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39 Must-Have Luxury Gift Baskets for Women

Take a look at this list which is filled with amazing gift baskets for women and you’re sure to find that perfect gift for her. Whether you’re looking for a spa basket, food hamper or maybe something a bit more impressive, we’ve covered all bases and have a basket for every occasion.

Gifts Baskets For Women

Tranquility Spa Collection

There’s no better gift for a woman than the gift of self-indulgence and relaxation. Inside this gorgeous canvas tote bag, there are some amazing beauty products which wouldn’t look out of place in a spa. Everything she could want for a spa day, including a bamboo towel and candle, are all included in this gift basket.

Price varies

Tropical Islands Clean Getaway Spa Basket

Make life easy for you and get her this gorgeous ready made spa basket. Presented in a beautiful wicker basket, there are products such as shower gels, bath salts and a fluffy towel which will make her feel as though she’s in a real spa, especially with their luxurious scent.

Prices Vary

Red Wine Duo & Chocolate Suitcase

Is there a better combination in life than chocolate and red wine? Both rich and luxurious, these two pair so beautifully that this gift basket contains simply that. Two bottles of wine and a delicious assortment of gourmet chocolates; she’ll love sampling everything this hamper has to offer.


The Godiva Chocolatier Collection

Godiva make some amazing luxury chocolates and she’ll be able to get a taste of the best this chocolatier offers. Solid chocolate bars, chocolate covered nuts, pretzels and even some milk chocolate pearls are just some of the delicious goodies inside this basket. The ultimate chocoholic’s dream.

Price varies

Yoga Gift Basket

If you know someone who enjoys a daily yoga stint, this gift basket has everything she’ll need for a fulfilling yoga session. There’s an illustrated book as well as a DVD to teach her some new moves as well as plenty of self-care products and edible treats.


Broadway Basketeers Gourmet Gift Basket

Perfectly curated to be the ultimate luxury for any celebration, this basket of gourmet goodies includes popular favorites both sweet and savory. Brownie Brittle in salted caramel, Blueberry Greek Yogurt cookies, seasoned popcorn, mixed nuts, and more will delight the lucky recipient. Personalized messages are available.


Champagne And Confections

It doesn’t get any more sophisticated than a bottle of bubbly and fine chocolates. Wrap it all up in an elegant silver wine chiller and you have taken gift-giving to a new level. Speaking of levels, you have three high-end options to choose from in champagne selections including the famous Dom Perignon.

Prices vary

Starbucks Daybreak Gourmet Coffee Gift Basket

Starbucks is the go-to supplier for fine coffees and teas. This basket has the best of both and includes some sweet treats like biscotti and shortbread cookies. This is the ultimate pick-me-up gift of morning beverage favorites and includes a mug for making that first cup.

Prices Vary

Grand Indulgence Gourmet Gift Basket

Gift baskets are a great way to send tasty treats that the recipient might not normally get to enjoy. This elaborate display comes in a sweet, vintage-style hamper than can used for many future picnics. It has a bit of everything – Italian ham, bourbon caramels, roasted nuts, caramel popcorn, and a whole lot more!

Prices vary

Fresh Fruit And Godiva Chocolates

This abundant basket is overflowing with premium pears, lucious apples, and juicy oranges, all picked at the peak of perfection. Add to that a large assortment of Godiva goodies and you have the ultimate taste of luxury. The gorgeous woven basket with leather trim will be enjoyed long after the treats are gone.

Prices vary

Wine Country Gift Baskets Ghirardelli Tower

This tantalizing tower of tasty treats features goodies for the consummate chocolate-lover. Ghirardelli, the San Francisco based, world-famous chocolatier offers an assortment of milk and dark chocolate squares, chocolate chip cookies, dark chocolate caramel popcorn, and more scrumptious sweets. This is an impressive and appreciated gift for any occasion.

Prices Vary

Think Pink Fros Gift Set

This delightful gift set includes everything you need to make delicious champagne slushies. You get a bottle of pink bubbly, rose water, and even pretty party cups, so you can get started making festive cocktails no matter where you are. It even comes with champagne gummy bears for a fun little accompaniment.

Prices vary

Sweet and Savory Gift Basket

You can never go wrong with a thoughtful and elegant gift of sweet and savory snacks. This attractive and reusable basket comes filled with terrific treats such as chocolate pretzel mix, yogurt covered nuts, brownie brittle, roasted pistachios, and lots more. Food is always a perfect, all-occasion gift.

