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36 Geeky Stocking Stuffers for Her

While every girl loves a stocking full of chocolates, they can get a little boring year after year. If you really want your she-geek to be thrilled on Christmas morning, fill her stocking to the brim with gaming and geeky culture related trinkets, toys, and accessories.

I can finally get her the geekiest gifts with these amazing stocking stuffer ideas.

Handmade Harry Potter Origami Ornament

If she lost hours reading and re-reading the Harry Potter series or wants to get a letter summoning her to Hogwarts, she’ll love having a real-life memento of her love for the wizarding community in this handmade origami ornament. The pages it’s made from are the same pages she knows and loves from the series!

Prices Vary

Game of Thrones Sigil Wine Charms

This one’s for the classy gal who likes her evening glass or two of wine, and also happens to love Game of Thrones! If she loves to entertain and would like her guests to choose a house, even better: they can fight over which house sigil will mark their glass.

Prices Vary

Death Star Tea Infuser

Every time she makes her tea, she’ll hear the iconic Star Wars villain music and picture Darth Vader sweeping through the hallways, and before you know it, she’ll be reminiscing about one of her favorite movies every time she makes her tea. Perfect for the girl who loves tea and science fiction.


Firefly Tall Card Game

She’ll love this artsy tribute to the cast and world of Firefly! The short-lived series has some diehard fans in this world, and if she’s one of them, she won’t be able to resist playing the game characters used to divvy up chores. May the loser do all the dishes!

Prices Vary

Japanese Assorted Candy

A sure way to make an anime fan squeal in delight is to fill her stocking with assorted traditional and modern candies commonly munched in the homeland of all her favorite shows. She’ll get a kick out of trying new, flavorful, brightly packaged candy. It’s hontoni kawaii!


Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock Dice Game

Did she love the Big Bang Theory? If yes, present these dice. She’ll use them over and over to settle arguments, make decisions, and just plain be entertained. Fortunately, the rules are included, so you can learn how to play along with her.

Prices Vary

Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans

The great thing about these beans is that they are true to the Harry Potter series invention – they really do come in every flavor. Your enjoyment will come from watching the funny faces she makes as she tries all the crazy beans, from tame types like lemon to the really mean flavors, like dirt.


Gurren Lagann Hair Pin

If she gets the reference, she’ll think you’re the best ever for finding tough gun-toting marksman Yoko Littner’s hairpin. If not, that’s okay, too – as long as she thinks this little anime-inspired skull pin is kawaii, you’re good to go.


Portal Socks

If she played Portal and loved it (or watched you play Portal and loved it), then these socks are a must-have in any Portal geek’s wardrobe. Her feet will look like they fell out of Aperture Laboratories. Now if only she had a working portal gun…

Prices Vary

Justice League Business Card Case

This is for the unstoppable superwoman in your life to add a little levity to her business dealings. Every time she shares her business card, she’ll be reminded of how thoughtful you were to remember her affection for the Justice League.


My Neighbor Totoro Plush

It’s hard for any Miyazaki fan to resist this cute miniature Totoro. He’ll be waiting with an umbrella wherever she leaves him, be it her desk, her bed, or her shelf. This plush is too adorable not to sneak in her stocking.

Prices Vary

GG Button

Whether she dives onto the rift in League or shoots it up in Overwatch, this Good Game button is here to remind her that it’s just a game, and it was a good one. It’s perfect for diffusing those disappointing defeats or celebrating a crushing victory. gg, all, gg.

Prices Vary

Pikachu Purse Dangle

This perfect accessory allows your Pokemon fan to attach a cute little Pikachu face to her purse, backpack, jeans, or anything else she wants to attach it to, really. Don’t be surprised if she brings him along everywhere she goes!

Prices Vary

Harry Potter Milk Chocolate Frog

If you’re going to give a Harry Potter fangirl chocolate, you can at least do it the right way! Harry Potter fans will immediately get the reference to Harry, Ron, and Hermoine’s first adventure with hopping chocolate frogs. This one doesn’t hop, but it still tastes delicious.


