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31 WOW-worthy Fruit Baskets That Will Blow Them Away

Gift baskets are failsafe ideas for any occasion, and these days you can get a basket filled with just about anything. The ones in this collection are filled with bountiful fruit and decadent delights which will be warmly received by any recipient. Fruit with chocolate? Champagne? Or how about a complete picnic in a basket, with French lemonade and summer sausage? Whatever the occasion, every hamper listed comes with a definite wow factor.

Fruit Basket Ideas

Gourmet Extravagance Fruit & Wine Basket

You can choose Merlot, Chardonnay, or even one of each for this Gourmet Extravagance Fruit & Wine Basket, which is bursting at the seams with juicy fruits and other delicious delicacies.

Prices vary

Sophisticated Gourmet Fruit Basket

Packed in a basket Little Red Riding Hood would be proud of, this selection of fabulous fruits and nibbles includes cheeses, crackers, candies, and a myriad of other tasty treats.


Colossal Fruit Basket

Perfect for the health conscious or those who need a boost, this gift basket contains masses and masses of seasonal fruit, and comes with optional extras such as a single red rose.

Prices vary

Signature Series Fruit and Gourmet Gift Basket

They’ll think all their Christmases have come at once when they see what’s inside this deluxe hamper of goodies – fruit, sausage, cheese, crackers, jam, peanuts, pretzel twists, and loads more!


Nature’s Picnic – Fruit Gift Basket

Whatever the occasion, this collection of fresh fruits and gourmet treats will make a tasty offering, from the crisp apples and juicy pears, to the roasted garlic summer sausage and raspberry honey mustard.


Champagne Fruit Gourmet

Not only will they find a bottle of champagne nestled in among all the fruity goodness of this selection, but they will also discover other delicacies which complement the bubbles perfectly.

Prices vary

Orchard Harvest

The adorable cauldron shape of this signature basket means it will make a striking gift for anyone who would enjoy the succulent fruits and delicious snacks artfully arranged within.


Orchard’s Abundance – Fruit Gift Basket

Abundance by name and abundant by nature, and by nature we mean the incredibly juicy oranges, apples, and pears which go hand in hand with the cheese, nuts, dip and more.


Elegance to Spare

This traditional wicker basket will make a gorgeous planter once it’s empty, which won’t take long as the fruits, wine (Cabernet or Chardonnay), and delicacies inside are too delicious to resist!

Prices vary

Healthy Choices Fruit Gift

A balanced diet consists of a little of everything, and this selection offers healthy fruits, such as apples, plums, and kiwis, with decadent snacks, all presented beautifully in a stylish gift box.


Fruit & Healthy Snacks Gift Basket

We all love to indulge now and again, and this gift basket makes it easy for the health-conscious to snack without feeling guilty, thanks to the fruit, peanuts, almond biscuits and more.


Artisan Fruit and Cheese Hamper

Fruit and cheese is a match made in heaven, and this classic picnic basket is positively divine. Packed with crisp apples, juicy pears, artisan cheese wedges, and a selection of accompaniments.


Fruits & Blooms Basket

How gorgeous is this gift basket? Bringing all the colors of nature together, this basket contains delicious fruits and a vibrant potted plant that will flourish long after the fruits have been eaten.

Prices vary

Executive Wine, Fruit & Gourmet

You won’t know exactly what this basket will include; each one is based on season and location, but you can be sure of the quality of the fruits, wines, and gourmet snacks included.

Prices vary

Bountiful Harvest – Fruit Gift Basket

Whatever the occasion, this traditional style wicker basket will make a thoughtful gift. Brimming with delicious fruits and gourmet snacks, the luxurious ribbon it’s adorned with will add the finishing touch.


The California Classic

This deep basket comes jammed with a selection of fruits which might include crisp apples, juicy pears, ripe bananas and more, which will be accompanied by a bottle of Merlot or Chardonnay.


Fresh Fruit and Godiva Chocolates

Chocolate and fruit – what a combination! This hamper contains perfectly ripened hand-picked fruits and a selection of indulgent snacks such as Godiva chocolate covered pretzels and almonds, and salted caramel tablet.