Prices Vary

Pacific Valley Wine Duet With Fine Tools

This is a truly impressive gift for a wine lover. They get two exquisite bottles of fine California wines – a Pinot Noir and a Sauvignon Blanc – which are accompanied by a classic set of stainless steel tools, all nestled in a custom tote perfect for taking wines wherever you go.

Prices vary

Segura Viudas Champagne And Godiva Chocolates

Nothing is more elegant than a sparkling bubbly and fine chocolates. This gift set includes a beautiful bottle, with gorgeous pewter accents, of Reserva Heredad Cava, alongside a golden arrangement of Godiva chocolates. Hand-tied with a pretty satin ribbon, it also comes with a complementary pair of scissors for easy opening.

Prices vary

Biscotti Cookie Gift Basket

Biscotti is the sweet treat beloved by coffee drinkers everywhere. This luscious tray of trendy baked goods are topped with eye-popping toppings such as nut brittle, roasted sunflower seeds, white candy crunch, candied coconut, and lots more. The quality ingredients and inventive toppings make this a unique gift.


Ghirardelli Chocolatier Gift Basket

This stunning display of world-famous Ghirardelli chocolates comes nestled in a shiny silver bowl that makes a great accent piece after all the delicious goodies are gone. The lucky recipient will love the hot cocoa, chocolate truffles, and chocolate covered graham crackers and pretzels to name but a few of the abundant items.

Prices Vary

Fresh Fruit And Gourmet Keepsake Chest

This incredible arrangement of fresh fruit comes surrounded with sweet accompaniments, all nestled in a keepsake chest. The luscious pears, sweet apples, and juicy oranges are surrounded by chocolate cookies, candy, and more. The chest will continue to make a beautiful accent piece when all the food is gone.

Prices vary

Sommeliers Cabernet Sauvignon Selection

For the wine lover, this custom selection of three robust reds, from unique locales like Chile and New Zealand, makes a spectacular gift. Ranging from a rich berry jam to notes of black pepper, your favorite red wine connoisseur will be charmed by the surprising reveal of these international flavors.

Prices vary

Broadway Basketeers Gourmet Sweets Basket

This charming, fluted gift basket comes packed with delicious nibbles that will let your lucky recipient know what an awesome gift-giver you are. Whether they go for savory snack mixes and parmesan pita chips, or they prefer they prefer the decadence of caramel and chocolate, they will love this gift.

Prices Vary

Rose & Jasmine Fragrance Gift Basket

When it comes to gift baskets for women, you can’t go wrong with ones which enable her to have a little me time and relaxation. Included inside this wooden drawered box, you’ll find some calming rose and jasmine products, all of which are kind and hydrating to skin.


Fit For Royalty Gourmet Basket

Do you want to treat your woman like the queen she is? If so, show her how royalty feast with this impressive food hamper. There’s plenty of sweet and savory gourmet foods inside the exclusive herringbone serving tray which she can use again and again, long after the tasty treats have gone.

Price varies

Luxury Lavender Gift Basket

Is there anything more relaxing than the smell of lavender? There’s a reason why people use it to help them drift off to sleep, and if your lady needs some relaxation, a gift basket filled with soothing lavender scented products is sure to do the trick.

Prices Vary

Natural Spa Basket

We should all be more mindful about the products we use on our skin, not only for the impact they could have on the environment, but also what they do to us. Luckily, this gift basket is filled with natural, organic and dye free products which means you can bathe without worry.

Price varies

PURE Lavender Coconut Spa Basket

When you mix the relaxing scent of lavender with this tropical scent of coconut, you’ve got a match made in heaven. Both scents are almost guaranteed to help you sink into a tranquil mood, perfect for practising some self-care which the products included inside this gift basket can help with.

Prices Vary

Aromatherapy Rosemary Peppermint Spa Basket

Beautifully presented, this gift basket is perfect for the woman you know who needs a little pampering. As well as plenty of products for her to have a spa session with, including some body wash and hand lotion, there’s also some delicious edible goodies which she can indulge in while relaxing, too.

Prices Vary

Just Beachy Spa and Gourmet

The idea of going to a spa is heaven, especially to a mother. But there just isn’t the time when there’s so much that needs to be done at home and with the family. Treat her to her very own luxury spa day where she doesn’t need to leave the house, with this beach themed spa hamper.

Prices Vary

Luxury Spa Bath Basket

Nothing says luxury more than white and gold, which are the colors featured within this gift basket. It’s filled with gorgeous spa products which will truly pamper the woman in your life – she deserves to feel special and have some self-care and attention.

