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26 Get Well Gift Baskets to Lift Their Spirits

Getting over an illness is no easy feat. Make getting better easier for a friend or family member by sending them a gift basket. From spa items to cookies, fruits, chicken soup, and board games, these gift baskets are sure to bring a smile to your ailing friend’s face.

It’s nice to send my friends and family a get well gift basket. It’s that extra step that lets them know I care and want them to feel better.

Fresh Fruit and Cookies Basket

Fresh foods, like fruit, are important when getting over an illness, but sometimes you just want sweets! This gift basket offers the best of both worlds by including fresh kiwis, plums, and apples with sugary snacks like chocolate chip cookies and snickerdoodles.


Premier Fruit Get Well Gift Basket

Really want to focus on fruits when it comes to helping your loved one get better? This get well gift basket is full of fruit favorites that include pears, apples, oranges, and more. This cute basket even comes with a feel better soon ribbon!


Tea and Cookies Gift Basket

Nothing warms up a body and encourages healing like a hot cup of tea. If someone you love is feeling under the weather, this gift basket is sure to do the trick. Not only does it include organic peach iced tea and tropical green tea, it also includes cookies and rock candy.


Thinking of You Gourmet Gift Tower

Bite sized snacks are important when you don’t feel well, that way you aren’t stuck cutting, chopping, and opening food items in the kitchen. Encourage your loved one to park it on the couch and rest with this gift tower that includes pistachios, mini chocolate chip cookies, and much more.

Prices Vary

Get Well Medicine Cabinet

Looking for a unique get well gift? Skip the basket and choose this cute medicine cabinet instead. Not only is it full of first aid items, like chicken noodle soup and an ice pack, it also includes tasty treats, such as jelly beans and lemon drops.


Sending Get Well Smiles Gift Basket

There isn’t much to smile about when you’re sick. Send a little happiness with this get well gift basket. It contains tasty treats that will lift the spirits of your friend or loved one, but it all comes decorated with happy faces that are sure to make anyone smile.


Hydro® Luxury Spa Experience

Getting well means more than just eating the things that make you feel better, it means relaxing too! Make sure your friend or family member gets the rest they need with this spa gift basket. The best part is, you get high-quality Hydro® products at an affordable price!


Gluten Free Gift Basket

Whether for medical reasons or by choice, giving a gift basket to a gluten free friend is nearly impossible. Instead of trying to build a get well basket on your own, this gluten free gift basket already includes favorite feel better treats without all the gluten.


Fun and Games Care Package Gift Box

One of the worst things about being sick is being bored. If you know a little one who’s stuck at home all day, send this gift box their way. It includes candy favorites, like Skittles, but is also includes boredom-relieving games, like Checkers and Dominos.

Prices Vary

Traditional Teatime Basket

Although this gift basket makes the perfect gift for the tea lover in your life, it also makes a great get well basket because it’s full of quality teas that are sure to make anyone feel better. This cute gift basket even includes a single serving teapot and teacup set.


Healthy Gift Basket

Although you may be tempted to send your ill loved one a basket full of cookies, candy, and brownies, you may feel bad about sending so much sugar. Skip the sweets and send them a healthy gift basket instead that’s full of roasted peanuts, pretzels, and other tasty and healthy snacks.


Get Well Soon Retro Candy Gift Box

When you aren’t feeling well, you’re likely to seek out the tastes of your childhood. If you can’t send along grandma’s famous chicken soup, send this gift box instead! It’s full of all the best candies from yesteryear like Red Hots, Pixie Sticks, and Dots.


Get Well Gift Basket for Dogs

Humans aren’t the only loved ones who can end up feeling under the weather! From surgeries to colds, our furry friends can feel unwell too! Help the dog in your life feel better with this cute gift basket that includes a bone cookie, beef sticks, and biscuits.


Luxury Spa Treatment Gift Set

A quiet, relaxing atmosphere is essential to any get well regimen. Encourage your friend or family member to get the rest they need with this spa treatment gift set. In addition to containing aromatherapy items like candles and soap, it also contains tea and a water bottle.


Breakfast Gift Basket

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and this is especially true if you’re getting over a bug. Make sure that your loved one doesn’t skip breakfast with this breakfast gift basket. It contains unexpected items like maple syrup, country ham, and a biscuit mix.


Bath and Body Invigoration

Burt’s Bees products are known for their relaxing and healing qualities. Give the gift of Burt’s Bees with this bath and body gift basket. Items include lotion, deep cleansing cream, lip balm, and spa accessories like a pumice stone, loofah, and more.


Cheryl’s Get Well Cookie Tower

Nothing warms an ailing heart like a giant tower of cookies! It may not contain the healthy items that you might expect in a get well gift basket, but it is sure to bring a smile to any face because it’s full of fudge brownies, gourmet cookies, and chocolate pretzel clusters.


Get Well Gift Basket

Getting sick might mean getting to stay home from work, but there’s nothing more miserable that sitting bored on the couch all day while the rest of the family is away. This gift basket includes popular treats, like Chex Mix and M&Ms, but it also includes crossword puzzles and Sudoku.

Prices Vary

The Godiva Chocolatier Collection

Known for their high-quality, tasty confections, Godiva has been supplying the world with a variety of chocolatey treats that are perfect for an occasion, including helping people feel better. This basket contains an unbelievable assortment of Godiva’s award winning items.


Get Well Soon Gift for Men

Although most gift baskets can work well for men and women, there are many men who would prefer to skip all the candy and spa items. This gift basket is unique because its theme caters to the tastes of men who would prefer to get better on a diet of salami and cheese.


Get Well Hot Air Balloon Cookie Crate Bouquet

Have a friend who’s feeling down and under the weather? Send them a lift with this cute themed cookie crate bouquet full of hot air balloon cookies. One of the cookies is even inscribed, “Thought You Could Use a Lift” in delicious icing.


Hang in There Treats Pail

It’s easy to feel like you’ll never feel better when you’re sick. Remind a friend or family member that their illness will pass with this cute get well pail. It’s full of themed cookies in unique shapes, such as a monkey and a banana.


California Classic Wine Basket

Who says a get well gift basket has to be stuffed with fruit, soup, and spa items? Give a friend or family member something to look forward to when they feel better with this delectable wine basket! It includes tasty treats, but it also contains a delicious bottle of wine.


Get Well Organic Tea Gift Basket

In some cases, the process of getting well takes much longer than just a week or two. If you have a loved one who’s struggling with breast cancer, this gift basket is sure to lift their spirits. It contains unexpected items like crystallized ginger and a relaxation CD.


Get Well Treats Pail

Helping someone feel better is all about letting them know that they are in your thoughts. This get well treats pail is sure to let your loved one know just how much you care. It contains delicious, cute cookies that look like bandages and bottles of pills!


Encore Gourmet Gift Basket

Cooking dinner is nearly impossible when you don’t feel well, especially if you’ve lost your appetite. Make sure a friend or loved one eats, even if they are feeling under the weather, with this gift basket. It contains the perfect snacking items to keep their belly full.


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