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39 Funny Gifts for People Obsessed with Drinking Wine

Funny wine gifts can be hard to shop for as wine is not normally something that is joked about in life. However, this collection of gift ideas will have any wino queuing up in lino. With books, glasses, clothing and other fun products, you can not go wrong.

Funny Wine Gifts

Wine Life: A Snarky Adult Colouring Book

Wine is at the forefront of so many people’s lives. Everyday activities become more enjoyable when you know there is a tall glass of red waiting at the end of it. This awesome stress relieving adult coloring book is perfect for any wine lover that needs a new way to relax.


Wine Condoms

Avoid any accidents and put a glove on your wine bottle with these wine condoms. With the ability to shrink to fit any bottle, they will create the tightest seal possible and stop your wine from spilling. Said to be ‘99.9% effective at preventing unplanned wine spillages’. A real funny wine gift.


Bra Off Hair Up Sweats On Wine Gone Wine Glass

This cool stemless wine glass seems to know more about what women want at the end of a long day than most men. With the words ‘Bra off, hair up, sweats on, wine gone’ printed on the side, it will be a girl’s best friend. It is guaranteed to get a lot of use…a lot.


Wine Tasting Is My Favorite Sport T-Shirt

Do you know somebody that loves, loves, loves everything wine related? If so, this hilarious gag gift of a t shirt is just for them. These simple and high quality t shirts read ‘Wine Tasting is my favorite sport’ and are bound to bring laughter and smiles wherever they are worn.


Beverage Dispensing Carryall Bag

Picnics are not the same without a couple of cold glasses of wine or beer. Make the process a whole lot easier with this awesome and exciting dispensing carryall bag. The bag itself is waterproof and contains a 5 liter pouch to hold your poison, a freezer pack and even space for your snacks.


Wine Soaps

All natural, vegan AND gluten free means these soaps are a must have for your skin. This set of 4 home made soaps have all been created using specific scents and oils that have resulted in wine smelling soaps. Perfect for any and every wine lover, or as a funny wine gift for a friend.


Ring For Wine Bell

When it comes to funny wine gifts, none are as funny as this ‘ring for wine’ bell, A hilarious novelty gag gift, recipients can simply ring their bell every time they fancy a top up or a fresh bottle of white. Just be careful who you buy it for or you could end up their servant.


Prosecco Made Me Do It

Check out this great gift idea for the cocktail and wine lover in your life. ‘Prosecco made me do it’ is the hardback recipe book that will open the eyes of the recipient to a whole new world of cocktail heaven. With 60 recipes, new and old, they are bound to love it.


Whine: 50 Perfect Wines to Pair with Your Child’s Rotten Behavior

This hilariously funny wine gift is the perfect book for parents everywhere. A real side splitter, this book features small snippets of everyday parent life, and the perfect wine to be paired with each scenario. Parents will be able to relate and laugh as they flick through the pages, and sink a couple of glasses.


Winosaur Tank Top

We all know somebody that just lives for a glass of their favorite wine. Come day or night, they are always thirsty for a bottle. This here is the perfect gift for that person in your life. With the words ‘Winosaur’ and a diagram on the front, this tank top is a win win.


Chardonnay Go Party Game

Spice up the party with this fun wine gift. Perfect for anyone who loves to knock a few back, this board game has been mixed with charades and a few drops of dirtiness. Gather the girls around, crack open a bottle on a Friday night and bring out Chardonnay Go.


Starbucks Coffee “This Might Be Wine” Mug

Check out this hilariously funny reusable Starbucks Coffee cup. This travel mug looks just like the original and authentic Starbucks cups, but has one big difference-it has the words ‘This might be wine’ printed on the front. Sure to spark a few shocked faces on the bus.

Price varies

Wine Snob Scale Wine Cork Holder

Are you looking for a funny gift for the wine snob in your life? If so, this is definitely the product for you. This wall mounted cork holder will show the recipient their progress as they level up through the different stages of wine snobbery. Funny and useful.

