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30 Funny Gag Gifts for Older People

Some of the best gifts for old people are the ones that make them laugh and poke fun at just how old they are. Living long is an accomplishment, and this is a way to celebrate it while also having fun with some of the things that come along with old age.

These are some great gag gifts for older people!

You’re Only Old Once!

This book takes the popular phrase “You’re only young once.” and turns it on its head. It’s true that you’re only old once, and there are facets to being old that you can appreciate instead of lament. Leave it to Dr. Seuss to make being old bearable.


Racing Grannies

Wind these grannies up and watch them go! They each have a walker so they’re not moving as fast as can be, but still they get from A to B in due time. They’ll have a lot of fun picking their pony and seeing who will win.

Prices Vary

Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer

Chances are they’ve got some hair in those ears, and probably don’t even know it. Help them out by getting them this gift that gets in there and gets it all trimmed. It also works on nose hair and eyebrows, two other spots with wild growth for old people.


Senior Moments Board Game

This board game is all about having fun, even if you don’t remember having that fun a few hours later. A great choice for seniors that are self aware that they have senior moments, and used to enjoy a good board game in their younger days.


Emergency Underpants Dispenser

When you’re old you tend to need an emergency pair of underpants more often than when you’re young, and this is a hilarious gift to give them because it has them in a dispenser much like a tissue dispenser. They’ll always have fresh underpants ready.


Gag Hearing Aid

This hearing aid is more like a cone that they hold to their ear so they can hear what’s going on. This makes a great gift for a old person that refuses to get hearing aids for whatever reason, and gives them the next best thing.

Prices Vary

Age Eraser

Don’t we all wish it was this easy? Here’s a way to show them that there’s no way to take off the years, so they might as well get used to being old. It will be funny to see the look on their face when they see what sort of eraser this is.

Prices Vary

Prescription Shot Glasses

Here’s a prescription they’ll actually want to take. These prescription shot glasses have cute little sayings on them that are in line with what an actual prescription label looks like, such as dosage instructions and refills. Leads to all sorts of jokes about alcohol as medicine.


Memory Mints

These mints are specifically designed for those senior moments, and are designed to be extra strength so they can remember things better. Of course the joke is that these don’t really improve their memory, they’re just a funny gag that points out their senility.


Helpful Socks

These socks will lend them a hand when they can’t remember where they’re supposed to go. It’s a funny way to make sure that they put their socks on the right way, and even funnier if they end up putting them on the wrong feet.

Prices Vary

Slow Mover Sign

So they’re not moving as fast as they used to, and now they need a sign to let everyone know that they’re going to slow down the line. This sign is great to hang up next to their favorite chair or other preferred spot.

Prices Vary

Vehicle Standing Aid

If they’re starting to have some troubles getting in and out of the car then this little gadget can help save them the struggle and embarrassment. It wraps around the door window frame to give them a handle that acts as a helping hand for getting in and out.


OXO Jar Opener

Sometimes seniors have the most difficult time getting lids off of cans, even when you put it on as lightly as possible. This tool grabs lids of just about any size to give them the grip and leverage they’ll need to pop that top. No more grandparents having to ask you to remove the lid for them!


Denture Ice Cubes

Next time you serve them a drink serve it up with these denture ice cubes for the ice. It’s funniest if they actually have dentures, and they’ll get a kick out of the fact that you took the time to make ice in the shape of dentures just for them.


Extra Long Handle Shoehorn

Usually the saying is that “stuff” happens, but in this case it’s just as accurate to say that old happens, because it does. This button will look so funny on them, especially if they’re celebrating a birthday that is up there.

Prices Vary

The Original Slinky

They’ll probably remember this old school slinky, either getting it as a kid or giving it to one of their children, depending on just how old they are. Today’s Slinky is much more posh, and this old one goes make to its metallic days.


Sweet Cheeks Bleacher Cushion

Give this to grandma the next time she goes to your kids game and it’s sure to cause quite a stir. Not only will it cushion her from the hard bleacher, but people will crack up when they realize they’ve just been checking out a granny.


Magnifying Glass

Are they always complaining about how difficult text is to read? If so this magnifying glass would be perfect for them. It’s kind of a funny way of saying that you’re tired of reading those small labels and stickers for them. It’ll help in more ways than one.

