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37 Hilarious Gag Easter Gifts for a Good Laugh

Funny Easter gifts can be hard to find. With everyone just expecting candy and chocolate it can be hard to find side splitting presents that fit with the holiday at hand. This collection of gift ideas includes toilet humor, funny family games, books and even DIY projects.

Say hello to the biggest and best collection of gag gifts and funny Easter gifts.

Bunny Barf Rainbow Lace Licorice

With all that chocolate knocking about, the Easter bunny is bound to fill up on sugar and feel sick. Bunny barf is the byproduct of this and is as delicious as it is colorful. With cherry, blue raspberry, lemon, green apple and grape flavors in each packet, the whole family can chow down on chunder.

Prices Vary

T.J. Wisemen Remote Control Fart Machine

Turn your Easter hunt into an Easter pump as everyone searches for the source of the mysterious flatulence. This remote controlled fart machine is a hilariously funny Easter gift that will have the entire family in stitches. Designed with boombox technology, it is loud and can even work up to 100 feet away!


RC Mouse Funny Wireless Remote Control Rat Toy

Give the gift that will scare every member of the family, including all of the pets, with this hilarious gag gift. This grey and realistic looking rat can be controlled remotely allowing you to have some fun at this year’s Easter party and watch the guests spring from their seats.

Prices Vary

Unicorn Fartz Magical Farts Noise Maker

When unicorns fart, there is a little bit of magic in each and every sniff. Capture the sounds of these amazing creatures with this Unicorn Fartz keychain. With 6 different sounding farts included, this portable keychain will bring laughter, fun and lots of farts wherever it may go.

Prices Vary

Carrot Soap Set

Give this fun and useful gift to someone you love this Easter to ensure they treat themselves, and not just their stomach! These awesome carrot shaped soaps look just like the real thing, are full of moisturizing goodness, and are suitable for hands and body. They even smell like fresh oranges.


Embroidered Easter Bunny Toilet Paper

Check out these cool decorative pieces that are perfect for Easter. Handmade, these toilet rolls have been vamped up in time for Spring and are now embroidered to look just like bunnies, complete with ears and everything. Perfect for display, these toilet rolls would make an ideal gift.

Price varies

Spitting Yolk Emoji Egg

Relieve the stress of Easter with this hilariously funny gag gift that is perfect for the occasion. This spitting yolk emoji egg is the stress relief ball that will give you something to laugh at, as well as squeeze. With reusable slime included, it is perfect for the fiddler in your life.

Prices Vary

Bunny Rabbit Shit Cotton Candy

Every year, hundreds of naughty bunnies sit down on the toilet as a magical phenomenon occurs; their sh*t comes out pink, and absolutely delicious. This hilarious bunny rabbit sh*t is a bag of the tastiest cotton candy around. Perfect as a gag gift this Easter.


Self Adhesive Fake Mustache Set

Kit out the whole family this spring with this pack of 49 self adhesive fake mustaches. With a huge variety, all created to a high quality, this funny Easter gift will make this year’s party a whole lot funnier. Ribs will be tickled when everyone on the hunt has a whopping great mustache.

Prices Vary

Jelly Bean Snake Can

Give the gift of shock and surprise with this fun prank gag gift. As Easter approaches, nobody would suspect receiving a tube of jelly beans; watch as they pop it open and have the fright of their life when two huge snakes come flying out. Reusable and great quality.


Squeeze Chicken Laying Egg Keychain

Ever been so mad that you felt like you were going to lay an egg? If so, this is for you. This pack of 3 stress relief keychains is perfect for you, or as a gag gift this Easter. Durable and shaped just like a chicken, you can literally lay an egg with one quick squeeze.

Prices Vary

Schylling Joke Box

If you can’t settle on the perfect funny gag gift this Easter, give them 8 different ones with this jam packed box of awesome classic pranks. Ideal for anyone aged 6 up, this Schylling joke box will give everyone something to laugh about at this year’s spring festivities.


