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32 Valentine’s Day Gifts Worth Geeking Out Over

Buying for a self-confessed nerd isn’t the easiest thing in the world. You want to get them something which is going to interest them, but as they’re into geeky things, that’s quite difficult. Take a look at this list filled with Valentine’s Day gifts which they’ll enjoy geeking out over.


Critical Hit Mug with Lid

Many self-confessed geeks out there will play role playing games in their spare time. If your other half is one of them, they’ll appreciate this lidded ceramic mug. Shaped like a D20, this mug will deliver a critical hit to their fellow players when they see how cool it is.

Prices Vary

Square Off Chess Set

One of the problems with learning how to play chess is that you always need an opponent to play against. Well, not anymore. This smart chess board allows you to play against anyone around the globe, either board vs board or even board vs app. How cool is that?!

Prices Vary

Famous Scientist Tumblers

These tumblers will be perfect for your science loving partner. They celebrate some of the finest minds the scientific world has ever seen, including Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, and Marie Curie. You might learn something new as well as your other half raves about the different scientists.


Dell Visor Virtual Reality Headset

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know how popular Virtual Reality has become lately. If you or your partner own a gaming PC, this headset will take gaming to a whole new level as you can immerse yourself into the whole gaming experience further than you ever have before.

Prices Vary

Glow in the dark Tech Earrings

Taken from the game Mass Effect, these earrings look as if they’ve been made from Remnant technology. It’s supposed to be energy based, and wearing anything which is made from it upgrades your armor or civilian clothes within the game. Obviously, these won’t have the same effect in real life but they still look awesome.

Prices Vary

There’s No Place Like Doormat

This doormat won’t be understood by everyone, but you’ll soon know who the secret geeks among your friends are. The IP address is any computer you’re sitting in front of (in short) so this doormat actually reads “There’s No Place Like Home”. Cute, right?

Prices Vary

Pocket DJ Mixer

Who said that DJ’s need a lot of equipment? If you want to show off your music mixing skills, this pocket DJ mixer is perfect for on the go. Turn your phone or laptop into your own personal mixing station and impress everyone around you with your sick beats.


Magic 8 Geek Pop Culture Advice Ball

We’ve all heard of a Magic 8 ball, but this one has taken a step into modern pop culture. With so many people not understanding “geek speak”, you’ll be able to ask this ball questions and it’ll answer you with phrases such as “LOL” or “404 Error”.

Prices Vary

No I Will Not Fix Your Computer

If everyone knows you’re a computer whizz, you’ll be the first person they go to if they have a technical problem. It can get annoying. Put this tee on whenever you visit family and friends and they’ll soon get the message that you don’t want to fix their computer. Maybe they’ll finally take the hint.


Binary Wrist Watch

Binary code is used by computers and you’ll only be able to understand it if you’re into them, either through mechanics or even gaming. Confuse everyone around you with this watch which displays the time using binary code. It’s perfect for that computer nerd you know.


NASA T-Shirt

The mystery of space is one we still don’t fully understand, and it’ll be a while before we do. This tee not only has the NASA logo printed on it but there’s also the phrase “I Need My Space”; a pun which will be appreciated by geeks and nerds everywhere.


ThinkGeek Star Wars R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set

There’s no reason why geeks can’t know their way around the kitchen, they need to eat too! Help them turn their kitchen into a nerd zone with these super cool R2-D2 measuring cups which are made up of 4 body parts from everyone’s favorite droid.


Circuit Board Coasters

What do you do with an old circuit board if you don’t want to reuse it in a computer? Turn it into a coaster, of course! These scientific looking coasters have been made out of repurposed circuit boards and backed with cork, giving you the perfect place to put your drink.


Equation Geek Clock

If you’re familiar with a clock face, it won’t take you long to work out what the symbols and equations on this scientific timepiece mean. However, only true scientists and geeks will understand them, making this the perfect gift for your nerd this Valentine’s Day.


ThinkGeek LED Potion Desk Lamp

This lamp is beautiful and can be appreciated by everyone, whether they’re a geek or not. However, it would make a wonderful gift for someone who loves their chemistry. This color changing LED lamp is in the shape of a potions bottle, the kind you’d find in a laboratory.

Prices Vary

Math Formulas Tie

Whether he’s a math teacher or he just loves all things numbers, this tie would be a great addition to his collection. Covered with various formulas, symbols and equations, it will even keep him amused on his commute to work as he discovers what exactly is written on this silk tie.


ThinkGeek Star Trek Electronic Door Chime

This officially licensed Star Trek door chime would make a fantastic gift for any self-confessed Trekkie this Valentine’s Day. It’s modeled after the Communicator Panels on board the USS Enterprise in The Original Series, and the motion activation will make you feel as though you’ve stepped on board yourself.

