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Gift Ideas (By Interest)

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50 Cool Camping Gear and Gifts Everyone Will Love

All lovers of the great outdoors know that as much as you’d like to pack as light as possible, there’s nothing like cool new camping gear to make your nights under the stars a little easier, more comfortable, and more fun. From a multi-tool to a portable wood-burning camp stove or a sturdy tree hammock, the camping lover in your life will be thrilled to open any of these gifts.

53 Cool Fishing Gifts for All Skill Levels

Fishing enjoys a special place in the lives of humans. We’ve been fishing since time immemorial. Some of us fish for fun and recreation, and some of us fish as a way of life. No matter what your approach to fishing is, you need the right gear to land those fish. You’ll find that gear on this list.

18 Gifts for Foodies & Adventurous Eaters

Foodies are easy to shop for, just get them something food related. We’ve narrowed down your choices with these amazing gifts that introduce new taste sensations to them. They’ll be able to make foods that they probably haven’t tried before with a molecular gastronomy kit, and they can even have a professional chef come into their home and whip up a five star meal right in their kitchen so they can relax in familiar surroundings.

26 Cool Gifts for Gamers of All Ages

Get them the gifts they really want by getting them something that helps them game even more, or show their affinity to a certain game. These gifts are designed to make their gaming experience even better, with headsets and controllers that enhance game play. There are also plenty of wearable items that showcase some of the most popular games going. There’s even a full-immersion racing simulator that costs more than a real car!

36 Gifts for Gardeners with the Green Thumb

If being in the garden is their happy place, make them even more happy with these amazing gifts for gardeners. It’s all about keeping them comfy and beautifying their gardening space with great decorative pieces. There are gardening chairs that store their tools, self-watering pots that make life a little easier out there, and gifts that help attract birds and butterflies so it’s just as pretty as can be where they work.

54 Great Golf Gifts They Will Love

The game of golf means different things to different people. It can be a way to get outside and spend time with friends. It can be an obsession. For some, golf is the office: it’s where the big shots make the big deals. This list is for all of the above. If they love golf, you’ll find something for them here.

43 Gifts for Health Nuts & Fitness Buffs

You can’t go wrong with these gifts specifically chosen for the fitness buffs out there. These are a special breed that totally get into all of the health crazes and try to be as fit as they can. You can support their way of life by getting them any of these gifts, which will help them get even more fit, or help them be as comfortable as possible while doing what they do. From pedometers to DVD workout programs, they’ll love these.

18 Gifts for Runners of All Types

If you’re not a runner it’s hard to understand the mind of a runner and why they spend so much time by themselves running all around. But that’s OK, because we’ve tapped into that way of thinking to come up with the best gifts for runners, no matter if they’ve just started out or are a running veteran. There are headbands that will keep the sweat out of their eyes, heart rate monitors, and pedicure sets to tend to runner’s feet.

43 Life-Changing Gifts for Travelers

If you know someone who only feels at home when they’re not at home, you’ll want a gift that’s ideal for the wandering heart and the long the journey. These are the things that’ll keep them happy and comfortable on a train, plane, bus, or boat (like the J Pillow), excitedly logging their travels (the personalized travel poster), and with a Canon HD digital camera, documenting the big, beautiful world.

Other Great Gifts (By Interest)

63 Gifts for Books Lovers & Avid Readers

Keep them reading and happy with these gifts that are geared towards those that always seem to have a book in front of them. There are some of the best-selling books that will get them totally enthralled as well as bookmarks, reading glasses, and reading devices that will make it a whole lot easier for them to take part in their favorite hobby.There’s also a kit that helps them start their own library of sorts.

30 Gifts for Car Lovers and Enthusiasts

So you need a gift for someone with a love for speed, tinkering with old cars, or just plain cruising down the open road. Not sure what to get them? Check out this list of gifts for car lovers and enthusiasts. Whether they like old classics or fancy muscle cars, there’s definitely something here they’ll love. One gallon car mats will help keep their car clean, while an iPhone remote controlled Enzo Ferrari is sure to provide hours of nostalgic fun.

