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50 Clever Gag Gifts for the Lighthearted Women in Your Life

When you’re looking for gag gifts for women, you have to know the person you’re buying for. That’s why we have compiled this list – it contains gag gifts to suit every taste and personality. Rude, funny, irreverent or just simply cute, whoever you’re buying (or DIYing) for will be catered for perfectly.

Novelty Personalized Fridge Magnets

Mom Juice Wine Glass

Moms put up with their fair share of whining, so let them have a little wine of their own! This stemless glass holds 17 ounces, enough to drown out the ambient noise (aka kids), and bears the legend ‘mom juice’ so offspring are none the wiser. And because it’s stemless it’s harder to knock over – bonus!

Prices Vary

Don’t Speak! Coffee Mug

This 13 ounce glass mug is a great gag gift for women who don’t want to shout! If your wife or mom needs a coffee before conversation, this is the mug for them. In stark white lettering it leaves the oncomer in no doubt about the drinker’s willingness to talk – one sip at a time.


Troll Socks

Trolls have made a comeback, but the ones which adorn these adorable socks are straight from the 80s. Available in three colors and patterns (banana split, pink polka dot party, and electric youth), these socks, with their iconic hair raising designs, make a great gag gift for any lady who likes her leg being tickled!


Nice Underwear Mat

This doormat would make a great gift for women who like their smalls, and don’t care who knows it! She’ll feel as if all eyes are on her as she stands at the door, and will have a teeny part of her wondering whether – just maybe – there’s a mirror hidden among the coconut fibers.


Mom Life Snarky Adult Coloring Book

Grab a little you time (or rather, a little red, yellow or blue time), with the #momlife snarky adult coloring book. Better than banging your head off the nearest brick wall, this irreverent arty-fact is full of humorous pictures to be colored in, while you de-stress and feel the sisterhood on every single page.


The Good Wife Guide

This book might contain 19 rules for keeping a happy husband, but if you only follow one rule for keeping a happy wife, make it ‘don’t give her this book unless you’re good at ducking’! Full of ‘helpful’ hints on how to keep your man happy, it’s a great gag gift for women with a GSOH.


I’d Rather Be Short Book

They say the best things come in small packages, and this little book (see what we did there?) celebrates that. ‘I’d Rather Be Short’ pays homage to petite women with all the reasons why, sometimes, less is more. Perfect as a gag gift for diminutive divas, it will make them feel ten feet tall.

Prices Vary

Shower Squids

Any woman will be showering you with thanks when you gift her one (or more) of these superb shower squids. Pretty and practical, these squids have nine adjustable tentacles to hold all her pampering products in one place, right where she needs them. They’ll even hold bottles upside down, so no waste, either.


Happy Little Accidents The Wit & Wisdom of Bob Ross

Gift like a boss with Bob Ross, everyone’s favorite artist. This book encapsulates Ross’ unique take on life, and certainly gives any reader food for thought as they meander through the pages full of the painter’s deepest and thought provoking sayings. It’s no mistake you found this book, it’s just a happy little accident.

Prices Vary

Swear Word Coloring Book

Whether the recipient is out of luck or out of something which rhymes with it, this coloring book is the perfect gag gift for women who want to curse but don’t want anyone to hear them! With 27 pages filled with animals and swear words, she can use the most colorful language imaginable – no judgement.


Mom off Duty Go Ask Dad Socks

Send the kids a clear message that Mom’s work is done for the day, just by putting your feet up. This pair of warm crew socks comes in black and gray, with white lettering emblazoned across the bottoms, so you can say what you mean without saying a word. Now, where is that wine?


What the F*@# Should I Make for Dinner?

The age old question of ‘what’s for dinner?’ always comes down on Mom, so help her out by giving her a gag gift of “What the F*@# Should I Make for Dinner?” It does actually contain some delicious recipes, tempered with well-placed bad language to ease the stress of always having to make the decision.

Prices Vary

Pizza of the Month Club Subscription Box

This is one gag gift no woman will gag over – a subscription to the Pizza of the Month Club. You can’t overestimate how much any mom, wife, or girlfriend will look forward to that one night a month when she can enjoy three delicious gourmet pizzas without having to lift a finger. Priceless.


Just Married Mad Libs

Toasters are so last season daaahling – opt for something more original as a wedding gift, and add a touch of humor to the occasion. Just Married Mad Libs is a little book with a lot of laughs, and makes a fun gift for newlyweds to peruse and play as they jet off on their honeymoon.

