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37 ROFL Funny Father’s Day Gifts for 2018 – Gag Gifts for Fun Dads

It’s that time of year again, time to celebrate the fathers in your lives. If you need Fathers Day gifts for your dad, stepdad, grandad or the father of your own children, we’ve scoured the Internet and found some of the best gifts available for the male influences which are special to you.

Speeding Because I Have To Poop Vinyl Decal Sticker

Daddy’s Survival Kit Pint Glass

When you become a new Dad, it’s quite a shock to the system. We all find our own ways to cope and get through those early stages and if you know a new Dad, this pint glass could be his way to survive! Add some of his favorite beer and you’ve got the perfect gift.

Prices Vary

Bald Heads Never Have a Bad Hair Day Shirt

If your Dad has a bit of a shiny head, he’ll love this t-shirt for Father’s Day this year. It’s available in a range of colors and sizes so you’re sure to make it perfect for your Dad. As long as he’s got a good sense of humor, he’ll love receiving it for his special day.

Prices Vary

Best Buckin’ Dad Ever Shot Glasses

Ideal if your dad loves a shot of his favorite drink after he’s been hunting, these glasses also have a hilarious play on words printed across the side. The glass can hold 2oz of liquid and they’re dishwasher safe so he doesn’t have to spend his time washing up.

Prices Vary

Toilet Night Light Gadget

It’s an old joke that men miss the toilet when they go, especially at night. Now your dad won’t have any excuse; this night light lights up the whole bowl when it’s dark so he’ll always be able to see where he’s aiming. Choose a fixed color or a rainbow rotation mode, adding to the fun.


Breaking Bad Cutting Board

Breaking Bad was a major hit when it was around and people all over the world loved it. If your dad was one of them, he’ll appreciate this cutting board. Made from bamboo, Heisenberg’s face is engraved in one side of the board which will make cooking more enjoyable.


Dad Bag 3D Beer Belly Waist Pocket

Man bags have made a huge impact on fashion today but you’re not likely to see this one on the catwalks. It will be perfect for you to give to your dad on Father’s Day – he’ll find it hilarious carrying it around and showing everyone what a real dad bod looks like.

Prices Vary

Funny Basswood Cat Back Scratcher

Having an itch that you can’t reach to scratch has to be one of life’s biggest problems. Give Dad this feline shaped back scratcher and he can keep it by the side of his armchair for whenever he has to scratch. He’ll never bother your Mom again.


Proud Dad of A Smart Daughter Funny T-Shirt

Whether you’re a teen or a grown woman, your dad will always be proud of you. But if you have a little bit of sass about you, he’ll love showing off his biggest achievement with this t-shirt. It’s available in 4 colors so you can pick Dad’s favorite.

Price varies

Thanks for Nailing Mom Engraved Steel Hammer

It takes a special kid of Dad to appreciate this gift so you have to be 100% sure that he’ll take it in good humor! If he’s into his DIY, he can use this engraved hammer to do all the work around the house…and give himself a few laughs while he’s working.


Farting Golf Ball

When you’re thinking of Father’s Day gifts, a farting golf ball isn’t the first thing which springs to mind. But that’s why you’re reading this list, right? Yep, this ball will fart as you putt it across the green, giving your dad and his golf buddies something to brighten their game.


I Pee In Pools Trucker Hat

Perfect for Dad to take away on his holidays, this trucker style cap will make everyone do a double take. Available in a variety of colors, Dad will wear this whenever the sun is out and who knows, he might get the pool all to himself when he’s on holiday.


Cast-A-Cane Fishing Pole and Collapsible Cane

If Dad loves fishing on the weekend but struggles a bit with his mobility, he’ll be so pleased with this cane and fishing pole. The cane is fully foldable making for easy transportation, but if you remove the rubber foot, it’ll reveal the fishing pole which is hidden inside.

Prices Vary

Outdoor Squirrel Tree Climber Sculpture

This cute little guy will be a welcome addition to your parents’ backyard and it’ll give the neighbours something to look at, too. The squirrel looks like it’s climbing the tree using a harness, and he’s even wearing a little hard hat in case he falls.


The Fart Master Funny Coffee Mug

Is it just a given that Dads are good at farting? Let everyone know that your dad is the master with this novelty mug. Whether he uses at home or in the office, people will soon know who the king of gas is…and they’ll probably give him a wide berth!


Grump Stress Relief Putty

Parents can get stressed out really easily; having kids can make your fuse a bit shorter. If you think Dad needs a way to chill out this Fathers Day, you need to get him this gag silly putty. Perfect as a stress reliever, the case alone will make him smile before he’s even used it.


DILF Decal

We’re all familiar with the phrase DILF right? If you’re not, it means “Dad I’d like to…”. You get the idea. If your Dad is a bit of a ladies’ man, this car sticker is right up his street. He can drive around, showing all the women his new-found status and be proud of it.

Prices Vary

Rake Back Scratcher

Having multiple itches on your back which you can’t reach is literally hell on earth. Help Dad overcome this with the best (or at least the biggest) backscratcher available. Looking like a rake, it’ll get rid of all those itches at once, making him more comfortable and less bad tempered.


Bacon, I Am Your Father Tee by Tee Luv

Perfect for fans of Star Wars and food, this t-shirt will bring a smile to anyone’s face who sees it. Everyone knows where bacon comes from except bacon itself and when it finds out, it’s a huge shock as the little comic on the front of this tee shows.