Gaming Mouse

If she’s an intense PC gamer, why not give her a new mouse? She’ll love the fast response times and easy tracking this Amazon favorite has to offer, and will probably plug in shortly after the morning’s gift opening. This one has a cord, so her character doesn’t die when the mouse runs out of juice mid-game.


Accio Keys Keychain

This spell of summoning is great for the Harry Potter fan prone to losing her keys. Sadly, the “accio” command doesn’t work in real life, but you can bet she’ll appreciate the nod to her favorite world of wizardry series anyway.

Prices Vary

Supernatural Magnetic Bookmarks

If her favorite show is Supernatural, and she loves to read, you’ve just found the perfect stocking stuffer for her! Castiel, Sam, and Dean all appear as adorable chibi versions of their on-screen characters in the impressively long-running show. They’re magnetic, so she’ll love the functionality and the quirky look.


Japanese Kit Kat Bars

For an unconventional treat, tap into her love of anime and all things Japanese by give her the new green-tea flavored Japanese Kit Kat bars. These aren’t exactly traditional fare in Japan, but they’re sure to be gobbled up by anime fans with a sweet tooth.

Prices Vary

League of Legends Teemo Hat

If she cackles with impish glee every time she gets a kill with one of those infernal mushrooms, buy her this Teemo Hat. The yordle from the “666th circle of hell” certainly knows his head gear, and his reputation for being the trolliest of the trolls will only make her love it more.

Prices Vary

Super Mario Mushroom Earrings

These handmade, wooden mushroom earrings are just subtle enough for her to wear in public without drawing too much attention, but anyone familiar with the beloved game can recognize what they truly are. Any fan of old video games will love this geeky accessory.


Star Wars Fruit Gummies

Candy is an important part of any Christmas stocking, but these Star Wars fruit gummies really take the cake… err, gelatin. She’ll be popping these in her mouth in no time, and the little movie characters such as Yoda, Darth Vader, C3PO, and R2-D2 will never get old.

Prices Vary

Sushi Socks

If she loves Japanese culture, anime, sushi, and/or is a neat freak, the sushi socks will take a special place in her heart. Every time she sees these rolled up in her drawer, she’ll get a hankering for sushi. They’ve got some pretty great patterns for wearing around during the day, too.

Prices Vary

Portal Companion Cube Earrings

These earrings will not betray her, rather, they will express undying affection and follow her wherever she goes, until the end of time. (Maybe a slight exaggeration) If she’s not afraid to rock her geekiness in public and she loves Portal, you can’t lose with these companion cube earrings.

Prices Vary

Magical “I Love You” Bean Plant

While this magical bean won’t take her up into the clouds so she can fight a giant, it will have the words “I Love You” emblazoned on the growing bean pod. With a little water and sunlight, she’ll have a daily reminder of your affection for her.


League of Legends Riot Points

Amazon conveniently sells Riot Points at a small discount from the in-game store. Any League player will be thrilled at the chance to buy her favorite hero skins, ward variations, and more. Maybe it’s the perfect time for her to splurge on a new rune page. Whatever she chooses, you’ve made her game experience that much better.


Deadpool Hairbow

If she loves the completely inappropriate, crazy Deadpool humor, she’ll love this Deadpool-themed hair bow. She can show off her Marvel street style and garner some laughs with the classic Deadpool color scheme and miniature weapons on the top of the bow.

Prices Vary

Chocolate Gaming Dice

Nat 20 or not, these dice are great for munching during her next RPG. This gift will fulfill her need for chocolate and her love of all things Dungeons and Dragons. Don’t expect her to share as these treats will disappear before you can yell, “Crit Strike!”


Dr. Who Wibbly-Wobbly Pendant

This trinket is devoted to the man responsible for the discussion of that “wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff.” If she loves Dr. Who, this pendant is sure to get a smile when she opens her stocking on Christmas morning. It doesn’t allow her to time travel, but it will help her commemorate a much-beloved show and the quote that came from it.


Pac Man Sour Ghost Candy

This candy is ideal for fans of the old Pac Man arcade game. One gift-giving idea is to give her these candies along with a red bow so that she can pretend to be Ms. Pac-Man as she gobbles up the fleeing ghosts, one delicious bite at a time.