Prices Vary

No Bra Club T-shirt

There’s no feeling like it – that aaahhhhh moment when you take off your bra at the end of the day. Show the women in your life that you understand by choosing this funny t-shirt that has the words ‘No Bra Club’ across the chest. It could be the most appreciated gag gift you ever buy!


Mommin’ Ain’t Easy Wine Glass

Finally, a wine glass that understands. Buy this gag gift for any mom, and when someone asks why she’s drinking she can simply hold the glass up and let it speak for itself! “Because mommin’ ain’t easy” is a war cry universally understood by any woman who’s joined the Motherhood – ain’t that the truth?

Prices Vary

World’s Okayest Mom Ceramic Coffee Mug

Show your mom just how much you think of her with this awesome gift from Funny Guy Mugs. “World’s Okayest Mom” might not sound like the biggest compliment, but if you are a child of little sentimentality it will mean the world. And as moms rarely get to drink hot coffee, it’s even microwaveable for reheats.


Working Trophy Wife Keychain

Show your wife you think she’s the best of both worlds with this tongue in cheek gag gift. A working trophy wife is a bit of a misnomer, but if your lady carries it off then remind her of that fact every time she picks up her keys. Gorgeous and working – you lucky man!


Porn for New Moms Book

As a new mom, there’s never enough time for nookie. But even the most exhausted mom will drool over “Porn for New Moms”, a book full of the hottest, sexiest men doing…well, doing what they should be doing and helping their partners! Makes a great gag gift for women who wished their men did more.


Calm the F*ck Down Adult Coloring Book

It’s well known that coloring in is not just for kids – it’s a great stress reliever for adults too. Have this book ready with a box full of colors and a big glass of wine for when your wife comes home, and give her 30 minutes where she can, indeed, Calm the F*ck Down.


Dear Asshole Tear-Out Letters

Have you ever seen your normally calm partner erupt in a fit of rage because some inconsiderate *bleep* has done her wrong? Better than a pickaxe, this pack of tear-out letters, aptly titled “Dear Asshole”, will allow her to vent her grievances without being arrested! The perfect gag gift for the hothead you know and love.

Prices Vary

Accoutrements Emergency Underpants

Childbirth? Menopause? Laughing too hard? All of these things can cause a lady a few “oops” moments, but help is at hand! A great gag gift for women who sometimes lose control, these emergency underpants might just save her from eternal embarrassment. Or she might just prefer to launch the tin at your head.


Our Perfect Marriage Journal

This book makes a lovely keepsake, and will raise a few laughs as you work your way through it as a couple. With space for the mundane to the momentous, this journal can be dipped into as and when, or methodically filled in from front to back. It’s a great gift to look back on.


Her Wineness Wine Glass

Make someone feel like royalty with this great gag gift for women who love their grape juice. The 13 oz long stemmed glass bears the words “Her Wineness” and is just perfect for that well deserved tipple at the end of a hard day – after all, no-one deserves it more than your very own queen.


A Pizza My Heart Necklace

“…like a big pizza pie, that’s amore.” This adorable pendant makes a gift that’s good enough to eat for the pizza loving lady in your life. Fashioned from brass, and hanging on an 18” 14k gold filled chain, this pendant goes to show that the way to a woman’s heart is definitely through her stomach.


I’m Not the Kind of Person You Should Put on Speakerphone

There’s always that one friend…the outspoken one…the one who curses like a sailor. You know the women I’m talking about! Show her you love her, mega mouth and all, with this super fun printed mug that’s as plain talking as she is. An appropriate gag gift for the woman who should be. Gagged, that is.

Prices Vary

RuPaul’s Drag Race Paper Doll Book

Fans of Ru Paul’s Drag Race can keep it fierce whenever they like, thanks to this paper doll book. With 10 punch-out paper dolls, including favorites such as Tyra Sanchez, Sharon Needles, and Violet Chacki, all the fabulous costumes, wow-factor wigs, and awesome accessories are included to make a fun activity for Ru Paul devotees.


Wine Wars Trivia Game

If you fancy yourself as something of a wine aficionado, this game is a must. Wine Wars is a trivia game which takes you from vine to vino, and cellars to corks, as you pit your wine wits against fellow oenophiles. Perfect for game night, or as a gag gift for anyone who loves their victuals.


Jelly Beans Pooping Unicorn

Let’s face it, no matter what comes out of a unicorn, it’s going to be delicious. Candy lovers are going to adore this pooping unicorn, because each time its bowel opens, out pops a magical movement to tempt their tastebuds. Just keep pumping the rainbow-colored tail for piles (see what we did there?) of delicious doodies.