62 Unique Gifts For Cyclists

There are people who just ride bikes, and then there are cyclists. If you’ve got a friend or relative with a need for leg-powered speed, we’ve got all the gifts that will make them smile and keep them safe, comfortable, and happy on the road. From maintenance tools and cycling gear to a bicycle-shaped pizza cutter, there’s a gift here for every budget and every cyclist.

27 Spin-worthy Gifts for Cyclists

If their main ride has two wheels, there are lots of gifts you can get that will make that ride safer, more comfortable, and more fun. Of course, you can also find neat bike-themed gifts like bicycle bookends! Whether you choose the magnetic bike lights for nightime safety or the cycle care kit for simple maintenance, you’ll find the perfect gift for your cyclist on this list.

35 Creative Gifts for Dancers

Whether you’re shopping for a tiny budding tap dancer or an older ballerina or modern dancer, you’ll find something on this list to celebrate their talents and make them smile. Themed jewelry reminds them of their art when they’re away from the studio, and useful gifts like a dance bag or a recital make-up set make performances go a little more smoothly no matter the age or style of the dancer.

23 Incredible Gifts for Drummers

When you’ve got someone in your life who feels the beat down to the bone, you want to give them a gift that will celebrate their talent and let them know that you support them as a musician. From customizable drum sticks or a cool timber drum to neat items like drumstick mixing spoons or cymbal cufflinks, we can help you pick out the perfect gift that matches both their style and their instrument of choice.

21 Clever Gifts for Guitar Players

For the avid guitar player, the right gift can improve their sound and comfort. If you don’t know what to get your guitar player, check out this list—they’ll be delighted that you took the time to figure out what they’d really need or want. A hand exerciser will help keep their finger muscles, joints, and ligaments in great shape for lengthy jam sessions, and an iTrack professional dock turns their iPad into a recording workstation.

23 Unique Gifts for American History Buffs

If you know an American history buff you probably get sick of how well they know the last couple hundred years. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get them a great gift that will either test or fortify their knowledge of America’s rise to power. From trivia games that are all about American history, to DVDs of films and documentaries that help them relive some of the best and worst moments, they’ll be ecstatic.

18 Unique Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers & Equestrians

These gifts for horse lovers will really capture that special bond between horse and man or woman. You’ll find simple gifts that show off the beauty of horses, as well as games that all all centered around these magnificent animals. This will help the horse lover in your life display just how devoted they are to horses, as well as keep their mind on their favorite animal more often.

22 Gifts for Hunters That WIll Improve Their Skills

When hunting season is on make sure they’re fully equipped by getting them one of these great hunter gifts. There are items that will help them see their target better, books that will help them cook their kill better, and hand and feet warmers that will make them more comfortable while they’re out on the hunt. There’s even a portable fridge that will keep their big game cool so it doesn’t go bad.

21 No-Fail Gifts for Music Lovers

Help them hear what they’ve been missing and show their love of music with these amazing gifts for music lovers. There are noise canceling headphones that will block out the world around them so the music can be heard clearly, speakers that double as an ottoman so they can fully relax while they listen, and even piano lessons so they can learn to play like a pro. These gifts are sure to put a smile on their face.

14 Clever Gifts Every Quilter Will Love

Quilters are passionate about their hobby, and they’ll love any gift that helps them do what they love. Cutting tools, quilting rulers, and pattern books are definitely quilter-pleasers, but you could also try unique finds like a scrap catchers or quilting-themed decorations to help keep their workspace neat. and beautiful. If you get them something they love, maybe you’ll get a quilted gift in return!

14 Hi-Tech Gifts for Readers

Help bring them into the 21st century of reading with these hi-tech reading gifts. Featuring all of the best ereaders so they’ll be able to download as many books as they want without taking up much space in the home. There’s also some advanced lighting which will illuminate traditional books so that they can see better with less eye strain, and read even more. There’s even an electronic notepad for note taking.

