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28 Out of This World Wedding Gifts to Get for Geeky Couples

Picking perfect wedding gifts is always one of the most stressful parts of attending a wedding, especially if the bride and groom’s interests are different to your own. If they are a geeky couple, this list contains some amazingly out of this world gifts which will make choosing as easy as Pi.

The best nerdy wedding gifts for the geeky couple in your life.

Star Trek Wedding Flutes

If the happy couple are known for their love of all things USS Enterprise, this pair of Star Trek themed champagne flutes would be their idea of a perfect gift.


Star Wars Death Star Popcorn Maker

A film night just isn’t the same without snacks. Repurpose the Death Star and make some delicious and healthy popcorn with an out of this world popped corn maker.

Prices Vary

Westminster Magnetic Sand Timer

There’s something mesmerizing about a sand timer. However, with this magnetic one, the sand falls in awesome patterns every time; it’s almost like receiving a new gift every time it’s turned over.


Decodyne Math Wall Clock

Who needs a traditional clock with standard numbers? On this one, each number is represented by a math equation that needs solving in order to see what time it is.


Personalized 8bit Game Cartridge Cutting Board

Available in three types of wood, this cutting board can be personalized with 8 bit style characters, as well as the names of the happy couple and a message of support.


ThinkGeek Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker

One of the most romantic things a couple can do is share breakfast in bed. With this waffle maker, a touch of geekery can be served up with their morning meal.

Prices Vary

EWFXZq Geeky Physics Personalized Doormat

This anti-slip doormat can be placed almost anywhere in their home to keep the floors and carpets lovely and clean; no one really likes cleaning a carpet, do they?

Prices Vary

Custom Portrait from Photo

One look at this custom portrait and the TV show it’s based on is instantly obvious. The happy couple will hang it somewhere everyone who visits their home will see it.


ThinkGeek Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Pizza is up there with the best foods of all time. Forget the standard pizza cutters, this one is shaped like the USS Enterprise from Star Trek.


BigMouth Inc Beard-O-The Geeky Garden Gnome

Placing this bearded gnome on their front lawn will be an obvious sign to neighbors that the people who live there love all things geeky and nerdy.


Starcraft Protoss Pylon Desktop Power Station

Forgetting a phone charger is a nightmare. Luckily with this desktop StarCraft power station, there’ll always be some way to get juice back into that dead phone.

Prices Vary

Oxytocin Champagne Flutes

Oxytocin is often called the love hormone, although it is more complex than that. Give these chemistry champagne flutes as wedding gifts and let the happy couple geek out over them.


Gamer Mr and Mrs. Gamer Pillow Case

8 bit is a style that most old school gamers will recognize. Gift them this nostalgic cushion to celebrate their marriage and their new Mr. & Mrs. titles.


Periodic Table His and Hers Hand Towel Set

This set of two velour hand towels have the words Mr. and Mrs. embroidered on them but not in the usual way; it uses periodic symbols instead of standard letters.


Mug Set

Finding someone as equally geeky is a dream come true. They’ll be able to show off their nerdy ways with these matching couple mugs, a must for lovers of all things dorky.


Academy da Vinci Clock

This amazing clock is based on a sketch done by the famous Leonardo da Vinci. It’s unlike a traditional clock and will be a talking point to anyone who sees it.


Bath Periodic Table of Elements Plaque

Perfect for all bathroom sizes and decors, this two piece picture set spells out the word bath using the symbols for barium and thorium in the periodic table.


AcuRite Galileo Thermometer with Barometer

In a world filled with technology, it’s not difficult to know the weather forecast. But the old ways are often the most fun, just as this glass thermometer and barometer set shows.


Death Star Planter with Plant

Houseplants will always make amazing wedding gifts but this one has a nerdy touch; the planter is in the shape of the Death Star, perfect for nerds and geeks alike.


Chemist's Spice Rack

No kitchen is complete without a full spice rack, ready to add flavor to dishes. Add a scientific touch to cooking with this 14 piece chemistry spice rack set.


His Geek Her Dork Mugs

They say that relationships are like finding the missing puzzle piece and that’s exactly what this matching set of geeky mugs proves; they’ll definitely get used a lot.


Recycled HDD Desk Clock

Made from a recycled computer hard drive, this unusual clock has binary code for numbers and will become the biggest focal point in any tech lovers’ home.

Prices Vary

Personalized Robot Couple

Custom portraits make wonderful gifts and this one is no different. On a dictionary page backdrop, a robot couple can be personalized with their names and a special date.


Space Corgi

Printed on an old dictionary page that would have been destroyed, this special portrait of a space corgi would make a perfect addition to any nerdy home.


Star Wars Cutting Board

With a picture of Yoda engraved on the front of this wooden cutting board, any fan of the Star Wars franchise would be happy to prepare food on it.


3 Nerdy DIY Wedding Gift Ideas for Geeky Couples

Diy Interchangeable LEgo Star Wars Clock

With this interchangeable LEGO clock, the figurines around the outside in place of numbers can be changed, depending on the interest of the person at the time.

Diy Geek Dishes

One of the best things about these DIY geek dishes is that it’s entirely up to the maker which nerdy map is featured; whether it’s a matching set or not.

Diy 8-bit Heart Magnetic Chalkboard

Every home needs a way to display notes and messages; this DIY 8 bit chalkboard is perfect, especially if the bride and groom are nerds at heart.


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