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37 Funny Gifts for Men Who Love a Good Laugh

Funny gifts for men can be tricky to find because you have to have a handle on the male mind and what most guys find funny. The gifts below should appeal to a guy with a sense of humor and the ability to not take life or himself too seriously. Choose any of them to share a laugh and give him a gift he’ll remember for a long time to come.

37 Funny Gifts for Men Who Love a Good Laugh- there is no better gift than a laugh.

Affirmation Ball

Unlike a traditional Magic 8-Ball this ball gives you affirmations no matter what question you ask it. This might not make it the most reliable decision maker, but whenever you need a positive response it’s the place to go. To top it all of it is shaped to look like a big smiley face to keep you happy.

Prices Vary

Made With Love Sandwich Bags

These sandwich bags have kiss marks all over them to show that the food inside was made with love. If you make your guy a lunch to take to work with him this is a great way to embarrass him a little in front of his workmates, and also to show that you care in a fun way without ruining your lipstick.


Stickman Action Figure

With this gift he can pose a stick figure into all sorts of different positions, the one that you always see on cautionary signs. He can come up with some pretty silly things that one should be cautious about, including falling on your head or getting blown away by the wind.


Hand Soap

The gag with this gift is that it’s hand soap that looks like a hand. It has a musk scent to it, so they’ve gone old school with this, but it’s real soap, and not just something funny to look at. Because of it’s shape it works just as well, if not better, than a bar of soap.


Squirrel Attack Porcelain Mug

This mug will give him something to startle about when he’s drinking his morning coffee. The first time you give it to him might be the best time to serve up his coffee in it and not tell him anything. That will be like having a real squirrel attack as it emerges from the coffee.


World’s Largest Gummy Worm

This gummy worm is purported to be the largest in the world and is a great idea for him if he has a sweet tooth or has been known to partake in some gummy worms. He’ll have a challenge working his way through this one.


The Official Bullsh*t Button

Sometimes it’s good to have a button handy when you smell that certain something in the air. This is an easy to press button that will call it out for him so he doesn’t have to. Just don’t be surprised if he starts to rely on this rather than say it himself.


Ballpark Flavored Gumballs

Take the ballpark outing to the next level by getting the familiar tastes and smells in a bubble gum ball. These feature flavors you don’t typically see in gum, and for any baseball fan they’ll be a funny gift because they taste like popcorn, beer, and hot dogs.

Prices Vary

Tiki Head Tissue Box Cover

Does he have everything and you just want to get him something to make him laugh and scratch his head at the same time? This tiki head tissue box cover is the thing to do it. Nobody needs one, but once he has it in place he won’t want to use a normal tissue box again.

Prices Vary

Ambesonne Pug Duvet Cover Set

If you know a doggo-loving dude, he can wake up nose-to-nose with this fella every morning. He won’t be able to wait for bedtime – made from brushed microfiber fabric, he can doze off under this cozy king-size duvet cover after a long day working like a dog.


Dad Bag Fake Belly Waist Pack

If your mate has a dad bod, encourage him to embrace it with this fanny pack – sporting a fake belly design, he can show off his love handles rather than keeping them hidden under his tee, and what’s more, he can store his snacks inside, too. Bonus!


Accoutrements Yodelling Pickle

Is a family member or friend desperate to visit the Alps (but your budget doesn’t stretch to return flights to Switzerland)? Help them to visualize what it’s like to be in the mountains with this yodelling pickle. At the push of a button, the plastic pickle will yodel until the cows come home.


t’s a Squirrel! Toilet Seat Tattoo Decal

Guests better protect their nuts from this squirrel when they go to the bathroom; the decal sticks to non-wooden toilet seats to give them a surprise (as well as to keep the cat entertained). It’s the perfect stocking filler for the joker in your family.


Westminster Butt Face Soap

Solve the recurring question during showering with this gift: “Which side of the soap have I used on my butt?” Each side of this color-coded soap is labeled “Face” and “Butt”, so the recipient knows within seconds which side to use where before lathering up.


