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24 Super Nerdy Gifts for Geeky Moms

If your mom loves to geek out, we’ve got some of the greatest gifts for her. It takes a special mom to become one with her nerdiness, and if your mom is more comfortable at home watching The Big Bang Theory then she is Martha Stewart, you may have a geeky mom on your hands. Make sure she gets a gift she’ll absolutely love by choosing any of the items below.

24 Super Nerdy Gifts for Geeky Moms- if your mom is a little on the nerdier side.

Star Wars Family Car Decals

Is the Force is strong with your mom? These family car decals resemble the kind you’ve probably seen on the back of cars, except for they have a Star Wars theme to them. Mom can select different characters based on the makeup of your family, and proudly display them to whoever is behind her in traffic.



This necklace looks like the power button too many different electronic devices. It also lights up so it looks like your mom is turned on via this power switch. It can even pulsate, the way a power switch does when the computer is sleeping. They say it’s programmable and even hackable.

Prices Vary

Wonder Woman Apron

When your mom dons this Wonder Woman apron, she’ll look like a comic book superhero, even though she’ll be attending to more domesticated matters at home. A great gift for a mom who is a Wonder Woman fan of course, or simply who appreciates comic books would love the idea that she embodies the qualities of Wonder Woman.


OCD Cutting Board

This city cutting board is for moms who are proud of their obsessive-compulsive ways. It has plenty of lines and measurements so she can cut up vegetables very precisely and make sure that the meal comes out just the way she wants it to. If you see her washing this again and again, don’t be surprised.


Caffeine Molecule Mug

Only the nerdiest of moms will catch on that this is the molecular makeup of caffeine, aptly displayed on a coffee mug. If your mom has to get her morning coffee before she can function, she will appreciate this scientifically stated coffee mug. Help Mom start the day the geeky way.

Prices Vary

Binary Mom T-Shirt

This shirt has the word MOM spelled out in binary code, and is great for any mom that loves computers, or that has to program them for a living. If your mom loves technology, and the promise of a digital world, she’ll appreciate that she can show off with this binary t-shirt.


Handbag of Holding

Does mom love to play a good game of D&D? If so, she’ll definitely appreciate getting the handbag of holding, a play on the Bag of Holding from the game. It is designed to be able to hold lots of items, unlike many of the handbags used by women all over the world.


Death Star Tea Infuser

The Death Star tea infuser is a way to give a nod to Star Wars each time mom wants a cup of tea. It is shaped just like the Death Star from the movies, and as an added detail the handle of the infuser is actually a TIE Fighter, so this has the Dark Side written all over it.


Cupcake Bath Bombs

Cupcake shaped bath bombs are sure to give Mom a relaxing time in the bath, and are designed to turn in ordinary back into and aromatic and bottle filled experience. Mom gets a set of 7 different cupcakes, each one sure to soften her skin and help her relax.


One Ring to Rule Them All

If Mom is a fan of LOTR, you just gotta get her the ring that was featured in the movie. It goes around her neck just like Frodo wore it around his neck. Mom will have to decide if this really is the one ring to rule them all, or if her wedding ring is.


Retro Video Game Cartridge Pillow Set

If Mom was a fan of the original NES video game system, she will definitely like to reminisce with one of these video game cartridge pillows. You can get a cartridges with some of the older games, which will bring back mom to the times when she played, or the times she played with you or simply watched you play.


H20 Instant Water Candle Kit

These DIY candles don’t feature any wax, so she won’t make any wax messes. It uses water and oil and a special wick that is included in the kit. The candle burns on the floating oil, and looks great when it does. Mom can use the container of her choice.


Dragon Ear Wrap

This dragon ear wrap will make it appear that a dragon has taken over your ear. It uses a standard earring hole in your ear, but is meant to hug your ear all the way up. You can choose whether you want to use it in your left ear, or right ear, and it’s sure to catch some attention.


Octeapus Tea Infuser

This octopus will help you brew your team, and he has a very cute name because his name is not actually octopus, but oct-tea-pus, a clever play on words. You hold on to one of his arms, and dunk him into the tea just like you would a tea bag.


Superheroine Caped Sleep Tanks

These pajamas make your mom look like a superhero, and the really cute part about them is that they have a cape, so they are very much like the kind of costume a superhero would wear. Mom can become Supergirl, Batgirl, or Wonder Woman to fight crime and save the day while she dreams.