Fruit and Gourmet Treasure

Let them indulge in nature’s own treasure with this trunk which is filled with edible delights, from pears, apples, plums, and kiwis, to mango candies, pineapple crisps, peanut brittle, and more.


With Sympathy Fruit and Gourmet Basket

Eating well is often the last thing on a person’s mind, especially when they have lost someone special. This basket contains fruits and gourmet snacks to help them keep their strength up.


Classic Fruit & Gourmet Basket

This decadent selection will be hand-delivered to your recipient’s door in a stylish basket, and will include succulent, juicy fruits, delicious cheeses, tasty jams, savory crackers, and much more besides.


Fruit and Gourmet Gift Tower

Imagine five tiers of deliciously tempting delights! Packed with offerings such as wheat crackers, garlic cheese, peanuts cookies, and wafers, there is also an abundance of fruit to keep things healthy.


First Class Fruit Basket

Fruit has it all; vibrant colors, delicious juice, and the finest tastes that nature can offer. This gift basket comes with a bounty of assorted fresh fruit, finished off with a matching ribbon.

Prices vary

Delightful Combinations

Combining sweet with savory, this gorgeous basket will arrive hand-delivered with seasonal fruits and savory treats, and can include optional extras, like a single red rose or a bottle of champagne.

Prices vary

The Chocolate & Fruit Orchard

The succulent juiciness of perfectly ripe fruits will be married with the creamy indulgence of gourmet chocolates, in this classic wicker basket that can be used again and again.

Prices vary

The Orchard Fruit Basket

Like a gift from the Gods, this super healthy gift basket is overflowing with fruity goodness in the form of delicious seasonal fruits which may include pineapples, oranges, kiwis, grapes, and bananas.

Prices vary

Sweet Celebration Fruit Basket

Open the lid on this handsome keepsake picnic basket to reveal an absolute bounty of the most delicious fruits, French lemonade, nuts, popcorn, and a smorgasbord of other delights.


Five Star Fruit Basket

Fruit is plentiful in this Five Star Fruit Basket, and it comes in both fresh and dried form, with candied peach, dried apricots, chocolate, cookies, and of course lots of juicy fruits.


Season’s Sampler Fruit Gift Box

Sample everything the season has to give with this Sampler Box. Inside you will find the ripest fruits, like oranges, apples, and pears, alongside a selection of gourmet treats to die for.


Fresh Fruit and Cookies Basket

How cute is this gift basket? Bite into crisp apples and juicy pears, or let the cookies, French Galettes, and Madeleines melt in the mouth. Or do both…we would!


Sensational Fruit & Chocolate Celebration

There’s enough goodness in this luxurious hamper to keep even the most voracious of appetites satisfied, with both sweet and savory snacks, and gorgeously juicy fruits, presented in a keepsake woven hamper.


8 Diy Fruit Basket Ideas

How to Make a $100 Fruit Bouquet Under $20

Fruit really is nature’s gift to us, as it can satisfy even the sweetest tooth while still being healthy. This tutorial shows you how to make a fresh fruit bouquet for under $20.

How To Make An Edible Arrangement

Buy or find a suitable container, and you will be able to create this edible arrangement from fresh fruit, using skewers, floral foam, and kale which makes great foliage.

How to Make an Edible Fruit Bouquet

You can use whatever fruits your recipient likes for this centerpiece which really does look good enough to eat! Just check out those oh so cute pineapple and melon ball daisies!

Diy Fruit Basket in a Jar

Fruit baskets don’t have to come in baskets at all – think outside the box with this clever DIY idea which sees a large glass jar filled with nuts, fruits, and chocolates.

Fruit Basket Gift Idea with Free Printable Tag

Anyone can put fruit in a basket, but dressing it up takes skill. Make light work of it by following this tutorial, before printing off the tag that brings it all together.

Homemade Fruit Baskets

Making your own fruit gift baskets is a lot of fun, and a chance to show off your creativity. Follow the suggestions here by adding a festive background with a tea towel.

Diy Fruit Basket

This quick guide shows you what a difference a length of cellophane and a pretty ribbon can make to a gift basket, and just how easy it is to do.

Diy Easy Fruit Basket Homemade Gift Idea

Baskets can be very cheap to come by – try your local dollar store – and once filled with colorful fruits and other goodies, it can be covered in saran wrap for a professional finish.

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