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30 Game of Thrones Gifts for Die Hard Fans

Game of Thrones is going strong, earning more and more fans as it trucks along. It’s going to be at least six seasons long, so any of these gifts will last well into the future, and put a smile on the face of any true fan.

30 Game of Thrones Gift Ideas- for the game of thrones fans in your life.

Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones

They’ll be able to go in-depth into the making of the show with this Collector’s Edition version of Inside Game of Thrones. It details all of the elaborate costumes and sets and gives a behind-the-scenes peek at just what it takes to make a show of this magnitude and scale.

Prices Vary

Game of Thrones Vinyl Pop Figures

These little figures are so cute it makes you forget just how blood-filled and racy the show is. There are 17 different figures to choose from, so there’s a strong likelihood that their favorite character will be available, or you can get them a larger set filled with their top 5 or top 10.


Game of Thrones Sword Letter Opener

They’ll feel like a king or queen when they open their mail with this Game of Thrones letter opener that’s shaped and looks just like a sword from the show. This letter opener looks stunning on a desk, and is a conversation piece that will get people talking about the series.

Prices Vary

Limited Edition Loras Helmet

The only thing better than a limited edition Game of Thrones helmet is a limited edition Game of Thrones helmet that you can wear. This helmet is modeled after the one Loras wears in the show, and is the perfect gift for fans of Loras, or simply GoT fans in general.


Game of Thrones Dart Board Set

This dartboard set takes the familiar game of darts and puts a Game of Thrones spin on it. This is a no brainer gift for anyone that likes to play darts and is also a fan of the show. It comes with darts and the board features emblems from each of the houses that play a key role in the show.

Prices Vary

Game of Thrones Map Stein

This beer stein features the map from the Game of Thrones universe on it, which can come in handy when they’re watching the show and need to get their bearings on what’s happening where. It’s also great for anyone that likes to have a tasty beverage while they watch the show.


Dire Wolf Coffee Mug

For the uninitiated, this mug refers to the Red Wedding scene that every Game of Thrones viewer is all too familiar with. Let’s just say a lot of stuff happens in a short period of time, and none of it is good. The perfect gift for the coffee loving Thrones fan in your life.

Prices Vary

Iron Throne 7″ Replica

A life-sized replica just wouldn’t be prudent, as it costs $30,000 and would take up a lot of room in your house. Settle on this 7 inch mini replica and you’ll make everyone happy. It features the iron throne that shows up a lot in the show and on marketing and promotional materials.


Bejeweled Royal Dragon Goblet

When they drink from this jeweled goblet they’ll feel like true royalty, and you may just have to bring them back to reality once their done. It has a stainless steel inside so you can actually use it and wash it but putting it in the dishwasher is not recommended.


3D Map of Westeros Puzzle

When it’s puzzle night there’s no better choice than this 3D puzzle that features the map of Westeros. It’s got over 1000 pieces so it’s going to be a bit of a challenge for puzzle newbies, but pros will have no trouble with it, and it looks pretty great when it’s all assembled.


Game of Thrones Inspired Rings

These rings are great for couples as each person can wear one, and it features lines pulled directly from the show. One reads “My sun and stars.” while the other reads “Moon of My Life”. Made from aluminum these are designed not to cause a reaction when worn.


Game of Thrones Weapons

These Game of Thrones swords look like the real thing, but they’re not. They are great for dressing up as your favorite character, doing some cosplay or live action role playing, or just keeping around the house so it looks like you keep swords around just in case.


Canned Dragon Meat

Here’s a fun Game of Thrones gag gift that features Dragon Meat packaged like it’s Spam. The inside has a dragon that’s seen better days, and there’s a chart that helps sort out the white meat from the dark meat. Dragon lovers will get a kick out of this one.


Game of Thrones Board Game

When it’s game night you’ll be able to grab this Game of Thrones board game and have your own fight over the throne. It pulls everything right from the show so fans will enjoy all of the connections they’ll be able to make. Non-fans can play and still have fun.


Deluxe Game of Thrones Pint Glass Set

This pint glass set features the emblems of Targaryen and Lannister, two of the royal houses of Westeros. These are made to hold a true pint, so for any beef lover that likes to have one during Game of Thrones time, this is a fantastic gift.


Game of Thrones House Pillows

There are three pillows to choose from here, so you can decide which house you want to represent in your house. Figure out which house is their favorite, or just grab all three and they can put them in different rooms, designating each area as a different house.


Game of Thrones Playing Cards

Ordinary playing cards are made extraordinary when they feature Game of Thrones icons on them. The backs of the cards are all the same of course, but flip them over and you’ll find images from the show on each of the 52 cards. A nice add-on gift for a fan.


Winter Is Coming Shirt

The prophetic phrase that sums up the first season of Game of Thrones. This is for the fan that’s been there from day one and features the foreboding message that holds so much weight. This is one shirt they’ll wear again and again as one of their favorites.