Prices Vary

Wine Glass Stemware

These mason jar wine glasses are different, fun and exciting. The ideal conversation starter, these wine glasses are completely hand made and are the best way to hold any and every beverage/liquid…even jam. A perfect gift idea for the wino that you know.

Prices Vary

Outdoor Wine Table

For those summer months when you want to open a cold bottle of rose in your yard, this outdoor wine table is going to be your new best friend. Collapsible for storage, this table has a stake in the bottom to secure it to the lawn and space for a bottle and two glasses.


Guzzle Buddy

Sometimes it is too long and annoying to have to keep refilling your wine glass just to finish a bottle. The Guzzle Buddy eliminates that problem and turns your bottle into one convenient serving. Simply attach to your wine bottle, tip your head back and keep on guzzling.


The Essential Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert

Forget paying for a week at a vineyard, you can learn how to be a top quality wine snob with this adult’s scratch and sniff book. This funny wine gift is the perfect way to teach someone all about the different elements of wine tasting.


Drinking Buddies Wine Glass Markers

Check out these drinking buddies from NPW. With 6 in a box, these little buff beach blokes are the perfect funny drink markers for your next party. Ideal as a gift, they will be well received and will make everyone laugh and giggle together. A great conversation starter.


Wine Glass Lanyard Set

It’s a good idea to keep your prized possessions close to your persons, preferably securely around your neck. This set of 2 wine glass lanyards is the single best way to transport your wine everywhere you go. The lanyard even fits inside your pocket when it is not in use.


Classy Stainless Steel Double Wall Wine Glass

Whether you want to keep your red at room temperature, or you white as cold as ice, this is the way to do it. This cool stainless steel wine glass will not break, smash or shatter and is perfect for the outdoors. With epic insulation you can keep warm drinks warm, and cool drinks cool.

Prices Vary

The Wine Rack

Keep more than just your money in your bra. This funny wine gift bra holds 25 ounces of your choice of beverage and comes with a long drinking tube fitted with a valve. Fits bra sizes 34A through 34D and allows you to keep hydrated wherever you may be.

Prices Vary

Bad Advice from Wine Funny Notebook with Wine Quotes

Say hello to the hilarious notebook that is just perfect for wine lovers. With lined pages, the book is full of bad advice from wine and is sure to make everybody laugh that reads it. An ideal conversation piece, it is just the perfect gift.


Before Wine After Wine Donkey to Unicorn Shirt

We all know the uplifting feeling of that first glass of wine of the day. This hilarious t shirt shows the journey from donkey to unicorn, the same journey we all make when necking back a couple of glasses. The perfect present for any wine lover.

Price varies

Vino2Go Portable Wine Glass

Is someone in your life a lover of wine? Do they live a busy lifestyle? This wine glass is the best way to drink on the go. Vino2Go is the portable wine glass that you can sip all day long without fear of being judged. Designed to maintain the perfect temperature, and perfect style.


Wine Lover’s Card Deck

Wine is the very best accompanying drink to a game of poker or blackjack. This perfectly usable deck of cards comes jam packed with the coolest and most interesting facts to do with wine. Learn everything you could ever need to know about wine as you play and laugh with friends.


Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses

Popping open a bottle of wine at a dinner party will excite guests enough, telling them they can make music with their glasses will make things wild! These stunning glasses have been created to accommodate a full A major scale, with each glass being a different note. The definition of a conversation starter.


Abandon Wine All Ye Who Enter Here Doormat

This durable door mat is the way to show your neighbors, friends and guests that you take wine seriously. With the words ‘abandon all wine ye who enter here’, visitors will know just where you stand when it comes to the single best thing in the world.

Prices Vary

BigMouth Inc Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass

From BigMouth Inc. comes the ultimate funny wine gift. Initially designed as a gag gift, we can guarantee it will get a lot, and we mean a LOT of use. This stunning looking glass holds an entire 750ml bottle of wine. Finally, there is no reason to share.