Anchorman Pen

Anchorman fans won’t be able to get enough of this talking pen. Whether they’re taking notes in class or during a meeting with their boss, this 6-inch pen provides well-timed humor with Ron Burgundy’s best-known lines from the film at the touch of a button.


The Hungover Cookbook

We’ve all been there: it’s Sunday morning, your mouth is dry, your head is pounding and there’s nothing you want more than a plate of carbs. A fun as well as practical gift, this cookbook will come to the rescue with recipes categorized by the type of hangover, as well as games, quizzes and jokes.


The Ultimate Book of Useless Information

Is your brother or mate a know-it-all? He won’t be able to put down “The Ultimate Book of Useless Information” as he memorizes pointless facts. Did you know that giraffes don’t have vocal cords? Get ready to hear more trivial information in conversation with the recipient of this gift.

Prices Vary

How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety

It’s a dangerous world out there beyond the garden fence; this book helps cats to understand the importance of staying safe, from using firearms to avoiding online predators. It’s the perfect gift for the (crazy) cat owner in your life… and their feline friend will thank you, too.


Cat Butt Tissue Holder

A fun gift for cat-loving colleagues (or office pranksters), they didn’t know they needed this tissue holder in their life – until now. Fitting a standard size square tissue box, the durable resin design will still be going strong even after its 9 lives have been used up.

Prices Vary

Crap Taxidermy

Featured in Entertainment Weekly’s “Must List”, you know which sick friend won’t be able to get enough of this disturbing yet hilarious book. From a toad that’s having a smoke to a lion with a smile that’s more gums than teeth, he’ll have a laugh at the expense of these humiliated creatures.


Squatting Garden Gnome

Favored by your gran, garden gnomes bring wholesome fun to the backyard. But your gran would be shocked by this bad-ass gnome, who has his rear end on show ready to fertilize the lawn. Get it as a housewarming gift for your mate – it’s sure to be a conversation starter at their family get-togethers.


Sushi Socks

Socks are a boring gift, right? Well, not these. Perfect for a sushi lover, this set of 2 pairs of socks comes packaged like their favorite lunch; rolled in the style of salmon nigiri and cucumber maki, the cotton socks are even decorated with grass, ginger and wasabi made from scraps of fabric.


Curious Cat Mouse Pad

Who can resist tacos? Not this cat. This unique mouse pad features a print of a cat flying through the galaxy trying to reach a taco as it floats away. Ideal as a stocking filler for a family member or friend, it’s guaranteed to attract comments from their colleagues in the office.


Drunk Stoned or Stupid Party Game

Liven up a party with this game of Drunk, Stoned or Stupid. Inside the box are 250 prompt cards to help each player to finish the statement “most likely to…”. The rest of the group must then point the finger at whoever is culpable amongst them.


Giant Fist Shaped Drink Kooler

This beer koozie is in the shape of a giant fist so it looks really funny when he’s holding it. It actually does work at keeping the beer cold, so it’s not just for laughs. It’s a great gift for any guy that likes to have a few beers while watching MMA, football, or other rough and tough sport.


Sound Machine

The hilarity will ensue when you get him this sound machine that makes plenty of different sounds for all sorts of situations. He’ll be a virtual Michael Winslow when he has this, so you’d better get used to all sorts of oddball sounds to make light of any moment.

Prices Vary

Giant Googly Eyes

He’ll be able to turn any inanimate object into life with these giant googly eyes. They’re big enough to put on things as large as a refrigerator, so you may be shocked to find them on all sorts of things in and around the home once he has them.

Prices Vary

Darth Vader and Son

This is a great gift for a Star Wars fan, as it tells an alternate reality story about the Darth Vader that took the time to be a great father, rather than turning to the dark side and becoming the Lord of the Sith.


Grenade Mug

This mug looks just like a hand grenade and has the classic complaint department gag on it with a tag around the pin that says take a number. It’s a fun gift for the guy that doesn’t like to hear a lot of complaining when there’s work to be done, or when it’s his day off.