Prices Vary

Pi Pie Pan

Is there anything more delicious than pie? Of course there is; Pi shaped pie! Yes, there really is a Pi shaped dish out there, perfect for all mathematicians and scientists. You’ll soon be eating a slice of humble “Pi” if you used to think geeks couldn’t be cool!


Elements Photo Card Deck

It can be really overwhelming trying to memorize the 118 different elements, yet they’re something every geek should know. These colorful photo cards won’t only help you to learn the different names but also a fun scientific fact about each one. You’ll soon be top of the class.


Impossible Project I-1 Analog Instant Camera

One of the best things about the Polaroid camera was its ability to print photos there and then; there was no waiting for the film to develop or finding the time to print them off. This camera is the first is 20 years to be built using the Polaroid format, so your photos will have a nostalgic feel.



This puzzle ball might look simple but there’s actually a lot of skill behind it. It’s your job to group the colored buttons on the outside by color, without getting the corresponding cords on the inside all tangled up. It’s definitely a lot harder than it sounds and requires a good sense of spatial awareness.


Great Civilizations

Perfect if you love a brainteaser, these puzzles have been designed with some of the greatest inventions and achievements of five global civilizations. Try the Aztec passion flower, or unlock the Roman keys to see if you have what it takes to stand out among the greats.


Bubble Wrap Calendar

There’s nothing more satisfying than popping bubble wrap – it should be used as a form of therapy. You’ll get a small slice of satisfaction every day with this calendar; as each day ends, you get to pop the bubble surrounding it. Every major American holiday is marked in color as well, so you’ll never forget them.


Magnetic Poetry Geek Kit

This would make a great gift for any geek household. Take the magnetic words and letters out of the box and start making your very own nerd poetry or messages for your family and friends to read. You’ll soon find out who’s a secret geek at heart.


Things They Don’t Teach You in School Game

While school is great for teaching children the basics, like how to write and add basic numbers together, it doesn’t tell you everything you need to know. Useless trivia can come in handy at any time, so this game will help you learn while having fun.


ThinkGeek Star Wars R2-D2 AC/USB Power Station

It’s really annoying when you realize the room you’re in doesn’t have enough sockets for all the technology you have. Plug R2-D2 into the wall and let this popular droid take over. There’s enough space on him for 2 USB ports and 4 sockets, so you’ll have more than enough portals.

Prices Vary

Technically The Glass Is Completely T-Shirts

Are you more of a “glass full” or “glass empty” kind of person? Whichever way you look at a half full glass, this tee might make you look at it in a completely different light. Technically, the glass is always full, we just don’t see the other element: air.


Blue Screen of Death T-shirt

The Blue Screen of Death isn’t something you see a lot of these days, but that doesn’t stop this t-shirt being funny. If you saw this come up on your computer screen, you knew that your computer needed a lot of TLC if it was ever going to work again.


HTML Beer Glasses

Perfect for your code loving other half, these HTML style beer glasses will make their pint that little bit more enjoyable. The computer code printed on the side will help you find the spot where the head should sit, making your beer the nicest you’ve ever had.


FreezerBoy Refrigerator Magnets

Turn your fridge into a life sized GameBoy with these super cool fridge magnets. The “screen” doubles up as a whiteboard which you can write shopping lists on; it’s completely wipeable so you’ll be able to write list after list, without wasting paper. These magnets will also fit on fridges of any size, even mini ones.

Prices Vary

F for Effort Book

Have you ever wondered what happens to exam papers once you’re finished with them? All of the wrong answers you gave get turned into books, of course! This book is filled with some amazingly creative answers to questions, which are bound to make you laugh out loud.


Soap for Geeks

Geeks might spend a lot of their time playing with computers or science stuff, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have the time to wash. This Soap for Geeks is WiFi scented (that’s cucumber, cilantro and wasabi, in case you were wondering) and all nerds will love it.

Prices Vary

3 Geeky Diy Gifts

Diy 8-Bit Heart Necklace

If it’s possible, 8-Bit hearts are even cuter than regular hearts associated with Valentine’s Day. Make these DIY necklaces for you and your other half to wear together, and because you’ve made them yourself, they’ll mean more than any store bought jewelry. It’ll be the best Valentine’s Day gift they’ve ever received.

Diy Rogue One Kyber Crystal Necklace

There’s nothing more geeky than someone who loves Star Wars. If your significant other is a fan of this amazing franchise, this DIY Kyber crystal worn by Jyn Erso in the film Rogue One will be a welcome addition to her jewelry collection. Follow the instructions in this blog post and you’ll see how easy it is.

Diy Kryptointe Glowing Crystals

Anybody who thinks of themselves of a nerd should know that Kryptonite is Superman’s biggest weakness, but it doesn’t have to be yours. By following this blog post, you’ll be able to create your very own glowing Kryptonite which will look amazing on a necklace or just sitting on a shelf.

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