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11 Unique Gifts Baskets for Kids

These gift baskets for kids are sure to be something they remember for a long time. Each one has a unique twist to it that makes it extra special and not just some boring gift basket we adults get.

11 Unique Gifts Baskets for Kids- packed with fun and creative play.

Glow In The Dark Care Package

Here’s a unique gift basket any kid will have fun with. It’s full of glow in the dark stuff that they can play with that should keep them entertained for quite awhile. A nice alternative to a candy or junk food-laden basket.


Get Well Plush Play Set

When they’re under the weather or in the hospital you can’t go wrong with this get well gift basket. It includes a plush bear that is on the mend, a doctor’s bag, and a delicious cookie to keep their spirits up.


Kids Sports Care Package

If they’re into sports you’ll want to get them this sports-themed package, which includes an assortment of different fun-to-play games that they’re sure to enjoy. These are games that will keep them busy indoors and out.


Little Chef Embroidered Gift Set

This gift set is the right choice if you’ve got an aspiring chef in the home. It includes an apron, a chef’s hat, and oven mitts, all with a nice zoo design on them. There’s even a cookie included so they can munch on that while they’re cooking.


Birthday Care Package

When you can’t make it for their birthday, be sure to send your love along in the form of this birthday care package. It’s loaded with things like candy and treats, as well as party poppers to get the party going, and balloons for a festive atmosphere.


Gourmet Pizza Making Set

They’ll absolutely love to make a pizza when you send them a gourmet pizza making set. Mom and dad will have to help obviously, but that just adds to the fun. All of the premium ingredients insure they’re going to get a delicious dinner.


Halloween Tower of Treats

When Halloween rolls around, impress them with this tower of treats that are fit for the occasion. It can be hard to compete with all of the candy loot they get from Trick or Treating, but this tower is sure to put things over the top.


Arts and Crafts Care Package

This gift basket is sure to be just the thing that’s needed on a rainy day. It’s full of arts and crafts and will keep them busy making different projects. It includes everything they’ll need to do several complete projects.


Junk Food Bucket

Kids seem to be drawn to junk food, and this gift bucket makes it so they don’t have to search very far for their next piece. It contains items like Twizzlers and gummies so they’ll be munching on snacks for days.


Classic Candy Gift Crate

If you want to go retro, get them this classic candy gift crate and they’ll be able to enjoy the same sort of candy that you did as a kid. This is full of different gummy treats as well as licorice bites to make their dentist extra happy.


Haunted Halloween Care Package

If you can’t be there for Halloween, you can send along this Halloween care package that covers all of the bases. It’s like going Trick or Treating without having to leave the house, and is sure to be a big hit with kids of all ages.


8 DIY Gifts for Kids

Personalized Coloring Book

When you want to send them along something personalized and extra special, try this coloring book which you can load up with pictures of them and their family members for a lot of fun. Be sure to include a picture of yourself too.

DIY Lego Tray

This Lego tray is the perfect gift to make and send to them because it’s just right for completing a Lego project, and is portable so they can easily move their workspace in the middle of putting it together without a catastrophe.

Dragon Bottle Cover

This dragon bottle cover is a cute way for them to hold their water bottle, and easily identifies it as their bottle and no one else’s. It’s easy enough to make, even if you’re not very craftsy, and all instructions are included.

DIY Colorful Block Set

This colorful block set is fun to make and is much better than a natural wood block set because it’s brighter. They’ll have fun putting the blocks together in different shapes and making an assortment of structures.

Blacklight Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe is a lot more fun when you’re playing under a blacklight and everything is lit up. This can be a great rainy day activity, and when you send it along with a gift basket it’s the perfect add on gift.

Cute Notes

These cute notes make a message from you extra special, and are a much better idea than a boring store bought greeting card. Send them a Valentine or just a special message any time of the year and they’ll love it.

Make Them a Giant Minifigure

If they love Legos you can’t miss when you make them an oversized Lego minifigure. The best part is that you can tailor it to their specific interests, so they’ll get an even bigger kick out of it. With the success of the Lego movie it’s sure to be a hit.

Personalized Name Tag

Send them this personalized name tag and they’ll be able to put it on their school bag so there isn’t any mix up as to whose bag is whose. They’ll love that you took the extra time to hand make something just for them.


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