Slingshot Flying Screaming Monkey

This monkey soars through the air because he’s basically a big rubber band that you can use to fling him around like a slingshot. He’ll let out a monkey scream when he soars, so it’s one of those gifts that never gets old, and is fun for all ages.

Too low to display

Nacho Cheese Flavored Lip Balm

This lip balm tastes like nacho cheese, so he may want to eat it even though it’s not really recommended. Most lip balm flavors are pretty boring, so this will definitely be a gift that stands out and it might actually be a lip balm he actually uses.

Prices Vary

Farting Coin Drop Bank

This farting coin bank lets you put the coins right where it counts, and lets out a fart each time you do so. It’s a way to save up money while letting off some steam, and is a fun twist on an otherwise mundane item.


Weener Kleener Soap

This weener kleener is shaped in the form of a ring, and it is said to be suitable for most men. This should allow him to get clean where it counts most, although he’ll surely say it doesn’t fit. He’ll definitely need to have a good sense of humor to receive this gift.


Butt Face Towel

This towel has two sides to it, one for your butt, and one for your face. That way you never end up washing or drying your face with the wrong side of your towel. It’s a way to keep things separated so you always know which end is up.

Prices Vary

Road Rage Megaphone

Does he have road rage? This megaphone will help him speak his mind without actually having to raise his voice. It is preloaded with a bunch of sayings that he can use to tell people what they need to hear about their atrocious driving.


Lazy Housekeeper Mop Slippers

These mop slippers will get him in on the floor cleaning action, because even the laziest of guys can use them. They are slippers that do the job of a mop so that he can easily mop up the floor by just walking around the kitchen.

Prices Vary

William Shakespeare’s Star Wars

This is a Star Wars book that is written in Shakespearean prose, so you get a different style to the story that he already knows. It’s a funny gift for the guy that likes Shakespeare and need to know about Star Wars, or vice versa.


How to Live with a Huge Penis

This book helps guys cope with living with a large penis. It’s a fun book for him to leave out on the coffee table, or to have tucked away on a bookshelf for others to stumble upon. It treats the subject matter seriously, giving tips and advice for getting on with big junk.


Dog Beers Sign

The sign is funny for the guy who likes to have his fair share of beer. It put things into perspective and makes a reference to the difference between dog years and human years, and the difference between drinking one beer and ten beers.


Emergency Underpants Supply

This will give him a ready supply of emergency underpants in case he ever soils a pair and needs something to put on until he can get home. They aren’t meant to replace ordinary underwear, kind of like a spare tire isn’t meant to be used all the time, just until you can get it replaced.

Prices Vary

Potty Golfing

This golf set lets him practice his putting while he is going to the bathroom. It is shaped to fit in front of the toilet, and helps him pass the time while he is doing his business. It might not help his actual golfing ability, but is still a fun novelty gift.


Bacon Air Freshener

This bacon air freshener will help his car smell like his favorite food, but without the fat and cholesterol. It’s something that is going to get his appetite going, so he may end up asking for bacon more often than he already does. It’s a unique way to get the aroma of bacon.


Sir Perky

This little guy is always perky, and comes in handy when it’s time to open a bottle. He’s shaped in just a way that gives the leverage needed to easily pop the top on a bottle of beer, although it doesn’t seem like it’d be too fun for the little man.


Butt Station Tape Dispenser

This tape dispenser features a guy that is hard at work multitasking, even though he’s just trying to have a moment to himself while he’s on the can. He dispenses tape, holds a pen, and has a compartment in the back for other office supplies. He gives new meaning to the word occupied.

Prices Vary

Prescription Beer Koozie

Here’s a beer koozie that makes it look like he is having his medication for the day. It is designed to look like a medicine bottle, and comes with cute sayings about the dosage and the recommended use. If he has a daily beer this is sure to resonate with him.


