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21 Gag Gifts for Geeks (Funny Gifts They’ll Nerd Out Over)

Comic books, computer games, technology, science and a lot more are included in this list of awesome gag gifts. Compiled by the geek Gods, you can be sure that the nerd in your life will love, laugh or treasure anything that you buy them from this list.

Diy Harry Potter Origami Sorting Hat Fortune Teller

USB I Am Your Father! T-Shirt

Get the gag gift that will be perfect for the geek in your life. This Star Wars inspired t shirt is comfortable and high quality thanks to its 100% cotton design. Ideal for geeks worldwide, the t shirt features a USB and floppy disk with a famous quote from the ever famous film series.

Prices Vary

ThinkGeek Easy-Open Canned Unicorn Meat

Add some sparkle to your diet with this funny canned unicorn meat, perfect for nerds! The easy access can contains crunchy, tasty, sparkly unicorn meat for your dining convenience. A great gag gift as the can actually contains a plush toy! Surprise and shock with this cool novelty item.

Prices Vary

Never Forget Graphic T Shirt

Remember the past with this cool geek t shirt. With images of a floppy disk, video tape and cassette tape printed on the front, you can ensure anyone who sees you never forgets the history of computers. Comfortable and great quality. An awesome gift.


No. 2 Pencil Knee High Socks

The yellow No.2 pencil is as iconic and classic as stationery comes. These novelty knee high socks commemorate the greatness that is the No.2. Awesome looking, high quality and extremely comfortable and warm, these socks will make a perfect addition to the wardrobe of geeks everywhere.


Super Mario Undies

Find and save your very own princess with the plumber we all know and love: Mario. These undies have a vibrant and bright Super Mario design printed on the front and quick. Thanks to the breathable design, these briefs are comfortable and perfect for any and every occasion or outing.


Geek Speak Magic Ball Novelty Gag Gift

This novelty magic ball is the perfect gag gift for geeks, nerds and lovers of computers worldwide. Containing fun internet and computer related answers, you can ask the magic ball anything you desire and get trolled as you do. Hilariously fun, it’s a great conversation piece.


Pizza Cutting Protractor

Bring math into the pizza equation with this awesome protractor pizza cutter, designed to slice pizza into perfect fractions. Learn and eat, as you measure and cut the perfect pizza slice every time. Cooking for 2? No problem. Cooking for 7? Still no problem. Nerds and pizza lovers rejoice!


Nintendo 64 Cartridge Soaps

Get nostalgic in the shower with these highly detailed and extremely fun bar soaps. Designed to look just like classic Nintendo 64 cartridges, you can get clean with your favorite video game ever. With a lovely energy citrus fragrance it smells amazing, and is even vegan friendly.


Guess What? Chicken Butt T-Shirt

This guess what? Chicken butt t shirt is the ideal addition to any geek’s wardrobe. A fun gag gift, they can strut their stuff with their tail feathers in the air as they go. Made from 100% cotton, it is comfortable, durable and all round awesome. Period.

Prices Vary

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker

Make every day May the 4th with this cool waffle iron. Able to create waffles that look just like the Millennium Falcon, Star Wars fans everywhere can have their favorite starship shaped waffles for breakfast, lunch and dinner, every day. The non stick, stainless steel surface makes this gift even better.


The League of Regrettable Superheroes Book

Open your mind to the lesser known (and for good reason) superheroes. The League of Regrettable Superheroes is the book that every geek should own. Delve deep into the superhero culture and find some strange, weird and quite frankly laughable heroes from the history of comics.


Rosa Vila THC Molecule Necklace

Weed out the worst gifts for geeks, and replace with this stunning necklace, containing a pendant that looks just like the THC molecule. Show the cannabis lover in your life that you truly care about their passion with this great piece of jewelry that is offered in multiple different colors.


Computer Whisperer Stainless Steel Water Bottle

If you’re shopping for the nerd in your life, get them the gift that is both funny and useful. This stainless steel water bottle would make a great gag gift for computer lovers, IT specialists and geeks everywhere. Cool to look at, it holds around 20 ounces.

