactions Craft Kit

Give him something different to build with his LEGO bricks with this Chain Reactions kit. He’ll be able to design and build 10 different moving machines using the well-known LEGO brick along with plastic balls and paper ramps. It also comes with an 80 page instruction booklet so he’ll never be stuck on what to create next.

Prices Vary

Kids Tactical Vest Kit for Nerf Guns

Kit them out for tactical warfare with this Nerf vest. It has the ability to carry 40 refill darts and 3 quick reload clips. There’s also a tactical mask and a hand wrist band which has adjustable Velcro straps, as does the vest, so it’ll fit most sizes.


Bit Coding Robot

Ideal for introducing them to the super cool world of robotics and coding, not only can you personalize this cute robot but you can use the included markers to code – the different colors will tell the robot what to do. Once you’ve mastered that, you can move on to writing programs.


Code Master Programming Logic Game

Make learning how to code fun with this Code Master board game. Not only will it improve their knowledge of coding, it’ll also develop their STEM skills too. Make your way around the board by problem solving, planning and reasoning. It’s the perfect game for all 10 year olds.


Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board

Kids love to be like their parents and if you need gifts for 10 year old boys, a magnetic dart board is perfect. They can play just like you but without the danger of the sharp darts. Teach your boy how to play and before you know it, he’ll be 21 and able to play with you for real.


Faux Bow 3

A great alternative to an actual bow, you’ll be able to send arrows flying over 100ft without the danger of a real bow and arrow. They’ll be able to learn the art of archery safely, giving them a new hobby, and you won’t need to worry about them damaging themselves…or anything else!


LEGO Creator Space Shuttle Explorer Building Kit

Nurture his love of rockets and space exploration with this 285 piece LEGO kit. He’ll be able to build a Space Explorer shuttle, complete with a robotic arm and a satellite with fold out wings. It also comes with an astronaut minifig which sits in the cockpit.


Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger

This Nerf set allows you to play one on one with a friend or family member. Forget the Nerf darts though, you’ll be playing Lazer Tag with these. Look out for the lights, sounds and vibrations to let you know you’ve been hit. All you have to do is avoid the lazer.


No Stress Chess

Learning how to play chess is a bit difficult and stressful. Take the horror out of it with No Stress Chess, a game which makes learning this game easy. The secret? A pack of playing cards which tells you which piece to move. It makes the game super easy.


LEGO Creator Robo Explorer Robot Toy

This 3-in-1 model LEGO model can be a robot, a robot bird with light up eyes, or even a robot dog with a light up jetpack. The standard robot has working tracks, rotating body and head and also posable arms with a searchlight and a claw.


Nerf Modulus Regulator

Switch up their Nerf game with the Modulus Regulator Blaster which has the added benefit of SwitchFire technology. Choose from 3 different firing modes, single-fire, burst-fire and continuous-fire. It also comes with two 12 dart-clips and 24 elite darts so he’ll be ready to go into friendly combat.


Intex Floating Hoops Basketball Game

Perfect for those lazy pool days in the summer, this floating basketball game will add some fun competition to the water. Take the inflatable ball and try and get it into the hoop while it gently bobs around the pool. Make sure you keep score though or you’ll never know who wins.


Beyblade Burst Avatar Attack Battle Set

Give him somewhere to have his Beyblade battles with this Burst Attack Battle set. The Beyblade Burst tops which are included with the arena can smash into pieces upon impact, giving it a more “realistic” feel. The first player to get 3 points is the winner!



Get 3-4 players and settle down to play Catan, the board game where you have to trade and negotiate your way to peace and settlement. Build roads, buildings and whole cities to give you somewhere to live but watch out for your opponents, they’re out to get you.

Prices Vary

Playstation Icons Light

Is your kid a bit of a gamer? If so, he’ll love these PlayStation lights in his bedroom. With 3 different light settings, this super bright neon icon we all recognize from the PlayStation controller will definitely be a hit for him. He’ll have even more of a reason to stay in his bedroom!


Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set

We’ve all heard of Dungeons & Dragons, a great roleplaying game in which you are a Dungeon Master. This starter pack will tell you everything you need to know about the game, show you how to get started, and teach you the rules of this great game.

Prices Vary

LEGO Star Wars Boba Fett Building Kit

He’ll be so proud that he built this LEGO model of Boba Fett that it’ll go on display in his bedroom. This kit comes with 144 pieces, including a jet pack and his helmet, and the limbs are moveable and posable too so he can be changed up into different battle positions.


4M Solar System Planetarium

Do you have a son who is obsessed with space and the planets? We think this solar system model will be perfect for him if so. Not only will he be able to assemble it and learn the planet names, but he’ll need to paint them too, thus recognizing their different colors.


Star Wars The Black Series First Order Stormtrooper

As far as gifts for 10 year old boys go, Star Wars themed presents are definitely up there, and this Stormtrooper figure is no exception. It has intricate and authentic movie detailing and comes with 8 accessories, including various weapons such as a handgun and a large blaster, as well as a jet pack.


Sports Enthusiast Personalized Picnic Blanket

Ideal for any sports enthusiast, these personalized picnic blankets are great for watching games on or just taking along to a family picnic. Add their first and second name to it as well as a sport number and a line of text. You also get the choice of 5 colors and 20 sports options, too.


SmartLab Toys Smart Circuits Games & Gadgets Electronics Lab

This electronics kit contains enough materials to make 50 different builds, and then you could use your newfound knowledge to create an infinite number of projects from your imagination. Make a working room alarm and electronic drum kit by using your knowledge to complete the circuits.


Cardboard Tool Kit

Learning how to use tools is such a useful life skill but showing kids how to use a sharp saw at 10 probably isn’t advisable. No worries, this cardboard tool kit is the solution! The Safe-Saw , “Scrus” and a Scru-Driver will only work on carboard, allowing them to create wonderful things from old packaging.


Razor Dune Buggy

Your son and his friends will have hours of fun on this Razor Dune buggy. With a powerful 350 watt motor, it’s able to reach speeds of 10mph which will be fast enough for a 10 year old but not so fast for you to have to worry that he’s going to hurt himself.


5 Diy Gifts for Your 10 Year Old Boy

Diy Lap Desks (No Sewing Required)

Kids these days love their laptops but it means they spend more and more time up in their bedrooms. Why not make them lap desks following this tutorial from A Beautiful Mess. The lap desks can also double up as a great place for them to do their homework, too.

Learn How to Make Paracord Bracelets

Take some old paracord and use it to make some bracelets with your boys. Of course, you can make them with your daughters too but finding good craft projects your sons will approve of can be tricky. Be warned though, they’re highly addictive and you’ll find yourself making loads of them!

Diy Baseball String Bracelet

This is the perfect DIY project for your baseball loving sons. Get some old baseballs and cut out the stitches from the ball. This can be fiddly and time consuming but it’s worth it when you see the finished bracelet – the perfect accessory for any baseball game.

Diy Skateboard Shelves

Ideal for repurposing those battered skateboards, you’ll be able to give his room a skateboarding feel with these DIY shelves. Super simple to make but they look really cool when finished. Follow the steps in this tutorial and you’ll be the coolest mom ever.

Make Your Own Diy Minecraft Pillows

If your kid is a fan of the sandbox game Minecraft, they’ll love these DIY cushions you can make for them. Don’t worry if you can’t sew, they’re no-sew meaning pretty much anyone can make them. This tutorial has instructions to make a sheep, creeper and TNT from the game.

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