Monogrammed Easter Toilet Paper

Gift wrapped and ready to display, this embroidered toilet roll is the perfect present for your house proud loved one this Easter. Highly decorated with bows, this toilet roll displays a funny seasonal message, and can even be customized with a gift message if you so desire.


Bag of Farts Cotton Candy

After all of that hopping around, bunnies need to take a quick pit stop to relieve themselves. Fortunately for us, all of their hopping, skipping and jumping means that they mix up some tasty stuff. Get this bag of bunny farts (cotton candy), and give this funny gift to someone you love this Easter.


Toysmith Tech Gear Multi Voice Changer

Imagine how hilarious Easter dinner will be with the help of this voice changer. The ideal funny Easter gift, this cool Toysmith electronic voice synthesizer has 10 different voice modifiers that allow you to mix and match to get your favorite sound. The gag gift that everyone will be fighting over, over who goes next.


Favorite Child Award Blue Ribbon

Are you in the market for a light hearted gag gift this Easter? If so, look no further. This favorite child award can be used as a prize for good behavior, a way to get them to do their chores, or simply as a funny prank to award to your favorite child (everyone has one).

Prices Vary

Easter Bunny Ears Tail, Bowtie, and Blinking LED Ears

This 3 piece set is the perfect way to dress up for the occasion this Easter. These light up bunny ears look awesome enough on their own, but come with a clip on bow tie and bunny tail for those final touches. A funny Easter gift that is bound to be well received.


Awkward Family Holiday Photos

Celebrate all things holiday this Easter with this rib tickler of a book. Ideal as a gag gift that everyone can enjoy, Awkward Family Holiday Photos is exactly that, a collection of the funniest family holiday pictures. Gather everyone around the table for a good old giggle.

Prices Vary

Baring Infrared Remote Control Realistic Fake Cockroach

Control the laughs at this year’s Easter party (quite literally) with this awesome remote controlled cockroach. Using its legs to move, the cockroach looks insanely realistic and is sure to bring some smiles, or tears, to your spring time festivities. A harmless prank that will liven up the party.

Prices Vary

No Basket For You Embroidered Toilet Paper Roll

They will have no reason to #blamethebunny when they receive this awesome handmade gift this Easter, as opposed to the usual treats. High quality and ideal for display, this perfectly usable roll of toiler paper has been embroidered with a funny message and presented beautifully for gift giving.


Jelly Bean Shaped Soaps

We’re all expecting to receive a ton of candy this year, including heaps of jelly beans! Mix it up with this funny Easter gift and give someone the present of jelly bean smelling skin. These realistic looking jelly bean soaps are multi colored, smell great and are the perfect gift.


Be a Giant Human Burrito Blanket

Do you know somebody that loves comfort eating? Let them eat in comfort with this epic burrito blanket. Soft and warm, this microfiber blanket is 5 feet in diameter and gives them the opportunity to roll themselves up, just like their favorite food. Great for every occasion.


Cheer Collection Round Donut Pillow

Is there someone in your life that gets upset every time they run out of donuts? Give them one that will last forever this Easter with this donut pillow. With a sweet and shiny chocolate glaze, this reversible microplush pillow is extremely soft to the touch, realistic looking and is even machine washable.

Prices Vary

Chocolate Easter Bunny Soap

Switch it up this spring with these sweet cocoa smelling chocolate bunnies that aren’t edible! Great looking and ideal for gift baskets, these hand made soaps look, and smell, like chocolate, but will leave your skin soft and nourished. Ideal for the whole body.


The Little Grumpy Cat that Wouldn’t

This world famous, viral grumpy cat has gotten her very own hard back book. Ideal as an Easter gag gift, this hilarious book follows Grumpy Cat as her friends try to get her to have fun, to no avail. Follow her on her funny adventures as you flick through the well illustrated pages.

Prices Vary

Pink Chicken Glasses

We all know that there will be a lot of selfies being taken this Easter. Liven up the pictures with some laughs as you try on these comedy glasses, designed to look like just like a pair of hatching chicks. Ideal for the time of year, the whole family is guaranteed to love it.

