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26 Funny Gifts for 2 Year Old Girls – Hilarious, Mom-Approved Gifts

They say that girls are made from sugar, spice and all things nice but sometimes, girls can have a slightly gross sense of humor! Go against the gender norm by looking through our list of gifts for 2 year old girls and picking her out something fart related, or a funny slogan tee.

Funny Gifts for 2 Year Olds

Everyone Poops

When it comes to toilet training, being completely honest with your toddler is key. Teach them the science behind pooping with this informative book. However, it’s not so scientific that they can’t understand it, and there’s even a little humor thrown in for good measure.

Prices Vary

Whiny Af Shirt

Available in either black or grey sleeve, this t-shirt will tell everyone exactly how your toddler can be. There’s no point pretending she’s perfect all the time, we all know just how whiny 2 year old girls can be and this shirt will warn everyone before she kicks off!


Bye Felicia Shirt

Buy this t-shirt for your sassy little diva – it’s a great gift for 2 year old girls. Choose between a long or short sleeve style, and it’s also available in a bodysuit and bigger sizes so she can match with your other attitude laden children.


ADORE Happy the Farting Three Toed Sloth Plush

Sloths are renowned for being cute and lovable, but like every other creature on the planet, they fart. This three toed sloth might look adorable hanging from his branch but if you squeeze his back, you’ll hear a hilarious farting sound, guaranteed to get a laugh from everyone.

Prices Vary

Princess Duvet and Pillowcase Set

Make all of her fairytale dreams come true and turn her into a magical princess when she goes to bed. This gorgeous duvet and pillow set has a billowing pink flowery dress on the cover and on the pillowcase is a little printed tiara which completes the look.


John Deere Pink Sherpa Lined Boot Slipper

These gorgeous John Deere boots are perfect for a country loving girl and still show off her girly side. With pink suede on the upper part of the boot and lined with faux fur, they’re sure to keep her warm while she’s out exploring amongst nature.

Prices Vary

Big Foot Plush

Who knows if Big Foot is real or not, it’s one of those great mysteries which is out there. However, your little girl can have her very own Big Foot with this 16.5” plush. Covered in brown fur with those unmistakeably huge feet, you’ll never have to question whether Sasquatch is real again.


My Uncle Is Single TShirt

Are you fed up with your brother in law, or even your own brother, third wheeling all the time? Use your daughter to try and set him up with his perfect match using this t-shirt. It’s also available in bodysuits for babies and t-shirts for older children, just to up his chances.

Price varies

I Am Why We Cannot Have Nice Things T-Shirt

We all know that kids and nice things do not go together. If you were to buy a new car, they’d get mud all over it. A new couch? They’d spill juice on it. They can even take crayons to your walls. With this t-shirt, everyone will know why you don’t have nice new things.

Price varies

Little Patient

If your daughter already knows that she wants to be a doctor when she grows up, help her achieve that goal with this super cool (but slightly gross) stuffed man called Erwin. Inside his zip up stomach, they’ll find six essential organs which they can learn all about while putting him back together.


Stuffed Blobfish Plush

Blobfish are renowned for being the ugliest animal in the world. However, they’re now facing extinction which kinda makes you feel sorry for them. With this pink stuffed one, you’ll always have your own blobfish, whether they’re wiped from the Earth or not.

Prices Vary

Poo Plush Backpack

We’ve all seen the poop emoji and whether we like to admit it or not, it’s actually kind of cute. Your toddler will love this backpack; not only is it made of soft plush, they’ll find it hilarious stuffing all of their worldly possessions into a pile of poo!

Prices Vary

My Dog Is As Smelly As Dirty Socks

We’ve all seen photos of a child’s drawing, how they see their family when asked to draw their portrait. This book has simple drawings of a little girl’s family but they’re not your usual pictures. Your little one might be inspired to draw her own family picture after reading it.

Prices Vary

BiggerStore Curly Hair Don’t Care T-Shirt

Does your little one have curly hair? It’s the cutest thing isn’t it, their head full of tight ringlets? They might grow up to dislike it when they realize how much upkeep it takes but for now, let them show off how proud they are of it with this adorable t-shirt.

Prices Vary

Cuddle Barn® Crackin’ Up Coco Monkey

Get your little monkey their very own one as a pet…well, a stuffed plush pet! Coco is an excitable monkey who will dance, chatter and sing with your toddler, they’ll love spending time with him. You will need some batteries to make him work but after that, you’re good to go.


MerryMakers Walter the Farting Dog Plush Toy

Farting is hilarious, no matter how old you are. But when you’re 2, it’s the funniest sound in the world. Meet Walter, the farting plush dog. At 8” long, he’s the perfect size for your toddler, all you have to do is squeeze his back and you’ll hear him break wind.


Toddler Short Sleeve Single And Unemployed Shirt

This black t-shirt will soon become a favorite in your toddler’s wardrobe. With the words “single and unemployed” written across the front in white, it’ll make your friends and family laugh every time they see your child in it. It’s perfect for those with a sense of humor.