Porn for Women of a Certain Age Book

Do you really know what makes women tick? “Porn for Women of a Certain Age” should come with a health warning, because it is going to set hearts racing! Filled with scenarios that would float any woman’s boat, this light-hearted book is fifty shades of OMG – a great gag gift for women of that certain age.

Prices Vary

Personalised Revenge Voodoo Doll

They say revenge is a dish best served cold, but with this personalized voodoo doll, it can be served at any temperature, at any time! Give this as a gift to a scorned woman so she can inflict damage such as “serious genital discomfort” or “halitosis” on whosever photograph she has personalized it with.


Best Cat Mom Ever Funny Wine Glass

Cat lovers will be feline full of gratitude when they open this gift. The stemless wine glass holds 15 oz, and is etched with an adorable kitty face, making an irreverent gesture to anyone who dares question whether it is wine o clock yet. The purrfect gag gift for women who love wine. And cats.

Prices Vary

Creative Cursing Mix ‘n’ Match Profanity Generator

Science has shown that swearing reduces pain – well, if that’s the case, here’s a gift which will render you totally pain-free. This flip book offers a veritable feast of foul-mouthed phrases which far surpass any common or garden variety of expletives, and will leave co-workers and bad drivers stunned at your varied vitriolic vocabulary.

Prices Vary

Bigfoot Sasquatch Outdoor Research Kit

Are you looking for a gift that’s not abominable? Tired of putting your Bigfoot in it when it comes to buying prezzies? Then choose this awesome Bigfoot Research Kit, and set off on an adventure together. There’s so much kit included that it’s hard to Sas-squash it all in! Includes stickers, journal, and membership card.


Giant Wine Glass

Just one glass of wine and you’ll forget all your troubles. This mahoosive glass holds an entire bottle of wine, and is far classier than drinking straight from the bottle when you’ve had the day from hell. It might be a gag gift, but it’s probably the most useful one you’ll ever give!

Prices Vary

Accoutrements Public Toilet Survival Kit

It’s a quandary that men don’t usually need to think about, but sometimes using a public lav can be bad for women’s health. Solve the problem and save your lady from having to hover above the seat by buying her this Public Toilet Survival Kit, which includes seat cover, antiseptic wipes, and latex disposable gloves.


Let’s Get Physical The 80’s Way Book

Blasts from the past always go down well when you’re buying gag gifts for women, so exercise your imagination and take a look at ‘Let’s Get Physical’, the keep-fit book from the era of leg warmers, Lycra, and (thankfully) long forgotten moves. Full of photos, fashion, and keep fit tips, it’s corny, cringe-worthy, and fabulous.


Can’t Fix Stupid! Swear Word Adult Coloring Book

This is a gift that will de-stress rather than distress. Give somebody the means to vent their spleen without causing offence, and reach their inner Zen at the same time. Each page of this awesome “Can’t Fix Stupid” coloring book features pictures, patterns and lots of expletives they might want to shout, but daren’t.


Return of Toddzilla Snarky Adult Colouring Book

#Momlife2 is the second book in the series, and just as useful as the first at easing stress and letting off steam in a calm, Zen-like manner. Coloring in lowers blood pressure, but when you combine that with turning the air blue it’s a sure-fire recipe for success. Celebrates motherhood at its best (and worst).


Sorry Too Busy Being a Mermaid Coffee Mug

Do you know someone who drinks oceans of coffee? If so, this is the perfect mug for her. Adorned in hundreds (ok, lots) of bubbles, it features a swimming mermaid and the legend “Sorry, I’m too busy being a mermaid”. Go on, you know you want to. Just say we mermaid you buy it!


Coffee Makes Me Poop Coffee Mug

Sure to afford the user some personal space, this glass mug informs everyone around that coffee makes them poop. With a generous bowel opening 13 oz capacity, this mug would make a great gag gift for women who share your particular brand of toilet humor. Designed to fit K Cup coffee makers, dishwasher and microwave safe.

Prices Vary

Porn for Women Book

Find out what really makes women tick by flicking through this Porn for Women book. It’s not for the fainthearted, as it shows men doing what really gets the ladies’ pulses racing – housework, listening, and even…gasp…making a cup of chamomile tea! It’s a titillating gag gift for any woman (and useful reading for men).

Prices Vary

Bag of Farts Cotton Candy

If it comes from a unicorn it’s going to be good. Unicorns live and breathe magic, glitter, and all things wholesome, so when they fart they produce a puff of air so magical, so fabulous, that it actually tastes like fruit punch. This enchanted edible treat makes a great gag gift (and it tastes delicious).


