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13 Gifts to Turn Your Caveman Into a Civilized Human Being

Some guys out there need a little nudge to bring themselves into the modern day. It’s something about our DNA, we’re still hardwired with certain prehistoric carryovers. We get hairy, smelly, and haven’t a clue how to act. If that describes your guy a bit, don’t fret, there is hope. These products may be able to help you entice him out of the cave.

13 Gifts to Turn Your Caveman Into a Civilized Human Being- I most definitely need some of these.


Here’s a proactive way to make sure his poo doesn’t stink. All that he needs to do is spritz this into the bowl before he goes, and it acts to trap the noxious odors in the water so they don’t escape from the bowl. Peer tested and proven to work, don’t accept substitutes.


Wild Man Beard Conditioning Oil

If you can’t get him to shave his beard, at least you can get him to keep it looking and feeling nice. These conditioning oils are specially formulated for facial hair, and is designed to make beards touchably soft, with a sleek look. This is a leave in conditioner, and is made with all natural oils.

Prices Vary

Esquire Handbook of Style

This is an assembling of the best tips your man needs in order to look his best, even if he has no inherent sense of style. This is a great primer for those that need a clue, and even if he already has a decent sense of style he’ll learn a thing or two from this illustrated handbook.


baKblade Back Hair Shaver

Shaving back hair can be tricky business, so cut your guy some slack if he’s let it get out of hand on occasion. Get him this and he won’t have anymore excuses because it will allow him to get even the trickiest of areas on his back, all by himself. Get the nice smooth back you’ve always wanted on him, even though this is considered a gift for him.


Feminist Ryan Gosling Book

It can be manly to study up on feminism, just ask Ryan Gosling. Your man might learn a thing or two from this blog turned book, especially if he’s a fan of Ryan’s more gritty performances. It’s a way to bridge the two worlds of cavemanism and feminism, with Ryan as the host.


MS & Co. Pocket Squares

These pocket squares represent an elegant style that turns even the most brutish knuckle-dragger into a sophisticated and well-dressed man. You can’t go wrong no matter which style you go with, and they even have a three-pack so you can cover all the style bases.


The Art of Shaving Kit

Nothing screams caveman more than an out of control beard, but this is something that is easily corrected with The Art of Shaving shaving kits. They include everything he’ll need to reveal is 21st century face, and you’ll be able to get up close and personal without getting irritated.


Essential Manners for Men

Here’s a crash course you can give your man on manners and etiquette. Let him learn for himself what he should be doing, when he should be doing it, and most importantly why. When a guy has a strong why it makes it easy to change long-standing habits.


The Man Can

The Man Can has everything your man needs all in a handy can. Guys don’t like having so much stuff that it can’t fit into a medicine cabinet and goes sprawling all over the bathroom counter. They like it all confined and tidy, so give him what he wants and needs by putting it all in a can for easy storage.


Suit Pajamas

Made famous by Barney in How I Met Your Mother, these suitjamas are going to take your man from sleeping in the buff like a common caveman, to sleeping in what appears to be a fine Armani suit. Tell him to suit up when it’s time to get ready for bed.

Prices Vary

Face and Butt Towel

Does your man lose track of which side of the towel was used on which end? It’s no good when he’s got things mixed up and starts drying his face with the part of the towel he dried his butt off with. Help him keep things simple with this two-tone towel that is clearly labeled.

Prices Vary

Certain-Dry Solid Anti-Perspirant

If your guy has a serious armpit problem, give him a hand with these clinically proven and more importantly peer proven antiperspirant. It not only controls odors, but helps reduce the amount of actual sweat he produces. With your help he can get a handle on the situation, and you’ll once again enjoy cuddling up in that arm nook.


Subtle Butt

Better out than in, right? Not when you have to share space with your beau. These charcoal pads are placed right at the source of the problem, and are designed to absorb the odors as they’re expelled. As long as he can keep them silent, these will make sure they’re not deadly to innocent bystanders.


8 DIY Gifts to Upgrade a Caveman

DIY Monogrammed Collar Stays

These monogrammed collar stays will make sure that his collar looks good all day long, and definitely separate a civilized man from a crooked collared caveman. The personalization is what really sets these apart and makes them a great gift.

Homemade Aftershave Lotion

Give him this aftershave lotion and you’ll be helping to soothe razor burn and have him looking his sharpest. Step one of civilizing your man is getting that beard shaved off and keeping his skin clear and not red from shaving.

Lemon Poppy Seed Sugar Scrub

This scrub will help slough off dead skin cells and make sure that his skin is baby smooth and soft to the touch. It’s not something most caveman types are going to seek out for themselves, but they’ll be happy to use it if you give it to them.

Personalized Tie Clip

An errant tie is a sign of a guy that just doesn’t get it, so help him out with this personalized tie clip. You’ll be helping to make sure that he looks his level best all day long and won’t have to worry about his tie on a blustery day.

DIY Shave Oil

Here’s a shave oil that you make yourself and that can help make his shaving experience go as smoothly as possible. Oils are a good pre-shave choice because they lubricate the skin and help keep the blade from making direct contact.

Hair Pomade

Help him style his hair just right with this DIY hair pomade. It will make it so his hair stays in place without getting all hard and crunchy like a gel makes it. Once he tries it out and sees how good his hair looks, he’ll be hooked.

Foot Scrub

Feed are one of the hardest working parts of the body, but often get neglected. Help him pay more attention to his feet and take care of them better with this foot scrub. Caveman feet to civilized feet in a matter of minutes.

Coconut and Green Tea Moisturizer

A lot of guys don’t understand the value of moisturizing, so you can help enlighten him with this amazing coconut and green tea moisturizer that you make at home out of all natural ingredients. Make some extra for yourself too!


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