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20 Mind-Blowing Gift Baskets for the Best Dads

If you’re fed up with buying Dad the same gifts every year, ditch the socks and try a hamper. Our list is full of amazing gift baskets for Dad which he’s sure to love. There’s ones for foodies, a memory box, and even a coffee one…no matter what he’s into, his perfect basket is in here.

Gift Baskets For Dad

The Metropolitan Gourmet Gift Basket

Make Dad feel as though he’s dining in a fancy downtown restaurant with this Metropolitan gift basket. It contains some delicious gourmet snacks and goodies, such as old fashioned lemon drops and honey roasted peanuts which he can keep to himself or choose to share with his closest friends and family.

Price varies

Select Charcuterie And Gourmet Cheese Hamper

This is the perfect hamper to bring along to the next family picnic. Inside the insulated hamper basket, there’s everything you need to enjoy a delicious spread with your loved ones. Four artisan cheeses, salami, smoked salmon and even some chocolate to finish it off.

Price varies

Quintessa Meritage Red Cape Cod Luxury Wine Basket

If your dad is a bit of a wine connoisseur, he’ll absolutely love this Cape Cod luxury wine basket. As well as receiving a bottle of Quintessa Meritage Red, he’ll also get a bottle of Stag’s Leap chardonnay and some delicious gourmet goodies which will pair wonderfully with the wine.

Price varies

Winc Wine Subscription Box

Is there anything better than sitting down with a good bottle of wine with your evening meal? If you’re looking for gift baskets for Dad, this wine subscription box is perfect. He’ll discover some amazing wines which he’ll never have tried before – he might even find his new favorite.

Price varies

The Manhattan

You’ll find some amazing gourmet sweet and savory treats inside this signature leather serving tray. Looking as though it’s been put together by a premium store in the city, The Manhattan gift basket is sure to be well received by whoever you choose to give it to.

Price varies

The Royal Champagne Gift Basket

Choose which bottle of champagne you want to feature in this basket and the rest will be done for you. Whether you go for the Moet and Chandon or the Dom Perignon, the gourmet snacks inside the leather tote will pair well with either bottle of bubbly.

Price varies

Savannah Bee Book Of Honey

Perfect for a foodie or someone who loves experimenting in the kitchen, the Savannah Bee Book contains nine varieties of premium and unique Savannah Bee honey. Each jar is accompanied with a tasting notes card so you can read the flavors inside the jar and know how you should eat them.

Price varies

Ultimate Imported Cheese Banquet

Eating some delicious artisan cheeses is one of life’s simple pleasures and is a foodie’s idea of an afternoon well spent. You’ll get four delicious cheeses inside this insulated bag, as well as some other food items like white truffle oil and Maille Dijon mustard so you can get the most flavor from the cheese.

Price varies

Memory Box

Whether he wants to keep memories from his own childhood or yours, Dad will find so many sentimental things to store inside this beautiful memory box. With an engraved lid and special compartments to keep everything, there’s plenty of space for all of those treasured items.

Price varies

Fresh Fruit And Gourmet Keepsake Chest

Finding the perfect balance in life is ideal and this gift basket has found that balance between fresh fruit and sweet confectionary. As well as crisp apples, juicy plums and ripe kiwis, there’s some delicious crème caramels and lemon drops which makes this basket the perfect mix.

Price varies

Artisan Cheese Hamper

As well as receiving a gorgeous wicker picnic basket which you can keep after everything inside has been eaten, this gift hamper contains some amazing artisan cheese and other sweet and savory snacks which can be enjoyed by yourself or, if you’re feeling generous, among friends and family.

Price varies

Personalized Birthday Wine Crate

Giving someone a bottle of wine as a present can seem like a bit of an easy gift but not if you give it to them inside this personalized wooden crate. You can choose what the message on the outside of it says and they’ll be able to keep it long after the bottle has been drunk.

Price varies

Artisan Popcorn And Craft Salt Crate

Whether he uses this for family movie night or when he’s watching the big games, this popcorn gift basket has everything he needs to make delicious popped corn. It contains two pounds of Amish Country corn kernels and three jars of speciality salts from around the world.

Price varies

California Wine Quartet

Inside this gorgeous leather trimmed basket, you’ll find four bottles of California’s finest wines of both the red and white varieties. You’ll also get some delicious gourmet foods which the wines will go perfectly with, so what are you waiting for? Grab a glass and get stuck in!

Price varies

Around The World Wine Chest

The world has some amazing foods to offer, but we can’t always just hop on a plane and travel to a different country. When you’re looking at buying gift baskets for Dad, you won’t go wrong with this one. Wonderful wines and gourmet goodies can be found inside this world map leather case.

Price varies

Engraved Champagne Saber

Whatever the occasion, this personalized champagne saber will make it memorable. You can have whatever you like engraved on the blade of the saber so when the party has been cleared away and it’s a distant memory, they’ll always have this to look back on and smile.

Price varies

Italian Roast Coffee Chest

Loads of people start the day off with a strong cup of coffee and if you know someone like that, this Italian Roast coffee basket will be the perfect gift for them. As well as some Lavazza coffee, you’ll also get some tasty almond biscotti, cookies, and even a travel mug to really enjoy that morning cup.

Price varies

Sweet Celebration Fruit Basket

This would make a perfect picnic spread, whether you’re having a family one or a more intimate one with your special someone. There’s four different types of fruit; apples, pears, plums and kiwis. You’ll also get some crisp and refreshing lemonade to wash it all down with along with other delicious gourmet foods.

Price varies

Wine Trio Travel Tote

Take this along to your next party and you’ll soon be the host’s favorite guest. You can choose which three bottles of wine are inside the travel tote, which is great if you’re trying to impress someone. In the lid, there’s also the necessary tools for you to crack open the bottles and have a good time.

Price varies

Chocolate Paradise

We all know a chocoholic, and this gift basket would be their idea of heaven. There’s more cocoa in here than they’ll know what to do with, so they might even share. Smooth truffles, crunchy cookies and solid chocolate medallions are just some of what they’ll find in here.

Price varies

3 Amazing Diy Gift Baskets for Dad

Diy Nuts About You Gift Basket

If your dad loves anything with a nutty flavor, why not have a go at making this gift basket? You can follow the instructions in the tutorial exactly or mix it up a bit and add some foods of your own. Whatever you do, we’re sure Dad will go “nuts” for it!

Diy Dad’s Toolbox Gift Basket

Perfect for sports lovers, this cute little care package will see Dad throughout the games. Fill it with his favorite beers and snacks and he can keep it by his chair as he’s watching the season. Use your imagination to create one of your own based on your own Dad’s interests, though!

Diy Grilling Gift Basket

It’s widely known that men love a good barbeque, and if your Dad or even your husband love a good grilling, they’ll adore this BBQ gift basket. As well as the necessary tools, it also contains a special spice rub which will jazz up any meat or fish he’s rustling up.

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