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24 Great Gag Gifts to Give Your Wife

If you want to give something silly and maybe slightly obnoxious to your wife, read on. Some of the gifts are good for a laugh before you give her your real present, and others are surprisingly likeable – and likely to be enjoyed after the unwrapping.

I love these gag gift ideas for wives! Absolutely hilarious.

Fifty Shades of Chicken

What happens when you combine real recipes for chicken with a hilarious parody of Fifty Shades of Grey? This book. Give her a giggle every time she prepares a feathery friend for your next dinner; she’ll enjoy the scaling complexity of meal prep accompanied by the very worst Shades jokes she’s read.


Boyfriend Pillow

This one’s a great joke gift for your wife if you frequently travel for business. Tell her you found something to keep her company while you’re gone, and watch her laugh as she tries it out. She just might use it to catch a few zzz’s.

Prices Vary

Cat Butt Coasters

Coasters are often a way for her to show some class in the kitchen, especially when there’s company. If your wife loves cats and appreciates a dash of crass instead of class, give her these wince-worthy cat butt coasters. Hey, she’s the one who said she likes cats…

Prices Vary

Annoy-a-Tron Prankster Pack

You have options as to how to deliver this wicked gift: deliver them in-package for a wife who loves to prank her office mates, or give them to her by scattering them about the house and turning them on, then feigning ignorance regarding those mysterious squeaks and beeps.


Latex Free Cupcake Bandages

The next time she gets a scrape or cuts her finger, you can whip out these bad boys to tend to her wound. Even better, once she gets a laugh out of them, she can embarrass any children you have by sending them out with these on their arms.


Love Potion (Essential Oils)

For a silly gift with potentially rewarding amorous consequences, try out this love potion made from essential oils and herbs. She’ll love the fact that it’s all natural, get a kick out of the sentiment, and maybe even go give it a try. Hard to say no, isn’t it?


Soap Diamond

If she loved it when you “put a ring on it,” you can put a new spin on the hand bling: after using this heart-shaped bar of soap, she’ll discover a diamond ring inside! She’ll enjoy the suspense of wondering whether she got the lower-quality ring or one of the much more expensive versions.

Prices Vary

Public Toilet Survival Kit

Does your wife have a severe case of germ hate? Does she wield her Lysol spray relentlessly? Take this opportunity to tease her by providing her with the public toilet survival kit for those times when she can’t wait until she’s home.


Bring Me A Glass of Wine Socks

The hitch with these socks is that if your wine-loving woman wears them, she’ll certainly find a way to make sure you read them. Better make sure you have a couple glasses and a bottle of the good stuff on hand for her to fully enjoy her present


Sack of Coal Candy

Put a new twist on the old joke gift bandied around at Christmas celebrations: a sack of coal that’s actually delicious! If she loves candy and can take a good joke, slip these cinnamon flavored “coal” chunks into a pretty box for her to enjoy.


Canned Unicorn Meat

It doesn’t matter if she thinks Unicorns are cute or just plain dumb: either way, she’ll be shocked to receive this 100% genuine (obviously) can of unicorn meat. The best part will be her reaction when she opens it and a dismembered stuffed unicorn falls out.


A Pet Rock

Has she been dropping hints about wanting a little friend to keep her company? Is she allergic to fur? Here’s the perfect solution: she can talk her pet rock with her wherever she goes using the dandy leash included in the package.

Prices Vary

“Hey Girl” Bamboo Cutting Board

Make her laugh her head off at this “Hey Girl” cutting board based on the wildly popular internet meme. You can assure her that, like Ryan Gosling, you’ll never leave her side, because an apple a day can’t keep you away.


Bunny Rabbit Stress Balls

Does your wife need to chill out? Poke some fun at her propensity for anger by giving her these cute little bunnies. She can smash them to her heart’s content for a little stress relief when you come home from the grocery store without the one thing she actually asked for.


“Porn” For Women Book (No Nudity)

This comedic creation features images of men doing housework and bringing offerings of cake to the women they want to woo. If you really want to win her heart (and lots of laughs), proceed to re-enact scenes from the book. She won’t be able to resist you.


Bathe & Brew Prank Pack

This goofy gag gift is sure to elicit amusement from the wife who just doesn’t have enough time in the morning rush. You’ll earn a chuckle every time she balances making the morning coffee with getting a quick shower in.


Money Cube Maze

You can play this gift several ways; you could use it to hide a nicer gift on the inside such as a gift card or jewelry so that she’s rewarded when she figures out the puzzle. You could be a bit meaner and give her an empty maze, perhaps with a snarky note about it being the gift of air.

Prices Vary

5 Funny DIY Wife Gag Gifts

DIY Chill Pills Jar

Every relationship has its moments when you both need to step back, cool it, and approach the problem again. If you’re looking for a funny way to help her chill, the Chill Pills Jar is a great DIY option. Fill with whatever candy you think she likes the most.

DIY Donut Ring

Most women love receiving jewelry as a gift, but your better half might be taken aback by this prank donut ring gift! It’s relatively simple to put together, and if you really want her to react, tell her you got her the ring as a testament to her love… for donuts.

DIY Passive Aggressive Workout Gear

Never give this gift to your wife that isn’t already working out, but if she’s already undertaken the noble task, why not encourage her? Make this silly little DIY gift to get her to laugh every time she hits the treadmill.

DIY Wine Cork Earrings

Does she love wine a lot? Maybe a little too much? If your wife has a thing for the fruits of the vine, you can tease her by creating these DIY wine cork earrings. Then, watch to see if she’ll wear them in public.

DIY Poison Ring

This impressive DIY ring is great for a wife who loves reading or watching fantasy, historical fiction dramas, and more. Let her pretend to be a treacherous noble by creating this poison ring and filling it with Kool-Aid powder. Expect your family members to fall victim to her new favorite pastime.

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