Big Dave’s Lucky Fish Caller

Does Dad not have much luck catching fish when he goes on a fishing trip with his buddies? If not, he needs Big Dave’s Fish Caller. All he has to do is put it in his mouth and blow and all the fish will come right to him.

Prices Vary

Who Cut The Cheese Mints

Bring these out whenever you get the horrendous stench of a fart which is so awful, no one will admit to it. The cinnamon flavored mints will allow you to breathe the smell of them in as you blow through your mouth, getting rid of the foul smell someone let out of their ass.


For the Money Not Taken Clip

If the women in your life keep “borrowing” your money, keep the bills you have left safe with this clip. Made from aluminium and stamped with an hilarious phrase, it might actually put your wife and daughter off the next time they ask you for some money.

Prices Vary

Emoji Golf Balls Gift Edition

Never again will someone mistake your Dad’s golf balls for their own. Make him stand apart from the rest with these emoji themed balls. The pack contains 14 themed golf balls as well as 10 tees and a divot tool. He won’t need to buy another set ever again.

Prices Vary

Papa The Man Myth Legend T-shirt

Whether you’re new to the parent game or an old hand, your kids are bound to see you as a legend. This t-shirt is perfect for Fathers Day gifts as it’s available in a number of different colors so you can choose your favorite. You could even get your own Dad one so you can match.

Price varies

Best Farter Ever Father I Mean Father Cup

Both dishwasher and microwave safe, this mug will be virtually indestructible to Dad (unless he drops it!) He’ll appreciate you giving the nod to his proudest talent, his amazing ability to create the most disgusting smells from his behind. And he’ll love the pun which is printed across the mug, too.

Prices Vary

Thanks for Being My Dad Mug

Show your love to your Dad with this mug. Although it has a hint of violence, which Dad would never encourage, he’ll find it funny anyway. He might even take it to work with him and show all of his co-workers the lengths his child would go to to have him as their Dad.


Favorite Child Coffee Mug

Keep your Dad’s secret a little bit longer with this mug. He might have a few children but you both know that you’re the favorite, and in order to spare your sibling’s feelings, this mug will let Dad know that you’re in on it.


Mioshor Useless Box

Dad will love having this wooden box on his desk. He can use it to keep all of his nosey co-workers busy while he gets on with some work. The Useless Box draws people in with its simple look and switch on the top, but what does it do? Flick the switch to find out.

Prices Vary

Daddy’s Diaper Duty Apron

You will never again see your partner run around like a headless chicken, trying to find everything he needs to change that poopy diaper. The Diaper Duty apron may look like a gag father’s day gift but it’s actually very practical and he’ll know where everything is next time “doody” calls.


World’s Greatest Farter Socks

To everyone else, these just look like an ordinary pair of socks. But you and Dad know what they really say. “World’s Greatest Farter” is written across them, paying tribute to your father’s extraordinary talent. Some people might find it vulgar but we know you’re secretly proud.


Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game

These days, the norm is for you to get your phone out to pass the time while you’re on the toilet. If you’d rather Dad had less screen time and he’s a keen golfer, he’ll be able to tune his putting skills with this Potty Putter toilet game.


Snittens Original Snot Mittens

Have you ever heard of Snittens? Instead of pulling out some old tissue or a hanky, these mittens are perfect for wiping your nose on a cold day. They’re super soft so won’t hurt your nose and in a natural color, they’re perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities.

Prices Vary

Worlds Okayest Dad Vinyl Sticker

Dad will find this car decal sticker hilarious. In big blue letters, it reads “Worlds Okayest Dad” and if you have that kind of relationship with your father, this would make an amazing Fathers Day gift. Just make sure Dad knows how you really feel about him.

Prices Vary

Mini Portable Pocket Aluminum Alloy Fishing Rod Pen

Make sure Dad can always cast his line and catch a few fish with this adorable pocket pen rod. It comes with all the instructions which show you how to transform it into a fishing pole, and it’s small enough to fit inside your pocket or a briefcase.

Prices Vary

My Favorite Daughter Gave Me This Shirt T-Shirt

Available in a range of colors, this tee would be great for either the father of your child or your own Dad. Across the front, it reads “My Favorite Daughter Gave Me This Shirt” and Dads would wear it with pride, showing everyone that their little girl bought them a gift.

Prices Vary

Dad King of the BBQ, Always Smokin Hot Cutting Board

Having good BBQ essentials are necessary, and a cutting board where the meat rests and is then served on is crucial. This bamboo one is engraved with the title “Dad” and it also says “King of the BBQ”, both of which will be his proudest titles.

Prices Vary

Dad, At Least You Don’t Have Ugly Children Coffee Mug

A dad’s biggest achievements are always going to be his children and he needs this mug. He’ll want to bring it everywhere with him, just to show everyone that he hasn’t got ugly children. He’ll display it on his desk alongside some photos of you just to prove it.


3 Funny But Cool Father’s Day Gifts

Diy Mustache Mug

If money is tight for Fathers Day gifts this year, you’ll need this tutorial to make your own DIY mustache mug. The supplies you need are easy to come by, and cheap, and the best part is that your dad or the father of your children will absolutely love it.

Diy Homemade Bacon Salt and Bacon Gift

Everyone loves the taste of bacon, just the smell of it makes your mouth water. These homemade bacon salts would be an ideal gift for Fathers Day. They’re so simple to make, your dad will want you to make them for him for every special occasion.

Diy Father’s Day Massage Car Shirt

There is nothing more relaxing than a back massage, but getting one from your partner can be tricky when you’re all worn out after a long day. This DIY car t-shirt will be the perfect way for your partner to have some relaxing time all while the kids are amused.

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