Prices Vary

Why Yes, I Do Randomly Use A British Accent Magnet

Say tally ho to boring fridge magnets when you see this awesome, novelty magnet that is perfect for nerds. With the words ‘why yes, I do randomly use a British accent’ printed on the front, it will stick to any magnetic surface and makes a great conversation starter.


Cooking for Geeks Book

Surprisingly, science and cooking go hand in hand. A lot of cooking techniques were derived from science, and are still used today. This fun book teaches you about this relationship, and will help any reader to be a better cook. A great gag gift for anyone interested in science, cooking or both.


Sock It To Me Circuit Board Socks

Are you shopping for gifts for geeks but don’t know where to invest your money? Get a great return when you buy these awesome circuit board socks, and see their face light up, just like an LED. Comfortable, cool and computer related, they even fit most men’s shoe sizes.


The Geeky Chef Cookbook

Any nerd would be trembling with excitement at the thought of recreating food and recipes from their much loved, favorite franchises. As stated on the cover, the recipes have come from Doctor Who, Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter and many more! A perfect gag gift that will definitely go down a treat.


Geek Haiku Pin

Get your geek on with 17 syllables of pure comedy genius. This hilarious Geek Haiku magnet would look great on any magnetic surface where it can be seen. An ideal gift idea, you can give this to the nerd in your life and give them a laugh.


The Geeks’ Guide to World Domination

The technological advances have led to geeks officially ruling and running the world, there is no question of that. This fun gag gift is essentially the holy book of the nerds and geeks. With every activity and piece of information required to become the ultimate geek included in the pages.

Prices Vary

Computer Geek Parking Sign

Give your IT God the gift that they are bound to appreciate, and have a giggle at. This ‘Computer Geek Parking Only’ sign is the perfect way to highlight their strengths, and have a bit of banter at the same time. Fun, lighthearted and great for display.


I Paused My Game To Be Here T-Shirt

If you have a gamer geek in your life, then you will know just how hard it can be to drag them away from their beloved console. Commemorate that with this hilariously funny t shirt. Comfortable and well made, you know that it means a lot when they do eventually wear it.

Prices Vary

6 Creative and Fun Diy Geek Gifts

Diy Lego Brick Spice Rack

Get your geek on, and get cracking on this awesome DIY project. LEGO is much loved by nerds all over the world, so give your nerd this cool LEGO spice rack to brighten up their kitchen! Fun to make, simple and easy on the pocket, it’s a guaranteed fit.

How to Make a Small Dragon Egg

Geek or not, dragons are cool. Those winged, fire breathing beasts just conjure up fear and awe wherever they are seen. This step by step tutorial will teach you just how to make your very own dragon egg. Cheap to do, it would make a great gift!

Diy Wall-Mounted Star Wars Wampa Head

Display your latest trophy piece on your wall to gain respect and to bring a bit of Hoth to your house. This DIY project will leave you with an awesome looking Wampa head from the Star Wars film series, nailed to a board and displayed proudly on your wall.

Diy Zelda Pixel Heart Statement Necklace

Give the geek in your life a gift they will treasure forever with this Legend of Zelda inspired heart statement necklace. Gather up your supplies, including Perler beads and an iron, and get making your hearts. A beautiful present that they are guaranteed to love.

Diy BB-8 Push Toy Tutorial

Make your mate a BB-8 wooden push toy, inspired by the Star Wars movie series. Stunning to look at, this little guy employs a classic push toy design, and so is both fun and not too taxing to make. As you will not need too many materials, you can build this droid on a budget. Awesome.

Diy Harry Potter Origami Sorting Hat Fortune Teller

Bring a bit of magic to your geeks life with this DIY origami Harry Potter sorting hat and fortune teller. This fun little ‘game’ is easy to make and so so cool to use. Simply print, cut, fold and play. All instructions are including in the following guide. Mischief managed.

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