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23 Good Get Well Baskets to Show Them You’re Thinking of Them

While taking the illness away isn’t an option, there’s plenty that can be done to make them feel better while they recuperate. Sending get well baskets is a good idea, because it lets them know that you’re thinking of them as well as providing them with some necessary items to get them through the recovery period.

Thoughtful get well baskets to show them you are thinking of them.

Road to Recovery Spa Gift Basket

Sometimes the best way to recover from something is self-care. Send them this Road to Recovery gift basket and it’s almost like sending them on a trip to the spa.


Relaxing Retreat Spa Gift

Going to the spa can be expensive, and it’s not logical to go while recovering. Instead, this gift basket will allow them to feel relaxed…all in the comfort of their own home.


Get Well Basket

Make sure they’re eating the right foods with this basket. It contains items such as fresh fruit, premium cheeses and gourmet snacks which will provide them with the essential vitamins.


Get Well Basket For Men

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but that’s even truer when feeling ill. Inside this gift basket is everything that’s needed for a hearty meal.


The Orchard Fruit Basket

Eating enough fresh fruit is important; even more so when ill. This get well basket contains a variety of crisp and juicy fruit, enough to keep them going while they recover.

Prices vary

Get Well Medicine Cabinet

Inside this authentic medicine cabinet are enough items to make someone really comfortable while they’re ill; a first aid kit, chicken noodle soup, and an ice pack to name a few.


Golden Gourmet Gift Basket

If there was ever a good time to spoil someone, this is it. Make their poorly days that little bit better with this decadent basket, brimming with gourmet treats.


Healthy Choices Fruit Gift

Packed full with handpicked fruit, Wisconsin cheese, and cookies, this healthy choices gift box is sure to perk them up when they receive it and get stuck in.


Get Well Soon Gift for Men

It doesn’t matter if he’s suffering with man flu or an actual illness, this gift basket will make him feel better while he recovers from whatever is getting him down.


Get Well Food Basket

When feeling ill, eating unhealthy foods sounds like a great idea, but it won’t always help with recovery. Instead, keep those hunger pangs at bay with this healthy snack gift basket.


Wishes for a Speed Recovery

They’ll be able to raise a toast to their recovery with this gift basket. Inside, there are two bottles of wine as well as some gourmet snacks which will go down a treat.


Fruit & Healthy Snacks Gift Basket

Make sure they’re getting all the vitamins and minerals needed to get well soon with this healthy snacks fruit basket. Who said healthy food wasn’t that delicious?


Fresh Fruit and Cookies Basket

It’s all about balance with this gift. It contains handpicked, juicy fruits as well as an assortment of comforting cookies, all presented in a cute French country style basket.


Golden Get Well Gift Basket

Brighten up their day with this golden themed gift basket. It comes with an array of gourmet foods and snacks; there’s even the option to personalize the ribbon.


Get Well Gift Basket of Fruit

Sometimes all it takes to make someone feel better is to show them you care. Sending this get well basket is sure to do that and the treats inside will definitely help.


Premium Spa Gift Basket

With three pomegranate and passion fruit scented products, a loofah disc, pumice stone and more, this gift basket will make them feel as though they’re spending the day at the spa.


Bath and Body Nourishment Gift

Taking care of the exterior can do wonders for what’s going on inside. It’s amazing what some pampering can do while recovering, and these items provide the opportunity to do so.


Rest Relaxation Spa Set

Get well soon baskets don’t need to be complicated; in fact, some simple pampering will do the trick and that’s exactly what they’ll get within this basket.


Get Well Soon Wine Basket

With a bottle of wine (or two!) and some gourmet snacks, this gift basket is a wonderful way to show someone you’re thinking of them while they get better.

Prices vary

Healthy Treats Gift Basket

Eating the right foods will be exactly what they need as they recover. If they don’t fancy fresh fruit, maybe the healthy snacks inside this gift basket will grab their interest.


Healthy Gift Basket Premium

While eating well is the last thing on their mind when recovering, it’s important that they do so. Send them some healthy snacks to chow down on while they’re resting.


Fresh Fruit and Godiva Chocolate Basket

With ripe pears, crisp apples, and juicy oranges, this gift basket is the perfect balance between healthy and not so healthy, as the fresh fruit is paired with some delicious Godiva chocolate treats.


7 Thoughtful DIY Get Well Basket Ideas

Get Well Basket Ideas

Sending get well baskets to a friend doesn’t need to cost the earth. Instead, take some inspiration from this blog post and create a unique one at home.

Diy Get Well Soon Basket Idea

Whether it’s a simple cold or the flu they’re recovering from, this inexpensive DIY gift basket will provide them with everything they need to fight it off.

Diy Get Well Soon Gift Basket

When ill, it can be a fight to walk around the house, let alone go to the store. Put together this basket of items and stop them having to leave their home.

Sorry You Caught A Bug Survival Kit + Free Printable

During cold and flu season, there’s a good chance you’ll come down with something. Keep this DIY basket at home for emergencies; and send a couple out to friends and family, too.

Get Well Kit

There’s a few items which can make a cold feel manageable, such as throat drops, tissues and tea. This simple basket can be kept in a cupboard for when cold season strikes.

Sick Day Basket

Put together this DIY sick day basket for a friend and deliver it to their home while they’re feeling poorly. It’ll probably be the best gift they’ve ever received.

DIy Get Well Soon Gift Basket Idea

Use this blog post for inspiration and then personalize it with items you know your friend or family member would love. It’ll certainly make their illness bearable.

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