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37 Caring and Thoughtful Gifts to Send for Get Well Soon Wishes

Watching someone recover from illness or surgery can be difficult, it almost feels like nothing can be done to make them feel better. Why not send them a get well soon gift? From relaxation care packages to pieces of meaningful jewelry, this list has plenty of caring and thoughtful ideas which are perfect for helping them get back on their feet.

The best get well soon gifts to show them you care.

Get Well Soon Gift

There’s nothing nicer than receiving a care package in the mail, so send this aromatherapy box to the friend who doesn’t feel 100%; they’ll love knowing you’re thinking of them.


Get Well Soon Gift Set

Sometimes all it takes is some relaxation to feel better. This gift box contains everything needed to unwind and take a step back from the everyday stresses.


Hand Stamped Silver Plated Soup Spoon

Everyone remembers their mom making them a warming bowl of soup when they were poorly as a child, and this hand stamped spoon will quickly bring them comfort.


Get Well Care Package

Whatever they’re trying to recover from, this Feel Better Soon care package will make them smile. It contains everything; from high energy snacks to activities to curb the boredom.


Healing Thoughts Throw Blanket

It’s hard not being there when someone is feeling ill. Send them this snuggly blanket which is covered in positive and healing words, something they’ll definitely need to read.

Prices Vary

Road to Recovery Spa Gift Basket

A spa experience at home sounds absolutely amazing and that’s exactly what this gift basket offers. With natural potions and lotions included, they’ll be feeling better in no time.


Anchor Deep Waters Necklace

Help them remember their faith as they go through a difficult period in their life. This beautiful necklace has an image of an inspirational Bible verse on, restoring their belief in God.


Trust The Journey Necklace

Life can be full of unexpected twists and turns, some good and some bad. Remind them to enjoy anything that gets thrown their way with this sterling silver necklace.


Growing Wishes Garden Kit

Some people find comfort in watching things grow. They’ll be able to plant these seeds, along with some wishes, and nurture them as they transform into beautiful plants.


Gourmet Get Well Gift Box Basket

Recovering from an illness or surgery means getting to the store is near impossible. That’s why they’ll be grateful to receive this care package filled with goodies.


Sending Some Sunshine Gift Box

Send them some sunshine to brighten up their darker days with this all natural bath set which contains soap, lip balm, and a soft face towel as well as loads more.


Bearington Get Well Soon Stuffed Animal Teddy Bear

This adorable 10” stuffed teddy bear can go through the journey of recovery with them. Dressed in pink pajamas and a handkerchief, it’ll be a companion of sorts.

Prices Vary

GUND Break a Leg Teddy Bear

Gift this cute bear to a child who has broken their leg and they’ll feel as though someone is going through the same thing they are; right down to the crutches.


Bee Brave Stacker Ring

An inspiring message can be all it takes to get someone through a difficult time, and this “Bee Brave” stacked ring can be those uplifting words they need to fully recover.


Be Happy Bouquet

There’s nothing like a bunch of flowers to say get well soon, and this yellow and white bouquet will add some much needed happiness while they recover.

Prices vary

Overnight Foot Care Kit

Feet don’t get as much love as they should. Send this overnight foot care kit to someone who needs some TLC; it’s amazing what foot cream and soft socks can do.


Liif Sunflower Pop up Card

Get well soon gifts don’t have to be lavish. This pop up sunflower card is bound to put a smile on their face while they’re trying to recover from illness.


Get Well Soon Gift Basket

This gift basket will make their most uncomfortable days that little bit more comforting. It contains everything needed for some relaxation, such as a candle and some lip balm.


Recovery Lotus Necklace

Gift them this gorgeous lotus necklace as a reminder that they might feel stuck underwater at the moment but like the plant, they’ll break through the surface soon enough.


Post Surgery Gift Box

It doesn’t matter what surgery they’ve had, the recovery will be hard. Present them with this gift box which is sure to make the coming days and weeks that little bit easier.


Handcrafted Get Well Soon Package

Rest and relaxation will make any recovery easier. This care package promises to provide both; there’s even the option to choose the scent of the products inside.


Get Well Soon Care Package

Contained inside a cute gift box, styled to look like a doctor’s bag, there’s a handful of products which have been chosen to make recovery more interesting and comfortable.


Get Well Medicine Cabinet Basket

Everyone needs a pick me up while they’re recovering. Send them this medicine cabinet, filled with chicken noodle soup, a first aid kit and some sweet treats.


Get Well Soon Care Package

The all natural products inside this package aren’t likely to irritate anyone who’s feeling sensitive. They can light the candle and sink into a warm bath with the bath bomb to relax.


Personalized Puzzles Book

It can be so mind numbingly boring, lying in bed recovering from illness. This personalized puzzle book will keep their mind active and stop them trying to escape too early.


Get Well Soon Gift

It’s said that coloring in books can help anyone relax, even adults. Send them this package containing 2 coloring books, some pencils, and a word search puzzle book.


Homestead Garden Gift Basket

For someone who’s green fingered, the idea of not being able to tend to the garden is heartbreaking. This basket will remind them of their garden while providing some of nature’s treats.


Get Well Soon Matchbox

Good things come in small packages and that’s definitely the case with this gift. Open this matchbox to discover a miniature bouquet of paper roses and a lovely message.


Jar of Get Well Wishes

Send them get well wishes in a jar, even if being there in person isn’t possible. There are 31 positive quotes inside this beautiful jar; make sure to include a personalized message.


Wishful Bee Necklaces

When someone is feeling ill, an inspirational message can be exactly what they need. Gift them one of these wishful bee necklaces as their reminder that they will get through this.


Feel Better Gourmet Cookie Gift

Who doesn’t love a cookie, especially when feeling sick? Send these fresh homemade cookies in the mail and provide them with a necessary pick me up in their time of need.

Prices Vary

Get Well Gift Plant

Houseplants make wonderful get well soon gifts, but this one is slightly different. Blow it a kiss or tickle its leaves to watch them curl up while the branches droop.


The Nuttery Novelty Greeting Cards

Send them a get well soon card with a difference. Inside this honey jar shaped card, there’s some multicolored gummy bears; a delicious surprise for anyone feeling down.


Feel Better Herbal Tea

There’s nothing like a cup of tea when someone's feeling ill. This honey and lemon herbal tea promises to help fight those awful germs and boost the immune system.


8 Meaningful DIY Get Well Gift Ideas

Diy Get Well Package

This post contains a great tutorial on how to make a get well soon gift package at home. Fill it with their favorite things so it’s guaranteed to make them feel better.

Diy Sick Kit

Fight off those cold and flu germs with this sick kit – a prevention package which is easily put together and will definitely help ward off those nasty illnesses.

Diy Seasonal Flu Care Package

Flu is awful, no one wants to catch it. Make up this care package and store it to use on the family, or send it off to friends who have caught it.

Diy Get Well Bag

Recovering from surgery is difficult. Make up this get well bag, either for their stay in hospital or at home, to help them through the healing process.

Diy Get Well Tissue Box Card

Whether they’re for wiping up tears of frustration or a runny nose, tissues are always useful in illness. This DIY card creates a fun way to dispense them.

Diy Cold & Flu Survival Kit

When there’s children in a household, it’s inevitable that germs will spread. Keep this cold and flu survival kit handy for when the dreaded illness season hits.

Diy Basket of Comfort

Feeling comforted is one of the best things when recovering. Send this basket of comfort to someone who needs it, it’ll be like giving them a giant hug.

Brighten Your Day Gift

Sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most. Create this simple sunshine yellow gift jar to someone who needs it, it’ll definitely brighten up their day.

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