Blankeez Prank Pack

If he thought the Snuggie craze was silly, get this prank gift box that displays the next craze: Blankees. This is a giant sized Snuggie that can fit the whole family, but really it doesn’t exist it is just something funny to put on the outside of a different gift.


I Love Farting Coffee Mug

This coffee mug proudly displays his love for farting. The heart actually has butt cheeks on it if you look closely, but do so at your own risk. It’s fun for the guy that lets them fly and makes no big deal about passing gas. Better out than in as Shrek always says.


Fifty Shades of Chicken

This is a funny gift for a guy that rolled his eyes every time you mentioned Fifty Shades of Gray, and is a recipe guide that is a parody of the erotic novel that made such a stir a while back. He can learn to cook some good chicken while having a laugh.


Giant Flask

Even though flasks are supposed to be discreet this one is so big that there’s no way he’ll be able to sneak a swig with it or fit it in a jacket pocket. But it does make a great serving bottle for different types of alcohol.

Prices Vary

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14 Funny DIY Gifts for Men

World Domination Notebook

Help him take over the world with this world domination notebook. If he’s the sort of guy that always seems to be hatching a new plan for global control, give him a notebook that can help him keep track of them all.

Moustache Mug

This mug puts a cute little moustache under his nose when he drinks his morning cup of coffee. It’s a funny gift if he’s the sort of guy that would never grow one, or if he already has one it will help identify his mug.

You Rock Picture Frame

This picture frame features a funny visual gag because the outside of it is made up of rocks, and on the inside of it it simply says You Rock. It will give him a nice initial chuckle and will also boost his confidence each day when he sees it.

Custom Stamped Keychain

With this gift you can stamp your own funny slogan on it, so that he can see it every day and smile. You can put a funny inside joke on it, or a cutesy nickname that only you two know about, or anything else you can think up.

Celebrity Coat Hangers

Make coat hangers out of his favorite celebrities. This is a great gift because you can really use anything nostalgic that he loves to make them out of. Here they’re using Alf and Mr. T, but with the Internet you can find pics of anyone.

Funny T-Shirt

Learn how to make hilarious t-shirts for him and you can tailor a joke that’s just for him. Here they’re saying Sweet dreams are made of cheese. You can rework lyrics from songs like this, or come up with another funny saying.

Make Him a Scratch Off Ticket

He’ll have a lot of fun with this homemade scratch off ticket. It’s great because it’s so customizable. Under this scratch off area they’ve put the word awesome, but you can really make it say whatever you want.

DIY Cake Topper

When it’s time for his birthday you can come up with a funny cake topper. Here they’re using a hashtag to make it seem like it’s trending on Twitter right now. You can come up with fun things like #GettingOld or #OverTheHill.

Wooden Travel Signs

Which way to the beach? These wooden signs can make it seem like fun things are just around the corner, even if they’re not. These make awesome additions to a man cave or his office or workshop.

Diy Funny Jeans Pillows

Before you throw away your old jeans, check out this post to see how you can turn them in to a DIY teddy pillow. Whether you go for a cute or a funny design, it’ll make an original gift to give to kids and adults alike.

Diy Funny Gift Card Sleeves

Gift cards have earned a reputation of being boring, thoughtless gifts. Show the recipient that you have thought about them with these funny gift card sleeves. You’ll find a link to the printable designs in this blog post, or have a go at making your own.

Diy Ugly Christmas Sweater

Don’t spend a fortune on an ugly Christmas sweater; check out this post to find out how you could customize an old item of clothing for just $1. Make one for your dad or brother to wear on Christmas Day – they’ll appreciate the effort even if their faces might suggest otherwise.

DIY Beer Cap Clock

If your partner or dad enjoys a few beers in the evening, collect the caps so you can have a go at this project; head to this blog post to see how to turn them in to a unique clock that’ll be the centerpiece of a kitchen or dining room.

Diy Lump of Coal

It’s an age-old joke at Christmas time, but we all know someone who deserves this ‘gift’… Have a look at the article to see what you’ll need to make this DIY lump of coal for a family member or friend who’s on the naughty list this year.

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