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30 Hilarious Gag Gifts to Give to Your Sassy Husband

It’s never easy to find the perfect gift for that hard-to-please person or prankster on your gift list. This list is comprised of off-the-wall, hilarious gag gifts to give to your sassy husband or friends. From bathroom supplies to couples-only gifts to do-it-yourself ideas, you are certain to find something.

A list of witty, funny, and practical gag gifts for your husband and adult friends.

Duck Poop Necklace

Welcome your hunter to the AKCC (Ain’t Killed Crap Club) with this Official Members Only jewelry. Duck Poop Necklace is made of wooden beads and 2mm black leather with a 16 inch chain. This is the perfect gag gift for the hunter who had a bad season. Choose duck or deer poop.


The Puttskee

It’s Skeeball! It’s Golf. No, it’s Puttskee! Bring two of your favorite games together with this one-of-a-kind gift. It folds up and rolls around to take it to family reunions or to the office. This gift produces hours of fun for everyone of all ages.

Prices Vary

Funny Dart Game for Bathroom

Tired of your husband reading while in the bathroom? Give him something new to do with this Funny Dart Game for the Bathroom, This hilarious gag gift for your sassy husband comes with a dart board, 3 dart balls with attached string for easy retrieval, and a “do not disturb” door sign.

Prices Vary

Donut Warming Coffee Mug

A Donut Warming Coffee Mug will be the favorite gift in the office or at home. This mug has a plate to place your pastry along with two holes for drinking. Comes as a 2 mug set. This would be a great gag gift for the police officer in your life.


Potato Parcel

Quit sending boring cards because what people really want is a Potato Parcel. Send an a-peeling message to everyone because it’s sent on a potato. You choose the message, Potato Parcel sends it for you. This unusual gag gift will have your friends and family rooting for your next hilarious gift.

Prices Vary

Embroidered Toilet Paper

No one will be complaining that this gift is tearable and you won’t be asshamed to let your favorite person know just how you feel with Embroidered Toilet Paper. Use one of the custom designs or make up your own. This homemade, hilarious gift is great for white elephants and office parties.


I’m Devilious Delicious Couples Pillowcases

There will be hell to pay amongst all your engaged friends if they don’t get this I’m Devilious Delicious Couples Pillowcases. These handmade, cotton, devil and angel paired pillowcases are the talk of bridal showers.. They, also, make great gifts for Valentine’s Day and anniversaries.


Football Flask

No need to go to the sidelines to hydrate. Football Flask lets your favorite beverage on the field. Fill it with your favorite beverage and then toss the pigskin around. This gift will score major points with all your friends at the next tailgate or Superbowl party.

Prices Vary

Beard Bro Beard Shaping Tool

Beard Bro Beard Shaping Tool is the perfect gift for your bearded friends. Place the uniquely designed comb against your face as a guide and trim with clippers or a razor. This tool will save you time and money. You’ll look as if you just stepped out of the Barber Shop after each shave.


Dad’s Taxi Service Keychain

Dad’s Taxi Service Keychain is a hilarious gift to give to your sassy husband. Whether he’s chauffeuring the kids to games, school dances, or to a sleep over, he’ll appreciate this aluminum metal keyring. Great idea for Father’s Day, birthday, or Christmas.


Beard Grow Facial Hair Supplement

Tired of your husband’s thin, patchy, scratchy beard? Beard Grow XL Facial Hair Supplement is the perfect gift for him. With a unique blend of vitamins and minerals to help aid in thickening and softening facial hair, your husband will appreciate the natural, non-hormonal formula.


Poo-Pourri Master Crapsman Gift Set

Poo-Pourri Master Crapsman Gift Set makes a great gift for the big stinker in your life. Comes with two 2-ounce bottles in “Trap a Crap” and “Royal Flush” scents. Leave one at home and carry one in your purse for those emergencies when you have to take a poo while out in public.


Beard Glitter Kit

Dress your bearded man up for all the holiday parties with The Beard Glitter Kit. This is a one-of-a-kind gift for the husband who has everything. It arrives in a fun, holiday tin with a vial of Gold Glitter, 1 oz Unscented Pre Glitter Serum, and a protective bib.


BigMouth Inc Weener Kleener Soap

Bath time just got a ‘hole’ lot more fun with BigMouth Inc Weener Kleener Soap. It’s the hilarious gag gift that cleans the body as it filthies the mind. This will certainly be the sought after gift by the men at your next white elephant exchange!


Accoutrements Emergency Underpants

Out to dinner and you spilled your drink on your lap? Couldn’t find a bathroom in time? Always be prepared with Accoutrements Emergency Underpants. This will be the most useful gag gift at any party. It is small enough to fit in your purse or glove compartment so you’ll always be prepared.


Clone A Willy Dildo Kit

Want to change the vibe of your bedroom? This handy Clone-A-Willy Dildo Kit is the answer. Follow the not-so-hard instructions and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind gift that will make your wife miss you less when you travel out of town for business. Makes a special gift for wives and at bachelor parties.


Bourbon Barrel Liquor Decanter

This handblown glass Bourbon Barrel Liquor Decanter is the perfect gift for husbands everywhere. Whether he’s a drinker, a history buff, or a lover of ships, this gorgeous dispenser will delight any man’s bar or counter. It holds up to one liter of liquid and the spigot is stainless steel.


