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32 Best Decorations for an Epic Gender Reveal Party (2020 List)

It doesn’t really matter whether baby is a boy or a girl, as long as they’re happy and healthy. But some parents find it helps them bond better with their child before it arrives. Check out this list which contains some of the best decorations available in 2019; they’ll add the finishing touch to an epic gender reveal party.

The best decorations for your gender reveal party.

What Will It Bee Gender Reveal Party Decorations Set

Before the gender of the baby is known, yellow is the recognized unisex color. These buzzy bee themed decorations are ideal before it’s known whether baby is a he or a she.


PartyWoo Pink and Blue Balloons

This pack of 100 balloons will look perfect at any gender reveal party. With a mix of baby blue, pale pink and white, they could be made into an epic balloon archway.


Gender Reveal Baseball Scoreboard

Buy this downloadable PDF scorecard and every guest at the reveal party can make their guesses on the baby’s gender before everyone knows the little one’s secret.


DISTINCTIVS Baby Gender Reveal Party Bingo Game

Every party needs some good games to keep everyone entertained. This blue and pink baby bingo game is just the thing needed to occupy the guests before the big announcement.


Gender Reveal Sign

Make sure the guests know exactly where the party is with this awesome clear sign. It can be kept to show the baby when they’re older as it’ll store really well.


Gender Reveal Deluxe Party Supplies Kit

When serving food at a party, plates and napkins are an absolute necessity. This 20 piece blue and pink set contains both, along with cups and streamers.


Gender Reveal Chalkboard

There are so many old wives tales around, all claiming to be a sign of the gender. This chalkboard will be a fun activity for a gender reveal party.


Mint and Rose Gold Balloons

Instead of the typical blue and pink color theme, how about mint and rose gold? They both go together beautifully and besides, it’s nice to be different.


How We Wonder What You Are banner

From the minute a couple get a positive pregnancy test, they wonder who the little person they’re growing will be. This banner summarizes that wondrous feeling perfectly.


Gender Reveal Stickers

When everyone arrives at the party, tell them to pick a side; pink or blue. Then once the reveal has been done, it’ll be fun to see how many people were right.


Fiesta Gender Reveal Baby Shower Backdrop

If the party theme is Mexican fiesta, this colorful backdrop will be a perfect place to capture some picture perfect moments before the big secret is revealed.


Gender Reveal Tassel Garland

Tassel garlands are simple decorations but they’re beautiful. This blue, pink and gold one is just right for a gender reveal party, before the secret is spilled.


Gender Reveal Backdrop Fringe Curtain

With varying shade of pink and blue, this fringed backdrop is the perfect place to finally reveal the gender of the baby, however the parents have decided to do it.


Lashes or Stashes Banner

There are so many cute rhymes around the gender of a baby. This golden banner reads “Lashes or Stashes” which is a much more interesting way of saying “He or She?”


Gender Reveal Sugar Cookies

Serve these baby themed sugar cookies at any gender reveal party and they’ll be a lovely finishing touch; especially as the color scheme of them is blue and pink.


Gender Reveal Centerpieces

Place one of these pink and blue centrepieces on every table at the gender reveal party, and there’ll be no mistaking what everyone is there to celebrate.


Gender Reveal Voting Board

Whether this is a first baby or not, everyone will have their suspicions on the gender. This voting board will be a fun way to see what they all think.

Prices Vary


Let’s “taco” bout the gender of the baby. This fiesta themed party pack contains a golden banner, 24 inch green cactus balloons, and some Mexican temporary tattoos.


Reels or Heels Banner

Will baby like to fish or wear heels? It all depends on the gender, which can be shared with friends and family at a reveal party; where this banner will be perfect.


Buck or Doe Gender Reveal Decorations

This personalized gender party pack includes everything needed for an awesome gender reveal party. There’s even an option to add matching invitations to send out to friends and family.


Junibel Balloon Arch & Garland Kit

With a mixture of pink and blue balloons, this garland kit can be made up into a cute archway which will be a great focal point for any gender reveal party.


Gender Reveal Party Balloonsors

When organizing a gender reveal party, every last detail has to be perfect; which is why this 92 piece decoration kit is ideal, it contains everything that’s needed.


Gender Reveal Printable Drink Signs

Download this PDF file and print out the drinks labels at home. Whether baby is pretty in pink or bouncing in blue, the drink at the gender reveal will be delicious.


Baby Gender Reveal Decorations

Instead of making a grand gesture, these gender reveal balloons can be placed around the party; it’ll be funny watching people realize when they see the message on the balloon.


Gender Reveal Diaper Cake

This is a cake with a difference; it’s a diaper cake! It won’t reveal the gender like a traditional cake would but it’ll come in very handy for the expectant parents.


We love you boy or girl, Gender Reveal Banner

Every parent will love their baby, whether it’s a he or a she. Hang this golden banner at the reveal party and make those feelings known to everyone.

Prices vary

Whale Gender Reveal Guess Sign

It’s always “fin” to see what friends and family think the gender of the baby is. Keep track of everyone’s guesses with this whale themed printable score card.


6 DIY Gender Reveal Party Decor Ideas

Diy Baby Gender Reveal Party!

Some people are naturally crafty, and if the mother to be is, she’ll enjoy getting busy making all of the decorations for her party, using this blog post for inspiration.

Diy: Tissue Tassel Garland

Tassel garlands are really big right now but they can come with a big price tag. Save some money by making one at home; this tutorial will explain everything.

How to Host a Gender Reveal Party

Grab a (decaf) tea and sit down to read this post. It explains everything that’s needed for a successful gender reveal party; no detail is left untouched.

How To Throw A Gender Reveal Party

It’s always fun planning a party, but organizing a gender reveal party can be stressful. Use this post to make sure that everything has been accounted for.

Diy Gender Reveal Bows

Not only does this blog post explain how to make gender reveal bows, it also includes a printable template so it couldn’t be easier on a pregnant mommy.

Gender Reveal Party

Every pair of expectant parents wants their gender reveal party to be the best one ever. This blog post explains everything that’s needed for throwing an exciting party.

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