Prices Vary

Heavenly Lavender Spa

Lovely in lilac, this lavender themed gift basket will help her drift off into a relaxed state which will make her unwind and just chill for a while. It’s filled with all of the products she needs to create a pamper day at home; she’ll feel like she’s in a real spa.

Prices Vary

The 5th Avenue Wine Gift Basket

Make her feel classy and sophisticated on her special day with this luxurious edible hamper. Inside she’ll find 2 delicious bottle of red wine as well as some specially chosen sweet and savory foods which will go beautifully with the wines. She might even share it with you.

Price varies

Bloody Mary Gift Basket

This is the perfect gift to give to your party hostess. Not only does it have an amazing Bloody Mary cocktail mixer which will allow her to create amazing drinks, but there’s also a selection of cheese, meat and savory snacks which will go down a treat.


Grand Luxuries Lavender Bath & Body Tote

This gorgeous rope gift basket for women will look so good in any bathroom, just waiting to be used for a spa day. It’s filled with lavender scented products, from foot lotion to fizzing bath confetti. There’s also the essential spa beauty tools as well as some potpourri to get a relaxing atmosphere.


Premium Spa Gift Basket

If you want your woman to feel completely spoiled, then you need to get her this premium spa gift basket. It has three luxurious products, all of which smell of lotus and jasmine, as well as beauty tools and some super comfy terry cloth slippers.


Dom Perignon 2009 Windsor Luxury Gift Basket

Champagne is one of those things which we associate with opulence and elegance, and is there a better bottle to drink than Dom Perignon? This gift basket not only contains a bottle of 2009 Dom Perignon but also some sweet and savory treats such as Godiva chocolate and cheese.

Price varies

Opulent Spa Basket

Not only does this gift basket look like it belongs in a spa, it contains some amazing products which will make your lady feel preened and pampered. Body lotions, soaps and even some beauty tools, as well as a luxury candle, will turn her bathroom into her very own spa.

Price varies

Engraved G H Mumm Champagne Celebration

She’ll be able to keep this engraved bottle of G.H Mumm champagne long after the bubbly has been drunk. You can choose any message you like to be engraved onto the bottle and it will arrive in a signature lacquered burlwood box, perfect for keeping it safe.

Price varies

Beach Spa Crate

Spending a day at the beach is good for your mind, body and soul. But if you can’t make it to the seaside as much as you’d like, why not have a pamper day using some amazing products which all have a connection to the ocean, including a natural dead sea sponge.

Price varies

Ultimate New England Brunch Gift Basket

They say that you need a good breakfast to fill you up for the day ahead, but most of us don’t have time in the mornings to do this. Set her up for her busy schedule with this delicious hamper, filled with quick and easy breakfast foods which she’ll love tucking into in the mornings.


Green Earth Mask Kit

Having a good skincare routine is so important, especially as we get older…did you know that our skin starts aging at 25? Use this Green Earth mask kit to keep your skin feeling youthful and fresh, and there’s enough in this kit for you to make 20 masks.

Prices Vary

Spa Booties With Lavender Aromatherapy

Pedicures are a simple way to take the weight off of our feet for a while and pamper them; after all, they hold us up all day every day! In between those salon sessions, why not treat them to these spa booties? They have a gorgeous lavender scent and can be microwaved to make them toasty.

Price varies

Sweet Celebration Fruit Basket

Perfect for a family picnic or as a gift for a party host, this beautiful wicker hamper is overflowing with crisp and juicy fruits which you’ll want to sink your teeth into. There’s also some refreshing lemonade, and sweet and savour gourmet snacks which complement the fruits beautifully.

Price varies

Vanilla Spa and Chocolates for Her

Spa days are a real luxury but they can be so expensive! When you don’t have the time or the spare money to get to one, why not treat yourself with a pamper day at home? This beautiful gift basket can be used to truly relax and calm you whenever you need it.


Dom Perignon With Personalized Gift Box

When you’re looking for gift baskets for women, why not go for something a bit different and get her this gorgeous engraved bottle of Dom Perignon champagne? You can choose to have any message on the plaque and she’ll be able to keep it for years and years.

Price varies

The Metropolitan Gourmet Gift Basket

This edible gift basket has the perfect mix of sweet and savory foods which will make your lady feel like she’s eating in a fancy restaurant in the city. The flavors of smooth Camembert, tangy mustard, and smooth, rich crème caramels will satisfy her taste buds.