Eat, Drink, and Be Mad Libs

Get Mad Libbing over food and drink, with the “Eat, Drink, and be Mad Libs” book. The ideal gag gift for women who love their fare, this book uses the tried and tested formula of filling in the blanks before you get to the story. Featuring 21 funny tales for game night with friends.

Prices Vary

Fifty Shades of Chicken: A Parody in a Cookbook

Full of plump breasts and juicy thighs, this book is disgustingly good. “Fifty Shades of Chicken” will have women drooling and licking their lips at the food porn between the covers. With 50 seductive recipes for chicken, there’ll be absolutely no need for a safe word because they won’t want it to stop. Oh my!

Prices Vary

This Might Be Wine Ceramic Coffee Mug

This gag gift for women will keep everyone guessing. Inside its innocent white curves could be lurking tea, coffee, hot cocoa, or, as the mug says, it might be wine! Holding 11 oz of whatever takes their fancy, it’s both dishwasher and microwave safe and comes in a sturdy, thick, glossy ceramic.

Prices Vary

High Waisted Ruffled Butt Granny Panty

If someone you know is dreading her upcoming birthday, how about making her feel even worse (but better at the same time) with a pair of Granny Panties? These hilarious high waisted panties are adorned with a ruffled rear and feature the faces of the Golden Girls. You’ll be glad you ‘Rose’ to the occasion.


Menopaws The Silent Meow Book

As women approach the menopause, they can lose their sense of humor (hey…it’s a scary time). Inject some comedy into the situation with the “Menopaws – the Silent Meow” book, full of cute cats suffering meno symptoms. It makes a great gag gift for women of ‘a certain age’ for whom it needn’t be a cat-astrophe.

Prices Vary

16 Adult Achievement Stickers

Why should kids be the only ones to get stickers when they’ve done well? This gag gift of 16 stickers rewards US for achieving adulty things when all we want to do is hide in our blanket forts – almost making it to the gym, shaving our legs, or not cursing in front of the kids!


What to Expect When You’re Expected Book

Bookstores are full of advice and information from the mother’s point of view, but what about the fetus? “What to Expect When You’re Expected” looks at the first three trimesters from the fetus’ side, with some hilarious results. This irreverent book is a light-hearted gag gift for women who are expecting (and not easily offended!)

Prices Vary

8 Diy Gag Gifts for Her

Acorn Family Homemade Gag Gift

Homemade gag gifts can be as fun to make as they are to give. This blog post contains a ton of great ideas for DIY gag gifts for anyone and everyone on your gift list, from a survival kit for life to a jar of nothing (well, that’s what they asked for, right?).

Diy Spray Tan Kit Gag

There’s always someone in a group who loves the ‘sun-kissed’ look, so use that to your advantage when thinking of DIY gag gifts to give to them. For just a few bucks, you can put together this Spray Tan Kit which will make them laugh and stave off the hunger pangs at the same time!

Diy Chill Pills Gift

Although this gag gift is billed for teachers, it would make a great offering for anyone who deals with stress in the workplace. Just take one jar, fill it with their favorite candy, print out and attach the label, and they can have a whole jar of chill pills on hand to take as required.

Diy Gift Jar: Just the Marshmallows

We all know that the best part of Lucky Charms are the marshmallows. Show someone how much you love them by sifting out all those delicious foamy shapes from a box or two of the cereal, putting them all in a jar, and attaching a label and ribbon for a simple homemade gift that’s truly magical.

Homemade No. 2 Poo Spray

We all do it, heck, we’d be worried if we didn’t, and doing a poo is still a taboo. Prevent embarrassment (and gagging) by making this No. 2 spray from essential oils, water, rubbing alcohol and liquid glycerine, print out the downloadable label, and there you have it – a gag gift that will stop you gagging.

Diy Office Emergency Survival Kit In a Jar

Mason jars are a DIY gifter’s dream. This blog post has a great idea for a gag gift for women to keep in the office, which should cover all (or most) eventualities. With tampons, gum, nail file, wipes, and other items, you can turn an ordinary jar into a fun gift that’s actually useful.

Diy Certificate Template Generator

This is one post you are going to want to bookmark. Just fill in the various fields, such as name, heading, dates etc., print it out, and you will have a full color certificate for whatever the occasion and whoever the recipient. It literally solves ALL your gift conundrums. Congratulations!

Novelty Personalized Fridge Magnets

Who doesn’t have at least one fridge magnet in their kitchen? This superb and fun tutorial shows you how to create your own personalized magnets, featuring the face or faces of people you know – a family, a group of friends, or work colleagues – and make them interchangeable with each other for a cute DIY gag gift.

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