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21 Gag Food Gifts That Are Surprisingly Tasty (Most of the Time)

Buying gifts for people can feel a bit tedious. Every year, we want to buy them something different and get them something which tops last year’s gift. Our list of edible gag gifts will be just what you’re looking for. From DIY crappy cupcakes to bacon gumballs, there’s bound to be that perfect gift within.

Dog Poo Cupcakes

Emergency Bacon Kit

If you or someone you know loves bacon, then this is the gift for them. Within a first aid box, you’ll find everything you need to cure those bacon cravings. A bacon salt blend and a maple sugar rub are perfect for loins and roasts while the two jams would go well on burgers or vegetables.

Prices Vary

Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Nut Slap

No guy wants a sweet or a spicy nut slap, that just sounds painful! But these Sriracha seasoned peanuts are a definite sack of nut kicking heat. The sugary sweet, creamy butter takes the edge off and makes them a delicious gag gift for the nut lover you know.

Prices Vary

Candy Coal

Even if they’ve been put onto Santa’s naughty list, that doesn’t mean they should miss out on finding something in their stocking on Christmas morning. These delicious hard cinnamon flavoured candies look exactly like lumps of coal and will make a hilarious gag gift for Christmas Day.

Prices Vary

Jimini’s Edible Crickets

These are not for the faint hearted. Jimini’s Edible Crickets might sound like it’s from a Disney movie, but some would say they’d be better off in a horror film. Crickets are packed full of vitamins and nutrients so if you know someone who would be willing to give them a go, they’d be a great gag gift.


Poop Emoji Chocolates

Not many people would say they’d willingly eat poop. But what about something that looks like poop? The poop emoji is adorable and many people have fallen in love with him. Gift someone this gag gift of “poop” chocolate and tell someone you think they’re the s***.


Harcos Labs Zombie Jerky Teriyaki

Like the sound of eating zombie brains? No, we don’t either but turn them into Zombie Jerky and we’ll give it a go! In a world plagued by zombies, the best way to get rid of their bodies after you’ve killed them is to turn them into jerky. A great food gift for the zombie obsessed.

Prices Vary

Boozy Chocolate Brussels Sprouts

Sprouts. You either love them or hate them. For some people, they’re the worst part about the delicious Christmas dinner. These sprouts have been given a delicious makeover though. Made from white and dark chocolate with a liquid gin-infused centre, you’ll turn a sprout hater into a sprout lover. The perfect food gift this Christmas.


Bean Boozled Jelly Belly Spinner

The perfect gag gift to bring out at Christmas…or any time of the year. See if you’re on Santa’s nice or naughty list. Just spin the spinner and see where it lands. If you’re nice, you get a Tutti Frutti bean. But if you’re naughty, you get a delightful Smelly Socks one. Ew.

Prices Vary

Don Bugito Planet-Friendly Edible Insect Snacks

A great source of protein, edible insects are a huge step out of our comfort zones when it comes to food. But for some adventurous souls, they’d be willing to give these a go quite happily. Give this food gift to someone and see if they’d be brave enough to munch on these.


Sizzling Bacon Novelty Exploding Candy

We all remember popping candy. All we had to do was pour it onto our tongues and squeal with delight as it popped and fizzed. Well, would you be willing to try a bacon flavor one? This classic foodstuff has been given a savory makeover and would make an excellent food gift.

Prices Vary

ThinkGeek Easy-Open Canned Unicorn Meat

Unicorns are a huge trend at the moment. Everywhere you look, there’s the mystical horned horse. If you’re feeling really mean, you could send this gag gift to a unicorn lover. But sshh…all that’s inside is a cut up stuffed toy. We won’t tell if you don’t.

Prices Vary

Bacon Gumballs

Who said bacon is just for breakfast? If you’re craving that savory saltiness that only bacon can provide, we may have found the solution. Bacon gumballs. No one needs to know your secret, they look just like a regular gumball. Keep them for yourself or gift them to someone else who needs to satisfy that bacon hankering.

Prices Vary

Shouldn’t Have Put That In My Mouth Mints

We’ve all been there. Left with the taste of something we wish we hadn’t put in our mouths and all we want is something to take that awful reminder away. Keep this tin of mints nearby and you can have fresh breath anytime something comes near your mouth which you wish hadn’t!