Price varies

Soothing Essentials Bath & Body Spa Gift Basket

No matter which occasion you’re buying for, she’ll appreciate this spa essentials gift basket. It says that you’ve been thinking of her and know that she needs a little pampering. There’s some truly luxurious products included, which she can use for some self-indulgence.


Premium Deluxe Bath & Body Gift Basket

Give her everything she needs to have a pamper day at home with this deluxe gift basket. It has so many beautiful products included, which have relaxing scents which will help her sink into a calming mood as she has a long and hot soak in the bath.


Ultimate Dom Perignon Gift

Show her how much she means to you with this impressive Dom Perignon champagne gift basket. As well as a bottle of the finest bubbles, there’s also a delicious mixture of both sweet and savory gourmet foods which will go down well with a glass of fizzy. Cheers!


Wine Party Picnic Gift Basket

No party is complete without some wine and this gift basket not only contains two bottles of it but also some gourmet foods which complement the wines amazingly. Rich Cabernet Sauvignon, crisp Chardonnay, cheddar cheese, summer sausage, and more…what more could you possibly want?


Deluxe Caramel Spa

Open up the keepsake wooden chest and you’ll find everything you need to create a relaxing atmosphere at home. The special lady in your life will be able to relax and unwind by using the deliciously scented products to have a spa session in the comfort of her own home.


Spa Perfect Spa Gift Basket

You’d be super impressed to see this set of products in a real spa, so they’re perfect for you to recreate that atmosphere at home. As well as some amazing bath and shower products, they arrive in a faux leather tote which can be used again after all the relaxing is done.

Prices Vary

Cherry Blossom Gift Basket

Pretty in pink and smelling gorgeous, this is exactly what you need when you’re looking for gift baskets for women. Inside the brightly colored tote bag, there’s an array of cherry blossom spa products which she can use to pamper herself at home.

Prices Vary

Savannah Bee Book Of Honey

Ideal for foodies or just people who love honey, this Book of Honey contains nine Savannah Bee honey pots, all of which are different varieties. Each pot is accompanied by tasting notes so you know exactly what it is you’re eating and how to get the best flavor out of them.

Price varies

Champagne & Truffles Gift Basket

Whether it’s a birthday or an anniversary, this champagne and truffles basket contains everything you need to have an amazing celebration. Choose between 3 bottles of bubbly to go in the hamper and it will be accompanied by some deliciously sweet gourmet goodies.

Price varies

8 Thoughtful Diy Gifts and Gift Baskets for Her

How to Make Homemade Candles

Candles are an amazing gift to give someone but they can be so expensive. Why not follow this tutorial and have a go at making your very own soy wax ones? Have a play around with colors and aromas until you’ve found your ideal mix.

Diy Tea Lovers Mug

A good cup of tea makes everything better and if you know someone who can’t get enough of it, make them this super easy DIY mug. It’s so easy to do and looks better than any store bought one, plus it will be 100% unique which is even better.

Diy Snicker-doodle Soy Candles

Have you ever tried to make your own candles at home? If not, follow this tutorial and you’ll soon be an expert. It shows you how to make some deliciously scented snicker-doodle soy wax candles in under an hour, perfect for making any home smell amazing.

Diy Bubble Bath Gift Box

This elegant DIY gift box is as nice as any store-bought option, and you have the added benefit of a personal touch. A bottle of bubbly, bath salts packed in a pretty jar, a scented candle, and a quality bar of chocolate are all the trappings needed for a night of pampering.

Diy Easy Coffee Lover Gift Box

This Instagram-worthy gift box for coffee lovers is as elegant as it is thoughtful. Check out this tutorial for ideas on how you can create a gorgeous gift of your own. Packaging makes the presentation, so just be sure to collect great boxes, ribbons, and wraps, and you, too, will impress with your handiwork.

Diy Coffee Lovers Wooden Crate

This coffee collection in a crate makes a thoughtful gift for caffeine-lovers, but the clever crate is a great jumping off point for any theme you like. The point is, not every gift basket has to be a basket, and these charming wooden crates are gorgeous and reusable. Check out this blog for some great ideas.

Diy Gift Box

This champagne inspired gift crate is really a tutorial for how to create a great gift collection for any theme you like. This tutorial includes ideas on packing and placement so that you have a gorgeous arrangement of whatever you choose. Gift collections are always a treasured gift, so you can never go wrong!

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