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27 Hilarious Christmas Pajamas for Weird Families

You can’t go to bed on Christmas Eve unless you’re wearing new pajamas, it’s like an unwritten rule. We’ve put together some of the most hilarious family Christmas PJ’s for you in this list so you can all match. Who said it’s just the kids who get all the festive fun?

Everyone needs new pajamas on Christmas Eve, and this list has some hilarious ones for weird and wonderful families.

You Serious Clark Christmas Nightwear

Taken from the classic Christmas movie, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, “You Serious Clark?” is a phrase which can be used all year round in response to something outrageous. Perfect for Christmas Eve or even the entire festive period, these family pajamas will definitely get you in the holiday mood.

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#followme Gingerbread Onesie Microfleece Jumpsuit

Gingerbread decorations on the tree are super cute, especially when they’re freshly baked and the whole house smells of spices. Don’t stop there though, turn your husband into a real life walking and talking gingerbread man with this onesie. Not only will he be warm and cozy, he’ll look cute too.


Just Love Candy Cane Onesie Pajamas

Perfect for snuggling up in and watching Christmas movies is this all in one pajama set. In a navy blue with a red and white candy cane pattern, it’s footless so you won’t get too warm while wearing them, but it does come with a hood just in case you’re feeling a bit chilly.


#followme Reindeer Sherpa Onesie

Everyone knows that Rudolph leads Santa’s sleigh, but what does he do on his day off? Just like everyone else, he lounges around in front of the TV and watches movies. You can be just like this red nosed reindeer in this Sherpa onesie – people will think you’re the real deal.


Llama family Christmas Pajama Matching Shirts

It’s not just about the Christmas sweaters, what about matching festive t-shirts? You won’t want to wear your sweater indoors – you’ll get too warm – so dress your entire family in these cute llama tees. You’ll all look amazing on the front of your Christmas cards wearing these!


Slothing Through The Snow Christmas Tee

There’s no reason why you can’t show your love for sloths during the festive period, especially when there’s so much to like about them. They take life at their pace, they’re adorable, and they spend their life hanging upside down. Wear this tee for the holidays and let everyone know how much you love them.

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RNTOP Santa’s Little Helper Infant Set

Made of soft materials so your baby’s skin won’t be irritated, this pajama set will be perfect for Christmas Eve. In the classic colors of red and white, the pants have a Santa print while the tee is a raglan style with the words “Santa’s Little Helper” across the front.

Prices Vary

Christmas Puppy Jumpsuit

This all in one sleep set is so cool that you won’t want to put it away when the holidays are over. If you love dogs, this is the onesie for you. With a dog wearing a Santa hat repeated across the fabric, everyone will be jealous of your PJ’s come Christmas Eve.

Prices Vary

Lights Out Separates by LazyOne

The best thing about buying separates is that you won’t have to buy the matching pieces if you don’t want to. These pajama pants are white with Christmas lights printed across them, while the tee is green with a reindeer’s face on the front who has lights stuck in his antlers.


Fa Rawr Rawr Funny T-Rex T-Shirt

Did you know that dinosaur’s celebrated Christmas? Not in the way we know it, but “Santa Roars” visited them and left them presents…and they even sung carols. This t-shirt shows one of the few images we have of this time, with a T-Rex wearing a Santa hat and singing his favorite carol.

Prices Vary

Elf Poop Emoji Shirt

Nothing escapes being given a festive makeover, not even for the poop emoji. He’s been called into Santa’s workshop to help with the toy making, so he looks like an elf now. We’re not quite sure how he helps as he has no arms, but this tee shows you exactly what an ‘elfy’ poop looks like.

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Bear Bum Baby Romper

When buying Christmas pajamas, you sometimes want a pair which your kid can wear all year round. This gorgeous set is perfect, as it has a white body with a bear print, while the cuffs are red tartan, and across the bum, it reads “Bear Bum”, a cute little pun which will make you smile.


This is My Christmas Pajama Shirt

Sometimes you want to be straight to the point and not beat around the bush. This tee is exactly what it says it is; your Christmas pajama t-shirt. You don’t need festive themed PJ’s to get you into the festive spirit, this one will do nicely.

Prices Vary

Dinosaur Fa Ra Ra Rawr Rawr Christmas T-Rex Tee

T-Rex’s were great singers, in fact they had their own carols to sing in pre-historic times. This Christmas tee depicts one of their many practicing sessions, with the dino wearing a red Santa hat and singing his heart out to one of his favorite carols.

Prices Vary

PajamaGram Matching Christmas Pajamas

There is nothing more festive than Santa himself. With that snow white beard and the red suit, you instantly feel Christmassy when you see it. These matching PJ’s will make you feel like the big man himself, especially as there’s a set for every member of the family.