Lkous Walking Egg Laying Chicken

This cute clucking chicken will make a perfect birthday gift for 2 year olds. Watch it dance across the floor to lights and music and while it moves, it will lay 3 eggs. It’ll be an endless source of amusement to your toddler, they’ll “crack” up laughing at it.

Prices Vary

Teestars Straight Outta Timeout T-Shirt

We all know that toddlers have epic meltdowns and tantrums. Sometimes the only way to get them to calm down is to put them into timeout. Dress them in this amusing t-shirt based on the movie title “Straight Outta Compton”…every parent out there will know what you’re on about.



Whether you call it farting, parping, breaking wind or even tooting, there’s no denying that the noise which we can make with our bottoms is hilarious. Perfect for parents or siblings to read to the youngest members of the family, this book is sure to get laughs out of everyone.

Prices Vary

Dragons Love Tacos Book and Toy Set

With a small plush dragon, this book and toy set would make an ideal gift for a toddler. Who knew dragons liked tacos? They are delicious so it’s no surprise they like the Mexican dish but if those dragons eat some hot salsa…you’ll need to watch out!


Small Fry Toddler Shirt

With a cute illustration of some French Fries, this grey raglan t-shirt will be an awesome addition to your little one’s wardrobe. Show everyone your love for the small fry in your life with it, and everyone will think your kid (and the t-shirt) are super cute.


Mermaid Duvet and Pillowcase Set

If your toddler has dreams of growing a fish tail and splashing through the waves, make them come true with this adorable bedding set. On the duvet cover is a printed mermaid outline and on the pillowcase is a tiara, the vital accessory every mermaid needs.


Walter the Farting Dog

Your toddler will love reading about Walter the Farting Dog. He’s the perfect dog in every other way, except for his flatulence problem. Dive into the pages in this book and discover how Walter becomes a hero, but be warned…it might cause your child to have their own gas problem!


The Gas We Pass: The Story of Farts

Kids are more likely to remember facts and information if it’s been made fun and engaging. They’ll love learning all about the science behind our bodies and the gas we produce. This book is funny but still informative, the perfect balance for a 2 year old.

Prices Vary

10 Unique and Funny Toddler Costumes

Diy Lady Gaga and Troll Costumes

If you’re stuck for ideas on which new costumes to put in your toddler’s dressing up box, why not check out this tutorial and make some yourself? It’ll show you how to make Lady Gaga and Troll costumes, both of which your 2 year old will love.

Hilarious Diy Toddler E.T. Costume (with a tricycle)

If you have a fancy dress party coming up, you’ll want your child to have a different costume to everyone else. Think outside the box and use this tutorial to make your very own E.T toddler costume, complete with the red bike and stuffed E.T toy.

Diy Oompa Loompa Toddler Costume

We’ve all seen the old school Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie, haven’t we? The Oompa Loompa’s are the people who look after the factory while Willy Wonka is busy. Turn your child into a keeper of chocolate with this adorable costume which is super easy to make.

Diy Toddler Sumo Costume

Turn your 2 year old into the cutest sumo wrestler you’ve ever seen with this DIY costume. It’s definitely one of the more difficult DIY costumes but once you’ve finished, it’ll be so worth it. Your toddler will be the envy of his friends!

How to Do a Toddler Chucky Diy Costume

Chucky is the creepy doll who is supposed to give us nightmares. But a toddler dressed as Chucky is kinda cute in a scary way. Whether you need a costume for a birthday party or maybe to go trick or treating at Halloween, this Chucky costume will be a hit.

Diy No-Sew Jimi Hendrix Toddler Costume

Turn your kid into your favorite musician with this awesome DIY Jimi Hendrix costume brought to you by Quirky Bohemian Mama. It’s no-sew, so it’s super easy, but you will need a hot glue gun. Add a guitar to really finish off this amazing look.

Diy Frodo Costume

Have you either read or watched the Lord of the Rings? Written by J.R.R Tolkien, if you haven’t heard of the series, you must have been living under a rock. Frodo is the main character and his outfit makes a great idea for a DIY costume which you can put your toddler in.

Diy Monsters Inc. Boo Costume Tutorial

From the Pixar movie Monsters Inc., Boo is the human child who somehow makes her way into the monster world through the closet in her bedroom. She’s arguably the cutest animated character ever, and now you can dress your 2 year old up just like her.

Diy Totoro Costume

Totoro is a Japanese animated film and he’s a mixture of different animals such as raccoons and owls. If you are a fan of this 1988 movie, you can have your very own Totoro by dressing up your child in this super cute DIY costume, just follow the steps in this tutorial.

Diy Edward Scissorhands Costume

This super easy to follow tutorial takes you step by step through how to make your own DIY Edward Scissorhands costume. Perfect for Halloween or any fancy dress party, everyone will be slightly jealous and ask you how you made it. It even shows you how to finish off the look with hair and makeup.

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