13 Unique Gifts for Travelers

If you know someone who’s always on the move, help them scratch the itch to explore with some of these unusual gifts they may have never seen before. Some of them are designed to make traveling more comfortable, like the Hibermate dual ear plug and eye mask combo or the digital luggage scale so they’ll never have to worry about whether their bag is too heavy stuffed with all of those souvenirs.

33 Zen & Spiritual Gifts for Enlightenment & Relaxation

These spiritual gifts will put them in better touch with their larger self, clear the conscious mind, and help them find peace and tranquility and an otherwise chaotic world. Classic items like a bonsai tree are mixed with more esoteric items like a Buddha board and a Zenergy chime. You simply can’t miss with any of these gifts, and even though Buddhists reject material possessions, these will help them on their path to enlightenment.

33 Zombie Gifts for Lovers of the Undead

If you can’t peel them off the sofa when Walking Dead comes on, you know you’ve got a zombie lover on your hands. Keep them satisfied with an influx of zombie gifts that celebrate all things undead. These gifts pull from some of the best known and most loved zombie films and shows, as well as original items like zombie gnomes and zombie jerky. There’s much to explore here, so take your time and pick the right one for them.

Gift Ideas (By Occupation)

16 Creative Gifts for Architects

Architects are an interesting breed, having fallen in love with a field that is both science and art. If you can’t decide what to get them, try these inspiring architecture-themed gifts, including some that are family-friendly, like the giant tumble tower set that gets everyone up on their feet. Otherwise, you can knock their socks off with a fancy flip desk or a modern concrete desk set.

28 Creative Gifts for Artists

Artists have their own unique sense of what they need, which can make them tough to shop for. Luckily we’ve made it a bit easier for you with these gifts that should make just about any artist happy to receive. These are gifts that will help them express themselves even more, or make them more comfortable as they work. There’s even gifts that will help inspire them to keep making great works of art.

21 Creative Gift Ideas for Engineers

Engineers think differently than most, which is why they make the big bucks. Trying to find gifts that appeal the left brain attributes to today’s engineers can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. Look for gifts that challenge their intellect and get them to think outside of their comfort zone. These gifts range from puzzles, to robotic arms, to inspirational paperweights that will keep them in the right frame of mind while they work.

30 Unique Gifts for Firefighters

They risk their lives every day, so the least you can do is pick out a gift that will show them just how much you care, and how good you are at picking out relevant gifts to show your appreciation. There are fun gifts here like a belt made out of a fire hose or heated slippers for sore feet at the end of a stressful shift, but sentimental gifts, too, like a decorative steel dog tag featuring a firefighter’s prayer.

12 Insanely Funny Gifts for Lawyers

Lawyers are used to being the butt of many a joke, but if you think they’re not done laughing yet, try some of these hilarious lawyer gifts like law school in a box, or a legal decision maker paperweight. If they’re also a Breaking Bad fan, you’re going to want the Better Call Saul mug. Still, at the end of the day, they’ll know you take their job seriously. Hopefully.

33 Gifts for Pilots & Aviation Lovers

Whether you’ve got a pilot or some an aviation buff, we’ve got the gifts that are flawless for the 30,000 feet flyer. From helpful pilot’s tools like a kneeboard, tool kit, or a state-of-the-art wireless headset to kitschy gifts like plane-shaped bookends, paperweights, and flight deck coasters, we’ve got both the useful and the just “plane” fun on this list. See what we did there? Bad joke, we know. We just can’t help it.

21 Hilarious Gifts for Police Officers

If you know an officer of the law with a sense of humor, you’re going to watch to check out these gifts that poke a bit of fun and are sure to make them laugh. There are gifts on this list to suit any type of officer and any personality, from donut mugs and badge-shaped ice cube trays to DIY gifts like homemade S’mores or garlic and herb dipping oils for them to enjoy after a long day on the job.

21 Noteworthy Gifts for Writers

Wondering what to get the writer in your life? It can be hard because they spend so much time in their own heads, isolated from society as they mash away on the keyboard. But getting into the mind of writer isn’t too hard, especially with this list of writer’s gifts that will help them overcome writer’s block, make them more comfortable as they write, and keep them in a positive mindset as they go about today’s word count.