Keytendo Video Game Console Key Holder

Keytendo video game console key holder rack will amuse the gamer on your gift-giving list. They’ll never misplace their keys again because they’ll love using this wall-mounted console. It includes two controller input keychains. There’s a small compartment for small object such as spare change or chapstick from their pockets.

Prices Vary

Crafthouse by Fortessa Food Smoker with Smoking Gun

Impress your friends with the Crafthouse by Fortessa Food Smoker with Smoking Gun by adding smoky flavors to your cocktails and food. This set includes smoking gun and 2 small jars of smoking chips. It makes a great gift for husbands for Father’s Day or birthdays.


Good Morning Asshole Coffee Mug

Let this gift bring a smug grin to someone’s lips as he sips from his Good Morning Asshole Coffee Mug. It holds 11 ounces of his favorite hot beverage and is dishwasher and microwave safe. Printed for left or right-handed holding. The receiver will think it’s a gag gift, but we know your secret!


Elephant Underwear

Have you ‘herd’ about this hilarious gag gift to give to your sassy husband? ‘Ivory’ now and then comes a gift that is fun and practical. Elephant Underwear is a soft knitted boxer that is certain to please both you and your man. Comes in a variety of sizes.


Fairly Odd Novelties Shipwreck Drinking Game

The bar has been raised with the Fairly Odd Novelties Shipwreck Drinking Game. Try to sink all your opponent’s shots before you get tanked. A game board and eight shot glasses come packed in a retail gift box. Makes a fun gift for the college bound student.


AleHorn Handcrafted Viking Cup

AleHorn Handcrafted Viking Cup is a tankard made from 100% ox horn. It holds 20 ounces of your favorite ale, lager, beer, or any cold drink you choose. Each cup is exceptional in look, touch, and style. It’s a gift that even Odin would approve!


Married AF T-Shirt

A Married AF T-shirt is a hilarious gag gift to give to your sassy husband. Make sure that all your female friends and their friends know that your man is off limits when he wears this shirt. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes.


Man Scented Soy Candle

Is the man cave or bachelor pad starting to smell and you can’t stand the smell of those womanly-scented candles? Look no further because Man Scented Soy Candle was made just for you! This grey color candle whiffs of cologne, wood, and anything else manly. Arrives in gift ready packaging.


BarMe Bullet Shaped Whiskey Stones

You will dodge a bullet of water-downed drink complaints with the BarMe Bullet Shaped Whiskey Stones. These stainless steel, bullet shaped stones make a one-of-a-kind gift for the host at the next party you attend. It comes with 6 stainless steel bullets, a pair of tongs, and a black velvet bag for freezing & storage.

Prices Vary

SWAGO Cologne Wipes

For the man on the go, SWAGO Cologne Wipes are the perfect gift. When your husband needs to freshen up but is nowhere near a shower, he can step into a restroom stall, pull a wipe out of his wallet, and wipe it on his skin. Comes as 20 individual packs with four different scents.

Prices Vary

Game Day Socks

Game Day Socks is the hilarious gag gift to give your sassy husband. You’ll score a homerun every time he wears them because you’ll know better than to interrupt him. One sock sports a remote control and the other lets you and the kids know that the game is on.


Men’s 3D Wolf Eagle Boxer Briefs

Men’s 3D Wolf Eagle Boxer Briefs is a hilarious gag gift to give to your sassy husband. Let his wild side show as he sports these sexy underpants. They are made with a soft cotton and the animal face is a pouch to give the 3D effect. Makes a fun anniversary gift or stocking stuffer.

Prices Vary

Bad Parking Notes

Bad Parking Notes takes the thought out of what to say to those who don’t know how to park. These wallet-sized cards come in a pack of 24 (2 of each design). Pull one out and leave on the windshield of the next horrible parker. Makes a great stocking stuffer gift!


6 DIY Gag Gift Ideas for Husbands

White Elephant Gift Idea

You never know what type of gift you’ll get at White Elephant exchanges. Everyone can always use batteries and there’s usually not enough for the holidays, so give the gag gift that everyone will be fighting over. You may have not included the gift, but at least you remembered the batteries!

How to Make A Candy Letter

Wondering what to do with all that leftover Halloween candy? Make A Candy Letter as a gift to your favorite sweetie! This guide will help you come up with unique puns and will have you snicker-ing as you write them. It’s a great gift for graduations, birthdays, or Valentine’s Day!

Gift of “Nothing”

Tired of getting “nothing” as an answer to “What would you like for Christmas?” Well, let them eat their words with the Gift of “Nothing”. It makes a hilarious gag gift to give to your sassy husband or child. Of course, this is just the first “gift” because you can’t just give nothing.

Friday’s Favorites

“In case you get crap for Christmas” Embroidered Toilet Paper is the gag gift to beat! There’s always one person on your list who loves a good joke and he’ll have a hard time one-upping you next year. Wording is only on the first sheet. The rest is actual toilet paper that can be used.

Chill Pills Gag Gift

Chill Pills Gag Gift is for the stressed out person on your gift-giving list. Fill a jar of their favorite candy, print off this free PDF printable or the design for Silhouette users, then glue onto the jar. Great for the office, the car, or anywhere stress bogs you down.

Stress Relief Bubble Wrap

Stress Relief Bubble Wrap is a great gift idea for the anxiety-ridden and for those who just love bubble wrap. This DIY gag gift uses leftover bubble wrap, a sandwich bag, and a label to make an instant gift! Be sure to make one for everyone so not to leave anyone out of the fun!

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