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24 Kid-Approved Gift Baskets They’ll Want to Tear Apart Immediately

If you’re not sure what to send a little one on their birthday, or a special little boy or girl is sick and you want to let them know you’re thinking of them, these gift baskets for kids with toys, games and snacks are guaranteed to make them smile.

gifts baskets for kids

Radiate Glow in the Dark Gift Basket

For kids who are night owls rather than early birds, this basket is packed with toys that glow in the dark – from a flashing rebound ball that attaches to their wrist to Glow Mars Mud (slime that can be seen from Mars), this gift set will light up their room after dark.

Prices Vary

Beyond Bookmarks Teen Scene Gift Basket

If your teenage girl’s gone off to camp, send her this care package with everything she needs to get by (and make friends). The aromatherapy face mask will help her to relax, while the playing cards will make sure that everyone wants to hang out on her bunk.


Birthday Care Package

On birthdays, the calories don’t count. This care package is filled with sugar to make a kid’s day even sweeter – from M&Ms and Starburst to Rice Krispies Treats and Strawberry Twizzlers, there’s candy galore, as well as balloons, party poppers and party blowouts to get the celebrations started in style.


The Big Fun Gift Box Surprise

Keep kids entertained on a long journey with this basket of snacks, puzzles, and activities – they can play mini board games as well as card games, such as Old Maid and Go Fish, while they snack on Cracker Jacks, Oreo cookies and Twizzlers licorice.


Just for Boys and Girls Gift Box

Creative kids will love this care package that will keep them busy on cold, wet autumn weekends. There’s a Crazy Crayons gift set and Play-Doh for them to get stuck in to, as well as Rice Krispies Treats, animal crackers and Fruit Snacks to munch on.


Minnie Mouse Themed Basket

If you know a Minnie Mouse fan, you can stop the search for her birthday gift right here – this gift basket for kids includes original, licensed toys and accessories, as well as games and candy. You can even personalize it with a message just for her on her special day.

Prices Vary

Diva & Proud Gift Basket for Girls

Little divas won’t be throwing any tantrums after they receive this care package. There’s everything they need inside to feel like a star, including hair extensions, an emoji nail art kit, and a sleep mask, as well as sunglasses to avoid being snapped by the paparazzi.

Prices Vary

Creative Kids Gift Basket for Kids

Distract kids while they’re waiting for Santa to arrive with this Christmas basket filled with activities and snacks – with 2 coloring books and crayons, themed playing cards and jigsaws, as well as treats such as Christmas lollipops and gummies, the Big Man will be here before they know it.

Prices Vary

All Aboard Train Gift Basket

All aboard for hours of fun. If you’re looking for a care package for a little one who’s been sick recently, this train-themed gift basket is sure to make them smile. Inside, kids will find chocolate, a sing-along song book and a plush teddy to hug while they recover.

Prices Vary

Disney Pixar Cars Themed Gift Basket

If they just can’t get enough of Disney Pixar’s Cars, kids will be racing to unwrap this themed gift basket. The toys inside include a puzzle, stickers, wrist band, and key chain, as well as candy for them to enjoy whilst watching the movie (again).

Prices Vary

Spiderman Gift Basket

Give your little superhero this Spider-Man basket filled with toys and accessories to help them save the day – from a watch that’s also their secret weapon to a tumbler to rehydrate after a fast-paced chase, it’s packed with everything they need to protect Gotham City.

Prices Vary

Disney Princess Themed Gift Basket

Little girls will go to the ball with this Disney-themed gift basket. With a brush for her hair, nail accessories, and stick-on earrings, she’ll look like a princess after getting ready, and she can doodle and write about the fun she had in her spiral notebook.

Prices Vary

Frozen Themed Gift Basket

Frozen fans won’t be able to get enough of this themed gift basket, which includes toys with their favorite characters from the movie. There’s a bracelet, nail accessories, and lip gloss so they can get glammed up like Elsa, as well as a diary and stickers.

Prices Vary

Deluxe Minion Gift Basket

This bright yellow Minion will cheer kids up when they’re feeling blue. And best of all, the care package is filled with activities to keep them entertained when they’re stuck indoors, such as a coloring book and pencils and a treasure box with stickers inside.

Prices Vary

Kid’s Get Well Care Package

If a special little boy or girl is feeling under the weather, let them know you’re thinking of them with this care package – filled with their favorite snacks from Oreo cookies to Skittles, as well as Play-Doh and an activity book, it’s sure to take their mind off of being sick.

Prices Vary

Crayola Kids Gift Box

For kids who always have a coloring pencil in their hand, this Crayola gift basket is filled with everything they need to get creative, including a coloring book and a pack of 24 crayons. There are also playing cards and Play-Doh, as well as snacks to refuel.


LEGO Star Wars Gift Basket

LEGO fans will go mad for this Star Wars gift basket for kids – each one includes a LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon Microfighter Set with 92 pieces to keep little hands busy, as well as a 50-piece puzzle tin, an activity kit, and a sticker book.

Prices Vary

Beyond Bookmarks Girl Stuff Gift Basket

Tween girls can be difficult to buy for, but this gift basket will bring a smile to her face. With a ‘grown-up’ coloring book and scented pencils, lip balm, body lotion and even a bendy flamingo pocket pal, there’s everything she could want and more.

Prices Vary

Creature Feature Boys Care Package

Kids who are in to their dinosaurs will think that this care package, with hands-on activities and games, is RAWR-some. They can watch the dinosaur egg hatch or dig for dinos with their pals, wearing their matching friendship bracelets. After all, friends who excavate together, stay together.

Prices Vary

Mickey Themed Colorful Basket

If you don’t often see a special niece, nephew, granddaughter or grandson, show them that you’re thinking of them with this Mickey Mouse care package – with a coloring book, playing cards, bounce ball and 11-inch plush toy, they’ll have hours of fun playing with what’s inside.

Prices Vary

Ultimate Superhero Gift Basket

If you know a little boy or girl who loves Marvel, you don’t have to pick just one superhero toy to give them for their birthday – this gift basket includes toys and accessories with all of their favourite Marvel characters, from Spider-Man to The Avengers.

Prices Vary

Tween Teen Girl Gift Basket

If your teenager only DMs you using emojis, she’ll love this fun care package – inside the emoji purse, she’ll find everything she needs to take with her whether she’s off to school or to meet friends, including a lip balm, highlighters, a notepad and candy.

Prices Vary

Creature Feature Care Package


Prices Vary

Kids Sport Basket

For kids who never sit still, this sports basket includes a foam football, a glow ball, bubbles and sidewalk paint to keep them out of trouble in the backyard. There are also snacks to help them reenergize after running around, such as Sunkist Smoothie Bars, Air Heads and Pixy Stix.


3 Diy Gift Baskets Kids Will Love

Diy Movie & Art Themed Gift Basket Video Tutorial

Care packages are the gifts that keep on giving, filled with toys and activities. Check out this video for ideas on putting together gift baskets for kids who love art with a sketch pad, pencils and paints, or little ones who love going to the movies with DVDs, popcorn and snacks.

Diy Tackle Box Craft Kit

Keep little fingers busy drawing, cutting and sticking with this DIY tackle box craft kit. Read this post to see what you’ll need – you’ll surprise yourself at how much fun you’ll have filling it with craft supplies, from ribbon to glitter glue (you could even let the kids help too).

Diy Dollar Store Spy Kit

Kids can often be found hiding in the wardrobe, pretending to be spies – have a look at this post to learn how to create these easy dollar store spy kits to help them go undercover, including stick-on moustaches to change their appearance and lemon juice and Q-tips to write secret messages.

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