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23 Funny Gifts for Men under $30 That Don’t Involve Boobs

Funny gifts for men don’t have to be centered around lewd and crude, and these gifts all prove that point. Get him a funny gift that’ll crack him up without being sleazy, and without spending a ton of money.

23 Funny Gifts for Men under 30 Dollars- that doesn’t involve boobs. Seriously, this is a boob free zone ladies.

Bacon Soda

It’s bacon in the form of soda, or soda that tastes like bacon. Either way, this is a funny gift that he’ll want to try. The taste may not be very good, but it’s more of a novelty gag gift for a guy that likes soda and bacon.


Man Bowl

This bowl will help him get in touch with his inner self. It’s a hilarious take on the classic dog bowl with “MAN” instead of “DOG”. Great for any meal that can be served in a bowl. Safe for the dishwasher and microwave.

Prices Vary

Butt Face Towel

Here’s a funny gift that’s actually useful. He’ll always know which end to use on his face so he doesn’t make the mistake of drying of with the wrong end. It’s even color coded so there’s no thought process involved.

Prices Vary

Nice Underwear Door Mat

This doormat has quite the view and isn’t ashamed to admit it. Greet your visitors with a laugh as they realize that your door mat has a personality all its own. Other door mats don’t hold a candle to this one with its short but funny phrase.


Gnome on a Throne

If you already have a set of garden gnomes, this is a great addition that can represent your man when he’s “in his office”. This gnome looks like he just can’t be bothered, so while the other gnomes strike a pose, leave this one to his business.


Beer Holder Belt

If this is the closest your guy will get to a six pack then you may as well embrace it and get him this beer holder belt that holds a total of six beers. They’ll be within easy reach and they keep the beer portable so he’ll always be ready for another.


Decision Paperweight

This is an effective way to never get anything done. It’s just a matter of giving this paperweight a spin and then seeing what it ends up on. Chances are that it will give you an answer that doesn’t involve doing much of anything.


RX Flask Gift Set

Be sure he takes his medicine! This prescription flask set tells it like it is, with funny saying that are in line with how a real prescription reads. It gives the dosage recommendations, how many refills he gets, and when it expires.

Prices Vary

Mullet Headband

When the weekend rolls around it’s time to let your hair down. Business up front, party in the back never made more sense than with this mullet headband. Goes great with the Man Sack below and the Beer Holder Belt above.


Cocktail Dice

Have fun making interesting drinks with this set of cocktail dice. Each one has something different on it, so when you roll the dice you get a unique cocktail recipe. Guaranteed to come up with drinks you haven’t tried before.


The Man Sack

You’ve heard of a fanny pack, but how about The Man Sack. The name says it all and it’s basically a tote bag that he might actually use, so be prepared to be embarrassed. What normally houses the family jewels can hold just about anything.

Prices Vary

Mustache Luggage Tag

Give his luggage the air of sophistication with this debonair moustache luggage tag. It’ll be easy to spot your luggage coming out of the baggage carousel when it’s sporting a brown mustache. It will definitely be the only one that does.

Prices Vary

Optimist/Pessimist Glasses

Is the glass half empty or half full? Let him be the judge, and see if he always keeps his glass filled to the positive side of life. These glasses make great conversation starters, and look good too. Cheers!


Giant Fist Shaped Drink Kooler

He’ll love watching his favorite sporting match with this giant fist drink koozie. It will keep his beverage icy cool, and when he throws his fist in the air to celebrate a goal or a touchdown, or other victory, it just looks cooler with a giant fist.


Smell-Proof Storage Bags

Send the message that he’s to put all of his smelly gym clothes, fishing gear, and other foul smelling things into these smell-proof storage bags. They’re specifically designed to keep odors in so he doesn’t contaminate the rest of the house.

Prices Vary

Hilarious Sound Machine

This is just good old classic fun, and great for the guy that loves being a jokester. He’ll always have the perfect sound, whether he wants to add his own laugh track to his sitcom seeming life, or a round of applause. The sounds are very realistic!

Prices Vary

Instant Kilt Towel

This towel looks like a kilt, so he can celebrate his Scottish heritage or just have a bit of a laugh when he comes out of the shower and before he gets dressed. Pretty realistic design, and he’ll go commando, the only way to properly wear a kilt.

Prices Vary

Toilet Fishing Game

If he spends too much time in the bathroom he might as well have some fun in there. Here’s a gift for the fisherman that will keep him busy when it’s not fishing season. Just be sure you get in there before he does, it could be awhile.

Prices Vary

Darth Vader Stress Ball

Help him stay away from the Dark Side with this Darth Vader stress ball. It looks just like the guy, but is squeezable so he can relax when things get a bit heated. Great for any high-stress Star Wars fan.

Prices Vary

Brass Knuckle Coffee Mug

Let him feel like a coffee-drinking bad boy with this brass knuckle coffee mug. It sends the message that this is not someone you want to mess with, even if he does like his coffee with two creams, two sugars, and just a dusting of cinnamon on top.



Here’s a funny gift that is great for a playful office or making someone laugh anytime. It shoots a pillow of air in the direction you point, catching people off guard and making them wonder what the heck just happened.


Emergency Underpants

In case of emergency, change your underpants! This is a funny gag sort of gift that he may end up using in an extreme situation. These are designed to get you back home so you can change into another pair.



If you’re trying to get him to switch from beer to wine, try the Winestein, a beer mug wine glass hybrid. He’ll be in his comfort zone as far as having a trusty handle, and you’ll be injecting some sophistication into his life.

Prices Vary


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