Barf in a Jar Salsa

Barf salsa sounds pretty gross. But we promise, the name is because of it’s appearance, not the taste. Made from peaches, onions, jalapenos, cranberries and more, this salsa can be added to almost anything. Gift it to the foodie you know and see if they approve.


Creative Cookies Irish Fortune Cookies

The ideal gift for your Irish colleague or maybe a St Patricks Day party, inside these fortune cookies you’ll find some hilarious Irish blarney. They’re sure to make everyone laugh and add some more merriment and Irish banter to your annual St Paddy’s celebration.

Prices Vary

Bacon Cotton Candy

Do you ever think that cotton candy is a bit too sweet? Then we think we’ve found the perfect alternative. Bacon flavoured cotton candy! There’s still a hint of that familiar sweet taste but there’s also the delicious savory saltiness of bacon. It would make an ideal food gift for birthdays or even Christmas.

Prices Vary

Chill Pill Gift

Whether it’s a work colleague or a family member, we all know that one person who just needs to chill out occasionally. Give them this gag gift of Chill Pills and hopefully they’ll be a lot calmer. Filled with edible pills (which are actually candy), you should find them more relaxed within a couple of days.


Naughty But Nice Adult Fortune Cookies

These fortune cookies will make a perfect gift for a night out or a bachelorette party. You definitely wouldn’t find these coming with your Saturday night Chinese takeaway. They’re filled with “adult fortunes” and would be a great gag gift for the bride to be.

Prices Vary

Baconnaise & Bacon Salt- Combo Gift Pack

The perfect food gift for that foodie in your life. With this gift pack, they’ll be able to add the savory saltiness of bacon to everything. The baconnaise would go well with burgers, sandwiches, fries, even salads! And the bacon salt would be great on a loin of meat. Delicious.

Prices Vary

Zombie Munch Apocalypse Survival Trail Mix

When you’re in a zombie apocalypse, you need something to make you feel more alive. This gag gift packet of trail mix will do just the trick. Filled with spicy peanuts, chili lemon sticks and other spiced nuts, it’ll give you the kick you need to escape the zombies.


Mother’s Toots Cotton Candy

We all think women don’t fart when in reality, they do. They just know how to hide it better. But if you know Mom’s secret, give her this gag gift for her birthday or maybe even Mother’s Day. If she’s got the same sense of humor, she’ll find it just as funny as you do.


7 Diy Food Gag Gifts to Make Them Laugh

Diy Christmas Poops

Whether you’re looking for gag gifts for children or adults who haven’t grown up yet, these DIY jars of Christmas poops are sure to get a smile. Find instructions and labels to make jars of reindeer poop, Christmas Elf poop, snowman poo and other edible Christmas themed poops.

Diy Donut Seeds Gag

These cute little donut seeds will go down well with your children as a delicious food gift for them to share with their friends…or keep for themselves. This DIY tutorial will show you how to make this adorable gift with a printable label for the bags.

Diy Chill Pills Jar

A good gag gift for teachers, parents or anyone you know who needs to de stress. Make your own chill pill jar with a printable label. Fill the jar with the person’s favorite candy and tell them the correct dosage they need to calm down and relax a bit.

Homemade Gummy Worms

Perfect for a Halloween party or just to gross out your kids and their friends, these DIY gummy worms are a great gag gift to make someone literally gag! Made from jello, gelatin and some food coloring, this tutorial will show you exactly how to make these.

Bloody Shirley Temple Mocktails in Syringe

Some more excellent food ideas to serve at your annual Halloween party, these Bloody Shirley Temple mocktails look the part when they’re served in a syringe. The red liquid looks like blood and both kids and adults can partake in these gross but delicious drinks.

6 Diy Food Gag Gifts

If you’re already planning this year’s Christmas gifts and you’re on a budget, this tutorial of 6 food gift ideas is perfect for you. Edible gifts are always guaranteed to be well received by everyone and they’re a great budget gift option when you just don’t have that spare cash.

Dog Poo Cupcakes

We all know that person who has a fit of giggles every time the word “poo” is mentioned. If you’re looking for a gift for them, these crappy cupcakes are sure to make them laugh. They look like a dog has taken a dump right on the top of them…but we promise they taste a lot nicer!

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