Prices Vary

Toysmith Fart Bomb

Cover the sweet smell of chocolate with the sickly stench of farts with these Toymaster extra large fart bombs. This classic gag gift will never go out of style and is so easy to use! With 6 in a packet, you can fill up the whole house with the grimmest smell imaginable for guaranteed laughs.

Prices Vary

Easter Bunny, Easter Bunny Poop, Rainbow, Bunny Shite

Check out this high quality, hand made Easter gift. Easter bunny poop is a magical rainbow concoction that has been bottled in a dainty potion bottle and sealed with a cork. With a 20 inch necklace attached, and your choice of fun labels, you can give a personalized spring gift.

Price varies

Funny Coloring Books for Kids: Dabbing Creatures

Everyone loves to color, and everyone loves to dab; put the two together and you will end up with a hilariously funny, and good quality book. Dabbing Creatures is the coloring book filled to the very brim with animals and creatures dancing and dabbing. Perfect for kids and adults alike.


Embroidery No Peeping Toilet Paper

Create your own awesome embroidered gifts with this digital download file for an awesome bunny themed embroidery design. With the words ‘no peeping’ and three bunny silhouettes you can recreate the design on whatever you like, or gift the file to the embroiderer in your life.


Fur Bunny Ear Fidget Toys

Help someone to de stress and calm down with this funny Easter gift. These bunny ears are the softest, warmest and best way to relieve anxiety. Slip onto your finger, and pet away to your heart’s content. The comforting fur will relieve anyone of their problems.

Prices Vary

Different Style Fake Teeth

With enough for the entire family, this 10 pack of funny fake teeth will ensure the holiday pictures this year are more hilarious than ever before. The perfect gag gift that will fit most mouths, these funny costume props will give you rotten teeth before you’ve even started on the candy.


Six Easter Rubber Ducks

Rubber ducks are a great gift. With so much variety and so many options, they’re ideal! These particular rubber duckies are dressed up ready and raring for some Easter celebrations. With bunny ears, baskets and even eggs, they will be well received and well loved.


Bean Boozled Naughty Or Nice Jelly Belly Spinner

Easter is all about family time, and a whole lot of candy. Put the two together with this hilarious board game that everyone will love (or hate). Spin the wheel to see whether you are getting a delicious or disgusting jelly bean with Bean Boozled.

Prices Vary

Easter Eggstravaganza Mad Libs

Check out this funny Easter gift and discover the perfect basket filler. Easter Eggstravaganza Mad Libs is the hilarious book that gets readers to fill in the blanks to make funny and far out editions of popular stories. This spring edition features 21 stories all about Easter.

Prices Vary

Adams Pranks & Magic Jumping Snake Mixed Nuts Can

From Adams Pranks & Magic comes this awesome gag gift. The original snake in the can prank has been stuffed into this tube of mixed nuts – nobody will suspect a thing when they see it in their gift basket! Watch on as they pop open the can, only to be met with a snake. Simple fun.


Pee-Yo-Pants Joke Book for Kids

Are you on the lookout for a funny Easter gift that children will love? Gag gifts are often aimed at adults, but this hilarious joke book will have kids in stitches as they discover over 140 jokes and riddles printed inside. Read it yourself and you really will Pee-Yo-Pants.


3 Diy Easter Bunny Poop Gag Gift

Diy Easter Bunny Poop

Check out the following article to create a home made and tasty funny treat for the whole family this Easter. With all of the instructions on how to make Easter Bunny Poop contained in one place, you will host the best spring party. There are even free printable labels.

Diy Easter Bunny Poop Poem Idea

If you’re looking for a fun gag gift for Easter, but don’t want to break the budget, this is the way to go. The following website will teach you how to create bunny poop treats step by step. There is even a printable poem to go with these tasty treats.

Diy Bunny Poop with Printable

Gather up some jelly beans this spring to create the best Easter treat that everyone will just love. Simply tip some jelly beans into little bags, download and print the free printable labels, and you’re good to do. Perfect for Easter gift baskets.

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