Star Trek Pizza Cutter

This pizza cutter looks just like the enterprise from Star Trek, so you can pay homage to Star Trek while cutting up your pizza. If Mom is a Trekkie, this utensil belongs in her kitchen arsenal. This is a high quality item, made of laser-etched stainless steel for years of use. Stardate: Today.

Prices Vary

The Baby Owner’s Manual

Give mom the owner’s manual that she should have received back when you first showed up. This is a baby book that is written as if it is an owner’s manual to a car or other large piece of equipment. Wouldn’t it be great if all parents were given an owner’s manual along with their kids?


Batgirl Hipster Panties

These panties come in three different styles, all of which allow your mom to pretend she’s Batgirl, or more appropriately, Batwoman. One features the handy utility belt, so Mom can feel like she is able to repel down buildings, or throw a Bat Star at a bad guy.


Superhero Caped Socks

These caped socks are a cute way to look like your favorite superhero. Each one has its own cape, so if you get the Superman socks, they are going to have a red cape down the back of them, and if you get the Batman socks they are going to have a black cape on the back.


Egg Minder

Mom will never have to wonder how many eggs are left at home when she’s at the grocery store. She’ll just have to check in with her egg minder app to see how many eggs are left in the container. They sync up so that there’s no more guesswork when it comes to egg shopping.


Bluetooth Handset Gloves

This Bluetooth handset let’s Mom take a call without having to take her gloves off. All she has to do is make the International sign for “call me”, talking into her pinky and listening with her thumb. This is a great way gift for mom to make it through the winter months.


Nyan Cat Hoodie

If mom got involved with the Nyan Cat mania, this is a great way to let her get into the same mentality every day. She’s sure to find Nyan Cat enthusiast when she wears the hoodie, because it is unmistakable, featuring the cat’s head on the hood, and space and rainbows all around.


Star Wars Origami

Mom can become a Jedi Master at origami with this Star Wars origami book. It shows her how to make everything from Yoda to Darth Vader to the Millenium Falcon. There are dozens of other creations she can make, and full instructions are provided including what materials she’ll need.


DIY I Love You Bean

When you plant this bean it will grow into a bean plant that features the words I Love You on it. This is a great way to give Mom a gift that is very loving, and one that she’s sure to show off to her friends that visit. It is very novel to have a plant that has a message in it.


8 DIY Gifts for Nerdy Moms


This cork board borrows its inspiration from the TARDIS time machine featured in Dr. Who. At the same time it serves the useful function of holding all of mom’s important memos and reminders for the week.

Crochet Space Invaders

You may not remember these, but mom sure does. She likely broke into video games with this game, or maybe Pac-Man, and she’ll love that you took the time to make her this. It’s an alien ship from the classic Space Invaders game.

DIY Lego Bracelet

Mom can show off her love of Legos with this DIY Lego bracelet. It uses purple and pink blocks and actually looks good when you wear it. If you’ve seen mom playing with your Legos on more than one occasion, make this for her.

DIY Disco Death Star

This is a fun DIY project to make for mom. It’s the Death Star from the original Star Wars movies, and if she’s getting excited for the new line of Star Wars movies set to come out, you know she’ll love getting this.

Rubiks Cube Tissue Box

If mom is a fan of The Big Bang Theory you have to make her this Rubiks Cube tissue box. It’s the same one that Sheldon has in his apartment. Even if she doesn’t watch the show you can make this if she’s a Rubiks Cube whiz.

Pac-Man Earrings

Mom will love sporting these Pac-Man earrings. Chances are she dropped many a quarter into this video game when it hit the peak of popularity. Make it even better by giving one a red bow so it’s Mr. Mrs. Pac-Man.

Companion Cube Pendant Lamp

To the uninitiated this is just a pretty lamp with a heart on it. But for gamer moms that are a fan of Portal it is a Companion Cube pendant lamp that is sure to be their new favorite thing. Bring the Portal world to life with this lamp.

D20 Gingerbread House

This is a fun gift to make for mom around the holidays. It’s a D20 like the kind found in Dungeons and Dragons, and is sure to conjure up memories of many hours lost to this addictively gun game for nerdy moms.


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