Prices Vary

Holiday Workout Drink and Repeat Wine Lovers Shirt

Everyone needs a break from working out at Christmas. Whether you’re a gym buff or someone who doesn’t do any exercise at all, the only workout you need to do over the festive period is the one where you open as many bottles of wine as you can; see shirt for details!

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Christmas Trump Quote Pajama Shirt

Almost everyone around the world has an opinion on Donald Trump. You could be his biggest fan or wish he’d never made it to Presidency, but either way, this pajama tee will make you smile. Taken from his famous quote on trade deals, this parody t-shirt is fun and festive, perfect for the holidays.

Prices Vary

Secret Santa Holiday Elf Onesie Pajama

You’ll feel just like one of Santa’s helpers while wearing this onesie. It’s really cold in the North Pole, so all of the elves need to be warm, and this sleepy set will do just that. Made from fleece material and with a hood, you’ll feel snug and cozy on those chilly December nights.


No Peeking Flapjack Onsie by LazyOne

Matching family pajamas are a tradition which lots of families have, and this footless onesie could be your chosen design for this year. From the front, it looks really simple with a repeated Christmas tree design, but turn around and you’ll see a flap which says, “no peeking”. Three guesses where that flap is?


#followme Elf Onesie Microfleece Jumpsuit

Christmas is all about chilling out and taking it easy as you enjoy time off work with your family and friends. Make sure you’re as comfortable as can be with this all in one elf pajama set. Not only will you look festive but you’ll feel it too, especially when you put on the pointed hood.

Prices Vary

Merry XMas Hooded Fleece Onesies

With a lovely sage green background, the print on this onesie will remind you of all the things you love about Christmas. Candy canes, snowmen, presents, and even snowflakes cover every inch of these PJ’s, getting you into the holiday mood as soon as you put them on.


Santaquatch Funny Santa Shirt

Is the mysterious Bigfoot who’s been spotted many times over the years really Santa who’s got lost on the way home? We’ll never know for sure, but this tee will make people wonder. With an outline of Sasquatch wearing a Santa hat, the mystery of the Yeti will still remain unsolved.

Prices Vary

Funny Penguin Christmas Pajama T-Shirt

Unless you’re completely out of touch with the modern world, you’ll know what dabbing is. This t-shirt is available in five different colors and has a dabbing penguin on the front. And because it comes in men’s, women’s, and kids’ sizes, you can all match over the holidays.

Prices Vary

Mombebe Christmas Costume Pajama Set

Children wearing matching clothes is just the cutest thing, whether that’s outfits or pajamas. Dress them up like Santa’s Little Helpers with these elf themed sleep sets. These two piece PJ’s will keep them snuggly while they sleep in their beds, waiting for their gifts to be delivered.

Prices Vary

Kids Danger Blast Area Sign Rear Flap Pajamas

Made from 100% cotton, this red all in one might look adorable from the front, but there’s a warning sign on the back. We all know that children are cute, but they can let off some serious gas at times, and the rear flap comes with a sufficient caution notice.


Elf Costume Newborn Romper

All newborn clothes are cute, but this elf onesie is extra adorable. It’s footless, so they can wear it with festive socks or even some little elf booties. It also comes with a pointed hat to really finish off the whole look, perfect for Christmas photo shoots or maybe a Christmas party.


Baby Special Delivery Flapjack Onsie by LazyOne

Every child is a blessing, there’s no denying that, and this onesie will be perfect for those Christmas morning photos. In a red, green, and white print, there’s a rear flap on these pajamas with the words “Special Delivery” on…not that you need reminding how blessed you are.

Prices Vary

3 Useful Diy Pajama Tutorials

Diy Pajama Pant Pattern and Tutorial

It’s not Christmas Eve unless you have some festive pajamas to snuggle down in, but they’re just another expense added onto your never ending list. Don’t worry, these DIY pajama pants are perfect for the holidays, and they’re super quick and easy to make as well.

Diy Christmas Pajamas Applique Tutorial

Christmas PJ’s don’t necessarily need to be festive, especially if you want to get a lot of use out of them. You could use this tutorial to make pajamas suitable for all through the year, and the applique detailing means you can even make them for friends’ and family’s gifts.

Diy Personalized Christmas Pajamas

Choose some festive fabric and start sewing up a storm with this tutorial. Instead of running to the stores and buying some ready-made pajamas, you’ll be able to make some amazing ones for your children to wear on Christmas Eve. Personalize them by adding their initial onto the tee in the same fabric as the pants.

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