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32 Funny Prank Gift Boxes for the Most Hilarious Gag Gift Ever

Whether you’re the joker of the pack or you want to turn the tables on the prankster who always catches you out, these funny prank gift boxes will raise a few eyebrows (and possibly break a few friendships). From thinking they’ve got an automatic butt cleaner, to wondering what to do with a DIY vasectomy kit, these empty boxes are a great way to turn even a thoughtful present into the most hilarious gag gift ever.

Funny Prank Gift Boxes

Roto Wipe

Make them the butt of the joke with this funny prank gift box which makes them think they’re receiving a roto wipe to install on their toilet, instead of what’s really inside.


12,000 Pieces Jigsaw Puzzle

They really will be puzzled when they unwrap this gift box which shows a 12,000 piece jigsaw puzzle made up of a solid blue sky with just a sliver of the moon.


Pet Sweep

They might actually be disappointed when they open this box and see they’re NOT getting 4 dust boots for their furry friend to wear to clean the floor with.



Even the closest of family members will recoil in horror at the thought of being bound together in a sleeved blanket which is long enough to cover two full length sofas!


Nap Sack

If you know someone who is prone to falling asleep in inappropriate places, this prank box will be right up their street as it depicts a sleeping hood with integrated phone-enabled fan.


My First Fire

Over-cautious parents will be horrified when they see this hilarious joke box, as they’ll think the gift within is the first stepping stone to their child becoming a rampant pyromaniac.


Bathe & Brew

If only there was a way to combine hygiene with hot coffee! They’ll think there is when they clock this box which shows a shower coffee maker and soap dispenser in one.


Shower Margarita Machine

Getting ready for a night out with the squad could get off to an early start if there really was such a thing as a shower margarita machine, like the one pictured here.


Pet VR

If this was a real product instead of a prank box, dogs and cats could have a field day as they explored the world through a VR headset. Sadly, it’s just a joke.



Pup poop on the pavement is a real trigger for a lot of people, so infuriate them even more by letting them think they’re receiving a ‘Hide-a-Poo’ rock to just cover it up.



Multi taskers would probably love the make-believe iArm which is pictured on the outside of this box – after all, who wouldn’t want the chance of an extra helping hand?


Hay in a Needle Stack

Sticklers for health and safety will have heart palpitations when they think you’ve gifted them a game of ‘hay in a needle stack’, although that’s kind of the ‘point’, isn’t it?



If you know someone who complains about the cold, this funny prank gift box will let them think they will have their own personal face heater to take with them wherever they go.


Pet Butler

The Pet Butler would certainly prove useful and ensure that dogs and cats earned their keep, but (sadly) it’s only a prank, although animal lovers might not get the joke!


Liquor Vest

Whoever said swimming while under the influence is dangerous wouldn’t appreciate the humor in this trick gift box, which suggests a life vest which conceals 4 gallons of booze is hidden inside.


Handy Hand

Do you know a germophobe? If so, hide their real gift inside this prank box and watch their face light up when they think they’re receiving an extra helping hand.


Dr. Proctor's Recto-Kleen 2000

You’ll really clean up in the gift giving stakes with this prank box – just sit back and watch their confusion when they think they’re receiving the Recto-Kleen 2000!


Pet Petter

Those who dislike dog and cat hair will be thrilled to think they’ve been given this imaginary Pet Petter, which (if real) would mean they’d never have to touch an animal again.


Public Toilet Survival Kit

Some public conveniences are questionable at best, and downright disgusting at worst, so give someone the illusion (albeit briefly) of having the perfect protective gear with this hilarious prank gift box.



A fisherman would be over the moon to receive a Noggin’Net, allowing them to wear their fishing net on their head; alas, this one is just a prank box for their real gift.


Birthie Stick

Expectant mothers who use the ‘gram may well be thrilled with the thought of a Birthie Stick to record every intimate detail of their delivery, but thankfully, it’s not a real thing (yet).



We’re all glued to our devices these days, but if you know someone who takes it to the extreme, hide their gift inside an iDrive box, then sit back and watch their reaction.


DIY at-Home Vasectomy Kit

If you know someone whose baby days are over, this prank gift box will be perfect, as it suggests its contents will be enough for an at-home vasectomy – ouch.

Prices Vary

Wake & Bake Griddle

Imagine the luxury of waking up to a freshly cooked breakfast every morning. Well, with this gift box all they can do IS imagine it, because it’s just a prank. Shame.


Maad Wine Nanny

If working hard is turning them to drink, this box would suggest the perfect solution is inside, with a drip system which dispenses wine directly into their mouth while they work.


Fish Eye

You’ve heard of a bird’s-eye view, but what about a fish-eye view? This jokey box will make them think you’ve given them a goldfish GoPro instead of the real gift that’s hidden inside.

Prices Vary

Coffee Talkies

There would be a fair few burnt ears if these coffee mobile mugphones were actually a thing – luckily they’re not, they’re just a joke to disguise what you’ve really gifted them.


Beer Beard

Beards hide all kinds of things – crumbs, weak chins, dimples, and beer…that’s right, if this prank box is to be believed, it contains a fake beard which conceals 72oz of ale!


Snack Hat

If only this magnetic snack hat was real, tall people and piggybacked kids would never go hungry again! Sadly it’s not, it’s just a jokey way of hiding a real gift.


Extreme Chores

This actually looks like a fun game, and they’ll be kinda sad it’s not, but then again, when have chores ever been fun? However, it does make a funny prank gift box.


Laser Kat Vac

This would be a genius idea if it was ever actually invented – a wearable vacuum for moggy to wear while she has fun chasing the lazer pointer; a real win-win gift.


Tech Neck

There would be no more text neck or walking into lampposts if they had one of these totally made-up hands-free device collars, instead of whatever you’ve hidden inside the box.


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