Prices Vary

Thor Hammer Bracelet

It’s subtle enough to appear normal from a distance, but anyone close enough to hold a conversation with your geek will release that she’s a die-hard Marvel fan. And clearly, she’s strong enough to wield the mighty hammer of Thor – in duplicate!

Prices Vary

Firefly Browncoat Socks

She can declare her allegiance to the rebellion with these fantastic Firefly-themed browncoat socks from ThinkGeek. They might not be bullet proof, but they’ll still keep her feet warm and look great while doing it. The rebels didn’t usually have nice things, but she won’t mind making an exception for the socks.


Lag Kills Mousepad

You know it. She knows it. It wasn’t because you both jumped in ahead of your teammates, it’s because you couldn’t cast the spell in time from lag and now you’re all dead. If lag cheats her out of an in-game murdering spree too many times, give her this mousepad to make her laugh when she would be seeing red.

Prices Vary

Minecraft Marshmallow Peeps

Who said you can only eat marshmallow peeps on Easter? These peeps are extra-special for fans of the infinite game that is Minecraft. She’ll want to eat them quickly so that they don’t eat her. Or explode. Or do something else that doesn’t involve her digesting them.


Pokeball Spice Grinder

If she loves cooking up savory dishes in the kitchen and also enjoys a little Pokemon training on the side, give her this nifty Pokeball spice grinder. It’s both functional and geeky enough to land a smile on Christmas morning.

Prices Vary

Pixel Heart Hair Clip

Game characters just don’t have enough places to store those extra lives. So, give her a place to store some of that wonderful, game-continuing regen in her hair (extra life not included). It’s a flirty and fun look that lets her display a little geeky flair.


Zelda Triforce Beanie

Depending on where you live, the winter months can be mighty chilly. Give her a fashion statement that lines up with her love for all things Zelda in this impressive, handcrafted Zelda Triforce beanie hat. Don’t be surprised when she wants to wear it everywhere!


8 DIY Geeky Stocking Stuffers for Her

DIY Fleece Gift Pouch

At first glance, this lovely DIY pouch might not seem sufficiently geeky. But when you realize it’s the perfect bag of holding for her D&D dice and player figures, all becomes clear. It’s easy for you to make and she’ll love your thoughtfulness in giving her something to hold her loot.

DIY Star Wars Droid Christmas Ornaments

If you’ve ever wondered how to make the beloved droids from Star Wars a part of your Christmas tradition, here’s how. Once she opens them, she can select a spot on the Christmas tree to display the geeky results of your work of love.

DIY Galaxy Scarf

This amazing DIY wearable fashion will have your stargazing geek smiling in no time! The tutorial walks you through how to turn a plain-jane infinity scarf into an homage to the cosmos that will keep her neck warm in the wintertime. If you choose a light enough scarf, it will be usable in the fall, too!

DIY Disco Ball Death Star

Does she need a paperweight or a little something to glitz up the living room? Give her something that’s part 80’s dance and part Star Wars classic with this DIY disco ball death star. It’s crazy, it’s funny, and it’s a great way to round off a selection of geeky stocking stuffers.

DIY Tardis Tessellating Iphone Cover

This one’s an impressive design for someone who enjoys math and Dr. Who. Turn her iPhone into an homage to the Tardis so that every time she calls you, she’ll remember her favorite show and then think about how awesome you are for making such a perfect gift.

DIY Minecraft Magnets

This fun DIY tutorial teaches you how to use perler beads to make classic items from Minecraft, such as your pickaxe, your sword, or a creeper face. They’re perfect for holding up grocery lists and pictures on the fridge. They don’t take up much space, so wrap a set in tissue paper for a stuffer that’s ready to go.

DIY Galaxy Christmas Ornaments

If her style is more of a chic geek than full-on nerdiness, consider making her these artsy galaxy-style Christmas ornaments. The author uses them as part of a Dr. Who Christmas tree theme, so you’ll find other tips about turning your tree into a Tardis sanctuary if that’s more her thing.

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