Characters Poster Print

It can be hard keeping track of all of the characters in the immense world of Game of Thrones. Help them out with this poster print that features the names and faces of the most important characters for fast and easy reference. Hanging it by the TV is recommended.


Littlefinger Mockingbird Pin

Here’s a replica of the pin that Petyr Baelish wears in the show, and it’s a very good replica at that. It’s great for anyone that’s a fan of the character, and always admired his pin. Secures snugly so you won’t worry about it falling off all the time.


King’s Hand Bronze Brooch

This brooch signals that the wearer is the Hand of the King, a very important role within the Game of Thrones Universe. It’s the perfect match for anyone that has ever mentioned it while watching the show, referring to how cool it looks. They probably didn’t know you could buy one.

Prices Vary

Pop-Up Guide to Westeros

Pop-up books aren’t just for kids, and this book proves it. It’s one of the funnest guides to Westeros you’ll ever see, and there’s plenty to check out and explore when all of the pages are fully popped up. Embrace the kid inside you with this awesome book.

Prices Vary

The Almighty T-Shirt

This is a shirt that any Game of Thrones fan would love to wear because the quote on the front of it is pretty epic. It sums up the whole philosophy behind the show, and it has a lot of great graphics as well as the Game of Thrones logo on the bottom.

Prices Vary

Targaryen Dragon Pet ID

Deck your pet out in this pet ID that features the Targaryen dragon. The cool part about this gift is that you’re able to customize it with your pet’s name and your phone number so that if anything should happen to them you’ll be able to be notified immediately.


Game of Thrones Card Game

This game is half the price of the board game featured above, and is still a lot of fun, featuring many references to the show, and all of the characters that you’d expect. Anyone will be able to play this, so invite friends that aren’t into the show to play.


8oz House Targaryen Flask

The only flask that a true Game of Thrones fan will ever need. This holds 8 ounces of their beverage of choice and allows them to take it with them wherever they may go. Stainless steel and laser engraving make it look awesome.


Iron Throne Lunchbox

Lunchboxes are making a comeback and this lunchbox features the iron throne from Game of Thrones. It’s a great gift for the big kid in your life that won’t mind taking a metal lunchbox to work. Or they may choose not to open it in hopes it becomes a collector’s item.


Game of Thrones Daen Figurine

This figurine is perfect for any fans of Daen from the show. It is highly detailed and makes a great ornamental piece for a desk or mantle. She’s holding a dragon’s egg, and fans of the show will remember this scene. She stands nearly 8 inches tall.

Prices Vary

Not Today Ring

This ring is pulled from a quote on the show that says “There is only one god, and His name is Death. And there is only one thing we say to Death: “not today”. It’s a ring that keeps you in the present moment and helps you make the most out of each day.


5 Book Boxed Set

Any fan that wants to go deeper into the world of Game of Thrones needs to read the books that started it all. Even a show the size of this one can’t capture all of the intricacies that are involved. There are 5 books that correlate directly with the show.


7 DIY Game of Thrones Gifts

DIY GoT Dragon Eggs

Here’s a tutorial on how to make pretty realistic looking dragon eggs. It’s the perfect DIY gift for anyone that is a fan of the show, and especially of the dragons in the show. They walk you through each step with pictures so it’s easy.

Mother of Dragons Necklace

This necklace is inspired by the show, and references Daenerys Targaryen who earned the title Mother of Dragons in the show. Best for the woman in your life that’s also a die hard Game of Thrones Fan. She’ll be blown away by the time you took to make it.

Cork Map of Westeros

Here’s a way to put the map of Westeros on a corkboard. It’s functional and looks good and can either be used as a way to map out the story that’s told on the show, or to post important messages, like “Don’t Forget to Watch GoT”

Dragon Salt and Wild Fire

These are two novelty gifts you can make that replicate items from the show. These are great gifts to bring with you if you are going to a Game of Thrones party or they are great add-ons if you’ve already got a larger Thrones themed gift.

Dragon Mobile

Here’s a mobile that will strike fear in your baby. Just kidding! They probably aren’t meant to be used above a crib, and are just for decorating a part of the house. Hang them outside and even a slight breeze will get them moving.

Game of Thrones Scrabble Tile Coasters

Fans of the show that are also Scrabble lovers will be into this gift. It’s made from real Scrabble tiles and spells out different characters and inside references to the show. The only drawback is you lose a perfectly good Scrabble game, unless you were missing some pieces anyway.

Game of Thrones Sigil Badges

These badges have emblems from some of the royal houses that show up repeatedly on Game of Thrones. Make them and you’ll be a hit with anyone that’s a fan, since they’ll be quite familiar with the logos and will be able to name the houses behind them.


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