Drunk Coloring: Wine Themed Adult Coloring Book

Adult coloring books have taken the world by storm. The drunk coloring book is completely and entirely wine themed. Unwind at the end of a long day by pouring a tall glass of merlot and whipping out your coloring pencils – the stresses of the day will just melt away.


Wine Wars Trivia Game

Do you know a self proclaimed wine expert? Challenge them to a game of Wine Wars. This awesome trivia game is the ideal way to test everyone’s wine knowledge. With different categories such as wine production, storage and tasting, it is the ultimate and grapest test.


Wine-Opoly Monopoly Board Game

Wine-opoly is the wine themed version of the classic Monopoly game. With everything wine related, you can be challenged and learn at the same time, working your way around the board, and hopefully getting drunk as you go. Perfect for parties, it is ideal for every wine lover.


Merlot Infused Coffee

At the end of the evening, it is customary to relax with a cup of coffee. After a few bottles of wine however, it can be a curious change of flavors and can leave you craving another glass. This merlot infused coffee is the brilliant way to get the best of both worlds.


Wine-gry Funny Towel

Get the wine lover in your life a funny gift to keep them laughing. This handmade tea towel is quick drying, absorbent and is made from 100% heavy weight cotton so is perfect for drying and cleaning wine glasses. With the definition for Winegry on the front, it is guaranteed to bring some laughs.


Boxed Wine Scented Candle

Prohibition may no longer be a thing, but there are times when you can be left longing for a sip of your favorite grape juice, when there is none available. This is the time when you should light up this boxed wine scented candle and soak it up through your nose.


Eat, Drink, and Be Mad Libs

Eat, drink and be mad libs with this adult mad libs book all about food and drink. A funny cheese and wine book, it contains 21 silly and ridiculous stories all about the finer things in life. Hilarious to complete, it’s a great gag gift.

Prices Vary

Mommy’s Sippy Cup Wine Glass

This funny wine gift is perfect for mothers everywhere. It is not fair that only babies and children get to experience the joy of having a sippy cup! Straight from FunnyWineGlasses, Mommy’s Sippy Cups are the future of wine and are guaranteed to be well received.


Hard To Shop For Wine Bottle Tag

Wine bags are a waste of time, as soon as the recipient notices there is wine inside, the bag is irrelevant! Save time and hassle when you buy these gold foil wine and spirit gift tags. Perfectly sized to slip over a bottle of wine, it’s the easiest way to give the gift of alcohol.


Red Cup Living Wine Reusable Cup

We all associate the red cup with parties, good times and maybe hangovers. This reusable red cup is the wine lovers best friend. Made using double walled ABS plastic, it is the perfect way to sip up your favorite drink as you party your way through the summer months. A great funny wine gift.


I Drink Wine in Yoga Pants Wine Glass

This beautiful stemless wine glass holds 15oz of your favorite liquid, is elegantly shaped and utterly hilarious. Hand etched with the words ‘I DO YOGA – Just Kidding… I Drink Wine in Yoga Pants’, it is the gag gift that any wino will love!


3 Very Unique Wine Inspired Diy Gifts

Diy Pineapple Wine Bottle Gift Tutorial

Learn how to make a DIY pineapple wine bottle gift from your very own home! Decadent and delightful, this fun project will be an exciting new way to give the gift of wine. With chocolate truffles and stunning decorations, it is the perfect way to show you care.

Diy Coffee and Wine Sign Gift

Check out this cool coffee and wine sign. Perfect for any wine lover, this cute sign is easy to make and a lot of fun. Follow the link to find out exactly how to create this cool project thanks to the simple to follow step by step instructions.

Gnome Wine Bottle Topper DIY Gift

When it comes to holidays, we all love themed stuff! These holiday wine bottle gifts are a great way to spice up the gift giving season. Extremely easy to make, and not time consuming at all, they will turn an ordinary bottle of wine into a seasonal surprise.

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