Prices Vary

Golf Ball Storage Sack

Is grandpa a golfer? This golf ball storage sack has a funny bit of innuendo to it but it’ll also store up to 5 golf balls while he hits the tees. It clips to his bag too so he won’t have to worry about misplacing or dropping it. He’ll surely get a good laugh from all his golf buddies with this gift.


Folding LED Walking Cane

Surely they must have at least a couple of walking canes scattered around the house. This one is the ultimate all-in-one cane that’ll make their life easier. It stands on its own, it has a built-in LED light and it folds up. Your grandparents will be the hippest around with this cane.

Prices Vary

Jumbo Playing Cards

This deck of cards was pretty much designed for seniors whose sight is starting to go. The cards are massive and they should have no trouble seeing what they’re playing. You know you’re getting old when you need to play with these cards!

Prices Vary

Portable Voice Amplifier

When their voice starts to get a bit softer it can be tough to hear what they’re saying. This device has a microphone and a speaker that’ll basically amplify whatever they’re trying to say so they can be heard well at their next game of bingo at the senior centre.

Prices Vary

Wooden Eyeglass Stand

Give them a good place to store one of their many pairs of glasses with this very appropriate stand. It’s shaped like a nose and will hold any pair of glasses that gets the most use. It’s perfect for the senior who’s always misplacing their glasses.


Shower Balance Assist Bar

Like a kid, seniors have lots of troubles with their balance. This bar can be installed just about anywhere to keep them on their feet and actually prevent serious injuries. It uses suction cups so it can be installed and removed quickly and easily. Place it all throughout the house for the most laughs!

Prices Vary

Shower Back Scrubber

This back scrubber is like a giant toothbrush for their back. They can finally clean those hard-to-reach places with ease. It also doubles as a back scratcher which, frankly, everyone would love. It’s like a sponge bath that they can give themselves!


Garden Tool Set With Stool

This gift is perfect for the gardener who loves to rest. It includes a whole bunch of helpful tools, but the best part is that it has a seat so they can pop a squat while tending to their plants and crops. Gardening has never been easier and more relaxing.


Macs For Seniors For Dummies

Trying to get seniors on board with the latest technology can be very tedious and difficult. The Dummies series is back at it again with a very helpful book that explains Macs on a very simple level. Now grandma and grandpa can join Facebook too and send you pictures of Lolcats all day long!


10 DIY Funny Gifts for Older People

Bingo Tote

Here’s the perfect tote for an old person to take to their next bingo event. It features a bingo card on the side of it, and is the perfect size to hold all of their stuff. It is very stylish, even though the design is rather simple.

DIY Hug Pillow

Old people need hugs too, and this hug pillow can help them feel loved even if you can’t visit with them every day. You can make the arms match the size of their grandkids so that they can feel the love come through.

DIY Go Away Sign

There’s no need for salespeople to bother them, and this sign lets solicitors know that this is no house to come to. It says “Step Off My Step!” and further says that there are no salespeople allowed on the property.

DIY Telephone Bookends

They’re sure to remember these old style telephones, so you’re giving them a piece of their past in the form of a bookend. Maybe they’re so old they used an even older style phone, but those are antiques that are becoming harder to find.

Spa in a Jar

Give them the gift of relaxation with this spa in a jar set. It includes everything they need to pamper themselves and feel good. There are scrubs and other cleansers that will exfoliate them and leave them feeling ultra clean.

No Sew Scented Sachets

These sachets go into their drawers to keep everything smelling nice, and prevents the classic “old person smell”. The dried lavender potpourri they’re using for this is going to smell great, and is better than mothball smell so common with old people.

Sofa Caddy

Upgrade their favorite spot on the sofa with this caddy that will hold everything they need for some good TV watching. It includes several pockets so they can store the TV guide, their favorite book, and the remote control.

DIY Eyewear Chain

This eyewear chain can be used for reading glasses, or their regular glasses, and keeps them nearby for when they’re needed. It’s a classic sort of way for old people to hold their glasses, and if they don’t have one yet this makes a great gift.

Peep Gift Boxes

Does the senior you’re getting a gift for have one of those weekly pill boxes? These gift boxes look exactly like those containers but instead of pills, they contain those delicious marshmallow peeps that everyone loves. They also have some very clever puns printed on them for added hilarity.

Can’t Find a Thing Bag

Is grandma always misplacing stuff? This tote is perfect for seniors who love going on day trips and hanging out at the beach or having picnics in the field. There’s so much room in this bag that it almost seems bottomless but at least they’ll be able to pack along everything they’ll need for the day.

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